Bidding for Zagreb begins

Construction of new terminal to begin in 2012
The Croatian Government has begun accepting bids for the construction of a second terminal at Zagreb’s Pleso Airport. The deadline for the offer submissions is April 4, 2011. The government will decide on a contractor by September and construction of the terminal should begin in 2012, Transport Minister Božidar Kalmeta said. Aeroports de Paris and Houston Airport System have expressed interest in bidding contract, as well as the companies that manage the airports in Frankfurt, Munich, Istanbul, Zurich, Vienna and Singapore, Lidija Capković, a spokeswoman for Zagreb Airport said on February 8.

Zagreb Airport will remain in the hands of the state, the cities of Zagreb and neighbouring Velika Gorica, as well as the local government, Kalmeta said. As much as 10% of the airport may become property of its employees, he added. In 2010, Zagreb handled 2.067.646 passengers. In January 2010, the airport recorded a 10% passenger increase compared to the same month last year. The airport hopes to handle 5 million passengers in the years to come. The new terminal is planned to be built in 3 phases, with the first set to be completed in 2014. The current terminal will undergo a smaller expansion and face lift to accommodate the rising number of passengers until the new terminal is completed.


  1. So I wonder what came first? Zagreb new termianl or Jats new planes!!!!

  2. Anonymous13:04

    Ha ha ha good one. There are two legendary tales in ex-yu aviation – Jat’s new planes and Zagreb’s new terminal

  3. JU520 BEGLAX14:29


    ADRIA Airways S11 Initial Operation Changes
    Posted: 03 Mar 2011 01:04 AM PST
    As per 03MAR11 GDS timetable display, Star Alliance member ADRIA Airways’ changes to Summer 2011 season operation as follows.
    As always following information remains subject to change:

    Ljubljana – Athens Seasonal service resumes from 21APR11. Service operates with CRJ900 aircraft twice weekly (3 weekly from 24APR11 to 08MAY11 and from 16OCT11)
    Ljubljana – Barcelona Seasonal service resumes from 24APR11, operates with 2 weekly CRJ900 and 1 weekly CRJ200 aircraft (compared to 2 in S10)
    Ljubljana – Belgrade Service increase from 5 to 6 weekly
    Ljubljana – Istanbul Service in Summer operates 10 weekly, compared to 11 in S10
    Ljubljana – Kiev Seasonal service resumes from 05JUN11, operating until 26AUG11. 1 of 2 weekly service operates with CRJ900 instead of CRJ200
    Ljubljana – Madrid Summer seasonal service CANCELED
    Ljubljana – Tel Aviv Summer seasonal service CANCELED

  4. Anonymous17:13

    Zagreb will get this new terminal for sure. It was necessary for such a long time. However, handling 5 million pax is not going to happen before 2030 and even 2035. Nevertheless, this investment is necessary and it is expected that the terminal will be filled eventually (just not any time soon).

    Is it true that BEG is renovating T1, expanding it, building a second runway, and making plans for T3?

  5. Anonymous20:01

    Belgrade February results seem promising:

    136.604>162.813 +19%

    Total so far:
    293.076>341.545 +17%

    Growth in January has been 14%.

    Makes sense that the airport has begun renovating T1.
    The other day I was looking at airBaltic's site and in June and early July you can not find a cheap ticket to Riga. Seems like BT might have some success again.

    According to this blog and OAs site they are coming back to Belgrade. March is indeed going to be interesting to follow.

    By the way, does anyone have numbers for ZAG in February?

  6. At last Anonymous,

    No Zagreb numbers for February yet but for second last Anonymous, Zagreb could hit 5 million by 2020 if current trend continues at 10% increase per year.

  7. Anonymous03:13

    Two legendary tales? More like myths.


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