Adria plans for positive 2012

A320s return to the fleet as Adria plans financial restructuring
Adria Airways’ new financial restructuring plan should see the airline cut its losses by half this year and make a profit in 2012. The Slovenian national carrier is also on the lookout for a financial advisor. Late last year the airline made public it was operating with a loss and owes more than 80 million Euros in loans to various banks. The airline will pitch its financial plan to the banks in the hope of delaying repayments. In January, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport wrote off 2.4 million Euros the airline owed to its hub, in return receiving a stake in Adria Tehnika.

Meanwhile, Adria will introduce 2 Airbus A320s, half a year after it farewelled the type from its fleet, which had been with the airline since 1989. One is being leased from the Italian low cost airline MyAir and is set to join the fleet tomorrow. The aircraft are expected to serve on charter flights throughout the summer season, while there is a possibility for one of the jets to stay with Adria long term, the “Delo” newspaper reports.


  1. Anonymous09:20

    There new base in Pristina must be working good fort them

  2. Anonymous12:30

    adria has to develop also destinations from slovenia! as many times mentioned we need:
    at least 14 flights to london
    trying to have 12 flights to moscow
    trying to open 2-3 flights to St.Peterburg

    is there interest to play a bigger game? What is with connection to Dubai or Doha for asia flights?

    is there a possiblity of low cost version or doughter company flying out from Maribor? london, madrid, kraljevo (new airport), dusseldorf and cologne?


  3. Anonymous14:52

    I really dont understand the managemenet of Adria.Last summer they were complying that they cannot fill the A319 and now they lease 2 A320.I have the feeling that they are permanently struggling on overcapacity.Besides I dont know any airline that bankrupted because of shortage on capacity but I know few that baknrupted because of overcapacity.

  4. Anonymous15:27

    2 A320 capacity for the summer was sold out months ago but the old management did nothing to find the planes. The now management from the very beginning knew that they have to find them for the summer months.

  5. Anonymous22:17

    Same question: they can't fill (big bird9 and discarge than they lease.
    Adria profitable in 2012? Yes if they sell the assets that they have. They can't sell more aircrafts as they don't own them, they just lease them and pay as you go. Adria is crap subsidised by Slovenian government.

  6. Anonymous22:26

    Like other ex-yu airlines, complete lack of professionalism, no visions, no strategy, no action plan. Just running a day-to-day business. Running with a bucket from one corner of the room to the other whereever water leaks....
    With such behaviour JP will for sure not turn around in 2012!

  7. Anonymous00:15

    @Anonymous 5: How Adria is subsidized by Slovene government?
    @Anonymous 6: Why we are so extremely negative in all the comments? Lets at least leave the new management to come with all the analyzes of the current situation and the future plans.
    Adria was really badly managed but it is still the ex-yu airline that I like the most.

  8. Anonymous00:17

    And their mail flight attendants are just yummy!

  9. Anonymous01:34

    Are mail flight attendants carrying mail:-)

  10. Anonymous15:00

    No, they deliver hot dogs :)

  11. Anonymous17:23

    hot dogs? why? baričevič has been eaten by dog

  12. Anonymous08:41

    Let's just say that ADR new management seems to be doing first few correct steps - reducing pilots and FA wages by 20% is one of them. Additionally, recent refusal of student work limitations on referendum will enable them more freedom with cost control ...


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