More passengers flying with Jat

Rise in March traffic
Jat Airways has had another good month, passenger wise. In March, the national carrier carried 79.408 passengers, an increase of 20% compared to the same month last year. The average cabin load factor stood at 59%, an increase of 4%. The airline also increased the number of flights by 12%. Services to Montenegro continue to see more passengers than last year (+ 28%), while charters continue dwindle (- 90%). In the first 3 months of the year, Jat carried 215.643 passengers, an increase of 14%.

In order to stave off a low cost assault, primarily by Wizz Air, Jat recently launched a promotional ticket sale. The airline has sold 23.033 tickets. Over 4.000 tickets were sold for regional flights while over 18.000 for Euro-Mediterranean services. Despite the good passenger result, Jat Airways’ acting CEO said the airline ended 2010 with a 25 million Euro loss. The management promises a better financial performance this year.

The year so far:

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN68.600 2.9
FEB67.635 24
MAR79.408 20


  1. Aero09:11

    @ ex-yu aviation

    Is it 69.408 or 79.408 pax?

  2. Anonymous09:15

    I can bet that 2011 they will have more passengers and bigger loss.

  3. @Aero Its 79.408. I fixed the typing mistake in the table.

  4. JATBEGMEL09:39

    didnt JAT have several years ago around 100.000 pax per month back when the B722 and DC9 was in the fleet?

  5. Anonymous11:37

    They might have had, at that time they had more aircraft and less competition.

  6. Anonymous16:00

    last year we had 1 client and this year is much better we have already 2 wtf.....

  7. Anonymous18:09

    And of course,thanks to Bosnian Diaspora!!

    I just kid my Serbian friends!!

  8. Anonymous19:54


    Don't be dumb. The Bosnian Diaspora come during the summer.

  9. BEG pax numbers:
    March 2011 - 188.826
    March 2010 - 167.372

  10. AirKoryoTU-20412:57

    I assume the drop in charter serivices is due to the winter months and due to the lack of avalible aircraft in the current JAT situation leading to higher aircraft utilisation.

  11. Aleks Nikolic USA15:43

    AirKoryo, ^

    you must be right.... this summer JAT crazily increased their frequencies to many cities and ofcourse added new routes, but same old aircraft.... which means new airplanes will come in handy... :) no news on the Airbus deal with the president of France?

  12. AirKoryoTU-20404:00

    @Aleks Nikolic USA

    Of course that is the thing, increased frequencies and reduction in the fleet numbers.

    In regards to the Airbus deal, I think that deal has just taken far too long and caused too many stirups for JAT, the best thing for them to do is either quickly secure orders for alteast 5 aircraft or cancel all Airbus aquisition plans and go with either Boeing, UAC or Embraer or two of the listen examples.

    Either that or some secondhand Airbus A320family aircraft would be just fine too I guess.

  13. Aleks Nikolic USA05:01


    Your right, but they keep talking about how there will be meetings to get this deal finalized. Well who knows what happened recently, but they promised new JAT fleet by 2012 and they really need it... and not just to replace old fleet, but to add on more airplanes.. and hopefully soon they can order 767 or A330 to start USA flights so no crumby charter airline does it... and we can fly to our home country with our national carrier!

  14. AirKoryoTU-20411:08

    Long Haul flights at the moment are quite farfetched, I would say JAT needs to find itself a new corporate image, made up of a new livery, new uniforms, new aircraft!!, new routes, changes to their staff attitudes and overall a more profitable and professional ethic.

    The entire fleet needs to be renewed; I assume some new ATR-72-600 or Q400s would be ideal for ATR-72 replacement obviously. 737-300 replacement can come in the form of Airbus A320 and A319 aircraft made up of second hand models I would say.

  15. Aleks Nikolic USA14:21

    Sounds perfect... I guess all we can do now is wait, and hope. And hopefully after the change in government in Serbia, there will be more purchasing power, and more Serbian people will be able to fly to other countries.


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