Dubrovnik - Belgrade all year round

More flights from Croatia to Serbia next summer
After 20 years flights between Dubrovnik and Belgrade were resumed last week with Jat Airways commencing 2 weekly services from the Serbian capital and Croatia Airlines introducing the same weekly frequency from Dubrovnik. Now there are plans for the route to become an all year round service while the national carriers discuss new flights from Belgrade to Pula and Split. Both Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways are reporting positive trends on their recently launched service with most flights operated so far having an average cabin occupancy rate of at least 50%.

Srećko Šimunović, the CEO of Croatia Airlines, said that the Croatian carrier is planning on making the abovementioned route an all year service, rather than the seasonal summer flight it currently is. As it stands now, the flights are set to operate until mid September. Furthermore, Croatia Airlines is planning on introducing seasonal flights from Split to Belgrade in 2012 while Jat would be given the opportunity to operate the Belgrade – Pula service next summer. Šimunović did not mention any potential Zagreb – Belgrade flights announced earlier this year to start during the 2011/2012 winter season. Meanwhile, Rijeka Airport confirmed that Jat was keen on beginning flights to the city this summer but due to a lack of aircraft was unable to do so.


  1. Anonymous11:45

    JAT recorded 388 PAX on first four return flights (48.5 PAX/flight), while OU had 162 PAX on first three return flights (27 PAX/flight).

  2. Anonymous11:50

    You allready wrote about Belgrade-Dubrovnik a few days ago!

    Write again something about Macedonia

  3. If the average load is around 50% then how are the loads going to be in the winter time? 30%?

    Last anonymous,
    There is probably nothing to write about.
    They did write about Belgrade-Dubrovnik because it was launched and now they are saying that it has proven a succesful route and it will go yearround. Not to mention that here they mentioned that there might be flights to Split and Pula next year so...

  4. Anonymous12:57

    Lovely. Some more flights to Spain would be nice btw.

  5. Anonymous13:05

    Write again something about Macedonia, please, e.g. how is MAT doing.

  6. Well, considering the fact that they started this route less than a month ago, we can say this is pretty successful. If I am not wrong, this used to be the most popular domestic route in ex YU back then, so I am sure there is a lot of potential there. I hope SPU, ZAD, PUY and RJK get connected soon as well, not just with BEG but also with LJU, SJJ, SKP, and TGD.

  7. @Anonymous 2:

    There will be Macedonia related news later on in the week.

  8. Anonymous21:48

    Part of that news is quite funy. JAT will had idea to fly to Rijeka but have not enough planes....Maybe next year :)))

  9. Anonymous22:35

    @ 2 anonymous

    MAT is doing perfect:) dont know why but acording to SKP and OHD web site they cancel couple flights last week and also this week. last flight to AMS was three weeks ago, and now that flight is not even in the departure list at SKP:)

    by the way good news for Dubrovnik-Belgrade, but I agree with Nemjee 50% now during summer season, but in winter maybe 0% :)


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