MAT resumes flights

MAT Airways ends flight hiatus
MAT Airways has resumed services after nearly 4 weeks from its hub in Skopje with a flight to Rome yesterday evening. The airline voluntarily grounded its sole aircraft, a Boeing 737-500. According to MAT’s management it did so in order to review its position on the market in face of increased competition. However, other sources claim that the airline has been having financial problems. Passengers are still unable to purchase tickets with the airline. Within the next few days MAT will not be operating its full schedule. Its next service is planned for tomorrow morning, to Dusseldorf.

MAT Airways began operations last year as a charter carrier, although its own management has admitted that the airline is aspiring to become Macedonia’s national carrier sometime in the near future. Currently, the airline has a license to operate flights out of Macedonia until June 15, 2012 after which the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency will review its permit.

MAT went through a short term tie up with struggling charter airline Skywings International Airlines earlier this year, in turn adding a Boeing 737-300 to its fleet. However, the two are no longer partners. The operator of Skopje and Ohrid airports, TAV, has expressed its anguish at the fact that the country does not have a flag carrier.


  1. Phalanx10:19

    lol i think its just the beginning of the end, macedonia needs a better airline than MAT Airways, (even the name is crap), they need an airline which is managed by Lufthansa, Qatar Airways... and not some hobby CEO´s

    I hope Macedonia will get a better new Airline

    btw: maceodnia signd the open sky agreemant with the USA

  2. Anonymous11:09

    From the beginning of MAT revamp saga there is question, why Kon Tiki "jump into the cold water" of regular airline business? It is completely new territory for them and big and unnecessary challenge and risk. As far as a know Kon Tiki is seriously damaged by loses made by MAT that their future is in doubt.

  3. Zrak11:21

    so who actually wants to buy ticket with this airline? I mean if you are planning vacation you do not want to be stuck somewhere, if you are planning a business trip you do not want to miss your meeting....

  4. crew14:13

    This is pathetic. Ground it, close it, make something new but not by domestic family and hobby people.. Same goes for Mat Airways and Jat Airways. Two of a kind! End of story.

  5. @Crew,

    What on earth are you talking about? How are Jat and Mat the same?
    Please check your facts before writting stupidities on here.

  6. Anonymous01:49





  7. Last anonymous,

    No, YU-ANI is a Boeing 737-300 whereas this one is a Boeing 737-500. I think that YU-ANI is one of the last aircraft in Jat's fleet to not have a cabin upgrade.

    As for Jat all their aircraft are back in its fleet. They are not leasing them out anymore like they did to airlines in Nigeria and Peru.

  8. Um.. I don't think any other airlines should have anything to do with Lufthansa as it just turns them into regional feeder airlines.

  9. Anonymous23:17

    i believe that government should first arrest ZLATKO PETROVSKI how is cheating all over the world and is still living in a good condition in Macedonia and to get back the money from this criminal person who has stolen from so many private companies all of the world than you can find good foreign investors in airlines business for a great country like MACEDONIA


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