Adria considering Copenhagen suspension

Loss making routes to be cut
After announcing that it will shed its route network by suspending flights to Paris, Istanbul, London and Warsaw, Adria Airways is now considering terminating flights to the Danish capital Copenhagen in an attempt to cut costs. “The decision to suspend certain destinations is yet to be adopted but we will cut all unprofitable lines”, Maks Tanjikar, the head of the Supervisory Board said. Tanjikar added that these cities are likely to disappear from Adria’s destination network in late October, at the start of the 2011/2012 winter season, although no firm timeframe has been given. This decision will be made once the state aid for the airline is approved. For the first time, Copenhagen has been mentioned as a potential city to be cut from the network. Adria currently operates 5 weekly flights to the Danish capital, code-shared by SAS Scandinavian Airlines, and is reporting losses on the route.

Adria is in the red, just like every other national airline in the former Yugoslavia. The Slovenian carrier has been reporting an increase in passenger numbers this year thanks to improving figures at the beginning of the year and a strong charter flight network. In the 7 months so far, Adria carried 678.203 passengers, an increase of 5%. However, latest figures show a worrying trend. In July the airline welcomed 148.931 passengers, a decrease of 4%. Its average cabin load factor also slumped to 72%, 5 points less than the same month last year.


  1. Ouch... if they axe Copenhagen then it's more than certain that their loads to SKP will be affected.

    SKP actually ranks as one of the top 5 destinations not served from Copenhagen. On average there are 65 daily passengers flying between the two capitals.

    Not to mention that Copenhagen is the busiest airport in Scandinavia and a major Star Alliance hub.

  2. Anonymous09:42

    Well all mentioned flights bookable in the GDS. So, once cancelled, JP will pay loads of money to rebook passengers on other airlines. Really professional!Other airlines close such flights for sale until a final decision is taken.

  3. Well what they are doing is totally idiotic.
    ALL ROUTES are not profitble, is not that logical becuase of 20M€ loss in 2011. Maybe one is more other is less profitable but cutting destinations like CPH, LGW, CDG totally, why would than one need SKP PRN SJJ TGD TIA etc...?
    than JP can only fly on VIE MUC ZRH FRA and that is it.
    Not to say that first time in the JPs life A319 is flying FULL to CPH this summer. Representative from CPH made a great work in the past seasons and sold a lot of tickets, made a great name over there. So it is idiotic, dissrespectful to the representative and unrealistic attemp.
    Where is the goal overall? To have 4 CRJ9 + how many CRJ2 this winter??
    I do not see VIE-FRA route reporting but there are 20-30 pax on board, not to say that OS or LH are flying at the same times on the route, so why the hell do we need to fly on it?
    Why do we need to fly to FRA 4 times, from which 2 are on CRJ2 in the winter which have 10-20 PAX, cut one freq to FRA !
    Reduce LGW to 3, CDG 4 times per week, to allow frequent JPs PAX to still travel with JP.
    Reduce AMS from 7 to 4-5.
    No more IST, TLN, WAW, VIE-FRA
    that gives you 2 less CRJ2, 1 less A319
    Lease A319 away (hard, I know) and lease A32s with crews out.
    Operate with 4 CRJ9 and 5 CRJ2 this winter.
    Replace 1 CRJ2 in the spring for CRJ9 which will be on the market (Air one will put away 10 CRJ9, 2 old CRJ9 are parket in Canada)
    Horizon is leasing out CRJ7s, which is an option too. Many times CRJ9 are flying just because there are 60 pax on it (MUC, VIE...)
    There are many solutions to calculate, not just one- cutting fleet, staff and destinations.

  4. Anonymous10:12

    yu hu good news! we are closing adria! do we need flights to banja luka? yes we do ;) ha ha ha for what then if we are flying only to munich and frankfurt ;) ...... every second day :) ha ha ha

    CLOSE DOWN! i am sure that after winter the spring will bring low costs and other airliners to ljubljana! CLOSE DOWN

  5. Anonymous11:15

    Which lines are profitable?
    Banja Luka?
    Adria less is flying less is loosing.
    Please close!

    What about Priština new hub? How can be Adria asking for government founds with Eu approval if is flying from there?
    How can you explain that Priština hub is vital for Slovene taxpayers?
    Priština can be important for Adria but 100% is not for people in Slovenia. Unless Kosovo = Slovenia.

  6. Why are flights -that are going to be suspended- still bookable?
    No one is booking these flights "in advance"? I suppose it so because ... there is no logic to keep them on sale as Anonymous 1 said until final decision is taken.

    How long a flight can be suspended before is called to be cancelled? Any rules?

  7. DKinVXO11:44

    If Adria closes CPH, I guess OU will be rubbing their hands. I live in southern Sweden, and we have many macedonians and kosovars using (among others) Adria and Malev, so there is indeed a demand from this area for good connecting flights. Adria's flight times are very good, but the prices??? FAR TOO EXPENSIVE! My suggestion for OU now would be to have a look at their connecting times, maybe even expand the network to Ohrid (many macedonians here come from Bitola and around), + consider Thessaloniki too (many greeks from Sweden come from there and around). Also, have an overlook of the connectivity to ATH. Simply, OU would now have the chance to become the MALEV of ex-YU.

  8. @Nemjee,

    which are the other 4 destinations?

  9. Anonymous16:37

    Where is problem ?
    If Ljubljana copenhagan does not work
    then will copenhagen Prishtina !
    Cut all routes to Ljubljana and Switch them toPrishtina !
    It will make good cash I promise !
    Everywhere in europe live Albanian diaspora and Kosova has no national We have Adria !
    And please Serbs dont whine about because this is reality.
    Prishtina is cash cow for air berlin ,Adria ,croatia..everyone !

  10. It's like HKG and some US cities and then SKP :)

  11. Anonymous19:01

    LOL @ the last annonymous comment. He clearly isn't all there.

  12. Anonymous19:32

    ^ ? ...

  13. What's the problem, he promised it will make a profit so it gotta work...

  14. Anonymous22:39

    Hey CEO of Adria Airways !
    Listen to that Albanian guy...
    Albanians know best what is good for
    poor and backward Slovenia .

  15. Purger02:39

    Results for 2010 in .000 EUR:

    Ljubljana-Bruxelles +2.050
    Ljubljana-Frankfurt +650
    Ljubljana-Zurich +150
    Ljubljana-Munich +20

    Ljubljana-Manchester -10
    Ljubljana-Podgorica -10
    Ljubljana-Marseille -20
    Priština-Frankfurt -20
    Ljubljana-Banja Luka -50
    LJubljana-Dubrovnik -50
    Priština-Dusseldorf - 75
    Priština-Munchen -125
    Ljubljana-Barcelona -125
    Ljubljana-Athens -250
    Ljubljana-Stockholm -300
    Ljubljana-Warshaw -350
    Ljubljana-Madrid -350
    Ljubljana-Vienna -450
    Ljubljana-Kiew -450
    Ljubljana-Sarajevo -475
    Ljubljana-Belgrade -475
    Ljubljana-Copenhagen -490
    Ljubljana-Priština -650
    Ljubljana-Tirana - 800
    Ljubljana-Amsterdam -850
    Vienna-Frankfurt -850
    Ljubljana-Skopje -900
    Ljubljana-Moscow -900
    Ljubljana-London -1.350
    Ljubljana-Paris - 1.950
    Ljubljana-Istanbul -3.450

    ad hoc charters +450
    charters -20 (Croatia, Italia, Tunis) to -1.500 (Egipt)

  16. Anonymous03:30

    Dear purger thank you for these
    information !
    Now adria does really bad .
    Aside of feeding lufthansa`s hubs
    every other destination is making losses.
    If cutting routes is the solution
    then you can shut down adria
    completely !

  17. Anonymous05:57

    Welcome back Purger.
    You are definitelly only one on this forum genuine aviation guy with correct and relevant information. Looking forward for all your future contributions.

  18. Uh... that's bad for Adria!

    Adria's numbers in Belgrade for this July are up by 70% so I can just imagine what loss they had before!!

    If this is not a sign enough that there is a need for turboprop aircraft then I do not know what is. There is a reason no regional\smaller airline operates that crap called Crj-200!!

  19. Anonymous11:25

    Can someone whon knows maths better tham myself explain to me how come destination like London(LGW) can be a not profiitable destination, I presonally flew from LGW to BNX via LJU with Adria afew days ago, and the plane to LJU from LGW was aboslutely FULL, I actually looked and couldn't see a single free seat!!! Any explanation?

  20. @ Nemenja,

    They did about 10 years ago but they all got rid of them or most did anyway.

    BTW, these numbers from Purger is loss to destination per flight?

  21. Numbers from Purger are pure speculations!

  22. Ouch if these numbers are real

    Ljubljana-Skopje -900
    Ljubljana-Priština -650
    Ljubljana-Tirana - 800

    so much for the cash cow theories


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