Fresh problems for Zagreb’s new terminal

Suspicion over tender procedures arise
The much anticipated and much delayed construction of Zagreb’s new terminal has run into fresh problems which threaten to delay the start of construction. Last week the Croatian government announced six companies which made it into the second round, vying to run Zagreb’s Pleso Airport and its construction of a new terminal. A total of ten companies and consortiums were in the running with the four that lost out crying foul. The government was supposed to announce the list of companies that made into the second round weeks ago but made no explanation as to why the process had been delayed. The four companies that didn’t make it into the second round are demanding for the tender process to be halted, arguing that corruption has been involved. They also claim that certain companies that made it into the second round do not meet the necessary requirements outlined by the terms and conditions of the tender.

The Croatian government does not want to reveal the names of the companies that made it into the second round. According to local media a Turkish company did not make it. The Turks are now determined to see the entire tender fail and will do their outmost for that to happen.

The ten companies which are vying to run Zagreb are: Munich Airport, TAV Holding from Turkey, a joint bid by a Turkish consortium and Seoul Airport, Houston Airport, an Austrian and Spanish consortium, a joint bid by Athens Airport and an infrastructure conglomerate, a German consortium, British consortium, Zurich Airport and Limak from Turkey. Many believe that Houston is the hot favourite to win with strong lobbying from the United States Embassy in Zagreb.


  1. Anonymous11:05

    You can take Croatia out of Yugoslavia but you can’t take Yugoslavia out of Croatia. Corruption isa common trait of all our little newfound nations.

  2. DKinVXO11:28


    I must use that on my Facebook, hahaha good one!

    I wonder, wouldn't it be better for OU to start using DBV as their main hub? All these things with the new terminal look like a farce, just see how quick Skopje got it's new terminal! OU NEEDS a big and modern hub in order to expand and cope with the increasing traffic!

  3. Anonymous14:43

    I think this is not exactly the case of corruption (please tell me that the Turks are not prone to corruption, they inveted it).
    Turks have started a very aggressive campaign into European market by either buying airlines (BH for example) or buying/building airports. They said they would turn Skopje into a regional hub and were thus given the concession of Skopje Airport. They promised the SAME thing for Zagreb. How many regional hubs would they build in this region?
    Common, let's be serious! I do not trust them at all.
    As a matter of fact I would not give this concession to anybody from Europe. They all manage much bigger airports for which OU and other regional airlines serve as feeders. I don't think they would aggressively start promoting Zagreb into a major hub (OK,maybe regional one) but then again, I could be wrong.
    Either American or Asian corporation would definitely be able and WILLING to turn ZAG into minor/major hub in this region.
    I really don't want to see Turks here at all. They are fighting for the position of THE major hub in Europe, their strategy is to dethrone Frankfurt from that position.
    What do you guys think?

  4. Why have a tender? Just give it to the Houston group if there so interested and get on with it!

  5. Anonymous15:20

    I wonder if the Houston group could convince United(Continental) to start flying there. If so, that would be a major plus.

  6. OT:

    July numbers for Belgrade-Dubrovnik route is out:

    Croatia Airlines: 59% lf
    Jat Airways: 90% lf

    Jat operated two flights more than OU.

  7. Anonymous17:15

    OT : Belgrade Numbers for July are
    384 256 passengers
    that is 1.719 Mio since Begin of the Year .

  8. Anonymous19:52

    nemjee, i thought you were 50

  9. Anonymous20:24

    ^ What do you mean ?

  10. lol yeah I would also like to know what you wanted to say? :D actually made me laugh.

  11. Anonymous22:59

    Hmmmm......It seems that there is someone out there having a crush on Nemjee !
    He is such a clever guy and knows a lot of things ......
    I am a beautiful girl and dont mind to know something more about you
    Nemjee ! ...

  12. Anonymous04:20

    This news is certainly working in TAV/Seoul Airport's favour given how quickly they turned around and built Skopje's new terminal, which is reassuring news for Zagreb (assuming TAV are in the final six) .. but probably not so good news for Skopje since that would mean TAV refocusing on another airport in the region, route development and investment. Then agen ZGB and SKP are two very different markets and airport profiles. Same goes for the Limak bad and their management of Pristina. Any others doubling up?


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