Ryanair to Ljubljana from summer 2012

Ljubljana negotiates with Ryanair as Adria faces a tough week
Ljubljana Airport’s management is finalising an agreement with Europe’s largest low cost airline Ryanair. Worried that the airport will be hit by Adria’s massive network reduction, the airport has proposed for Ryanair to operate flights out of Dusseldorf, Madrid, Oslo and London to the Slovenian capital. While airports across the former Yugoslavia report a significant passenger surge, Jože Pučnik in Ljubljana saw only a 3% increase in the first 6 months of the year, thus handling 574.740 passengers. Numbers began to slide after February despite the fact that the airport was closed for 2 weeks in April of 2010 for a runway overhaul. Nevertheless, the airport did see an operating profit of 2.1 million Euros, which is up by 78% on last year. Adria Airways is responsible for 74.9% of passengers using Ljubljana Airport.

Ryanair is also conducting talks with other EX-YU airports. There are negotiations under way for the no frills airline to commence flights from Dusseldorf and Frankfurt to Tuzla and flights to Podgorica from London and Glasgow. Flights to Ljubljana are expected to commence in April, at the start of the 2012 summer season.

Meanwhile, it will be a do or die week for Adria Airways. On Wednesday, the airline’s shareholders will decide on a capital injection and a restructuring plan to rescue the indebted flag carrier. Last week, all of the major banks participating in the talks said that they are unlikely to further support Adria. Such a decision, Adria says, will see the airline out of business by October. The restructuring plan entails a fleet, destination and employee reduction. The airline’s network cuts will be announced in September. Short listed for suspensions are flights to Paris, London, Istanbul, Warsaw and Copenhagen. Latest inside information points that the airline is also considering suspending flights to Belgrade and Podgorica.


  1. Anonymous09:45

    This will kill Adria.

  2. Anonymous09:55

    off topic but really says the key


  3. Sorry for another OT but I must post it. Is OK doing really that bad?


  4. Anonymous10:39

    So the only destination covered by FR due to the JP cull would be a London airport?

  5. Anonymous11:20

    We do not need in LJU expensive JP. At the moment please try to get addtional low cost to Amsterdam, Rome or Milan for good transfers :)!! Madrid it is a very good idea :) just FR is not good company :)

  6. Anonymous11:23

    Stop the support to Adria continuous losses!

  7. Anonymous11:36

    @JU500 - i travel regularly, but i have never found good connection nor OK price on Czechs.

    Same with Malev. Empty airplanes and prices really high.

  8. Woooo have you seen the statement of Belgrade airport CEO?

    He expects Emirates to launch flights to Belgrade from Abu Dhabi..

    Can we hang him on top of Kalemegdan for the sake of Serbian civil aviation?

    Well average number of passengers on OK's flight to Belgrade was 70, which is not that bad. Malev is quite bad, yes.

  9. Anonymous12:59

    Adria is already dath. Problem is that there are quite a lot of them who have not realised that fact yet. Contrary to BEG, OU prices from LJU are very competitive and flights well harmonised for transfer to Estearn European destinations. All LJU-PRG/PRG-LJU flights which I had with OU were full.

  10. Anonymous13:02

    I didn't realise OU flew from LJU. If you want to use abbreviations please get them right.

  11. Anonymous13:24

    Sorry, OK.

  12. Anonymous13:42

    Where is that Belgrade airport CEO statment about Emirates and Abu Dhabi? I've never seen something like that in media before!

  13. Anonymous14:49

    Ryanair may not be the best in customer service but you know what - they get the job done. Flights don't normally get delayed (at least mine out of Klagenfurt, Trieste and Venice never do) and they cheaply transport significant numbers of passengers enabling them to spend more at their destination, which is what we're all after, isn't it?

  14. @nemjee
    Where is that Belgrade airport CEO statment about Emirates and Abu Dhabi? I've never seen something like that in media before!

    Read the next reports from wikileaks and you will see it.

  15. I can see why Ryan is opening the routes. There is a great interest in Slovenia as tourist destination in UK. Bled is an absolute hit.

  16. Anonymous18:55

    Around mid 2009 Emirates' representatives really visited BEG but were speaking about opening DXB-BEG route, surely they did not mention Abu Dhabi, maybe American officer made a mistake instead of CEO. The report is from 2009.

  17. Anonymous19:49

    @anonymous 2:49 PM
    spot on, absolutely true! I have used FR so many times, and for the prices I have been paying, more than happy. The point is what you have said, to transport as more people as possible. I have flown with FR over 20 times I think and only ONCE flight from Malta to Milan - Bergamo was delayed, the rest of the ALWAYS on time. Cabin crew no better than moody cabin crew on Adria's flights, or BA's, or Jat's. And neither all of them are rude, but as I said neither all of them are polite on the "regular" airlines.

  18. JU520 BEGLAX22:36

    EK will for sure not operate out of AUH to BEG, if they will operate then DXB-BEG.
    Another source is saying that QR plans DOH-BEG-SKP-DOH flights...

    plenty of rumours going on, let s wait and see. JP is most probably dead, good so. I have my contact to JP staff, it is incredible how bad JP management and the commercial dept did manage this airlines and how much money got transfered into some CEOs pockets, e.g. Tadej Tufek. They were flying full to IST with the truck drivers, but the deal was so bad, that JP finally got 50 EUR per driver and flight, the rest of the deal went into wrong pockets. It s a pity for all those great and hard workig staff which will loose their job. I don t think that FR will be succesfull in LJU. They start to destinations which JP already tried and had to close down. I guess LH,SN and LX will return to LJU to secure the market share of Star Alliance. TK will go daily to IST and maybe will see some summer flights by non frills to BCN and the UK. The charter airlines for Tureky, Israel, Tunesia and Malta are already here.

    Can u imagine JP is loosing money with its Charters? How is that possible? If you do a charter you sell the flight to travel agencies with profit and the rest is their problem, they have all the risk.

    Problem is also the leasing contracts with the A319 and A320. They have leasing contracts with the A319s for another 12 years and with the A320 for another two years. The contracts have high penalties in case JP does not fullfills them.
    and FR is def the shittiest airline in Europe as it flies with thanks to our tax money submitted thru regional state subventions.

  19. Anonymous23:34

    @anonymous 7:49 PM

    come on! not fair to compare cabine crew of Adria (or even JAT) with those from Ryanair. Its only rednecks working for RyanAir cabin crew but who knows maybe you feel atracted to that kind of attitude

  20. Anonymous01:43

    It seems Adria is going into bankrupcy.What will happen with its aircrafts?

  21. Anonymous10:36

    How many (and which) aircrafts Adria owns?
    not on lease but owner

  22. Anonymous16:01

    Ryanair naj vzpostavi poletno povezavo LJU-OPO, da bo konkurenca TP na liniji ZAG-LIS!

  23. Anonymous18:54

    Ryanair is not a good company at all.Without a strong national airline there is no room for growth.

  24. Growth in first half of 2011 in LJU airport: 9% in pax, over 30 % in cargo


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