Ryanair to Tuzla

Soon in Tuzla?
Tuzla Airport is finalising talks with the no frills airline Ryanair, which could see it offer direct flights from Germany to Tuzla, according to the airport’s management. Tuzla Airport CEO, Enver Jukanović, says that Ryanair could commence flights from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf to Tuzla at the start of the 2012 summer season, next March. “We have been in talks with Ryanair since 2006. We have to secure sufficient funds from the local government to subsidise the flights. After this is achieved, Ryanair will begin a six month marketing campaign”, Jukanović explains. He adds that it is extremely difficult to attract low cost airlines as they request financial support. “We negotiated with Wizz Air for years but in the end they chose to fly to Belgrade. Unfortunately, our country is still not affordable for tourists”. Jukanović explains that the local authorities are willing to provide the funds so Europe’s largest low cost airline could begin flights to the city.

Tuzla Airport was recently dealt a blow when local tour operators, in cooperation with Air Arabia, decided to terminate the short lived Dubai service. On the other hand, charter flights from Antalya in Turkey are ongoing this summer. Tuzla has seen its best passenger figures over the summer since it opened its doors for commercial flights more than a decade ago.

The airport’s CEO believes that the future Ryanair services will attract Bosnians living in Germany. Ryanair is in talks with the Montenegrin Government to commence flights to Podgorica this winter. It currently only flies to the Croatian coast, out of all the former Yugoslav republics.


  1. '...Unfortunately, our country is still not affordable for tourists”.

    Love his comment, maybe as much as the one of connecting to the US via Dubai. Since when is Bosnia, or for that matter any country in Western Balkans not affordable for tourists?

    Good news if Ryanair does start flights, however knowing Ryanair they might wake up one day and aim at serving Sarajevo instead.

  2. Anonymous10:36

    "could commence" means nothing

  3. Anonymous10:54

    Far away from Sarajevo and Belgrade (3 hours by bus from Sarajevo and 4,5 hours from Belgrade).

  4. Anonymous12:15

    RYANAIR IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR THE AIRPORTS LIKE TZL, BNX, OMO, OSI, ZAD, RJK, INI,etc(THE WAY THEY DO TINGS, MARKETING, NOT ONLY THE FLIGHT, BUT DESTINATION AND REGION). YES, FLIGHT ARE SUBSIDASIED, BUT AT LEAST THEY DON'T SELL TICKETS FOR A FORTUNE AFTER SUBSDITATION, TICKETS ARE AFFORDABLE AND THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. I have flown with Ryanair so many times I have stopped counting(cheaper than a coach ride from my hometown to Belgrade, Zagreb or Sarajevo) , nothing special, but for the price you pay they are excellent, take you SAFELY from point A to point B, as simple as that. Hope they will start flying to TZL and other smaller airports in Ex Yu region.

  5. Anonymous13:04

    Well with Ryanair it is usually not A to B or A to B to C by bus, C to D by Ryanair, D to E by bus :)))

    I have calculated that overall the trip with lowcost airlines costs the same or even more than regular airline, taking into consideration all fees, buses, meals while traveling ... so i prefer buying tickets on regular airlines in advance

  6. Anonymous14:05

    @last anonymous

    depends, but ryanair raised their ticket prices recently i think. havent seen a 3€ flight for long time, not to metion the 0.01€

  7. Anonymous15:03

    Well maybe they intend on advertizing flights to Tuzla as Sarajevo North.

  8. Anonymous15:16

    I am anonymous 12.15:

    First of all, nobody mentioned 3 euros tickets, but 30-40 euros ones, and there are plenty of them, for example in September you can fly to ZAD, RJK & PUY from Stansted for 14.99 £ one way with hand luggage only, + check in luggage that is approximately 40 euros. Second thing, yes they fly to some secondary airports, but remember that those secondary airports are more convenient for some people, like Stansted or Luton for people who live up North or north-east. Gatwick is not a secondary airport and BELIVE ME not the most convenient to get to from some parts of London. I didn't say I prefer low cost airlines, I simply go for the option best for my pocket, it has happened that LCC has been one of them. I always buy ticket on comparative websites so I simply go for the cheapest one. Third thing, I have said that airlines like Ryanair are the only good solution for airports like TZL, BNX, INI, OSI, etc. which example of ZAD, RJK & PUY can clearly show. ZAD hardly existed on the map of airports before Ryanair, now thanks to them people are flooding that part of Croatia.

  9. Anonymous16:50

    go tuzla! drive sarajevo and their horrible management, which has not attracted a single LCC, to the ground!

  10. I'm born in Tuzla, Bukinje, close to the airport, i'm 2 times a year there and have never seen a plane land or takeoff.. the airport it self a mess 2, no shops, no real ground equipment, when it starts snowing later on who is gonna clean the runway? lol..

    in the past when the nato/navo or whoever it was used it, they had all of ther own stuff, gpu's, snowmowlers etc, but tuzla airport has almost nothing so.. good luck ryan(air)

  11. Anonymous23:39

    All the Best for Tuzla Airport !
    I`m Serbian but I will fly Ryanair
    from Tuzla if they would realize that flights!
    Pozdravi ot komsije vas !

  12. Anonymous06:55

    is there any chance of Ryanair starting flights to Pristina or easy jet expanding flights to Pristina?

  13. Anonymous16:06

    Ryanair will not fly prishtina because of too much concurrence.
    They aim more at having a monopoly
    i think .
    Easyjet is surely interested to expand but first they look at performance of adria and other airlines before they decide which route they upgrade or start new .

  14. Anonymous15:49

    We have to remember the fact that LCCs aim >80% LF. It is almost impossible in the Balkans to have it for the whole year. The market is so seasonal. And if we are talking about summer flights, we have many LCCs in various forms. Even SJJ has two.
    Serving an airport like TZL needs substantial "government support" !


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