Golden Air grounded

A new record - one week in operation
The newly established Golden Air which commenced flights from Maribor to London Stansted via Vienna last week has cancelled all services after the airline was grounded on Wednesday. Golden Air is experiencing problems with Eastern Airways from which it has leased a Cessna to operate the flights. “The Friday flight has been cancelled and passengers have been offered alternative transportation”, Urban Simčič, the airline’s representative told Slovenian media. However, the company’s owner says that he is not throwing in the towel and that a lot has been invested into the airline venture. “The Slovenian public has responded well to the new flights and we see enormous potential in them”, officials from the airline stress.

Golden Air highlights that the Maribor - Vienna - London service has only been temporarily suspended and is certain that flights will resume soon. The airline says it has lined up a Boeing 737-300 for future flights. The aircraft is now undergoing necessary licensing checks and once it is cleared the airline should restore the scheduled flights. The new services are seen as an opportunity for Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport to revive itself.

Golden Air is partially owned by English businessman Harjinder Singh Sidhu who has previously invested into the now bankrupt Air Slovakia. AvioFun, a Slovenian company, has also invested heavily into the Golden Air project.


  1. Purger09:24

    ...and there were so many nice lines that thay can open like:

    Maribor - Zagreb - Osijek - Beograd - Niš - Priština - Skopje


    Maribor - Ljubljana - Portorož - Pula - New York


    Maribor - Graz - Vienna - Paris

    ...what idiots!!!

  2. Anonymous11:37

    What about Ljubljana - Banja Luka
    and Ljubljana - Sarajevo
    the last buy airticket but take the bus.
    Ah yes it's Adria
    Assuming you wantv to go to Vienna and Munich only not connecting furtherr
    or Ljubljana . Vienna - Ljubljana
    cheapest at 200,01 eu
    or Ljubljana - Munich - Ljubljana
    cheapest at 199,88 eu.
    Ah yes it's Adria
    Slovene tax payers airline
    Priština - Frankfurt direkt
    with Slovene tax payers money.

  3. Anonymous11:40

    Vienna - Ljubljana - Vienna
    cheapest is 269,01 eu
    Munich - Ljubljana - Munich
    cheapest is 242,88 eu.
    Yes it's Adria.
    Yes they don't care ... as long as taxpayers are feeding them.

  4. Anonymous12:48

    please no JP and no golden what ever air..... we need new players on MBX and LJU!!!

    What about TAP, British and some flydubai, airasia, air baltic....??

  5. Purger13:39

    Air Baltic? O that is good company. Just bankrupt several days ago. TAP beg for halp, espetialy Lufthansa, British is near to bankrupcy for 5 years now... You really need those kind of companies?

    Air Asia is LCC company which fly only in Southeast Asia. There is no way that thay will fly in Europe at least nother 20 years. It is like you aks Ryanair to fly in Brasil.

    I presume you think Air Asia X. They fly just to Paris and London in Europe and in nother two year they plan to open 1-2 new lines to Europe. For sure that would not be Ljubljana!

  6. VisitBengaluru!16:42

    The crazy thing is that Golden air could be a success if...if they would fly Maribor-London direct !
    Even if London would be their sole destination it could work !
    They really should concentrate on this .
    Small is beautiful !
    Btw,I heard from a British friend of mine that when Ryanair flew to Maribor, this service was very popular and that in summer a lot of Brits took a Bus(Yes a bus,hehe)
    from Maribor to Novi Sad in Serbia
    to visit that music festival EXIT !
    He said this routing was a cheap alternative to flying Belgrade direct,and that a bus full of Brits was really fun and adventurous atmosphere then !

  7. Anonymous16:45

    To Purger : OK...but which airline is not nearly bancrupt nowadays ?!

  8. Purger17:22

    In Europe (the biggest first, listed are only those which have more than 1 million pax in 2010.):

    Air France-KLM
    Turkish Airlines
    Norwegian Air Shuttle
    Wizz Air
    Air Europe
    Pegasus Airlines
    Aegean Airlines
    Virgin Atlantic

    * Russian airlines are not listed because questionable data

  9. JU520 BEGLAX20:42

    Hi Purger:

    thanks for all the tariffs to the States. Great Service. I only needed it for comparison.

    Golden Air is complete bull shit. If MBX would work out, Ryan Air would have succeded. Or the other Carrier from Graz which started flights via SZG to CDG a couple years ago. Also JP tried MBX-ZRH and it did not work out. U have not even 3 mio in a radius of 100 km and have ZAG,LJU,MBX,GRZ and their BIP is around 70-90% of EU average. So who is flying??

    Banja Luka is a terrible story, but not necessarly for JP as they get their money. But it s a shame to the tax payers that a no state like Republika Srpska is only subsidizing international flights because they want to show what they have international air links.
    Welcome to the story of Greece and the story of wasting tax payers money

  10. Pozdrav svima21:04

    OK people ,it is offtopic but I really want to know two things :

    1.Does JAT intend to continue Dubrovnik service also in Winter
    season and/or start service to Pula,Split or any other adriatic destination ? Because of next question :

    2.If JAT continue agreement with Emirates, is this then also valid with Flydubai ? I heard they are basically the same ?

    Is it possible so to fly from Adriatic to Dubai via Belgrade ...and maybe even
    to/from Australia ?

    Is it possible to book a flight from AUS to Dubrovnik with EK,Flydubai,JAT all in a package in Sydney ?

    I thank for any decent answer !

  11. Arturo05:19

    Dear Purger,

    An offshot, AirAsia X, flies from Kuala Lumpur to London/Stansted and Paris/Orly. So yes, AirAsia DOES fly to Europe. In addition, they were served by some beautiful A330/A340 with a high density 3-3-3 configuration in Y. AirAsia X also flies to Tehran, Tokyo/Haneda, Seoul/Incheon, Gold Coast, Perth and Melbourne, which are all outside the 7-hour envelope.

  12. @ Pozdrav svima

    It is possible to get a through fare from SYD to DBV on OU. The fares start from AUD 1510 plus taxes.

  13. Pozdrav svima16:11

    Dear Lento!Thank you for
    an answer!
    Do you know routing ?I think with SIA to Asia ,then Lufthansa or SIA to Munich,Frankfurt then Croatia!?
    Not bad price but I would be happy to know if there is also a possibility
    to fly Ek to Dubai then Flydubai
    to Beg and then with JAT to Dubrovnik or the other places on coast!If it is possible then THROUGH FARE could be even better price ?
    Thanks for any info and thanks to Lento (i take your suggest in consideration !).

  14. @ Pozdrav svima

    Adriatic (north to south, eastern coast), is over 1000 km long.
    So, when you ask about possibility to fly, and get single fare for Australia-Adriatic flight, it's really not same if you mean Dubrovnik, or Rijeka for example.

    Lot of people from Rijeka, Pula, Koper, Ljubljana and whole that region use Venice Marco Polo airport. Emirates flies daily Dubai-Venice on A340.
    So, if you are interested in coming to northern part of Adriatic, from Australia, you can do it for very good price, with only one stop, and only on Emirates, via DXB.

    There are some indications, too, that new croatian airline will be starting next year, which plans to fly between HR and Australia. Nothing is happening right now that I know of, but they claim they are starting on their webpage

    So, just maybie, soon there will be another possibility for you.

  15. looks like claims on a terrible website is all they have.

  16. @ Doot

    Maybie at the moment they have much more important work to do then creating a perfect website

  17. Purger20:02

    Come on...

    They anounced to start for 6th time now. Every Eastern since 2006.

    They plan to fly to Australia, USA, China etc. from Croatia, so intercontinental LCC lines first in Europe. Ryan decide not to do that, but will. Austrian and Lufthansa can not fly lines to Australia but will?!?!?!!?

    Thay plan to have LCC with several plane tipes like 737, 320, 747, 340 etc. This is not just diletantisam that is parody!!!

    If this company ever fly I will dance naked in Jelacic square!

  18. Anonymous18:34

    This Indian people Mr.Kandra Bhupinder,Mr.Harjinder Sigh Sidhu,
    brings Air Slovakia in Bankruptcy ,now looking for other countries other Airlines?take cash and let depts.?


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