Winter season 2011/2012
B&H, Croatia and Montenegro Airlines

Winter changes
The 2011/2012 winter season begins tomorrow.

As has been previously reported, B&H Airlines will suspend flights to Amsterdam this winter. Compared to the 2010/2011 winter season the airline has terminated a total of six destinations. Since flights to Copenhagen will now operate via Banja Luka and all four weekly frequencies from Sarajevo to Zurich will also make a stop in Banja Luka, the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina will see six weekly flights operated by B&H, which is an increase of one compared to last winter. The frequency for the airline’s Zurich service has decreased by one flight since last winter and will be served four times per week. Flights to Istanbul remain unchanged.

Croatia Airlines won’t be making too many changes to its winter line up of destinations and frequencies compared to last year. Flights from Zagreb to Istanbul, which were launched over the summer, will remain throughout the winter period while Priština will also see an extra weekly flight. Facing competition from easyJet, Croatia Airlines will decrease its Paris flights from daily last year to five per week. On the other hand, it will continue to operate to the French capital from Dubrovnik two times per week, which is a new addition. As has been the case in the past few years, the airline won’t operate flights from Rijeka and Osijek during the winter.

Montenegro Airlines will see frequency cuts across the board over the winter period. However, it should be noted that last winter the airline practically operated its 2010 summer season timetable. Flights from Podgorica to Belgrade, Frankfurt, Moscow, Rome and Zurich will all be decreased while flights to London suspended. However, the airline will continue to operate flights from Tivat to Moscow which were launched during the 2011 summer season.

By clicking on the links below, you can view the 2011/2012 winter season changes in more detail.


  1. Anonymous13:25

    wow MGX has really cut down on its operations. I know that 1 F100 is not being used so they have 7 planes. Seems too much during the winter. Until a couple of year ago Croatia Airlines had the same problem during winter (this has changed now though). That winter timetable of B&Hs is really sad. Probably the worst since they started operations.

  2. For all you guys who think the ex Yu region is retarded you can breathe a sigh or relief. The ex Yu has just been topped by Australia and the Qantas even more retarded CEO Alan Joyes who just took a 5 million Aus dollar bonus yesterday and today he does this:

  3. I would have thought Brussels would see an increase from Zagreb since more Croatians are being employed by the EU.

  4. Anonymous16:06

    SKP gets more flights to FCO

  5. Belle Air18:26

    Belle Air does a good job in serving the Albanian population.
    Their customer base are Diaspora
    everywhere in Europe.They also have modern A320.

  6. Anonymous20:55

    How are more croats employed by EU ?
    Is EU a company ?
    Could you please clarify what you mean ?

  7. Anonymous21:25

    I really enjoy reading comments at this blog. But I have to say that people here are so full of themselves, and act as smartasses. Just pointless discussions and always explain, clarify, justify.
    It would be nice if everyone would stop commenting on personal opinions. This comment is really not intended against anyone personally.

  8. Anonymous21:41

    The winter timetable for Croatian looks interasting , sad thought for B&H airlines.Also, Belgrade airport has a interesting winter timetable.

  9. Anonymous21:50

    Its a pitty JAT airways does not have more destinations. They could succeed with 3 pw Manchester, 2 pw Glasgow, 4 pw Prague, 2 pw Sankt Petersbourg, 3 pw Barcelona... Bologna, Lisbon, Lyon... Why not. If they can have Pafos and Larnaca, why not Paris and Lyon, or London and Manchester? There are also serbians or potential tourists who would like to visit Belgrade.

  10. VisitBengaluru!21:54

    AA cancels JFK-BUD for W 11/12 !
    American Airlines will not fly
    to Budapest from 1 december to begin april next year !
    Also it is not clear now if they will resume flights in summer next year !
    This will have a big impact on its
    Oneworld partner airline MALEV..

  11. Anonymous22:07

    Last anonymos: Unfortunately Britain and Ireland not canceled visa regime for Serbian pasport holders!
    So flights to Manchester and Glasgow
    will not succeed because British tourists are not enough for profitability of these routes!
    this is also main reason for BA canceling flights to Beg !

  12. Anonymous22:36

    Ok, but why Jat has 2 flights to London sometimes? For example, saturdays, and also, why wizzair has 4 flights per week to Luton? Thats not true. There are serbians in Manchester and also tourists who would definitely travel to BEG. Go to BEGs website and see todays 2 flights to LHR by Jat.

  13. q2w322:47

    The British and Irish introduced
    Visa for Serbian passport holders because they dont want to see Serbs !
    Typical British colonial style of arrogance...those bastards !

  14. Anonymous00:43

    This is very significant what VisitBengaluru! said for AA at BUD. Budapest schould be reference airport for Balkan airlines as it has big diaspora, it is attractive tourist destination, it has potential of aprox 10 milion people, good standard comparing to ex-yu region and what - hardly compete on intercontinental flights! Airport of more than 8 milion pax a year (equal to all ex-yu airports together)can not sustain such flights! I am not talking about some charter-in-try companies, but established well-known going to take a long time before direct intercontinental flights to North America (even longer for Australia). Rgds

  15. Anonymous04:44


    FlyDubai 737-800 supposed to land in Belgrade today, October 30th?

  16. 'Croats' are being employed by the EU as transltors and lawyers to help out during the transition period. Just last week 400 positions became available.

  17. Anonymous16:40

    Croats are born to translate !
    They all speak minimum five languages and more ....Croatian,Serbian,Bosnian,
    Hercegovinian and Montenegrin !


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