New Jat even without a partner

Government determined to set up new national airline
The Serbian Ministry for Infrastructure has announced that it will go ahead with the creation of a successor national carrier to Jat Airways even if a strategic partner for the new venture is not found. The Ministry said it hopes to begin talks with Baltic Aviation Systems, the only enterprise to purchase the tender documentation for the creation of the new state carrier. They have been given a month to send in their offer, after which “flexible” negations are set to take place in December. Baltic Aviation Systems is headed by a group of businessmen who partly own Latvia’s national carrier, airBaltic.

Milutin Mrkonjić, the Minister for Infrastructure, said that neither Turkish Airlines nor Aeroflot, who have in the past been linked to Jat’s privatisation process, have participated in the tender. He explains that this is because of the bad experience airlines from the two countries have had in similar ventures, giving the example of Turkish’s takeover of B&H Airlines. The new company which will be set up would be freed of Jat’s debt, according to Mrkonjić, while a social benefits program for Jat’s employees would be drafted. This is in stark contrast to the minister’s announcement from last week when he promised job security for the airline’s workforce.

Meanwhile, the acting CEO of Jat Airways, Vladimir Ognjenović, has said that the carrier will need new aircraft next year regardless of the privatisation process outcome. He adds that the airline will hire younger cabin crew next year while negotiations regarding commercial cooperation with AZAL Airlines from Azerbaijan will begin later on in the month. Such an agreement could pave way for AZAL to begin flights to Belgrade.

Do you think a new Serbian national carrier will be created next year? Will Jat become history in 2012? Send a comment with your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous09:41

    Suggest: AEROPUT Serbian Airlines
    Fleet: 8x DH8-400, 2x 737-700, 2x 737-800.

  2. Anonymous09:42

    This is great news for the Serbian aviation. It'll be a whole new image but I do hope that jats history is somehow embrassed within the new airline. It would be a shame for jats saga to end now after being one of the oldest airlines in the world.

    It would also be nice if the new airport began flights from other Serbian cities such as Niš. Even if they're seasonal flights it would still be great :)

    Any ideas what might happen with the old fleet once the new one comes in?

  3. Start a new airline?


    Now is a good time for Serbia to start shedding some useless and expensive communist ideas.

    Why, let's ask ourselves, is the government in the airline business at all??

    This isn't a monument. This is a business. And, if successful business could make a successful business out of a Serbian airline, then they would have bought the debt-free version of JAT.

    But they didn't

    The answer isn't for government to do it. why?

    If it's not a viable business, just let it die.

  4. Peter from Sydney10:55

    @ Doot, the thing is, a debt free version of Jat wasn't up for sale (If I understand things correctly). The new partner would have inherited the bad baggage of Jat which has been stockpiled for mismanagement. I still think there's a successful business out of Jat with competent people at the helm.

  5. Tupolev16012:08

    I am also for AEROPUT but АЕРОПУТ on one side of the aircraft, such as Aeroflot (one side latin, one side cyrilic). No need for "Serbian Airlines", Aeroput - Serbian Air Transport sounds much better, such as the JAT abbreviation did. And they should be far more ambitious than "Fleet: 8x DH8-400, 2x 737-700, 2x 737-800". There should be minimum 10-15 737/738/739 (+ATR they have) and like 2 A330 or B772 and the company should start intercontinental routes, both to North America and Asia.
    Also, with a smart leadership, Belgrade could be transformed into a mini-Dubai in terms of transfers from Ex-Yu and West-Europe to Asia, Mid-East and Eastern Europe. Just think and it could be very realistic. Even a cargo branch should be operated, when you just think that BUD has a 10 times higher cargo handled than Belgrade per year, without having a better geographical position nor airport capacities.

  6. Anonymous12:21

    AIR SERBIA or SERBIAN AIRLINES or AEROSERBIA. :) Fleet: 8x DH8-400, 2x 737-700, 2x 737-800.

  7. Nikola12:42

    here's my suggestion:
    5xAT7 (1 in Niš and 1 in Kraljevo)
    8 737-7
    5 E70 (1 in Niš and 1 in Kraljevo)
    5 E90
    3 to 5 787

    and the name:
    Aeroput or SAT - Serbian Airlines

  8. Nikola12:44

    as for old 733s and AT7s, i'd donate one of each (oldest ones, of course) to Belgrade Aviation Museum, 5 733s and the rest AT7s convert to cargo and the rest of the planes give to Aviogenex

  9. Adriatic12:53

    I have always had the idea of JAT to change it's name to the following...
    Juzno-Evropski AeroTransport or transalted to Southern European Airlines....This would enable JAT to keep its "JAT" name which is well recognized and has a long tradition. The aircraft can be all white and the tail section could be the original blue wth the logo. This way I feel JAT would actually open it's doors to more passengers. As for the transfer idea, I have a hard time seeing this being successful. My reason is simple, with the new technologies out there, there are aircraft which can fly further and longer. Why then for the transfer? Just some thoughts I had.

  10. Peter from Sydney13:06

    I don't think the new company needs a name change. Jat is iconic in the region and has a history behind it. I'm not a fan of Aeroput or Serbian Airlines, they just don't have that international ring to them. It's not modern or unique, plus they sound very Balkanish. What about SerbAir? It's got the 'Serb' in there, but linked with 'Air' its got abit of that international flavour to it... thoughts?

  11. Anonymous14:45

    Do you think that they will keep some of the current fleet to use on the smaller airports? It would make sense. What's the harm?

  12. I think Adriatic has a good idea. It broadens the market and keeps the iconic name.

    I just hope they get rid of the amateurs in management.

  13. Anonymous15:21

    Where did the last DC-10 disappear? Is the plane stored in Beograd? Maybe they can give it to aviation museum

  14. Anonymous15:25

    Mrkonjic is an idiot. The government will create a new airline even without a partner? What’s the point then? It will just be a huge waste of money. All of these plans will probably change in a few months when a new minister comes. This has always been the case. When someone new comes he has a completely different idea. Mrkonjic’s “announcements” vary from day to day depending on the amount of alcohol he has had during the day. The worst thing of all is that everyone will be fired except for the incompetent management. BTW everyone in JU’s top management are amateurs. They are the young people who everyone wants so much and they have shown how much experience they have.

  15. Anonymous17:08

    JAT's DC-10 was sold to a scrapyard for a few back several years ago.

  16. Anonymous17:08

    few bucks+

  17. Anonymous17:12

    For all those who think that JAT name is a good brand....Its a shitty brand (I can say that, cause I am Serbian).
    Better to have fresh start with a neutral name.
    Fleet size 12 a/c maximum!

  18. Anonymous17:45

    ^ currently JAT has a fleet of 14 and that is too much, if they would like to open new routes and increase frequencies, possibly operate out of other small airports, they need a bigger fleet.

  19. Anonymous17:48

    correction , and that is too much? *** no its too little.

    does anybody think that would be a good opportunity to acquire long range aircraft?

  20. Tupolev16018:42

    Definitely, as previously wrote, i think so. I definitely see that 2-3 A332, B77L or Il-96 could have a place in JAT's fleet in future.

  21. embraer 17018:53

    Most important today is that you fly nonstop and that frequency is high..
    best is daily !
    With daily flights problem comes of how to have good loadfactor .
    So you have to go daily with small is Embraer 170 version !
    Montenegros 190 version is already too big ...better is LOT on its flights to Warsaw which is
    also 170 !
    A small plane is filled immediately so comes a good loadfactor !

  22. Anonymous20:31

    Embraer 170?
    But where is the prestige?

    No, we want to have big planes to show off!
    Boeing 777! Airbus 380!
    Boeing 747 400!

    Load factor is something for girls...pff!
    Profitability is not necessary!
    Let the taxpayers pay it!

    And why connecting Belgrade with Split or Mostar?
    No,Belgrade to Vladivostok!
    With stopover in Aserbiajan!

  23. Purger20:47

    ...and with 3x 332 to JFK, ORD, YYZ, SYD...?!?!?!?

    Malev, CSA and lot others (much bigger companies than Jat and markets than Belgrade) can not do it... but Jat with just 1 million pax can do it? Get real!!!!!

  24. Anonymous21:19

    I think that JP, OU and JU should merge to two companies, one for balkan airliner and second one low cost to secondary airports only with 180 seats only! thats my opinion.

    Gr8 names of the company:
    Adria Airways and Adria Express :)

    The same story as SAS!!! Blue1 :)

  25. Purger21:29

    Can not be done! Adria and Croatia are in Star Alliance!

  26. Anonymous21:33

    Jat should have a fleet of 2 atr, 4 embraer 170, 2 319 and 1 airbus 321

  27. Anonymous01:05

    Aeroput sounds like a communist if Serbia was a former Soviet republic like Tajikistan.

    Or Air Serbia,Serbair,Aeroserbia...
    sonds like a banana republic... imagine Royal Serbian Orthodox Airways with crowns painted a kitchy girly dream !
    What should people think about Serbia ?
    Serbia a backward Eastern European banana monarchy
    somewhere between Siberia and Transsylvania ?

    Serbia is a land with a future and
    therefore deserve an modern,pragmatic name and image !

    Please no Neo-Communist or Neo-
    Byzantino-Monarchist nightmares !

    This makes everywhere a bad impression !

  28. Anonymous01:06

    Aeroput sounds like a communist if Serbia was a former Soviet republic like Tajikistan.

    Or Air Serbia,Serbair,Aeroserbia...
    sonds like a banana republic... imagine Royal Serbian Orthodox Airways with crowns painted a kitchy girly dream !
    What should people think about Serbia ?
    Serbia a backward Eastern European banana monarchy
    somewhere between Siberia and Transsylvania ?

    Serbia is a land with a future and
    therefore deserve an modern,pragmatic name and image !

    Please no Neo-Communist or Neo-
    Byzantino-Monarchist nightmares !

    This makes everywhere a bad impression !

  29. Whatever the fleet, I hope that the decisions are strictly aligned to: 1) generate profit and 2) support strategic routes intended to support economic/trade development with Serbia.

    Newer planes are needed to decrease operating expenses, decrease down-time, increase range, increase reliability and improve branding.

    For a while now, Jat struggles with keeping its entire fleet in operation; the opportunity cost for not having all its planes available for the summer season is huge. This is the time where lots of money is made, yet, when one or two 737s are sitting in the hangar is a huge lost opportunity to operate profitable flights.

    A new airline can bring a new organizational structure with clearly defined lines of accountability and leadership.

    I would favor having Jat maintenance and catering marged with the airline; it was silly to seperate in such a small market base.

    When discussing the fleet it is difficult to maintain a low-cost structure with the clear need to operate at least two aircraft types. The current structure (but in a modernized form) seems rational. However, I must say that Embraer jets would be hugely benficial to promote frequency on routes throughout the existing network.

    Lastly, the name. I think Aeroput carries a lot of meaning and the name has a great deal of charm. I also like giving a name like "Serbiana" ...its hip and still underlines its origin.

  30. Peter from Sydney02:06

    I agree with the last anonymous, 'Please no Neo-Communist or Neo-
    Byzantino-Monarchist nightmares !' Something fresh, original, maybe alittle cheeky, fun...

  31. Anonymous02:36

    SAT-serbian airways.. thats it. whos cares what was the famous name of yugoslav airlines. we are serbia, slovenia has adria, croatia has croatia and so on.. nis should have 1 at72 and 1 a319 with direct routes to; London (5 pw), Munich (7 pw), Frankfurt (5 pw), Rome (4 pw), Paris (5 pw), Vienna (7 pw), Athens (3 pw), Ljubljana (2 pw) and Belgrade (21 pw). And Morava 1 at72 and 1 a319: London (4 pw), Frankfurt 7pw), Munich (5pw), Vienna (7pw), Milan (3pw), Amsterdam (3pw), Paris (5pw), Brussels (2 pw), Stockholm (2pw), Belgrade (14pw).. Nikola Tesla: 4 dh8-400, 3 a319, 2 a320, 2 737-800, 1 767-300.

  32. Damn, deja vu

    I'm sure we had the same discussion a few years back and look at what has happened since!

    Unfortunately we won’t see any decent change in Serbia until the country is a few years away from EU membership and change is forced on them for the better.

  33. Purger18:04

    4 dh8-400, 3 a319, 2 a320, 2 737-800, 1 767-300?
    5 tipes of planes in fleet of 12 planes? Boeing and Airbus in little fleet? Bankruptcy in 3 years!

    Just 1 767-300? Too expensive and too risky (what if you have problem with maintenance, no urgent replacement) - no sirious company will have just one plane in fleet
    And what you will use this 767? Malev, CSA and much bigger companies than Jat can not fly intercontinental....

    2 AT7 and 2 A319 in INI and Morava?
    Why? What will A319 do in Morava or INI? Bancuptcy in 2 years! How will you organise maintenace for 2 different planes out of BEG?

    This plan of yours is not plan but child play!

  34. VisitBengaluru!19:50

    Srpski Airlines -Siberian Airlines,
    Aeroput-Aeroflot .

    Aeroput carrying a lot of meaning
    ...yes,for aviation nostalgics but not for foreigners !
    For foreigners it will make no difference to Aeroflot !

    You should not associate Serbia too much with Russia and Communism ...
    most people think already Serbia or Siberia are Russian provinces !

    If you want to attract tourism ...this naming is a tourists nightmare...big fail !

  35. Geronimo21:50

    New Jat...
    The fleet....
    2 Airbus 319
    2 Airbus 321
    4 Atr-72-500

  36. Purger01:07

    Much better, just 321 is too big for Jat, and on just 4 A320 family you have to unify fleet, so better would be 4x A319.

    For Jat ideal fleet would be:

    4x AT7
    10x E90

  37. Geronimo13:23

    I know that they are big(321)but they can easily fill them to Dubai,Moscow,London and Paris if they continue with lower price on their tickets.

  38. Purger21:55

    No, they can not. Noone from ex YU can! Espetialy not Jat!!!

  39. Anonymous19:43

    cabin load from dubai was 95+% issue its only seasonal

    i had to travel air france because jats dubai flights were booked out from dubai that whole week

    get ur facts straight i garantee jat can pull off a 321 with 90+% load from dubai issue is its only seasonal


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