BAS gives up on Jat

No deal for new national airline
Baltic Aviation Systems (BAS) has officially confirmed it will not join the Serbian government in the creation of a new national carrier, just over a week after its chief, Vladimir Antonov, is arrested for fraud and money laundering in London. Baltic Aviation Systems, which is a part owner of Latvia’s airBaltic, was the only airline to purchase the tender documentation. It marks the second failure to find a strategic partner for Jat Airways. During the first attempt, which took place at the start of the global financial crisis in 2008, the process also ended in failure without a single company purchasing the tender documents.

The Serbian Ministry for Infrastructure says it will now revise its plans for Jat. In a press release last Friday it said that Jat’s privatisation advisor will now decide whether a new Jat should be created or whether the Serbian carrier should be kept in its current form, although a large scale restructuring process within the company should take place. At this point the latter seems more likely. The government says a decision will be made very soon, before the end of the year.

Jat, which has recorded a 20% passenger increase this year, has already released part of its 2012 summer season timetable which will see the introduction of many new routes and big frequency increases across its network. It raises the question as to how Jat can operate all of these flights with its current fleet. Earlier in the year, the airline’s management stated that Jat will need new aircraft at the start of 2012 in order to operate normally.


  1. Anonymous14:19

    of topic but it's good to ask.

    To the administrator:

    Why don't you provide full resolution large dimensions of the historic photos appearing above New route launches? Today is Zagreb Airport, late 1960s and it's so small that I can not see anything. Why don't you provide us with full size photos so all of us can enjoy them or even make a gallery of them?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Anonymous14:32

    Norwegian opens CPH, along with already existing OSL and ARN.

  3. #Anonymous1: High resolution photos can be found on the EX-YU facebook page here A new photo is uploaded every Saturday.

  4. Anonymous17:14

    Hope they do something with JAT.

    @ admin, have you talked about the launch of Copenhagen - Belgrade route?

  5. Anonymous01:25

    Serbia's "Jat" is a complete mess. Not only does JAT not stand for what it used to before, the livery is ugly, and the planes are old. They need to completely drop the JAT brand and start from scratch with a new airline. Maybe Novak Djokovic can invest lol

  6. Anonymous14:44

    Fly with the time machine ...
    fly with Jat !

    You want to know how it was when you were young and had your first flight with Jat !

    Dont you remember the good old times...Jat will remember them for you !


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