Belgrade Airport expansion begins

Future look of Belgrade Airport
The expansion and overhaul of Belgrade Airport’s two terminals has begun. With the new business class lounge completed and opened for passengers to use, construction work has now begun on the refurbishment of the A (terminal one) and C (terminal two) gates. The first phase of the project, which will be completed by the summer of 2012, will see the expansion and refurbishment of the C1-2 gate as well as gates from A1 to A5. The price tag of the first phase will amount to 5.5 million Euros. Work will be carried out so as not to disturb flights and passengers. Pictured below is the area being overhauled.

Gates C3-4 and C5-6 will be expanded in the second phase. The third phase will involve the expansion of the A6 gate and onwards with the fourth and final phase seeing the construction of a completely new floor which will stretch over 4.900 square metres. Another apron will be built next to terminal two which will be able to handle four medium sized aircraft. Once the project is completed, a total of 9.900 square metres will be added and the terminal one air bridges will be replaced.

The airport will finance the project entirely through its own means with no bank loans required. It marks the biggest overhaul of the airport building since terminal two was renovated several years ago. The airport’s two terminals currently have the capacity to handle seven million passengers per year.

Last Friday, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed its third millionth passenger in 2011. It is the first time the airport has managed to break the three million mark since 1988. If sustained growth continues into 2012, Belgrade Airport is on course to post its best figures since opening its doors forty years ago and a place in Europe’s top 100 busiest airports list.


  1. Anonymous09:19

    Wonderful news however I am still sceptical about this new floor. Why would people disembark, go up a floor only to go down two levels. Doesn't make sense at all...

    So basically we will have Sarajevo refurbish its terminal and expand it. Skopje which opened a completely new airport, Ljubljana refurbished its own and will soon work on an expansion, both Tivat and Podgorica have been refurbished. Dubrovnik got a new terinal and Zagreb is still nowhere.

  2. Geronimo09:34

    To anonymus
    Its also like this at arlanda airport in Stockholm,other airports have the passport control at the same level in the end or beginning of the terminal. It is not unusual to have a second or third floor,later on you can use it for something else.

  3. Peter from Sydney10:39

    I'm going to miss the retro interiors. Do we have any pictures of what the interiors will look like?

  4. Congratulations, Belgrade, on breaking into the top 100 busiest airports in europe, taking the spot of Bari, Italy, population 300 000

  5. Anonymous11:55

    Meni se povraca od ovog ^. Ali hvala mu na iskrenim cestitkama.

  6. Anonymous12:52

    Па пусти јадника, знаш да он увек мора да лаје када је нешто позитивно везано за Београд.
    Уосталом он не схвата да иако Бари има 300.000 становника он се налази у Италији која је знатно напреднија од Србије и сам Бари има развијен туристички сектор.
    Две ствари које Београд нема, барем не за сада.

  7. Anonymous13:08

    Congratulations to BEG on this well planned expansion project. Apart from more retail and leisure facilities for passengers airside, it will give a fresh new look to both A and C gates, which were not touched during terminal 2 overhaul in 2005. Not to mention more comfort and space when second security control is finally abolished, once additional floor is built and arriving/departing pax separated.
    Keep up the good work BEG in 2012 too!

  8. @ 3rd last anonymous.

    nema na cemu. ali nebi trebalo da ti se povraca od iskrena istina.

  9. Anonymous13:27

    nema na cemu. ali nebi trebalo da ti se povraca od iskrena istina.


    I suppose you mean:

    Нема на чему. Али не би требало да ти се повраћа од искрене истине.

  10. ок. ако желиш ћирилицу, причам и ћирилицом. али, ове су стварно преприке за будале.

  11. Anonymous13:49

    hahahaha, mislis - PISES i cirilicu? ahhahaha, nisam znala da pismo moze da se izgovara...
    c'mon, you are so childish!!
    lets celebrate 3 mil of BEG pax and its reconstruction/expansion! :))))

  12. Anonymous14:01



  13. Anonymous14:04

    Па пусти човека видиш да прича писмо! Притом предпостављам да није ни приметио где је погрешио у предходном посту.

    @Last anonymous,

    I am sorry, but I do not think we will have similar news for Zagreb anytime soon.

  14. obviously the pricam/pisem thing was supposed to be a joke.

    I think this exchange (plus most exchanges on this forum) might give us some insight as to why Serbia's capital airport, and the one responsible for 95% of its traffic, is finally surpassing the airport of an Italian fishing village.

  15. Anonymous14:55

    Did they even considered at a point putting the immigration clearance at the new floor? That's the way they do it at EWR for example, and then passengers head down to customs and baggage claim. But, immigration is done in a 2nd floor very well lit and very spacious hall.

  16. Anonymous15:22

    This expansion is a good thing and will improve a lot of things.

    Only negative is that design looks like an 80ies style nightmare...
    Serbs have no taste...they seem in 2012 still to copy Dallas and Denver clan style which is out of taste since more than twenty
    years !

    But that is only problem...
    most important is that expansion will take place, make airport more efficient and no loans are taken.

    So all the best to you, BEG !

  17. Anonymous18:40

    Munich Terminal 2 also has this floor which separates non-Schengen arrivals from non-Schengen departures.

  18. Anonymous19:36

    Redovno citam ovaj blog i jako mi je zao sto ima nekih ljudi koji ovdje postavljaju jako glupe, cinicne, donekle uvredljive, ali prije svega sigurno debilne poruke na temu civilne avijacije u bivjoj Jugoslaviji. Ne samo sto se tice Beograda danas, ali isto tako na primjer u vezi Crne Gore prije par dana.

    Mene licno na ovu temu ne interesuju nista van Crne Gore i Srbije, a i to drugo procitam cisto radi reda i nekog uporedjenja. Siguran sam da to vazi za vecinu citalaca ovdje, bez obzira na to odakle je neko.

    A ovim drugima bih porucio da bi bilo bolje da posvete malo vise paznje sebi i svojima, a pored toga najvise svojoj djeci da nebi i oni bili isti. Prenositi mrznju i ljubomoru SRAM VAS BILO!

    Pozdrav vecini i cestitke za aerodrom Beograd, MIOMIR

  19. Anonymous21:51

    Congrats BEG :) Given the state of Serbia and its economy, I would take 80s styling as long as ceilings don't leak, second security check is eliminated and passengers are separated (per EU standards). When BEG surpasses 6 mil, we should start talking about new super modern terminal...

  20. Don't hate, congratulate!

  21. Anonymous04:17


    sarajevo -BEG flights still cancelled?????? every day its been cancelled....

  22. Anonymous08:38

    Air France stop code-share with Jat on CDG-BEG route.

  23. Anonymous08:56

    @last anonymous: why?

  24. Anonymous09:32

    Lovely. I adore BEG. Nice pax numbers, nice reconstruction.


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