Montenegro Airlines to London

Montenegro Airlines back in London
Montenegro Airlines will launch services from Tivat to London during the 2012 summer season, as the airline looks to recover after underperforming in 2011. Flights from Tivat will be inaugurated on Sunday, March 25 and will operate every Wednesday and Sunday on a seasonal summer basis. The airline is hoping to attract British tourists on the route but also profit from the 2012 Olympic Games, being held in the British capital from July 27. This summer, all of the national carriers of the former Yugoslavia (with the exception of B&H Airlines) will be offering flights to either London Heathrow Airport or London Gatwick. Flight details for Montenegro Airlines’ new service can be viewed here.

Until the start of the 2011/2012 winter season, Montenegro’s national carrier operated regular all year round flights to London from its hub in Podgorica. However, the service was cancelled after it reported major losses on the route. Although the Montenegrin carrier is yet to report precise passenger figures for 2011, it carried just under 600.000 according to its CEO, a decrease of 5% compared to 2010 when it welcomed 630.000 passengers onboard.

Meanwhile, Tivat Airport handled approximately 645.000 passengers in 2011, an increase of 20% compared to 2010. It managed to finish the year off well ahead of EX-YU capital city airports such as Sarajevo and Podgorica. On the other hand, Podgorica handled approximately 615.000 passengers, down 4% on 2010.


  1. Anonymous11:33

    From 28 January 2012:

    JP222 PRN 1115 VRN 1315 -2---6-
    JP223 VRN 1400 PRN 1550 -2---6-

  2. Anonymous15:32


  3. Crouch End16:39

    I dont believe Montenegro will ever
    attract much tourists...
    especially from the UK.
    Tourist want to feel safe...

    something you dont feel when you hear that this country is run by criminals,
    frequented by criminals and nearly bought up by Russian ...criminals.

    A small country where everyone is related to ...criminals.

    I dont want to get kidnapped,tortured and murdered in
    a country where the criminals and the police personal are related
    with each other.

    Sounds dramatic but this is exactly what Britons think about you.

    1. Duchess of Shangay16:23

      On the possitive note...Chuffed about mate from N8 reading this blog!

  4. JU520 BEGLAX19:53


    in MN you will feel save. Go there and get your own impression of it.

    you will be surprised how beautiful this country with it s mountains, coast, lakes and fjord is. Today even tourists of Dubrovnik take a boat ride and visit Kotor and the Fjord.

    go for it man.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX20:22


    can t find any advertisement or news on JPs website. In 2 weeks they start flying...

    ma che cavolo....

  6. @JU520 BEGLAX
    This has not even made it local news, but there is an announcement on Adria Airways Prishtinë Facebook page:

    It is a strange way to announce the route at an unusually short notice just as the lowest of the low seasons begins at PRN. On top of that the route is served directly by two other airlines.

    Way to go Adria Airways.

    @Crouch End
    This says more about you than it does about Montenegro. Since when has the British public given you the right to speak on their behalf and express their views on other countries. Your view is just that, your view. How many foreign tourists have been kidnapped in Montenegro in the last, say, 10 years?

    Please go away and do not spread your ignorance and narrow-mindedness here. It's an aviation-related forum, so sod off!

  7. Anonymous21:15

    Crouch End seems more ignorant than your average Ex-Yu resident regarding kidnapping. However it is common knowledge the country is full of mafia type criminals, from the government down...

  8. JU520 BEGLAX22:12

    Visit Kosovo:

    thanks just found it. Seems that JP is communicating more via facebook. Their slovenian language facebook page is active daily
    also the London flights were only communicated via facebook or on ex YU news. On JP webpage u find nothing. Except if you check the timetable section, there u even find the VRN-PRN flights.

    On the daily flight list of Basel Euroairport I found for tomorrow a JP flight PRN-BSL, but checking JP s flight ops system, I couldn t find anything.
    PRN-MUC and PRN-FRA flights of Adria are going somehow ok. (considering current season)
    Weekends have quite good loads and flights from PRN to Germany during week have ok loads too. However Germany-PRN on weekdays are running slow. Down to 16-25 pax per flight.

    if you need some pax nbrs on LJU,MUC and FRA flights, let me know.

  9. Also Podgorica to London every Friday from 1st April.

  10. SOČA22:53

    Since when Adria flies Pristina
    to Basel ?
    You mean Easyjet Suisse !

    And now Adria flies Pristina to Verona...should not be a problem if flights are profitable,but if not
    Slovenian taxpayer pays all the
    debts !
    Our government should sell its shares to an other airline (LH ?) for good money and that would be a solution.
    First privatize Adria 100% and then nobody cares JP flying from its new main base Pristina or Damascus or Baghdad .

  11. Great news!
    Too bad I've just booked my trip to Montenegro via BEG.

  12. JP Base Belgrade23:20

    I would love to see Adria Airways
    and Montenegro Airways open
    a Belgrade base !
    So much destinations not served at all or only by Jat !
    My wish list:

    YM Belgrade to Hamburg-Lubeck
    twice a week with E 195,
    JP Beelgrade to Basel twice daily.
    JP Belgrade to Dusseldorf
    daily with A319.
    YM Belgrade to Milano 3 times a week with E195.

    At least JP could open a base because they fall under Open skies
    as member of EU !

  13. JP Base Belgrade23:22

    I meant JP Belgrade to Basel twice a week!

  14. ECAA agreement a.k.a. "Open skyes" provides 5th freedom rights only in phase 2 (most of non EU signatories still in phase 1 of implementation) and rights beyond 5yh freedom only after full implementation of aviation acquis.

    Therefore, direct flights between BEG and other country by third country's airline can (and probably would always be) denied by Serbian or other country's regulators.

  15. JP Base Belgrade00:53

    Wizzair is a Hungarian airline but flies between Serbia and Sweden, Belgium etc.
    So how can this happen then?

  16. JU520 BEGLAX06:17


    MLH-PRN were already operated during S11 timetable, however only 1-2 weekly and mainly during the holiday season. I think they started around June/July

    If you re interested I could check with Adnan JP ZRH if he s selling these flights or if they are sold in France. As flights operate not as BSL-PRN but as MLH-PRN, but that s probably only a traffic right issue...

    JP Belgrade Base:

    I doubt that JP would have success with a base in BEG. They must first fill their flights to LJU.

    BEG-DUS is JU terrain. They fly this already. LH even had to stop 2 years ago.
    BEG-BSL was tried by LX but they pulled out again (eventhough the flight times were not ideal:
    BSL-BEG day 6 evening
    BSL-BEG day 7 early morning

  17. Anonymous09:03

    Adria would never succede in Belgrade simply because they first need to pull their act together in Ljubljana before opening their second base in Serbia.
    For Belgrade which is very competitive you need large cash reserves in order to cover for the initial loses. That is something they do not have.

    As for Basel flights, if I remember correctly their loadfactor was around 65% and they pulled the plug on it because of the Avro retirement.

    On a side note:
    Funny that someone from Kosovo speaks against kidnapping.

  18. Anonymous16:23

    Adria needs large cash reserves?

    Well its a government owned airline the taxpayers pay!

    As long Slovenians pay their taxes there will be money around...if it is not enough then you can increase those taxes!


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