Strike at Banja Luka Airport

Employees go on strike as Banja Luka plans for the summer season
Employees at Banja Luka Airport have been on strike for almost a week, unhappy with unpaid salaries and work conditions. The 59 employees are requesting for the airport’s management to be sacked. They also add that since 2008 they have only been receiving 70% of their pay and now want to be compensated. The airport employees will hold talks today with the Ministry of Transport in hope of resolving their differences. B&H Airlines’ operations out of Banja Luka to Zurich have not been affected by the industrial action.

In 2011, Banja Luka Airport faced financial problems and workers also went on strike during the summer. Still, despite the difficulties, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city handled 8.367 passengers, an increase of 74% compared to 2010. However, Adria Airways won’t be resuming its service from Ljubljana this summer. B&H Airlines, the sole commercial airline operating out of Banja Luka, will increase its flights to Zurich from three weekly last summer to four flights per week during the upcoming 2012 summer season.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport of the entity of Republika Srpska, Nedeljko Čubrilović, says that talks are continuing with Jat Airways for it to begin flights from Banja Luka to Belgrade and Vienna. “Once everything is negotiated, Jat has the ability to launch the flights within seven days”, Čubrilović said in a recent interview. He adds that Jat’s flights would be timed so as to offer good connections out of Vienna to other destinations. Jat has been offered four million Euros in subsidies for the service.


  1. Anonymous12:10


    JAT to Ohrid now open for reservation, 5 weekly.
    Didnt they fly non stop last summer?

  2. Anonymous13:47


    JAT was flying to OHD last year 2 times weekly directly and 2 as a triangle service BEG-SKP-OHD.

    OHD sees many frequency increases and some new additions this summer:

    AMS X 6 weekly
    EIN X 2
    HEL X 2
    BRU X 2
    TLV X 2
    BEG X 5
    Moscow X 1
    ZRH, DUS - TBA

  3. Anonymous14:06

    Banja Luka could work as a low cost basis of wizzair to diaspora centers europewide! with a ticket price of 10 EUR up!

  4. Anonymous14:35

    Of course it can. And I can be astronaut!

    For which market and which passangers Wizz would come to Banja Luka?

  5. Anonymous15:01

    Small airports can not survive without tourism! Take a look at Osijek, Nis, Tuzla, Maribor, Portoroz, Mostar.

  6. @4th Anonymous.

    Good to hear someone from the ex-Yu is becoming an astronaut seeing as we were instrumental in getting a man on the moon.

    Banja Luka might be able to be a lower cost alternative to ZAG, but that would require an end to the arguments within Bosnia (about every little thing) so the world can perceive this as a plausible business venture.

  7. Anonymous20:21

    well where diaspora lives. it would be enough germany and additional country to connect and to sell tickets for prices that are payable for the people in Banja Luka!! wizz, ryanair or something else!

  8. Purger22:02

    Maribor is much closer to ZAG, road connection between cities is much better, border is easier to pass, city and area is much richer, it is in EU - and still didn't have chance to be Zagreb LCC alternative, even Ryanair run off in a second.

  9. Anonymous22:43

    Why should Zagreb have a LCC alternative airport?

  10. Purger23:04

    Of course there is no need for it, but that was idea by one member here!

  11. Anonymous03:16

    Wait till they build the Trebinje International Airport then everybody will get paid...btw if I was in charge I would start building spaceports in Bosnia since in 50 years nobody will be living there anyways and there will be enough room to expand'em LOLLLL

  12. Bosnian09:36

    Last anonymous:

    Why do you think no one would live here in 50 years?

  13. Anonymous00:47

    ok not 50 I meant 500 forgot a zero :)


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