British Airways to Zagreb

Soon in Zagreb
British Airways has announced that it will launch services from London Heathrow Airport to the Croatian capital at a press conference dedicated to the company’s financial results for the first quarter. “'Airports across the UK and beyond have contacted us about starting services and, subject to reaching satisfactory agreements with them, we plan to also launch flights from Heathrow to Leeds-Bradford, Rotterdam and Zagreb and increase frequencies to existing key destinations”, Willie Walsh, the CEO of British Airways owner, International Airlines Group, said.

British Airways has operated services to the Croatian capital in the past. Currently, in the EX-YU region, it maintains all year round flights to Dubrovnik as well as Priština. Until late 2010 British Airways operated daily flights to Belgrade but the carrier was hard hit by the arrival of Wizz Air and competition from Jat Airways.

Both Croatia Airlines and the low cost easyJet will have to compete with British Airways on the route to London. Over this summer season, Croatia Airlines is operating nine weekly flights to Heathrow and a further four flights to Gatwick Airport. easyJet on the other hand operates five weekly services to London Gatwick. A launch date for British Airways’ new flights to Zagreb have not been specified yet.


  1. Nice. Right on. At some point, it'd be nice to see SAS come and connect LDZA with one of the Scandinavian cities too.

  2. Anonymous10:34

    And I hoped so much that they would return to Belgrade... I don't know what to make of this - is there now more chance for BA to come to BEG, or is it next to impossible? Anyway, congrats ZAG! ;)

  3. Anonymous11:00

    Dear Petar! Scandinavian Airlines did connected to Zagreb from Stockholm 2008 with very poor cabinfactor. I think we will see this problem with British Airways also, im very curious about the load factor from LHR-ZAG with Croatia airlines.../ Philswe

    1. Anonymous12:32

      How often did they operate the route and what equipment did they use?
      I wonder if launching CPH-ZAG would make more sense. Then again, SK would directly compete with OU on the route.

    2. Anonymous12:39

      They had three weekly flights from mars until late october. The load factor was bad on the ARN-ZAG route. About the copenhagen route Croatia Airlines have big competition with Norwegian Air shuttle, because they have new Boeing 737-800 with free wireless, and great prices, and better flight times! Its very early for leaving from 8:00 on the morning compare to norwegian 14:00. I do belive its different factors that making the competition bigger not only the price.

  4. Anonymous11:02

    They announced only 4 out of 18 new destinations for the winter timetable. So wait and see. Maybe exyu gets something more.

  5. Anonymous11:44

    British is doing great job at Dubrovnik Airport with everyday flights 7 months in a year, and 2-4 flights per week rest of the year. Prices are always very competitive. But of course, that is Dubrovnik, most famous city among the British tourists. Zagreb is another story, especially because CA has very good flight schedule and excellent service on this route. But lets see.

    1. Anonymous12:03

      Most famous destination in Croatia or overall for British tourists?

  6. Anonymous12:33

    I don't rate BA very highly, have had some crap experiences with them, but good for Zagreb. I was astounded when they got pushed out of Belgrade (and even more so cos I had a flight booked and wasn't notified about the BA pull out of BGD until a month later).

  7. Anonymous12:43

    Really don't understand this move (but hey, what I know), BEG wasn't profitable for BA with the competition of only 7 flights a week with JAT AIRWAYS and 3-4 weekly with Wizzair, so lets say 11 max a week plus daily with BA. ZAG already has 11 weekly (7 LHR + 4 LGW) with Croatia Airlines and 5 weekly with Easyjet, not to mention that every single airport in Croatia (apart OSI) is linked seasonaly (apart DBV all year around) with LCC plus some odd flights with OU and BA (DBV and RJK). In my opinion there is no need, but hey lets see.


    1. Anonymous12:54

      Maybe they want attract transit passengers to USA because at this moment whole Croatia depends on Lufthansa connections in Munchen or Frankfurt when going to USA. Also they count on new passengers when Croatia join EU.

  8. frequentflyer12:49

    This is all about oneworld alliance making sure all EU capitals are covered year-round in their European network (at present, only IB on weekends in summer serves ZAG), and BA is the best fit to make this work. MAs sad demise left a big black hole in Central/Eastern Europe and not surprising they'd be keen to fill the gap before Croatia joins the EU in 2013.

    The flights will likely be timed for connecting passengers to the US and to Asia - so we can only guess the daily slot allocation is an early morning departure ex LHR and a late morning return from ZAG.

    They'll do well, and put pressure on OU not to just rest on their laurels! Increasing the seat count on the 319s is a step in the right direction. Bring on the competition!!

  9. BA88812:57

    Ah, well...

    BEG will remain serviced by "popular" airline and "flag carrier".

    One can only imagine business class experience in JU (see Skytrax for detailed encounters).

    It is the lack of need for "C" class on BA flights on BEG-LON route that closed BA after many, many, many years...

  10. Anonymous17:29

    How is Qatar doing in Zagreb?
    Anybody flying with them?

    1. Anonymous19:38

      I had problem buying 3 tickets on some flights this summer, lot of flights are sold out in economy class. I think that selling seats in business class is not going so good. Prices in economy class are very affordable for five star airline.

    2. Anonymous08:32

      Just bought return ticket ZAG / AHA (Abu Dhabi) for 604 EUR, which is very good price taking into account Eid Holiday at the time of flying. LH has already sold out for the dates of my flight and Turkish price is at 774 EUR.

      Not impressed at all, with online buying process of electronic ticket. It took them (Qatar) one day to verify my credit card, which is normally done by CTN, Turkish and LH in matter of minutes.
      In addition, format of electronic ticket is way obsolete (it looks like itinerary printout that used to be attached to the air ticket some 15 years ago).

      Also, it seems, there is no online check-in option, contrary to LH and CTN.

      I am just curious about Qatar, (and this complete set up with BUD and Doha) since I have never flown with them.

      They may be an option but only without BUD stoppage (1 hour). These are my impressions up to now.
      Cheers to good will people.

    3. Anonymous00:22

      I have booked my return ticket to MLE (Male) for 702.9 euros. Quite happy with the price! I reserved my seats immediately upon booking...


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