Lufthansa all year round to Dubrovnik

Lufthansa staying through the winter in Dubrovnik
The German national carrier, Lufthansa, will schedule Dubrovnik as a yearlong destination. The carrier will operate a one weekly flight from Munich to the seaside town with a Bombardier CRJ900 and the possibility for the flights to be boosted to twice per week. Lufthansa already operates seasonal flights to Dubrovnik from Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, in addition to Munich. The German national carrier will be only the third airline to operate flights to Dubrovnik outside of the summer holiday season. Croatia Airlines and British Airways maintain year long flights.

The news comes after talks between the airport’s management and Lufthansa lasted for almost a year. Dubrovnik will be the only airport in Croatia (with the exception of Zagreb) that will have up to three airlines operating during the winter months, which begins on the last Sunday in October.

The new, yearlong route will help boost passenger numbers. Like most airports in Croatia, Dubrovnik experiences high seasonality, with 80% of annual traffic coming in during the summer months. Despite a slow start to the year, Dubrovnik Airport has seen its passenger numbers increase since March. In the first five months of 2012, Dubrovnik welcomed 299.590 passengers through its doors, an increase of 4.7% compared to the same period last year.


  1. Anonymous15:19

    Air Cairo to introduce direct air link on CAI-BEG-CAI route from October?

    Tex available in Serbian only:

    1. Anonymous00:52

      It would be great to have direct flight to Cairo all year around. I`m a bit confused because Air Cairo is charter airline. Probably they were thinking on Air Egypt which is mother company.
      I think this autmn will be really interesting regarding to new flight from Belgrade

  2. Anonymous17:10

    Good news for us in Montenegro as well.

  3. Anonymous18:39

    OT sorry:

    Just read the new article on aviation overview. Finally some sense when it comes to the creation fo that pan-Yugoslav airline!

    Pozdrav iz Kragujevca! :)

  4. Anonymous04:37

    Good for Dubrovnik,

    With all of the cruise ships in its ports and the airlines bringing in tourists it is no wonder why its economy is growing faster than any area in the former YU.
    It looks like they will have to invest in expanding the terminal and ramp space again.

    It won't be long before the middle eastern airlines start looking to go there.

  5. Anonymous00:34

    It would be great if the Middle East airlines start to fly to Dubrovnik as the history between the region and Dubrovnik is so great.


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