B&H’s ATR returns

Back in Sarajevo
B&H Airlines’ second fleet member, an ATR 72, has returned to Sarajevo after spending more than eight months grounded in Germany. Officially, the aircraft was in Monchengladbach at the Rheinland Air Service maintenance company for a technical overhaul. Some rumours have suggested that the government did not pay the leasing fees for the aircraft which is the reason why it spent such a long time on the ground. B&H owes just over two million euros for the lease of the ATRs. During its stay in Monchengladbach, the aircraft was seen missing parts of its tail. The ATR 72-212 (registered E7-AAD) returned to Sarajevo on Tuesday. It was first delivered to Air New Zealand back in 1995. Ten years later, in 2005, it joined B&H Airlines.

The aircraft begins commercial operations today. Its return raises hope that the airline might introduce new flights along with its existing services to Istanbul, Zurich, Copenhagen and Banja Luka during the upcoming winter season. The Bosnian national carrier was planning to resume services to Vienna, Skopje and Amsterdam earlier this year, before its partnership with Turkish Airlines ended. B&H’s two ATR72s are being leased but should be in the airline’s ownership by 2016.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that potential future partners of B&H Airlines have been visiting the country recently so as to explore the market and gain more insight into the carrier’s operations. Earlier in August, the Bosnian Minister for Transport and Communication, Enver Bijedić, announced that two airlines are vying for a 49% stake in the national carrier, vacated by Turkish Airlines. Talks with the two interested parties were set to begin after Ramadan in mid August. One of the interested airlines is said to be from Europe while the other is “globally known and respected”.


  1. Anonymous09:27

    So did the government of B&H spend €2.000.000 to have the aircraft returned to Sarajevo?

    1. Anonymous15:13

      Government just gave some insurances to the bank and half of the amount was from BHA internal sources - cash flow.

  2. Anonymous10:47

    It's good news. I'm hoping that all ex-yu airlines will bounce back regardless from which of the republics they are from. I'm still a bit peeved that Macedonia doesn’t have an airline though. MAT was good and had scheduled traffic. Sure Wizz is coming but it’s nice to have a full fare alternative that flies to actual cities and not airports 100 of kilometres away.

  3. Anonymous10:48

    I’m hoping they open up Vienna! AUA is just way too arrogant since they have no competition and I remember how their prices suddenly dropped when BH said they were planning to start flights.

  4. Aэrologic14:50

    OT: AN-124 today in BEG 1800-2200 POT 4700.

    1. Anonymous15:29

      Tomorrow too, Polet Airlines POT4702, arrival at 1800, departure at 2200 to Frankfurt Hahn.

    2. Anonymous16:27

      Please dear spotters in Belgrade...
      Make photos of the AN-124 and post it on airliners.net !
      Best regards to Mr.Dejan Milinkovic and any other spotter !

    3. Anonymous16:38

      Any idea on what is the plane transporting and why is it listed among passenger flights instead in the cargo timetable?

    4. Anonymous18:07

      It is listed to inform spotters...
      The homepage of BEG really is a good one!
      I like most that they dont list every code share as a separate flight...
      like on BUD or ZAG page.

    5. Anonymous18:16

      Yes, that's really dumb. The BEG website is great. On the ZAG page they do it to give the impression that they have 4x more flights than they actually have, cause if they would remove the codeshare copies there would be no much to display to fill a 1024x768 screen...

    6. Anonymous18:45

      I have actually noticed that too, well, it just looks like there are more flights, its more fancy i guess.

    7. Anonymous18:57

      OT: Does anyone know anything about Wizair's flights to Eindhoven? Why they are suspending them from March 2013?

    8. Delusional19:09

      On Zagreb airport webpage it's written:

      "Vrata Jugoistočne Europe
      Prepoznatljiva transferna zračna luka Jugoistočne Europe"

      Hahaha... LOL!

    9. Anonymous20:19

      Hahahaahhahaa prepoznatljiva jer se svaki put najezis kada vidis terminal!

    10. Does anybody know anything about EnterAir flights to/from Belgrade last week? At least two days - the same landing from Gothenburg via Warschava (I think) and then departing to Katowice...

  5. Anonymous15:09

    Air France will be reducing their presence in both Zagreb and Ljubljana by removing 7 weekly rotations to both cities.

    1. Anonymous15:10

      ...from next summer.

    2. That's sad! I flew AF this summer from the US via CDG to LJU. They operate E-145 twice a day I think. This makes it very convenient for connecting flights. Does it mean they will be flying only once a day now? Can't believe that there aren't enough passengers on this route. First Adria pulled out, then EasyJet and now Air France too. The airplane was full both ways when I flew and this reduction is rather difficult to understand

    3. Anonymous16:31

      Hi Sam!
      The positive thing i think will be
      when this results in upgrading their aircraft to A319 or even A320!

    4. Anonymous17:31

      Well full load doesn't mean profits. I guess that these two markets were not high yielding.
      Air France is an airline that can not afford to operate any route which is not money making.

  6. Anonymous22:12

    This winter Lufthansa will be reducing Berlin-Zagreb from 4 to 3 weekly.
    Belgrade will be operated 5 times per day but Frankfurt-Belgrade will be operated by E195s in stead of the B737-500 and CRJ700.
    Actually last winter most flights from FRA were operated by the CRJs so this is definitely a capacity increase.

    1. Anonymous01:20

      And what is with Munich?

    2. Anonymous13:23

      MUC stays the same.

    3. Anonymous18:04

      ..but not with E190 !?

  7. Anonymous00:07

    Great News for B&H Airlines!

  8. Anonymous01:25

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Anonymous12:39

    o svemu samo ne o topicu cccc


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