Ljubljana terminal two construction soon

New look for Ljubljana Airport by 2015
The construction of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport’s new terminal is set to begin soon. Yesterday, the airport invited interested parties to place their bids for the construction of the new terminal building. It is the first out of several tenders which will be held over the next few months. Construction of the new terminal is to be completed on January 15, 2015 at the latest and contractors will have one year and eight months to complete all work.

In a statement, the airport says, “The existing passenger terminal is no longer capable of reaching satisfactory quality standards. It is already too small in the busier times of the day and in the busier months of the year, and given the projected trends in aviation, passenger numbers will increase further and within five years are forecast to again reach their level from 2008, when close to 1.8 million people passed through the airport”. The current terminal in use was built in 1973 but has since been reconstructed and refurbished. The terminal stretches over 13.000 square metres. Following the completion of terminal two, part of the current terminal building will continue to be used for passenger handling while the other will be used for commercial purposes.

The new terminal at Ljubljana Airport will be one of its biggest investments to date. The building will have the capacity to handle up to 1.800 passengers per hour and stretches over 31.200 square metres. Ljubljana joins several other airports in the EX-YU region which have already begun or are anticipating redevelopment. The construction of a new terminal at Priština Airport is ongoing while work will soon begin at Dubrovnik Airport as well. Belgrade Airport is in the process of expanding its terminal buildings while Zagreb is expecting to begin construction of its multi million euro terminal next year.


  1. Anonymous10:31

    Finally some good news. I like the way it will look.

  2. Anonymous11:58

    What for?
    For ghosts only?
    The terminal is full 1 x day (30 minutes) sometimes 2 x day (1 hour) in summer with charters additional 1 hour. That's all.

    Is it money growing on bare soil?

    1. Anonymous13:00

      The new part that already exist (so after security check&the boarding area) is nice and functunal and probably big enough (for now!-you have to start building new facilities before the traffic rises).on the other hand the check-in area is way too small!!i agree it's ok, when you have check-in for 3 50seaters simultaneously but for everything else is way to small!and if LJU airport can make a profit even with a passanger decline, why couldn't they invest their own money into their own facilities?!

    2. Anonymous14:09

      new 30 000sqm terminal was envisaged by 2004 planned expansion of Ljubljana Airport. They even have interactive map on their website explaining expansion in stages.

      the fact that Ljubljana airport is suffering slump in passenger numbers is due to Adria Airways cutting number of flights but also recession that has hit much of the EU, Slovenia being hit badly, partially due to poor macroeconomic picture of Slovenia and partially due to low foreign investments in to Slovenian economy.

      Unfortunately 2013 won't be much of the improvement for Ljubljana airport passenger stats. I think by 2014 siltation should improve dramatically at Ljubljana airport once Slovenia is out of the recession.

      Resurgence of some other airports in the region is partially due to consolidation and new routes more than anything else, Ljubljana Airport wasn't lucky to attract new airlines or new routes, reason for such dip inn passenger numbers.

    3. Anonymous15:21

      It's not a matter of luck.

  3. Anonymous13:35

    the upper pic looks quite nice,or up to date, like other modern terminals, to be more exact.i hope there won't be any big delays for a new terminal at Ljubljana airport.

  4. Anonymous22:18

    the "new" part was constructed to fulfill Schengen requirements (separate passengers in intra-EU flights from non-EU ones). Old terminal can hardly be called terminal any longer. True, passenger numbers are falling, but they will never so low, making LJLJ ghost town. New terminal is needed for 20 years already...


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