Pilots against politics

Pilots unite against government greed
The independent union of Serbian pilots has lashed out at the government for its disinterest in Jat Airways and reluctance to depoliticise the aviation sector in the country. “We can no longer allow for people to make decisions who do not wish to interfere in their own work “, the union says, taking a swipe at politically appointed CEOs and managers. “We need professionals who will work as a team with the government and would be chosen based on merit”, the union says in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister. The plea is said to be coming days before yet another politically appointed CEO for Jat Airways is named by the government.

Pilots are also angered at the way the state has dealt with Jat Airways and has accused the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate for issuing limitless licenses to foreign airlines at the expense of Jat. “It is difficult to observe one of the most promising markets in Europe, with an annual average growth rate of 13%, being taken over by foreign carriers”. Anger has also been directed at consultancy firms which have been hired by the government several times to study Jat’s business model. It has later been proved that some of the firms, which were paid millions for their services, are directly linked to political figures in the country.

EX-YU aviation news has reported several times on the large scale politicisation of the aviation industry, not only in Serbia but also throughout the EX-YU region. Jat Airways’ current CEO, Vladimir Ognjenović, comes from the Democratic Party. The head of the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate (and former Jat Airways CEO) comes from the Serbian Renewal Movement. Meanwhile, the managerial posts at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport have been held by the United Regions of Serbia party for the past several years. With a new government now in power, many CEOs are simply being replaced by other party minions. The Socialist Party of Serbia has been granted control over Jat for the first time since 2000. Only several weeks into their term, the new government has already went back on their promise of depoliticising state owned companies.


  1. Anonymous10:25

    What happened to Jat's ATR on the flight to Vienna this morning?
    It seems that it took of at 08:04 - http://www.beg.aero/putnici/letovi.231.html?flightId=149078

    Then it returned to BEG and landed at 08:25 - http://www.beg.aero/putnici/letovi.231.html?flightId=149228

    And now, it's awaiting new info for the flight - http://www.beg.aero/putnici/letovi.231.html?flightId=149227

  2. Anonymous10:54

    Pilots against competition.

  3. Anonymous12:00

    You actually, have no clue what is going on in other Ex-Yu companies, but JAT (Jat).

    Other companies have reached such level of "politicization" that they go and strike, unlike Jat, which is still same old socialist company.

    So, putting others in same level with Jat, just illustrate your "competence".

    1. Anonymous12:07

      This makes zero sense. What does striking have to do with politically appointed CEOs?

    2. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I would like to remind you though that the CEO of Montenegro Airlines is the member of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro with his spouse the Minister of Defence. The head of Croatia Airlines was appointed by the government and has neighbourly relations with the Prime Minister. The head of Zagreb Airport has been caught out by the media for trying to appoint Krunoslav Šams, an employee at the Ministry for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, as his deputy. CEO of B&H Airlines was also appointed by the government. He already was the acting CEO of B&H when the then CEO was transferred to the position of ambassador in Qatar. Unfortunately it does seem that politics is very much present across EX-YU airlines, like it or not.

    3. Anonymous14:02

      Nothing but it seems that some people speak before they think.

    4. Anonymous14:03

      OU workers did exactly the same when Kucko was named. They sent a letter to the PM saying how his mean and harasses flight attendants :D

    5. Anonymous18:44

      And than give him green light as Radnicko vijece on his apointed, so that he can say he has suport of workers. Bravo CTN workers!

    6. Anonymous13:18

      Jats staff won't go on strike cuz there is triple number of staff then needed in the airline.... And 2 who gives a fuk itf its socialists if the world was socialist now we would be all living fair n equal but instead we have rockefellars running te world .... Offtopic but anyway miss Yu-anb

  4. Anonymous12:35

    The Antonov An-124 is landing at BEG at 18:00!!!

    1. Aэrologic13:42

      Yesterday it landed at 17:42 and departed around 21:30 so try to be there earlier than scheduled if you wanna see it...

  5. Those pilots are the first ones that would suffer in case any optimization occurs in Jat - let-offs, pay check reduction, more flying hours, etc.

    Presume they are trying to muscle a bit now...

  6. Anonymous17:57

    Those pilots are right in everything...
    except the licenses for foreign airlines !

    Thats actually a good thing,
    wish they would grant more licenses like in case with Pegasus.
    But if there is a law that prohibits this even
    the directorate has to bow down...

    First the politicians have to change the law to an open skies agreement,then situation would improve!

    But as we know our politicians in Serbia they will do nothing the next four years as usual...
    whatever party they come from.

  7. Anonymous00:38

    Tomorrow the Sunday again landing of AN-124 in Belgrade !
    Spot on !

    1. Anonymous10:26

      What cargo "Polet Flight" AN-124s carry HHN-BEG, and/or BEG-BOJ ?


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