Jat stays strong in September

Jat on seven month growth streak

Jat Airways is continuing to see strong passenger growth in 2012 with the airline handling 145.203 passengers in September, up 16% on the same month last year. The airline’s average cabin load factor stood at 76%, an increase of 2% compared to September 2011. Despite a 1% decline in the number of operated flights, the Serbian carrier saw figures surge across its network, with the exception of its services to Montenegro. On scheduled flights the airline’s numbers improved 10%. Growth of 16% was seen on Euro Mediterranean flights, while charter flights saw a strong 91% passenger increase. On the other hand, passenger numbers on services to and from Podgorica and Tivat plummeted 16%, although it must be taken into account that the number of operated flights was down 25% compared to last year.

So far this year, Jat has welcomed 1.085.521 passengers onboard its aircraft, an improvement of 14% on the same period last year. The average cabin load factor for the year so far amounts to 75%, up five points compared to 2011. The airline’s best performing routes continue to be its traditional strongholds - London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. Performing exceptionally well during the summer months were its seasonal flights to Croatia and Malta as well as its scheduled services to Sarajevo and Skopje.

The Serbian carrier has announced that it will operate flights to 25 destinations this winter season, with an average of 155 weekly flights. There will be no major changes to the schedule compared to the previous winter season with the airline operating additional flights over December and January to cater for the holiday season.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN74.908 866
FEB62.289 963
MAR83.369 468


  1. Anonymous12:09

    Easyjet announced flights between Edinburgh and Dubrovnik for 2013.

  2. Anonymous12:29

    Good news for Jat, I really hope their numbers improve until the end of the year. What was their most successful year since 2000?

    1. 2011, followed by 2008. They should surpass last year’s results in early November.

    2. Anonymous15:41

      Thank you for the information. I remember that Jat experienced a drop after the liberalization of the Serbian aviation market. How many passengers did they transport in 2008?

    3. Anonymous17:38

      Unfortunately,JAT figures will worsen by the end of the year. October will be negative (after so many positive months), they fly only two ATRs, cancelled many flights to Montenegro.

  3. Anonymous12:42

    Nice job Jat. Seems like a good year for everyone. The other day I found out that OU managed to fly 233.000 pax in September, totaling 1.553.000 so far Jan-Sept.

    1. Anonymous15:41

      Do you, or anyone on here, know what percentage of OU's passengers are from Zagreb and from the coast?

    2. Anonymous15:59

      I don't know unfortunately, but I would dare to estimate that about 80% of those pax numbers either originate from or connect through Zagreb (on a yearly basis).
      This percetage was probably higher in 2011 and all other years in the past. OU has recently started connecting Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar to some European cities...in which case Zagreb is omitted. I've also noticed an increase in a number of charter flights by OU.
      Smart move.

      I would say that the highest percentage of rotations out of Zagre are being done by OU in May-June and September-October flights, while for the high season in July and August OU is more focused on flights from and to other coastal cities.

    3. Anonymous16:31

      Thank you. I still think OU is at a loss by not concentrating more on the coast and its potential.

      I still wonder if OU could base one A319 or an A320 in Dubrovnik throughout the summer season.

  4. Anonymous20:41

    I like the photo...
    wish Jat all the best.

  5. Anonymous05:31

    Anyone have a list if the JAT fleet and their age?

    Is that the same B737 in the historical photo and in the photo above.

    1. Anonymous10:42

      The 737 in the historical photo is still very much active - YU-AND

  6. Anonymous23:58

    Exelent presentation!


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