Sukhoi heading to EX-YU

Soon in Zagreb

Zagreb will be the first former Yugoslav airport to welcome the 87 seat Sukhoi Superjet 100, in news which will be warmly welcomed by aviation spotters. The Russian national carrier, Aeroflot, will deploy the aircraft type on the route from the start of the 2012/2013 winter season, which begins on October 28. The aircraft will be used on all four weekly flights between Moscow and the Croatian capital. However, the introduction of the new aircraft also marks a cut in capacity. Up until now, Aeroflot has operated flights to Zagreb with the larger Airbus A320. Originally, Aeroflot announced it would operate daily flights to the Croatian capital throughout the winter season, as was the case this summer, but has changed its plans.

Zagreb joins the likes of Copenhagen, Dresden and Bucharest as one of the rare airports outside the former Soviet Union to be served by the aircraft type. Aeroflot is the only carrier to operate flights between Moscow and Zagreb and faces no competition on the route. Besides Zagreb, within the former Yugoslavia, Aeroflot also maintains services to Belgrade, as well as seasonal flights to Tivat, Split and Dubrovnik. The airline once operated flights to both Skopje and Ljubljana as well.

The Russian made Sukhoi jet entered into commercial service a year ago. Aeroflot currently boasts ten aircraft of the type, although six are being returned to the manufacturer due to technical glitches. The airline has another twenty one on order. Another 246 orders have been placed for the Sukhoi jet by various airlines. Representatives of the plane manufacturer visited the EX-YU region earlier in the year in an attempt to promote the aircraft.


  1. Anonymous10:57

    Croatian-Russian relations are good but cannot be compared to the ones with Serbia. By the way Ex-Yum you forgot to mention Sofia and Budapest in the list of airports. The aircraft already is used in those cities.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX12:06

    In this point Croatia is also very much smarter than Serbia. From Moscow there is not much useful things u can get and the history is repeating itself all the times. It used to be last the 200 years and it is remains valid today and even in the future. Croatia focuses on the euro-atlantic stability or partners in Asia. That s the right way to go...

    they should keep their Suchoi crap in Russia, no need to sell anything to the ex YU region. We have enough other problems, the least we need is scrap from Russia

    1. Anonymous12:33

      Can you provide some information to support this slander? I would like to inform you that the SSJ project is not entirely Russian but it is a product of Russian and Western cooperation.

      Also, I would kindly ask you to leave hsitory out of this discussion because your facts are wrong. Serbia's relations to Russia have resulted in the liberalization of the Serbian lands from the Ottomans. Croatian closeness to the West has only lead them to be ruled by a foreigner. And the little independence they gove since the YU war will be gone next summer.

    2. Aэrologic13:36

      JU520BEGLAX i'm appalled to hear such statements from you, i used to keep you in much higher esteem among other users on this blog. This is just incredible and so absurd that it's not worth the comment. The Anonymous at 12:33 said it all right and besides leaving the history aside i would even ask you to leave this blog if you intent on posting similar content.

    3. JU520 BEGLAX14:48

      hold your horses.. seems I got up with the wrong foot today...
      Comments towards Russia are clearly in direciton to their political establishment, economical development, business attitude and technology. Russia in regards of arts, performance, culture in general is a different story and that s where they got my full respect.
      Working almost for a decade now with a russian company, I made my experience with their attitude and know their weak and strong points.
      And if we compare economical and technical development from Russia and for example China, than China has surpassed Russia by far. From a technological aspect, China was even behind Russia 25 years ago.
      Russia has some very smart brains, especially in engineering, still it did not succeed to transfer it s knowledge into a prosperous economical development.
      Suchoi aircraft is at least until today not able to compete with western standards. Armavia has returned them and Aeroflot has AOGs all the time.

      And by your leave, russian technology in the past decades, was basicallyl just crap. I m still proud that Yugoslav Aviation and even Ex Yu aviation afterwards was in most part focusing on technology from the West. JAT was the launch carrier for B-737-300 in Europe, Adria for A320 with V2500 engines, I think JU was even on the way to be launch carrier for MD11 in Europe, Adria Technics is the Bombardier maintenance center in Europe and in Belgrade they were already succesfully turning screws in their hangars when Yugoslavia was still one country.

      sometimes u need to put your feelings and emotions away and see it just straight and clearly from a business perspective. And then definitely also Serbia should choose some better or at least more succesful strategical partner than for example Russia is.
      All the success Russia has is shared within 0.001 % of the society. What kind of broderhood and pride is that? that s nothing else than pure egoism. In other parts of the world, for sure things are not ideal too, also Airbus and Boeing have their problems, especially considering their last products A380, 787 and 748 but it s definitely still a huge difference to what u can expect between Kaliningrad and Vladivostok

  3. Anonymous12:35

    Aeroflot's model is to not only link Moscow to other cities but also to allow for connections via Moscow to Asia. I guess that this market is not that big out of ZAG and it is taken care of by Qatar, Turkish Airlines and mother Lufthansa.

  4. Anonymous12:36

    HAHA!! BEG numbers fell 2% in September!

    1. Anonymous14:05

      ^ Where did you see this? And if its true, whats so funny about it? Grow the fuck up.

    2. Anonymous16:45

      No more funny than you laughing at a drop in figures at ZAG you moronic idiot

    3. Anonymous21:00

      I don't remember anyone laughing about it, i just remember people saying there is nothing to be proud of in that.
      I'm sorry if you expect us to applaud at ZAG once every turboprop lands there.

    4. Anonymous21:04

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX15:29

    i like comment anonymous 0205 pm. u re funny :-)

    1. Anonymous15:47

      thank you very much! :) i checked and the statistics are no-where to be found..

  6. Anonymous15:48

    OT: does anybody knows if the work on the expansion of the runway at Kraljevo Morava Airport is complete or no..?

  7. Anonymous17:17

    This talk about Russian aircraft being crap...
    well,what can i say...
    the usual cold war propaganda will probably never change!
    Also having good relations to Russia...
    Russia is a country as every other!
    So we should also treat them like any other.
    That Croatia can have as good relations with them
    as neighbour Serbia has,
    only shows that there is pragmatism and use of mind.
    And as competition in ZAG increase there is
    a downgrade in operations of Aeroflot.
    I think this is because of Qatar Airways.

    1. Anonymous18:18

      Nice catch regarding QR. I'm really keen on seeing how SU and QR perform in BEG after 20 NOV. At least couple dozen pax on each BEG-SVO flight are connecting passangers to China, Japan and other Far East destinations.

      But Aeroflot has had very competitive pricing, Qatar didn't actually try to match it at any point (excluding the 3 day global sale). Are they looking into China and Japan, or prefer other SEA countries, Africa and Australia? Because, SU gets connecting pax to PEK, PVG, HKG and NRT; not that much demand to other destinations.

      Plus, they have their flight number on 2x dailies to BEG from SVO, while QR has 3 weekly, with landing in ESB. In my opinion, QR loses some of its "5 star quality" with inferior connecting options and longer flights. Who would pay premium to have a longer flight on specific days?

    2. Anonymous19:05

      QRs approach to Belgrade reminds me on that disastrous begin of Flydubais flights.
      Both as if they were forced against their will to make a landing there.
      That first FZ flight was a disaster!
      Bad organisation...they had no idea how to
      deal with the crew resting times.
      Fortunately this has changed for the better now.
      What surprises most is that even without
      transfer pax this route is succesful as
      simple O&D!
      It came totally different then planned!
      Im convinced this is the reason they start Bucharest although they have already QR
      flying there nonstop.
      This FZ flights now aim for O&D!
      QR is for transfering pax.

    3. Anonymous19:20

      QR offers a lacklustre product which will result in an even so lacklustre response by the customers...

  8. BA88817:31

    Goodness me! What a joy to read this blog today!

    No-news news from the Ex-YU

    (I type of aircraft landing? Give me a break!)

    ...and than bunch of morons on all sides arguing!


  9. Oh BA888,
    You are so witty!
    A new type of ac landing...
    that this type of ac is new and for sale
    is not worth to mention?1
    That fleet renewal is not only a topic for Ex Yu but also worldwide is not worth to talk about ?
    And then people with an other opinion as yours arguing!
    Poor guy...
    To save your excellent existence i advise you:
    Stick to your British airways and follow their
    leave us and never come back!

    1. BA88818:55


      This time you managed to move from Anonymous to "000"?

      Well done!

  10. JATBEGMEL22:18

    I think the SSJ-100 will make a lovely edition to the mix of aircraft frequently seen in ZAG, really breaks the monotony to the usuals. Reminds me when I used to everyday see and hear SU with their Tu-154's to BEG. Shame to see the downgrade and downgauge from SU.

    @ the anonymous' above...

    I think its too early to judge the effect QR has in ZAG and would say that those direct flights from Japan and Korea to both ZAG and DBV have taken some pax from the competition. Besides, not all connections with SU to the Far East are good, sometimes overnighting in SVO.

  11. Anonymous00:08

    Today Korean Air was in ZAG with Boeing 777 and tourists coming to Zagreb.

    1. Anonymous05:05

      To or thru on their way to Split, Rijeka, Pula or Dubrovnik? ;)

    2. Anonymous22:29

      All together, few days in ZAG and than to Slovenia and other parts of Croatia ;)
      If you walk around Zagreb citycentre you'll often see especially in summer months tourists from Asia almoust every day and always in big groups.


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