Adria Airways dismisses CEO

Mark Anžur, the new CEO of Adria Airways

The Slovenian national carrier, Adria Airways, has dismissed Klemen Boštjančič and has appointed its outgoing commercial director, Mark Anžur, as the new head of the company. Mr. Boštjačič was dismissed “for economic and business reasons”, the airline said in a statement. Mr. Anžur will serve at the helm of the company for a maximum of six months. It is expected for the management board to announce a public call for applications for a new CEO within the next 45 days. Prior to joining Adria earlier this year, Mr. Anžur held managerial positions at A.T. Kearney (2010 - 2011) and Bramac International (2003 - 2010). A.T Kearney is a major consulting group based in the United States while Bramac is an Austrian company specialising in roof solutions.

The next six months will be important for Adria. The airline is currently in the midst of large scale cost cutting which have so far proven successful, with losses halved this year. However, the measures have come at a cost of a diminishing route network and a major plunge in passenger numbers. Furthermore, the airline is being investigated by the European Commission for government aid it received between 2007 and 2011. The Commission is set to rule on the issue next year. The outcome of Adria’s September tender for the sale of a 75% stake in the airline is still unknown.

Klemen Boštjančič became the CEO of Adria in 2011. He is often criticised for implementing the rigorous cost cutting measures but also praised for securing bank loans and government handouts for the carrier (which are now under fire from the European watchdog). The changes at the top of Adria are the third to take place this year amongst EX-YU airlines. During the summer Amir Jažić took over from Altan Buyukyilmaz as the CEO of B&H Airlines while in September Krešimir Kučko became the new head of Croatia Airlines, replacing Srećko Šimunović.


  1. Anonymous10:36

    Adria is done. Their job was to do dirty task for germans, and now nobody needs them. OU is next in line.

    1. Anonymous21:05

      Your jat will befirst in line to go in March!

  2. Anonymous11:50

    Adria is a political playground. Always was.
    In a new circumstances doomed. The play is over.

  3. On a different topic, Air One is closing 5 routes from Milano Malpensa as of the first half of January, including Belgrade:

    - Belgrade (3pw) - last flight January 8
    - Kiev (4pw) - last flight January 14
    - Warsaw (5pw) - last flight January 8
    - Munich (daily) - last flight January 8
    - Cagliari (2pw) - last flight January 6

    1. Anonymous12:08

      No. Flights wont operate between 8 and 26 Jan and on 5, 14 and 26 Feb. After that, service is resumed normally thrice weekly on days 2, 4 and 6.
      Dont spread false info and just chillax..

    2. Anonymous19:31

      All availability has been zeroed out. Whatever you may think, AirOne is leaving Belgrade. Seems that this airline is having problems on many of its routes from Malpensa.

    3. Anonymous19:35

      Air One is realy closing couple of routes, among them Belgrade-Milan. May be this fact will make Easyjet's entering Serbian market easier.

  4. Anonymous12:26

    Well this seems odd. First you let him restructure the company (to the best of his abilities anyway), and then you sack him in the middle of the process.

    1. Stefan12:32

      But remember he was appointed by the previous government not Jansa’s. You can take Slovenia out of Yugoslavia but you can’t take Yugoslavia out of Slovenia.

  5. Aэrologic14:53

    Seems that TK is already starting to get hurt by QR and Pegasus. They already announced the introduction of double daily to Belgrade starting with summer season (already approved by the directorate) - interesting strategy, instead of pulling back when recording or anticipating losses, they put even more flights.
    Besides they announced the lowering of the O&D fares to IST by whole 40 Euros.

    1. Anonymous15:08

      I thought they already fly double daily?

    2. Anonymous15:19

      They were flying double daily on 3 or 4 days per week.

  6. Anonymous15:42

    "interesting strategy, instead of pulling back when recording or anticipating losses, they put even more flights." - That's typical Turkish mentality, they never know when its the time to back down.

    1. Anonymous15:44

      They're like rams*. That's why they've been over-expanding around the world.


  7. Anonymous16:24

    TK does it right!!!

  8. Anonymous00:04

    from the time Nikolic came to power in Serbia a lot of airlines started leaving BEG. For example: Niki,Air France, Air One now. WHY DO YOU THINK BEG WILL DO GOOD in terms of passengers next year. The only airlines coming is Peagasus and Aeroflots increased frequencies

    1. Anonymous02:10

      Air France has been a matter of time as they send A319 to Belgrade as their largest airplane and A318 as its smallest, and is fighting fierce competition to Jat. If anything, there will be MORE flights to Paris from Belgrade next summer if Jat goes double daily and Wizz introcuces their 3 weekly flights.

      Air One will NOT be leaving Belgrade at-least anytime soon, I don't know where you heard that.

      Niki is getting dissolved actually.

      Many other airlines are also planning on increasing frequencies and also more are intending on beginning flights to Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous13:51

      Since Nikolich came to power in Serbia:
      - Qatar Airways arrived
      - Wizz Air decided to place a second aircraft in Belgrade and add many new destinations
      - FlyDubai increases the number of flights
      - TK increased the number of flights up to double daily everyday from spring 2013
      - SU is becoming double daily with one A321
      - Pegasus is starting Belgrade in February

  9. Anonymous01:38

    appointed dismissed
    success loss

    different names building short carriers
    eating taxpayers money
    vomiting taxpayers money eating again
    building and paying their new houses in few years, driving good cars, placing relatives in Adria related positions

    stop the evils
    stop corruption

    Slovenia mafia system is still ruling.
    december 2012


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