Trade Air to launch domestic Croatia flights

Osijek to get Zagreb connection

Croatian charter airline Trade Air has been granted rights to operate scheduled, year long, domestic flights. Trade Air will launch services from Osijek to Zagreb later this year. On the other hand, Croatia Airlines has been given orders from the government to maintain flights from Osijek to Split and Dubrovnik. Both Trade Air and Croatia Airlines are to maintain their Osijek services until 2016. Trade Air, which boasts a fleet of two Fokker 100 aircraft, said late last year it was considering entering the scheduled traffic market in order to break Croatia Airlines’ monopoly on domestic flights within the country. At the time, the airline noted it was considering launching Croatia’s busiest domestic route - Zagreb to Dubrovnik. However, these plans are yet to materialise.

The news of Trade Air’s arrival will be warmly welcomed by Osijek Airport. Late last year, the Croatian government ordered Croatia Airlines to launch the Zagreb - Osijek service five times per week, with the airline planning to lease an EMB 120 Brasilia aircraft exclusively for the Osijek flights. The Croatian government has the right to order its national carrier to launch services between cities within the country if it is deemed vital for socio-economic development. The decision must be respected regardless of whether the route is profitable or not. However, Croatia Airlines never launched the flights to Osijek saying the service was unprofitable.

Osijek Airport has been struggling in recent years to attract customers and has also been hit by claims of mismanagement. In 2012 the airport welcomed just over 2.000 passengers, down 90% on 2011.The airport’s CEO says Osijek will see flights to Munich, Bern and Cologne this winter, although he did not disclose which airline would operate the flights.


  1. Finally some nice news for Osijek. By the way I don't think Croatia Airlines was ever interested in launching Osijek flights. It is unbelievable to me that Osijek - Dubrovnik route would be unprofitable.

  2. Anonymous13:32

    Might be interested if they launch Pula-Rijeka route first instead Osjiek-Zagreb :))

  3. Too bad Trade Air does not still operate the L-410, This would have been a useful aircraft for this service.

    1. Anonymous14:02

      I know that's why I add smile at the end :)) This info about Osjiek-Zagreb doesn't make sense, TDR operate only F100. Government will through away certain amount of money for a while and that's it. Its better if they organize shuttle bus.

    2. With right route even F100 is not to big. Osijek also needs international flights.

    3. Anonymous15:18

      I agree.Osijek needs international flights as you wrote.Wizzair please dooo somethiiing.

  4. Anonymous17:39

    How is the economic situation in Osijek and surroundings?
    Are there a lot of unemployment and people leaving for Zagreb or the coast?
    Following the last census results the population of Osijek is declining.
    Generally a driving economy or tourism are much more attracting services like airlines to open routes.

    1. Anonymous22:52

      At this moment in Croatia things aren't the best anywhere you go, recession and high unemployment is a major issue, so moving from Osijek anywhere else would be rather stupid thing to do unless you have job offer elsewhere.

      Also Osijek being relatively large city by Croatian standards should offer some degree of economic opportunities, still home to large number of companies, some highly successful and city itself is quite rich.

      2014 should be very good for Croatia, not that 2013 will be as bad as 2009-2012 were. Croatian economy started to recover and a strong tourist season is expected this year with 3-5% growth anticipated, if 5% Croatian economy will exist the recession if 3% Croatia might have stagnating growth.

      Overall Osijek can be really great place to do business as its right on the border with Serbia and not far from Bosnia, and either countries won't be in the EU for at least decade or 2, so there are loads of opportunities for all to take in this strategic location.

      For Wizz air, yeah Wizz air will definitely come and German Wings to might come with ease of travel as Croatia joins the EU, and Germans and other Europeans start to discover Croatia even more.

    2. Anonymous02:33

      Then i wish the people in Croatia all the best...
      I agree with you that they will profit from trade with Bosnia and Serbia, if they not already do!

    3. Anonymous09:37

      Hmm I am sceptical when it comes to Wizz Air launching Osijek. Aren't Belgrade and Tuzla just too close?
      The only airline that might be interesting is Ryanair but then again, the market is not that big and there are enough options all around.

  5. Anonymous18:22

    Economic situation is for sure better than in banjaluka region which is one of the most bribed and corrupted regions in former Yugoslavia. But the ongoing elections will settle the thing. We will get some breath after they are behind some strong bars.

  6. Anonymous00:14

    OT: nice that Jat will send their 737 to Dubrovnik today!

    1. Anonymous00:16

      and Etihad will send their A320 to Belgrade!

    2. Anonymous01:21

      Well, that's the default equipment on the route so, not quite unexpected, they're sending it almost every day.

    3. Anonymous02:37

      They always send the A319.
      Those daily flights are too fresh and will need some time before becoming profitable!
      That applies to new routes in general.

    4. Anonymous09:33

      Is there really that much demand for Dubrovnik or are they sending the B737-300 due to Atr shortage?

      I am sure that this B733 is returning to Dubrovnik where it flew back in the day; when we all lived in one, same country.


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