Ljubljana and Sarajevo record strong growth

Busy times for Ljubljana and Sarajevo airports

After recording its first monthly passenger growth this April in almost two years, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has seen its numbers rise every month since. Slovenia’s busiest airport handled 442.321 passengers in the first half of the year, up almost 6% on the same period in 2012. As was previously reported, April growth amounted to over 5%, followed by a major 16% boost in May and 11% growth in June. Foreign carriers largely attributed to the rise in passenger numbers as they recorded a 23% passenger increase on their flights to and from Ljubljana. Adria Airways itself recorded growth of 7%. A total of 12.530 flights were registered to and from the Slovenian capital in the first six months, which is at the same level as in 2012.

The good results have reflected on the airport’s finances as earnings amounted to 11.9 million euros in the first half of the year, up 2%. The encouraging numbers have come at the right time as the Slovenian government looks to sell the airport to foreign investors. On June 21, the government approved the sale of fifteen state companies, including Ljubljana Airport and its prime customer Adria Airways in order for the country to avoid an international bailout.

Meanwhile, Sarajevo Airport has also continued its successful run. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s busiest airport welcomed 303.829 passengers through its doors in the first half of the year, up an impressive 15.3% compared to the same period in 2012. This is despite the fact that the number of operated flights increased only slightly, by 2% to 2.603. The airport saw one of its busiest Junes on record by handling 72.949 passengers, up a significant 16.3%. Sarajevo Airport will hope the positive trends will continue in the months to come with B&H Airlines planning to expand its operations now that its second ATR has arrived from maintenance and the possible launch of flights to the Bosnian capital by Wizz Air and Alitalia.


  1. Anonymous09:36

    Finally something good about LJLJ. Now please don't scare all potential buyers away!

    1. Anonymous10:54

      july 3th 2013 Slovenia
      SLovenian Parliament organised official meeting on Adria topic bu ..

      Director and/or representatives of Adria Airways were INVITED but all ABSENT at the OFFICIAL mmeting in Slovenian Parliament.

      "To Take the money is coming everyone when there is time to respond about use, situation there is no one"

      we are talking of 50 mil eu taxypayers money for Adria give not of nuts.
      ILLIGAL according to EU regulations subsidies

      source RTV (official SLovenia public TV),
      Delo (main newspaer etc.

      Additional info on request
      INQUIRE at OFFICIAL documents on SLovenian Parliament

      source newspaer Dnevnik (google for translation)

    2. Anonymous11:04

      In the first 3 months this year Adria is still loosing 5.3 mil eu (last year 8 mil eu).

      Anyway potential investors know that
      DATA in the REPORT are MANIPULATED to make them suitable for "public consumption".
      There is No interest from Adria and Slo (informed many don't have a clue and they "eat whatwever is given to them")involved burocrats to sell Adria because the "status quo" is never ending heaven for CORRUPTION and EASY MONEY (just for someone ... no gain for the colectivity).

      But who cares the longer the better.

      It would be wayyyy cheaper ... to pay the workers for no work (can be done with unemployment programs restructuration plan) than to operate ... loosing like this ... but corruption in this way would be smashed.

  2. Anonymous11:00

    There are rumors (but only that for now) that there are representatives from China Southeners in slovenia talking about new routes or maybe even buying some share in adria or LJLJ

    1. Anonymous11:44

      That's good to hear. I remember EX-YU writing about this some two weeks ago but I dismissed the idea. Hopefully something comes out of it.

    2. Anonymous15:51

      Hope it is true, unlike Air India and fewo thers that were in talk with LJLJ.

    3. Anonymous21:31

      It's now offical that they are in Slovenia and are interesterd in share in the LJLJ but our minister - as stupid as he is said he is not willing to cope with this and hasn't attendet the meting with the representatives. I hope they reach some conclusions by themselves at least.

  3. Anonymous14:27

    This is a bit offtopic but thanks ex-Yu for informing us of all these figures. Not just LJU and SJJ but all the other airports. This is really the only place you can find everything about ex-Yu aviation in a single place and there is literally news every day. Keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous14:41

    How far is wizz with SJJ? If routes are to be launched in the most profitable part of the year, i.e., summer, then they should be closing a deal with SJJ very very soon... if they are still negotiating.

  5. Anonymous15:14

    Good news for Sarajevo!! If only B&H still had there airbus and Boeing that woulda ment more routes which means more passengers. Hopefully they get a new aircraft soon...something that seats atleast 100 passengers

    1. Yes, B&H Airlines considers flights to Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

      SIA also expects Alitalia to open a route to Rome and also Wizz Air which is to start flights beginning with October 30th.

    2. Anonymous17:23

      They should start Amsterdam NOW! Ticket prices are outrageous!

      May I ask what the source for the WIZZ Air claim is. They have been negotiating for a million years now..

    3. The tax of Sarajevo Airport is 18 € plus tax for the flight control of BiH 10 € = 28€

      This is for Wizz Air "too much" so they refuse flying to Sarajevo.

      Airports in Skopje and Tuzla finance Wizz Air trough having very low taxes (5 - 8€) so the tax payers of Macedonia and Tuzla Canton have to pay for them trough financing the losses of the airports.

      Tax at Belgrade Airport´s terminal 1 is 12 € (instead of 16/18€ at terminal 2) so Wizz Air flys from BEG.

      That is also the reason why Wizz Air is not flying to Sarajevo or Zagreb due to the huge diaspora in Germany and Holland!

      For all B&H citizens in the Netherlands: they can take GERMANWINGS from COLOGNE to Sarajevo.
      During the summer, Germanwings has 4 weekly flights from Cologne (Köln) to Sarajevo.

      B&H Airlines should resume Amsterdam flights from October the 30th.

      The information that I have is: Wizz Air starts in winter 2013/2014 the flight from Sarajevo to Eindhoven, Memmingen, Malmö and Skavasta.

      Temporary, Sarajevo Airport is too overcrowded, a new terminal must be built in the recent period.
      I hope, that SIA will invest 25.000.000 € in 2015 in the new Terminal 3 of Sarajevo International Airport.

      SIA also expects new routes to Moscow and Rome.


    4. Anonymous12:26

      Thanks for the info Sarajevo!

      Germanwings ticket prices are terrible though. Nothing lowcost about it.

      As of Todays slotlist (so strongly subject to change)
      BHA has no slots to AMS requested
      Wizz has no slots for SJJ at Eindhoven.

  6. Anonymous15:55

    With opening a base in Sarajevo WIZZ would not only ruin the success of its base in Tuzla but also its future in Banja Luka and Mostar.
    But thats probably the goal of the centralists in Sarajevo...
    To undermine regional centers like Banja Luka and Mostar and even Tuzla.
    Whats bad for the regions is good for the centre!
    Its politics as usual ...
    has nothing to do with economic reason.

    1. Do you knwo what you are talking about ???

      "...undermine regional centers..."

      To inform you:

      It takes 5 h to come from Banja Luka to Sarajevo.
      Those pepole take planes from Zagreb!

      It takes almost 3 h to get from Tuzla to Sarajevo.
      From Brcko / Orasje it takes 4 - 5 h.

      Those people fly from Belgrade.

      People from Mostar region take airports in Split or Dubrovnik!

      Sarajevo is a "city airport" just serving Sarajevo, Zenica nad Travnik region.

      B&H Airlines hat flights from Tuzla to Istanbul and Zurich.
      But they stopped those flight due to very poor load factor !!!

      B&H Airlines flow from Mostar to Zagreb.
      They also stopped those flights due to poor load factor.

      Banja Luka is the poorest city among the biggest cites in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
      Unemployment is about 50 % and people don´t have money to fly.
      Banja Lukas´ diaspora is mostly in Serbia, Slovenia or Austria.
      Those people drive by car and don´t pay 150 - 200 € for a flight.

      There was a route from BNX to BEG, but Jat also stopped the flights. REASON: pore load factor !

      So, GIVE ME A REASON (ARGUMENT!!!) HOW is Sarajevo undermining those cities ???

    2. Anonymous17:41

      Moras li majke ti svaki put da kazes "Banja Luka je najsiromasniji grad u BiH"...evo ja sam iz Tuzle ali bas me to nervira. A Sarajevo "holds the grudge against Tuzla" i to je svima nama ovdje jasno

    3. Banja Luka nije najsiromasniji grad u BiH, nego najsirmoasniji medju velikim gradovima u BiH.
      Da poredam: Sarajevo, Bijeljina, Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar pa onda Banja Luka!

      Bas me interesuje zasto Tuzla ima tako glupo misljenje da mi iz Sarajeva vas "ne volimo".
      Neznam stvarno odakle vam to.

      E de sad navedi argumente koji opravdavaju "Sarajevo holds the grudge against Tuzla"!

      Hocu fakte koji opravdavaju jednu takvu izmisljotinu!

    4. http://www.slobodnaevropa.org/content/najbolji-zivot-u-sirokom-brijegu-najteze-u-foci/24597036.html

      Dobro se živi u Banjoj Luci i Novom Sarajevu, gdje su pokazatelji kvalitete života na zavidnom nivou. U Sarajevu, par tramvajskih stanica dalje od posmatrane opštine, redovi su na obroke iz narodnih kuhinja.

    5. Anonymous09:49

      The Free Europe article above clearly contradicts your 'Banjaluka is the poorest city in Bosnia' statement.

  7. Anonymous19:47

    U think Ljubljana airport might handle (if things go well) 1.35 million passengers this year?

    Would be cool if Ljubljana can regain its 3rd position in ex-yu.

  8. Anonymous19:55

    idite na klix i tamo raspravljajte

  9. Sarajevo, where did you get the information about Wizz starting flying from Sarajevo as of October? That is great news! :)


    Sarajevo loves Tuzla :)

  10. Anonymous09:44

    Due to winter weather (and infrastructure issues), too many flights get cancelled in Sarajevo at that time. Don't think Wizzair would be ready to cope with all the trouble coming from that to open full year services from Sarajevo.

    1. Such a stupid comment !!!

      Belgrade Airport has a hire percentage of cancelled flights than Sarajevo during the winter !

      As I work for the flight control I get those information!

    2. Anonymous01:01

      Hire percentage? And you pretend to work for flight control? Even in SJJ I would expect people working there to have a better knowledge of English...

    3. Due to the fact that I was tipping the comment on my iPhone and that the "window" for the tipping was very small on the Safari, I didn´t notice, that the "AutoCorrect" changed "higher" into "hire".

      To your information, I was studying in Great Britain (where I get my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering), and to my mind: my english is very well.

      Giving those silly comments, it is obvious that you have some personal problems like beeing conceited or reflecting.

      You just tried to make me looking stupid, but you didn´t try to understand why I wrote "hire" instead of "higher".
      In the psychology, there are many theories describing such a awful behavior, and the one is conceit or even vanity.

  11. Anonymous12:01

    You do know that BEG/ZAG have each 10x the number of flights that SJJ has? 5 flights cancelled in BEG/ZAG is just a small part of the overall flights. If 5 flights get cancelled in SJJ due to fog, that's half the traffic for the day!

    Here are some articles to remind you:
    2011: No landing nor take-offs in Sarajevo due to fog http://www.klix.ba/vijesti/bih/magla-u-sarajevu-prizemljila-avione/110118059
    2013: All flights in Sarajevo cancelled http://www.bh-index.com/gusta-magla-u-sarajevu-otkazani-svi-medunarodni-letovi/

    1. Anonymous02:30

      they used the word "percentage" if you understand ti at all....


      I would say, NO YOU DON´T KNOW !

  12. Anonymous22:20

    Who are you kidding, BEG having more cancellations than SJJ in winter time? Read the articles, 100% of SJJ flights get cancelled on certain days. Hard to beat anywhere in the world.

    This is all due to SJJ not having CAT II/III installed, and due to terrain layout and illegal construction they will never be able to unfortunately.


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