Air Serbia expects swift regulatory approval

Regulators likely to grant Air Serbia approval by September 1

Etihad Airways has announced it expects Air Serbia to be granted regulatory approval soon, most likely by September 1. The move will allow the new look Serbian national carrier to launch ticket sales for its new routes and begin the process of phasing out the Jat Airways brand. “The expected date is September 1 but it will depend on all regulatory bodies which have to grant their approval by that date”, Etihad told the state news agency “Tanjug”. The approval will also allow Air Serbia to change its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). Once all approvals are granted, the new management team, headed by CEO Dane Kondić, will take over running the airline.

This week employees at Jat Airways have been offered redundancy packages for those wishing to voluntarily leave the carrier. Some 400 employees are needed to leave the airline. The redundancy packages offer 300 euros to employees for each year they have been employed at Jat. In addition, Etihad has announced it will be hiring new cabin crew as the airline’s fleet and destination network will grow. On September 2, the first batch of pilots will begin training for the Airbus A319 aircraft in Berlin. Etihad adds it has launched an internal website for all Jat employees in order to better inform them of the transition process taking place in the company. “It is important that during the entire process the principles of transparency, fairness and dignity are respected”, Etihad says.

Meanwhile, work on setting up Air Serbia and its brand are ongoing. A design team in Abu Dhabi is finalising the airline’s on board product. In Belgrade, both Etihad and Jat Catering are finalising the carrier’s on board menus. “The size and shape of Air Serbia will allow for a stable and profitable company with high service standards in all sectors”, Etihad added. It has been confirmed the first new destination Air Serbia will launch this winter is Abu Dhabi with the other eleven to be introduced progressively throughout the winter months as new aircraft arrive.


  1. Anonymous09:33

    Cool, so in about two weeks from now we are going to see the full schedule rolled out. I am curious to see what other routes besides Abu Dhabi will get the A319. Also, it will be interesting to see which B733s will be the first to leave.

    1. I think first one to leave are the leased ones...

    2. Anonymous10:47

      Obviously they are, it is clear that their leases are short-term. I was referring to the birds owned by the government.

  2. Anonymous09:48

    YU - ANK went out of service on July 30

    1. Anonymous22:17

      shame about that - i remember flying on it just a few days before it was retired

    2. Actually me too, I flew it from Larnaca to Belgrade. The aircraft was worn out on the inside and it really showed its age.

      Here is a bit of history:

      - 26.11.1987 delivered to JAT.
      - 03.1996 it was leased out to Constellation Airways
      - 06.1996 it was returned to JAT
      - 03.2003 it was repainted as Jat Airways
      - 09.2005 it was leased out to Cameroon Airlines
      Finally on 27.10.2005 it was returned to Jat Airways where it would operate flights until its eventual withdrawal from service on 30 July 2013.

      The aircraft was 27 years old when it was retired.
      I remember back in 2009 I flew to Istanbul with Jat (YU-AOS, the B734) and YU-ANK was parked next to us still wearing the Cameroon Airlines livery.

    3. According to online sources, three of Jat's B737-300s have been officially retired:


      Since YU-AND was retired, YU-ANI is the oldest aircraft in Jat's fleet. It was delivered on 17.12.1985 and it is almost 28 years old.

    4. Anonymous10:50

      I flew on it about 2 weeks before it was retired from CDG-BEG. It was really showing it's age on the inside. SHame though :(.

    5. Anonymous20:37

      If it is true that YU-AND is oficially retired, maybe we should launch some petition to be exibited at Aviation Museum in Jat livery, as it was Jat's first B733 and most importantly first one delivered to a European company. It would be a great tribute! I flew it last time for New Year 2009 BEG-STR, kinda sad it's gonne, although it was the oldest one.

    6. Anonymous21:58

      It would be nice if they actually had three JU 733s at the museum, each wearing one of the liveries they had while they were in service.
      Naturally, the flame livery was one of the most beautiful out there.

  3. 500 people will leave the company, but 100 will be hired. Can't wait to see some interior pictures. Especially business class.

    1. Anonymous10:00

      I assume you're a frequent business class traveler ?

    2. Anonymous10:21

      ...and what's that to you?

    3. Depends what you mean by frequent...

    4. Anonymous22:05

      You are just an idiot with a failed design.

    5. Ok Anonymous.

  4. Anonymous11:19

    What will government do with the old B733?
    Is there any indication that they will actually go to Aviogenex or they are going to sell them?
    It would be excellent if they take part of aviogenex fleet and commence flights from Nis and Kraljevo in a future.
    It would also be great to keep one of them ex. YU-ANK at the aviation museum painted Jat colors.

  5. Anonymous11:27

    I don’t think people quite understand how huge this is. They just approved the lease of 10 planes! We could only dream of this a month ago. They will have PTVs in each seat which is unimaginable for any airline in the Balkan region, they will fly to cities like Beirut and Abu Dhabi, their planes will have 24 hour cycles. This is all really exiciting. I remember the haters back in April saying Etihad will never start flying to Belgrade, then haters saying the tie up involves only codeshare agreements, then that talks were in “crisis” and the deal would never go through… and here we are today.

    1. Anonymous12:52

      After YU break up JAT was never my favourite airline and I was often put off by local patriotism euphoria that usually followed anything related to JAT...But you are right - this is extremely exciting and huge and not sure that OU, JP and the likes are really seeing what is going to hit them and Star Alliance as well are going to lose large piece of Ex-Yu cake. I hope that product will be consistent and with some improvement on Belgrade airport I will also fly JAT / Air Serbia again

    2. Anonymous14:03

      @AnonymousAugust 15, 2013 at 11:27 AM

      U're a massive troll, no one on this blog said anything you've just said, you just make things up as you go.

      I can recognize your typical trollish trash you posted yesterday and few days ago.

      As if you live of hate, you got to have it otherwise you gonna go hungry that day.

      Grow up man, no one gives a flying fuck what you've got to say, but you do ruin blogs with your constant hate and ratoborstvo, war is over, move on.

    3. Anonymous14:10

      Trollish trash? Ratoborstvo? What are you on? I actually haven’t commented here in a week or two and I don’t see how my comment is inciting your anger. The hater comments that I have mentioned are certainly there. That’s the magic of the world wide web, it stays documented. So you can review the posts relating to JU/EY tieup and see what people wrote. Geez take a chill pill.

    4. Anonymous22:25

      Please do quote those haters statements you mentioned? You can not? But of course you can not!

    5. Anonymous23:16

      Oh but I can and just for the record these are on Jat based articles. I remember reading many more hateful comments in offtopics. Some of them are quite cute actually. The bitterness is astounding. Hope you can sleep tight now.

      Article: Jat Airways to become part of Etihad’s family, published March 28

      “Obviously this is not worth commenting-nothing definitive.. Just a rumour and a Memorandum of Understanding. When I see JU bound to AUH with a brand new A320 and when sheiks come to BEG for a general stockholders meeting you will gain the respect. For now - just an episode of wishfull thinking!”

      “Continue the sequence ; Aeroflot, Air Baltic, Lufthansa, Air India, Group of serbian crim..., ups, businessmen
      Air Asia.... ? Etihad ?...If this makes me HATER, I prodly admit I am"

      Article: Jat - Etihad tie up published April 1

      “Very good April fools joke! You had me there for a second! LOL!”

      “Big LoL! It is all a Balkan fairytale! :)”

      “Hahahahaha great topic for 1st of April!! LoL”

      Article: EXCLUSIVE: Etihad launching Belgrade flights, published April 8

      “We don't need to spoil your day, it's been already spoiled by your politicians, who exactly today managed to do the following : EU off, visas most probably coming, passenger numbers down, EY deal questionable"

      Article: EXCLUSIVE: Jat-Etihad tie up details, published April 12

      “Funny that there is not a single mention of Serbia or JAT in the news section of the Etihad website. It does mention that Aer Lingus will now be using Etihad flight codes on their flights to the US, so the whole Etihad will use JU code in Australia seems a bit ass-backwards to say the least.”

      “well we will see what come out of this deal...Do remember that Serbia is one of the poorest countries in Europe...Who will use that service?...An avarage wage of 300 Euros....”

      Article: Jat and Etihad formalise cooperation,. Published April 15

      “So all was just JATOVANJE and bla bla......a codeshare is just a codeshare and nothing more.......Jat Airways has codeshares with so many other airlines. So this MOU was daydreaming of Mr Dinkic and his fellows.”

      “As I predicted nothing substantial beyond a simple commercial agreement. Everything else was maybe a wet dream by Mr Dinkic or somebody else in URS party. An when EY (if ever) "screens" the company books/date of Jat Airways they will for sure not invest a dime in this company!”

      “This is just one more code-share Etihad have with 41 airliner. Nothing more. Becouse of that you will not become Southeast airlines. It is so funny that becouse of one code-share agreement you become to dream about this!”

      “HAHAHA.....instead of a tremendous multi-million investement it turned out to be an airlift for pecalbari from SYD, MEL and! Really good job by the serbian media to throw sand in the eyes of the public. A REALLY BIG JOKE!
      Everybody who does not believe, just read the original Etihad press release!!! This will bring you down to earth!!!!”

      “muhaha, the same agreement was signed with Malev, too. They code shared on several flights, for example, Milan, Berlin, etc...Nothing really turned out from this deal...”

      “TRESLA SE BRDA RODIO SE MIŠ” (there is actually a huge pile of bull in this comment but its really long so I just copied the start)

      Article: Etihad begins Jat screeing, published April 25

      “LOL! When jat's business has been scrutinised, they will walk away! Jat are not even capable of leasing a single aircraft! No-one is going to invest into a debt ridden company!”

      “And when they're done they'll walk away.”

    6. Anonymous23:17


      Article: Jat takeover offer by Sunday, published May 20

      “Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit.”

      “The only airline that Jat will have a strategic partnership with is Kingfisher.”

      “It is interesting how this etihad deal keeps getting smaller. In the first reports Etihad was going to make full payment on the Airbus order, now it's only partial payment. Jat was to codeshare on the entire Etihad network, now it's only 17 routes. Not to mention the other "stories" that have since died such as. Etihad was to arrange training for Jat staff on Airbus, Etihad was going to purchase Jat Technika, and the like. I'd rather be a hater than a gullible stooge."

      “Why would ANYONE invest in an airline that cannot keep it's flight schedule? in the last 2 weeks 75% of Jat flights have been delayed. Who would want to be associated with that? I agree with the first post, sounds like a pile of Bullshit to me too.”

      Article: Etihad takeover offer revealed, published May 27

      “Are you all really that gullible?”

      “But Etihad will leave the incompetent Serbian government with 51% controlling interest?5 star Jatovanje.."

      “Serbian government will reject this deal end of story."

      “Etihad and Jat in final takeover talks, published June 3

      “We hear the same bullshit every few days! In the end jat will have no new owner, no new aircraft, no leased Adria aircraft! Jat management are incompetant and so is the political parties who employ them!”

      “This is speculation by blog”

      ” Nothing will happen out of this all thats for sure! That Etihad story is only invented by the government to distract from the fact that Jat is following the path of Malev already this year.”

      “Every news about screenings and talks with the Serbian government are in fact lies and actually have never happened.”

      “I think they will probably sign MoU and Serbian media's takeover plans wont happen.”

      Article: Etihad announces possible equity investment in Jat, published June 17

      “ steam not more.......just some nice diplomatic words....cooperation and bla bla......still no proposal....on the contrary after screening JU they intend to talk to the government in about 1 the meantime...JAT is in agony”


      “It seems to me like a very elegant way out for Etihad.” Another very large comment full of hate but I just copied the first sentence

      “Well people...its clear now - They dont want to buy Jat! And obviously they never wanted to do it.”

      “Bla bla nothing will happen. Even if EY wants to buy Jat. The Serbian government seems to have lost interest about selling Jat. No wonder as all those political crooks would loose their job then. Jat is dying and nothing is gonna to change that! R I P Jat. Nobody will even recognize that you are dead...”

      “Some people here are really blind....there must be huge turmoil behind the scenes... The deal is being postponed constantly.”

      I’m really bored to go on. There are several more articles involving the takeover. But I think you have been proven wrong.

    7. Anonymous23:23

      @Anonymous 11:27

      Please observe the flag counter on your left, and after that results of the vote on the construction of the new ZAG terminal. Those 2 combined will give you the answer who the real haters here are.

      Concerning JU/EY deal, I've always claimed, and I still do, that JU will become pure feeder for Etihad and Air Berlin, with decent fleet and overall product, which for example Croatia Airlines has already been for past decade or longer.

      Last by no means least, maybie you should visit And don't worry, you won't wait much longer to hear more news about it.

      Caos sa plavog Jadrana!

    8. Anonymous23:31

      A feeder airline that has direct flights to Beirut or Varna? Does that make much sense to you?

    9. Anonymous23:33

      Why do you assume that I have something against Croatia, Croats, Fly Dalmatian, Croatia Airlines? I never stated haters were Croatian but I see you have made that assumption on your own. Also if you refer to my original post nowhere did I mention any nation on nationality. I just said that the haters have been proved wrong, to which you called me a troll and ratobornik o.O

    10. Anonymous01:11

      @Anonymous 11:31
      Croatia Airlines has flights to Tel Aviv and Athens, just to mention 2 which happen to be P2P flights. Or they have Sarajevo and Skopje, which feed OU to/from North/West Europe, like probably Beirut and Varna will feed for JU. And despite those OU flights to Sarajevo, Skopje, Athens, Tel Aviv, Croatia Airlineas is pure LH feeder. Being feeder doesn't mean that NO P2P flights or that airline own transit flights are possible; it just means that MAJORITY of flights of the particular airline, and passengers carried, are feeding others. So yes, Beirut and Varna make perfect sense for me within Air Serbia as feeder airline.

    11. What you refer to as hate could also be seen as expected criticism based on 20 plus years of crap coming from the Jat and the Serbian government about Jat. Plus this was not the first time Etihad was reported to be interested in Jat so again there is a history of false claims about Etihad and Jat from Jat and the Serbian government.

      So I have no idea why you spent probably hours going though EX YU aviation history to make a non point.
      People were critical because historically they had a right to be and if a real positive change is the result of Etihad involvement than maybe these attitudes will finally be changed.

    12. Anonymous08:39


      You didn't complain when your fellow countrymen, Purger, went through all the past news edition to prove a point when it came to 'jatovanje'. There was as much point in that as there is in this.

      Also, to the above anonymous, are you seriously comparing a two weekly flight to Athens operated via Dubrovnik with Air Serbia's massive expansion which is coming this winter time? Also, you are forgetting that all of the announced destinations which will be operated by Air Serbia will be operated on a daily basis and they will scheduled in such a way so as to facilitate connections at Belgrade- in other words, it's not just point to point. This is the main difference between OU and JU. One has 2 feeding route, while the other has like 20.

      Winter is coming my friends, and only Air Serbia seems prepared for it.

      Ciao xoxo

  6. Anonymous16:26

    As you all know Air Berlin ist part of the "Etihad family". Now on todays press conference AB had to confirm that they are in deep, deep red for the first 2Q/2013. The CFO is presently in China trying to sell 13 planes. There is even the word of "almost bancrupt" in Germany. Air Serbia is going to lease 10 Airbusses from Air Berlin, to send their crews for training by Air Berlin......All paid by the Serbian Government. No penny from Etihad. Now ring a bell? Air Serbia to hoover traffic via Berlin and Dusseldorf ( again AB hubs) and Abu Dhabi (EY hub). Hogan is very clever, all paid by the Serbian Government and banking loans. So far I cannot see any capital injection by EY!
    Same strategy as Hedgefonds do. To take over a company and they pay theit own "saving".

    1. Anonymous17:22

      + 1

    2. Anonymous17:39

      "Air Berlin, Germany's number two airline, said on Thursday it narrowed its losses in the second quarter, thanks to increased capacity utilisation on a reduced number of routes on offer.

      Air Berlin said in a statement that its net loss amounted to 38 million euros ($50.5 million) in the period from April to June, compared with a loss of 99.8 million euros in the same period last year."

      ...... I don't know where you are getting half of this BS from.

    3. Anonymous17:52

      lol indeed, also where did he get the idea that the Serbian government is the only one paying for all of this? They are covering 51% of the cost which is normal given how these deals work.
      I am actually happy that the Serbian government is giving some of the funds. Like this Etihad can't have a total upper hand in the management of the airline.

    4. Anonymous18:56

      Anonymous 4:26pm

      ... is a perfect example why Serbia's economy is struggling. The mindset is just mind-boggling; it also assumes that everybody in the world has the same one. As long as 'word' is more important that actual financial results (thank you Anonymous 5:39!), well, nothing good will happen.

      A couple of questions/points:

      1) What was the alternative? Same corrupt political operatives running Jat - literally - into ground, in year or two at the very most, using it as their personal ATM along the way? (It is indicative that they obtained additional aircraft only once the takeover was imminent.)

      2) Bluntly, the jury is still out on what will happen with Air Serbia under Etihad management; it will be obvious very soon, in a year or so. However, the first impressions are very (VERY!) favorable. Also, the fact that Etihad is in the middle of turning around AB is a good thing - and exactly what is needed at Jat.

      3) The whole thing is nothing short of miracle - and one at 12:30, to paraphrase Purger.

      Finally, how about just letting Etihad run Air Serbia for, say, a year, and having the market decide, instead of criticizing them - for what, exactly?

    5. Purger22:31

      Reuters about Air Berlin:
      * Q2 EBIT loss 8.1 mln eur
      * Shareholder equity drops to minus 116.3 mln eur
      * CFO says expects equity to improve
      * Full Q2 results to be published Thursday (Adds detail on shareholder equity, debt)

      FRANKFURT, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Air Berlin, Germany's second largest airline, said its targets were becoming more difficult to reach and that its shareholder equity declined further in the second quarter.

      Air Berlin has previously said it is targeting break-even this year.

      "As a result of the generally muted economic conditions and the market environment, the ability to reach our targets is becoming increasingly challenging," Chief Executive Wolfgang Prock-Schauer said in an unscheduled statement on Wednesday.

      The finances of Air Berlin, which is almost 30 percent owned by Gulf carrier Etihad, have been deteriorating for years as it struggled to halt losses and manage its debts following a period of aggressive growth.

      Its total equity came in at minus 116.3 million euros at the end of June, shrinking further from the minus 53.1 million euros reported at the end of March, the airline said

      Negative shareholder equity means its liabilities exceeded its assets.

      Some analysts have kept a close eye on the size of its equity compared with its debt as a key indicator of financial health.

      Air Berlin, which in May said it did not need further financial help from Etihad, reduced its debt pile to 706.5 million euros against 728.2 million euros at the end of the first quarter.

      "We expect the equity capital to increase over the following quarters," Chief Financial Officer Ulf Huettmeyer said in a statement. The airline added that its liquidity grew to 436.8 million euros, up one-third from the same time last year.

      Air Berlin narrowed its second-quarter operating loss to 8.1 million euros ($10.8 million) from 29.4 million one year ago. Its net loss also narrowed to 38 million euros, against a restated 99.8 million loss for the same period last year, as efforts to shrink its business took effect.

      Analysts had been expecting an operating loss of 26 million euros and a net loss of 39 million, according to data from Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

      Air Berlin is cutting about 900 jobs or 10 percent of its workforce, downsizing its fleet and slashing unprofitable routes - all part of its "Turbine" cost cutting programme.

      In the quarter, it cut capacity - the number of seats it offers - by 8.4 percent.

  7. Anonymous18:01

    @Anonymous at 4:26 PM
    The fact that YOU cannot see EY's capital injection is irrelevant!
    Air Serbia is not legally registered yet, pending regulatory approval as the topis says, once it is you may see it...
    The other thing is that you see what you wanna see.

    1. Anonymous18:35

      According to the unofficial timetable, Air Serbia will open new routes in the first half of December : BUH, LJU, BNX and PRG. The first A319 will fly to CPH, SVO and AUH (from 27th of October).

    2. Anonymous23:35

      Is that unofficial timetable available somewhere?

      Best regards from Novi Sad.

    3. Anonymous02:42

      How is that fair? All of the destinations are said to be beginning operations October 27th... not cool. And how all the way in December will only maybe 2 A319's arrive? What about the other 8 and the other planned routes? tsk tsk tsk

  8. Anonymous18:52

    I just read that BEG will finally replace the A1-A3 bridges by end of September.
    A4-A5 will be replaced in October. However, I also read that at the same time C6 bridge will be replaced. Anyone know why? Is this the one that collapsed a couple of years ago? Couldn't it be repaired, warranty, etc?

    1. JATBEGMEL01:03

      As far as I have heard, A1-A3 will be started from begining of September with the bridges to arrive from China soon.

      As for C6, yes, this was the bridge that collapsed. As for reparing it, I guess they would of if it was possible. Maybe the expense to replace it is cheaper than reparing it.

  9. Read something in Airwise website,dated Aug 14,2013, in regards to Air Berlin. Just going to list some points

    Equity at end of June is MINUS EUR 116.3 million shrinking further from EUR 53.1 million at the end of March, Liabilities exceeded assets.

    With the help of Etihad, Air berlin reduced its debt pile to EUR 706.5 million from EUR 728.2 million in the first quarter.

    Air Berlin is cutting about 900 people, downsizing fleet and cutting routes.

    In the quarter it cut capacity by 8.4 per cent.

    There are some other figures. Air berlin admits that they are finding it hard to meet the targets.

    It was some interesting reading on Airwise web-site.

    1. One mistake I made here
      At the end of June MINUS EUR116.3 Million from MINUS EUR 53.1 Million

    2. Purger22:42

      Air Berlin Targets $400 Million Worth of Plane Sales to Cut Debt
      By Robert Wall - Aug 15, 2013 2:29 AM PT

      Air Berlin Plc (AB1), Germany’s second-largest airline, will sell about $400 million worth of planes to a new Chinese lessor as part of a financial turnaround plan.

      The transaction should be completed “within the next couple of days,” Chief Financial Officer Ulf Huettmeyer told analysts today. The deal would cover 13 jets, some to be placed in China and others leased back by Air Berlin, he said on a call from China.

      The sale will bring Air Berlin close to its debt target of about 500 million euros ($665 million) from 706 million euros at mid-year, he said. The carrier is reducing its fleet to 143 planes this year from 155 at the end of 2012. Air Berlin may tap equity markets to improve its finances once investors are convinced by the turnaround program, Huettmeyer said.

      Reaching a target of breaking even before interest and taxes for the full year has become more challenging as a hot summer in Germany depressed bookings in July and August, Chief Executive Officer Wolfgang Prock-Schauer said on the call from Berlin.

      “Due to the extreme weather there was a certain slowdown in passenger movements,” he said. Business in September and October may yet allow Air Berlin to meet its target with “encouraging” signs that bookings are picking up, he said.
      Etihad Partnership

      Air Berlin fell 2.1 percent to 2.1 euros as of 10:30 a.m. in Frankfurt. The stock has advanced 37 percent this year, valuing the airline at 245.7 million euros.

      The loss before interest and taxes narrowed to 8.1 million euro loss in the second quarter from 29.4 million euros in the same period a year earlier, the airline said today in a statement. Sales were little changed at 1.1 billion euros even after an 8 percent reduction in capacity.

  10. JATBEGMEL02:39

    It will be interesting to follow what service wise is to come from Air Serbia.

    Looking at the ways of EY, I wouldnt be surprised if the hiring criterium or a plus for new crew of Air Serbia will be an additional language spoken, such as German, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic etc for the destinations it serves. It is common to see this in the ME big 3 airlines (QR, EY and EK) with EK priding itself for example with crew from over 130 nationalities with a minimum of 6 and an average of 9 languages spoken on its flights.

    Catering changes I can see also follow, with warm sandwiches served on short flights, juices, water, tea and coffee, and a hot meal service for flights maybe over 1 and a half hours (ie: LHR, SVO, TLV, BEY, CAI, ATH...) as seen in the Middle East.

    On board product I see will be IFE screens on all new aircraft, safety video instead of the current manual demonstrations, blankets, headsets, possible amenities pouches for AUH flights. Gel soaps and creams in lavatories. Longer flights could see additional services of snack such as popcorn and ice cream and seen in EY. Etihad after all is a very service oriented airline and will try to improve Air Serbia's product to be more competitive to TK, LH and OS.

    Finally in BEG, T1 going to Air Serbia will be an interesting process to follow. The terminal is outdated and a make over very much needed. Expanding floor space will be needed, and I do see eventually immigration and arrivals seperated, btw even proposed by BEG as part of the reconstruction phases. A dedicated Air Serbia lounge could come to enhance J class pax experience.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX18:53

      break terminal 1 down and build state of the art facility

  11. Anonymous09:40

    Just to comment something on the "terrific" crews from friend is station supervisor for EK in MUC. Couple of years ago there were lots of German, Italian, Austrian, Dutch etc, Stewardesses. EK used to pay 2000$ plus benefits. Now they pay just barely over 1000$ and most stewardesses come Moldavia, Romania, Belarus etc. My friend told me that their english is not as good and the girls are not as friendly and professional as the old ones were. On the contrary after a while they become very arrogant. No wonder if you come from a village in TransnistriaXYZ without running water and then sleep worldwide in 5***** Hotels......

    1. JATBEGMEL17:32

      Not true. Within the top 10 nationalities in Emirates were British, Australian, Korean, Indian, Egyptian, Serbian, Lebanese, Filipino. Romanians in the company ranked towards 20. There are double the amount of ex-Yu crew compared to Romanians, lets not mention Moldova which is almost non exsistant in the company. There is also an extremely small number of Belarussians in the company. As well, many Germans come to EK to get work experience for easier employment in LH. Many do go to LH, some return back to EK. Btw, your friend, the station supervisor for EK in MUC, male or female? Recently there was a change. I know both.

      Second, pay in the UAE is in UAE Dirhams not in USD. Benefits are in UAE Dirhams. Benefits dont come cash in the bank account, rather all up to what is provided by the crew, which is by far MUCH higher than any other airline. From accomodation, to shuttles to and from work, hotel expenses. Crew recieves many benefits as Emirates employees such as free access to private hotel beaches in Dubai, as well as discounts in clubs, shops, restaurants, beauty parlours etc. Crew recieve alot of benefits at 5* hotels for private vaccations as well. Medical insurance is covered world wide whether on duty or on holiday. Sounds very horrible, doesnt it?

      EK crew must be able to complete and pass with high grades GCAA examinations and assesments in English only. EK crew must undertake an english fluency exam to determine their level of english as part of the hiring assesment process.

    2. Still, EK service level as decreased ever since the global financial crises. It is an airline which now has a very inconsistent service standards.

  12. Anonymous10:25

    This was my friend in MUC told me is absolutely true, I believe every word as there are 2 flights a day and lots of crew contact. Also that they send their old aircraft to destination like Nairobi or places in India. And that there is so much lost luggage that they use parts of an old hangar to store it! I flew MLA-LCA in May and the service was so, so....most of the crew were east European girls, that barely smiled. Sorry, there is no legendary service! Just the inflight entertainment was worth the mention.

  13. JATBEGMEL14:31

    sorry but that also isnt true. the old product (A332, A343) fly to many destinations such as CPT, DKR, KUL. i recently flew to DAC and it was a B773 which was almost new with the latest IFE system (so called 'iPad screens'). The A345 has the semi old product, but still has AVOD, to which the A332 doesnt. NBO recieves 1 A345 and 1 B773 daily. Indian flights also see many B773 flights as EK are slot restricted to India. India for EK is highly competative and tries to offer a better product compared with the competition. As for the service between MLA-LCA, it is the smallest of the services as being a short flight, not even a hot meal is served, but stll at least a tray is given, more than that offered at 95% of other european airlines.

    As for luggage, DXB has excellent baggage management with one of the lowest rates of lost luggage in the aviation industry, when comparing it to LHR, CDG, FCO etc. dnata doesnt only offer ground handling ex DXB but in many airports world wide such as MEL, SIN....


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