Adria launching new destinations

Adria to Warsaw, Prague and from Tirana to Frankfurt from March 30

Adria Airways has delivered good on its promise and will launch three new destinations next summer season. Starting March 30, 2014 the Slovenian nationals carrier will inaugurate services from Ljubljana to Prague. Flights will operate four times per week with the Bombardier CRJ200. A day later Adria will resume services to Warsaw after three years. The flights were suspended in 2011 as part of the carrier’s cost cutting measures. They will operate three times per week. Finally, On April 2 the airline will launch four weekly direct services from the Albanian capital Tirana to Frankfurt using the Airbus A319. As a result, the number of flights operating between Ljubljana and Tirana will increase from the existing ten weekly flights this summer to eleven weekly in 2014.

All of the abovementioned routes were announced by Adria’s CEO Mark Anžur early last month. The airline will launch flights from Tirana to Frankfurt as part of its strategy to put greater emphasis on emerging travel markets but also following the success of its base in Pristina. However, despite the addition of new destinations, Adria also plans to reduce frequencies on several routes. “We must reduce our frequencies on flights. Our strategy is to operate larger aircraft and fewer frequencies. This way we can offer cheaper prices”, Mr. Anžur recently said.

Meanwhile, the tender for the sale of Adria’s assets has come to an end. The airline is selling off its maintenance hangar at Ljubljana Airport, its apron, workshops, flight academy, simulator and office building. A total of three parties have put forward their bids with the airline to hold talks with all of those who have expressed interest. “Our goal is to sign the contracts as quickly as possible”, Adria said in a statement. China Southern Airlines has been rumoured to be interested in purchasing Adria’s flight school. However, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and Slovenian Air Traffic Control are also believed to have put forward their offers, causing some controversy as their bids could be interpreted as state aid since both are owned by the Slovenian government.


  1. Anonymous09:20

    Hahaha ring a bell? After Air Serbia announced PRG and WAW, JP has to follow....this is a joke. From which hub/spoke destinations do they intend to fill these flights? From the millions of pax flying between Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje and PRG and WAW?

    1. Anonymous11:11

      hmm, why would JP follow air serbia?!! WAW already was part of JP's network, and was suspended when cuts had to be made.also, both JP&LOT are a part of *alliance.i see you're proud about air serbia, which is great, but don't think everybody in the region will make the same decisons like them/follow their way.

  2. I believe that Warsaw will be launched due to Adria's Star Alliance partner LOT having a base there.
    With LOT terminating a great deal of high profile routes this year I really wonder where they will offer connections to? I just can not see this route working out, especially not with the aircraft they intend on using on the route.

    I am still puzzled by the fact that Adria has not considered introducing the Dash-8 into its fleet. It would be a perfect aircraft for them. If airBaltic can profitably operate a fleet of those then Adria can too.

    1. Anonymous10:22

      Agree about Q400.

  3. Anonymous09:48

    As ex-YU announced on its Facebook page, the first Air Serbia flight is now on sale!!

    As of 30 March 2014,
    Belgrade-Monastir, four times per week
    Airbus A319

    00:20-01:30 // 02:45-05:55


    Not bad at all.

    1. Anonymous10:08

      It is 188 € on Jat website.

    2. Anonymous10:10

      Well I check for 30 March, the inaugural flight. Maybe there are some cheaper options for later on.

    3. Anonymous11:20

      This times make no sense. Belgrade and Monastir are same time zone.

    4. No, Tunisia is an hour behind Central European Time for the past few years because Ramandan falls in the middle of summer.

  4. Anonymous10:09

    Is it Adria still around?
    Loosing and loosing again and again.
    It's paid by (poor) SLovenian's taxpayer money.
    It's the same year after year, again and again.

    How it's possible?
    Are Eu laws for public funds valid in some countries and not valid in others?
    How long is the transition period for "new" EU members 18-100 years???

    I' can't really get it.

    1. Anonymous12:49

      Don't be pathetic...

    2. Anonymous00:35

      @AnonymousSeptember 11, 2013 at 12:49 PM


      Anon 10.09 is just a sad looser who can't accept Slovenia is in the EU now, typical pathethic nationalist hater.

  5. Anonymous10:16

    What about winter season.
    Will you be alive next summer?
    Don't fead the parrasite"
    No simbiosis there.

    Ljubljana - Praga Czech airlines stopped the route it's not profitable in fact it's nothing.
    Ljubljana - Warsaw. Ok LOT is in the StarAlliance but airplanes are half and more empty (even if they are small) most of the time.E xcept in the summer season.

    With current management Adria with plans?
    Just throwing public money again and again.

    Tirana - Frankfurt with Slovenia taxpayers money. Is it allowed? The route it's giving income. "My ass" ... who is paying for starting it?

    1. Flights to PRG were full on ATR42 CSA operated 2 times per day, after that CCA operated with Saab 340 which was full too.

      Why CSA is not flying again? No aircraft available as they are in the middle of turn around plan, reducing fleet (no more ATR42), CCA ceased ops and that is when LJU flights stopped.

      WAW flights were full in the summer.

      And for the PRN/TIA - Adria CANT sell 135 pax per flt from LJU but it can out of PRN and TIA for sure. So PAX out of there are actually giving money in Adria / in Slovenia =)

      And Adria has reduces its losses a big time so pleas =) Can you wait with stupid comments at least till the next time Adria could need money ?! Hopefully that wont be needed and a new owner will be found.

    2. Anonymous11:25

      Out of PRN and TIA tickets were way cheaper than out of Ljubljana.
      Why is it this?
      That's was valid even for same day., some flight. Ljubljana - Frankfurt more expensive than Priština - Ljubljana - Frankfurt.

      How to explain to SLovenia taxpayers this?

      Remember Adria is still public Airline and must do the interests of people in SLovenia.
      Providing cost effective services in/out Solovenia.
      If you are private you can fly from Priština and whatsoever and wherever.

      But not with public founds!

      Please tell me the NET yearly income (PROFIT) for Adria's flights out of Priština. Small numbers just.

    3. Anonymous11:43

      1 oktober 2013 - 4 oktober 2013
      out Ljubljana 18.20
      out Brussels to Ljubljana 09.20
      both "less expensive" of the day

      round trip
      using SAME flights on the Ljubljana - Brussels route
      €368.92 Tirana - Ljubljana - Brussels
      €552.60 Ljubljana - Brussels

      HOw can it come?
      It's valid for Brussels and most other Adria's destinations.
      It's valid on most days
      Ex Tirana is cheaper than ex Ljubljana.
      SOmetimes tickets ex Tiurana and Priština are even more flexible and price always lower (unless thw 99, 109 eu it' out Ljubljana).

      Is it an never ending promo for Albania market?
      Nothing against Albania.

      Just to prove that money, interest out of Tirana is FAKE, prices are LOW to attract customers (?) and increase pax x flight (load).
      It's not about money income.
      It's faking the REAL situation.
      Same out Priština.

      See prices on Adria web page if you think It's a joke.

    4. Anonymous11:47

      round trip
      using SAME flights on the Ljubljana - Brussels route
      €292.95 Tirana - Ljubljana - Brussels (even the more expensive full rembursable ticket is cheaper)
      €552.60 Ljubljana - Brussels

    5. I do not have exact economical figures just load factors.

      Why PRN-FRA is cheaper than LJU-FRA
      because on the first A319 oeprates during summer with one frequency while from LJU last summer 2 CR9 and 2 CR2. So for more frequencies with smaller planes higher prices. This is though changing with this winter.
      For PRN-LJU-FRA I have found that too but it is not a rule, just coincidence as flights on LJUFRA were quite full while transit seats were still empty and that is why you get a good price.

      Without transit flights to the south Europe, there would be no Adria and well almost no flights ut of LJ for sure =)

      Adria is a stated owned though when Adria said it operated in public interested in the past (flts to WAW, KBP, MAD etc were oeprated becuase of different state companies and made loss most of the time) and other destinations too. Tell me, Adria last year oeprated to LTN and for thank you Ljubljana Airport found a new airline to operate on the same route - and the airport is state owned too. And tickets were really cheap to LTN with Adria so do not say this reason that Wizz is more good to public interest.
      And all transitions take time. You must admit Adria has done a lot in the past years.3 CRJ2 went away (one was owned and is now sold) - a hard job for most of operation based on CRJ2 fleet. Frequencies are going down to allow bigger planes to fill and for cheaper tickets. You can buy almost all flights for 120€ now - for spring/summer 2014!

      And to end, though it is state owned that does not mean what it can operate. Like I said, without PRN base, there would be one A319 on the ground becuase it cant be filled out of LJU atm for the whole summer, so you have a choice to make loss in LJU or to make profit out of PRN what would YOU choose?
      ANd again for the number, for at least 2 months flights in both direction were 100% full. With prices around 200€ and if you know the operation costs you can calculate the profits for that motnhs. While the other months around summer operate with smaller profits and autmn and spring might operate with smaller loss as all airlines on this kind of routes (and the same is from LJU) and in the winter there are huge profits again.

    6. All is supply-demand simple economics / monopoly =) For sure if you know something about economics, a company which has a monopoly would be stupid to offer the marginal prices.

    7. Anonymous12:15

      Sky you made some good points.

      Just one more

      LTN is a special case.
      Born and dead.
      Connection was tailored to the Olympic Games in London only.
      LTN is a dead end. Used mostly by charter airlines, cheaper than Heathrow and Gatwich. Not a good destinetion for connecting flight eater.

      Tickets paid to Adria from public money (!) for sportsman's, coaches, official (taxpayer paid) visitors from Slovenia, politicians, "strange" state offices delegations (of all kinds) and members of Olympic Com. of Slovenia
      were NOT paid and NOT bought as "cheap" tickets.
      They were overpaid I can swore on this.
      It was just a lump sum allowed to pay expensive flighs. Public money available -read approved- (sponsor anyone?) and take it.

    8. Anonymous12:22

      sponsor anyone?

      taxpayers money (:

  6. OT : Skopje Airpor - August ( 115.023 or 23,1 % +) Go strong SKP !!!

  7. Anonymous10:56

    @EXYU, what is your source, I would like to see the times etc...

    1. You can view the flight time for PRG here The rest will follow during the day. All the flights are in the system.

  8. JU520 BEGLAX11:16

    ADRIA Adds 3 Routes in Summer 2014
    Posted: 09 Sep 2013 11:20 PM PDT
    Update at 0620GMT 10SEP13

    ADRIA Airways in Summer 2014 is adding 3 routes, which includes service resumption to Prague and Warsaw. Planned schedule as follow.
    Ljubljana – Prague eff 30MAR14 4 weekly
    JP568 LJU1000 – 1120PRG CR2 1
    JP568 LJU1430 – 1550PRG CR2 7
    JP568 LJU1555 – 1715PRG CR2 5
    JP568 LJU1805 – 1925PRG CR2 3
    JP569 PRG1150 – 1305LJU CR2 1
    JP569 PRG1620 – 1735LJU CR2 7
    JP569 PRG1810 – 1925LJU CR2 5
    JP569 PRG2010 – 2125LJU CR2 3
    ADRIA last operated this route in August 1996
    Ljubljana – Warsaw eff 01APR14 3 weekly
    JP938 LJU0845 – 1030WAW CR2 23
    JP938 LJU1805 – 1950WAW CR2 4
    JP939 WAW1020 – 1200LJU CR2 23
    JP939 WAW2020 – 2200LJU CR2 4
    According to OAG, ADRIA last operated this route in September 2011
    Tirana – Frankfurt eff 02APR14 4 weekly
    JP792 TIA0615 – 0840FRA 319 34
    JP792 TIA1230 – 1455FRA 319 56
    JP793 FRA0925 – 1145TIA 319 5
    JP793 FRA0930 – 1150TIA 319 26
    JP793 FRA1545 – 1805TIA 319 3
    Ljubljana – Tirana sector will increase from 10 weekly in Summer 2013 to 11 weekly in Summer 2014

  9. Anonymous15:18

    The news are that LOT had to cancel its most profitable routes to get EU-aid(?).Thus not Belgrade.
    Most sense would make Zagreb to Warsaw.

    1. Anonymous16:06

      That's not news that is gossip that was published on

      For an airline to receive money it needs to cut loss making routes.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. OT : TAV MACEDONIA in negotiations with Al Italia for new rout Skopje - Roma (fiumicino)

    Say - Zoran Krstevski - TAV general menager in Macedonia

  12. Anonymous03:55

    Some people here really have no idea what they're talking about. What's up with this belief that flights out of PRN or TIA are not there to make money? The ticket prices show absolutely nothing. First of all those ticket prices quoted here are just anecdotal evidence. Looking at the whole price universe, the picture might be completely different. Also ticket prices are determined based on yield management, which depends on many factors and not just how many people fly a particular route. For example TIA-BRU is flown by two low cost carriers already. If JP is to get any passengers there, it has to have competitive prices. The same pressure might not exist on LJU-BRU flights. Prices don't necessarily reflect passenger demand. And for all I know, the only reason why LJU-BRU exists in the first place is because of the connecting passengers it gets from places like TIA and PRN.


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