B&H Airlines delays Belgrade launch

B&H Airlines reschedules Sarajevo - Belgrade flights for mid December

B&H Airlines has delayed the launch of its new Sarajevo - Belgrade service until mid December, the airline has said, though an exact date has not been specified. The four weekly service was originally to be inaugurated on December 2. However, on November 8, one of B&H Airlines’ ATR72 aircraft left for Monchengladbach in Germany where it will undergo maintenance. As a result, the airline has been forced to reduce its frequencies to Istanbul from daily to five per week and push back the launch date of it Belgrade service. The ATR72 is set to return to Sarajevo in the last few days of November.

Speaking to the “Aviokarta” portal, B&H Airlines’ Commercial Operations Manager, Emir Dervišević, says the airline is committed to launching its Belgrade flights. “We are still unure on the exact date services will be launched but they are expected after December 16”. Mr. Dervišević notes tickets for the route are still unavailable for booking due to the airline’s transition from Lufthansa’s reservation software to Resiber, which has been developed by Iberia. The testing of the new software is scheduled to be completed by December 1. The Bosnian national carrier plans to officially announce its new Belgrade route in the coming days.

B&H Airlines will initially operate four weekly flights on the route before increasing to daily next summer. The flights, which will operate with an early morning departure, replace Jat Airways’ morning service from Sarajevo. As a result, passengers will be able to transfer onto Air Serbia’s Western European departures. The Serbian carrier will place its own flight numbers on B&H Airlines’ service. “This project is crucial for us and we are not backing out because our morning flight will connect to almost ten of Air Serbia’s departures on all four days”, Mr. Dervišević says. Sarajevo and Belgrade will be connected with up to three daily flights next summer. The new service is set to further boost passenger numbers at Sarajevo Airport which has seen its busiest year’s since opening its doors 44 years ago.

Meanwhile, Zagreb Airport employees will stage industrial action today which will see the airport's closure from 10.00 until midnight. Here you can find out to where airlines will be rerouting their flights and how their operations will be affected.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    New routes to SPU for summer season:
    Estonian Air: TLL-SPU (2 weekly)
    Vueling: FCO-SPU (5 weekly)

    1. Anonymous09:52

      More and more bad news for Croatia Airlines... First they find out that they will compete with Etihad Regional to Rome and now they have to face Vueling's flights from Rome to Split. It has been a really bad week for the airline. I wonder if they will do something about it.
      Maybe the time is right to base on Dash-8 in Split and operate flights from there throughout the summer season. They could easily fly anywhere in the Balkans, Austria, Germany...

    2. Anonymous11:17

      Vueling: FCO-DBV 4 weekly seasonal

    3. Anonymous11:52

      Easy jet is also flying from Split and Dubrovnik to Rome but just in peak season so Croatia airlines wasn't affected so much by their flights. There are many passengers flying on this route so I think there is enough space for Vueling also.

  2. 9A-CRO11:35

    What are you talking about? Rome is one of the most expensive and one of the least profitable route in Croatia Airlines schedule...

    Even in summer time it barely covers it expenses... Most of the people think when it's about "big time" city like Rome, Paris, etc etc., the line has to be HUGE profit... It's not, trust me I've seen figures.

    1. Anonymous12:14

      Maybe that is part of the problem, for 50 minutes flight price is way too expensive with OU. And on the other side from ZAG they make technical stop in either SPU or DBV which is costly, time consuming and unattractive to passengers. Don't forget there are also frequent ferry links from Split to Ancona...
      I personally know dozens of people who travel regularly between Split and Rome using ferry+train link...

    2. Didn't Kucko say yesterday that FCO-ZAG is very important and profitable for OU when asked about Etihad Regional. I know I read it somewhere. I'm sure FCO-SPU should be similar for them as well.

    3. 9A-CRO14:18

      Rome is important 'cause of connectivity, but is it profitable? Not so much.

      Da Vinci airport is one of the most expensive one in Europe (fares, landing prices, etc.) so it's harder to offer lower prices.

      I've been in aviation business for 4 decades and sometimes you have to fly some lines just to keep them going, you wouldn't believe how many italians like to fly with Croatia Airlines.

    4. Anonymous14:47


      Actually you are wrong. If we look at the average price in € per kilometer, Rome Fiumicino ranks only 14th.

      Top 5 are:

      1. Zurich
      2. Helsinki
      3. Heathrow
      4. Prague
      5. Vienna

      11. Barcelona
      12. CDG
      13. Amsterdam
      14. Rome
      15. Warsaw

      Rome FCO is considered as an averagely expensive airport. Also, I do not see what connectivity you are talking about. FCO is a Sky Team base so OU is not feeding anyone there while I doubt many people connect to OU's flight to Rome due to the horrible stops in between. I think this flight relies solely on O&D.

  3. Anonymous11:54

    OT: Dublin - Pula from April 19th, 2 weekly by Aerlingus

  4. Anonymous12:13

    Are you the same Croats crying about the article of Zagreb strike being removed?
    It was to prevent off-topics you seem to love and care about very much as you show today

    1. Anonymous19:30

      at least we dont jerk off to our national carrier like you do

    2. Anonymous19:34

      You would if there was something you could jerk off to? But you do try to when mentioning how it's the carrier with most passengers in ex-YU.

    3. Lol @anon 7:30.
      I am an aviation enthousiast, but not in the way you describe it.

      Besides Im not sure whether BH Airlines justifies some 'jerking off.'

      Or did you immediately think I am a Serb?

      I feel sorry for our region as a whole and hope one day we will get out of this nationalist grip

  5. GVA_Cointrin16:01

    Ryanair launches 2x weekly Osijek and Podgorica from April 2014.

    1. Anonymous16:24

      From where?

    2. Anonymous16:33

      I guess it's from Geneva.

    3. GVA_Cointrin17:01

      LOL, forgot to add where from.
      London Stansted.

  6. Anonymous16:22

    BH Airlines needs one more aircraft.
    A318 would be very good option for them.
    The company would serve their routes to Copenhagen and Istanbul more properly.
    Also, the company would relax on the number of employees per one aircraft.
    If they bought the plane and employed 10 more workers they would have 40 employees per plane. That's better than 55.

    1. Anonymous16:54

      Well,Air Serbia could sell them one or two of their 737-300.They are in still good condition and would be not expensive.

    2. Eight01:09

      How can they base the entire business operations on flights to Copenhagen Zurich and Istanbul, the latter one with heavy competition from Turkish Airlines and Pegasus??? Can actually have the viable airline in Sarajevo, based on three or four (hopefully profitable) destinations? Can flights to IST and CPH remain competitive when flown by a turboprop?
      Would it be possible to have ATR-s for regional connections where the interest does exist and perhaps cooperate with JU for more distant destinations. (I gave JU just as an example... OU/JP/YM... whatever)

      I know I have only questions but BH Airlines is a mystery to me. They sometimes fly, sometimes not, destinations are limited but they keep on going.

  7. Anonymous16:28

    Two weekly from Osijek and Podgorica, where to?

  8. Anonymous16:33


    1. Anonymous18:27


      Ryanair is seriously expanding from STN, they are going to fly to Lisbon (which they never have), Basel, Prague,... and now Coming back to OSI and connecting Podgorica with STN.

      Greeting from London

    2. Anonymous01:09

      With all the Portuguese working in London thee days it was a natural move.
      I hope they start flying to Tivat, at least during the peak season.
      Will they Podgorica service 'Budva North' ?

  9. Anonymous18:15

    Was there any progress as far as the strike is concerned?

  10. Anonymous18:27

    According to BH FB announcement, flights commence on Dec 16. DEP from SJJ 6 am, DEP from BEG 8.15 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151709252390388&l=dad1b682a7


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