Sarajevo breaks all time passenger record

Sarajevo Airport's busiest year

Sarajevo Airport has reached a new milestone as it broke its all time record last weekend by handling the most passengers since it opened its doors in 1969. On Saturday November 9, the airport welcomed its 600.000th passenger of 2013, marking its busiest year to date. Its previous record was set in 2011 when it handled 599.978 travellers for the entire year. The airport says it has seen a big surge in passenger numbers primarily due to an increase in the number of flights being operated to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. Only in the first nine days of November did the airport see 15.568 passengers pass through its doors. Sarajevo Airport ended 2012 as the tenth busiest in the former Yugoslavia by handling 580.058 passengers.

The impressive growth raises questions about the airport’s facilities and whether it is time to reconsider the expansion of the terminal building. Last year Sarajevo Airport cancelled a planned 32 million euro expansion despite securing a 25 million euro loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the purpose of expanding the terminal by 7.000 square metres, building a new apron and overhauling existing jetways. While the airport is still functioning effectively, capacity constraints are beginning to emerge at peak hours with security and duty free facilities in need of expansion. The current terminal building was overhauled and refurbished in the early 2000s. In 2005 Sarajevo Airport was named the best European airport to handle up to one million passengers.

Meanwhile, Moskovia Airlines, which will launch the first scheduled air link between the Russian capital and Sarajevo this December, has begun ticket sales for the route. The airline says it is initially relying on Russian tourists visiting the Jahorina ski resort this winter to use the new service. “This timetable suits both tourists and businesspeople”, the airline said in a statement. Moskovia Airlines will operate the new service with its Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. Flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous09:23

    Wonderful news! :)

  2. Anonymous09:49

    So which airline has been the most responsible for this impressive growth?

    1. I am assuming Turkish and Pegasus. Due to many frequencies and good connectivity, many Bosnians use TK even for the US flights.

  3. Anonymous10:12

    B&H Airlines, hahahahahahahaha!

  4. Anonymous10:31


    Does anyone know why there was a flight from Vilnius operated by Air Lituanica in Belgrade today?

    1. Anonymous11:54

      Because of Lithuanian basketball club "Lietuvos rytas" that is gonna play against Zvezda tomorrow In Euroleague ;)

  5. JU520 BEGLAX10:57

    Bravo Sarajevo. Congratulations. btw all time record, means thwy even had more than in 84 the year of Vucko?

    btw good luck tmrw against Argentina. We will be with you!

    1. Anonymous11:00

      They actually handled just under 300000 pax during the Olympics

  6. Anonymous13:06

    This is great news but the fact remains that SJJ is still monpolized by Star Alliance. Thus I was wondering about this:
    - How far is wizzair with starting routes to/from Sarajevo?
    - Why in the world is AirBerlin still ignoring these growth numbers and let Lufthansa/Star Alliance take almost all the profit???

    Does anyone know?

  7. JU520 BEGLAX15:08

    300 000 during Olympics or during entire 1984?

    1. Anonymous15:23

      284000 to be exact. I was surprised as well.

    2. JU520 BEGLAX17:37

      someone can trace ac activities fm that time? 284000 in roughly 2 weeks is huge for SJJ

    3. Anonymous19:49

      I meant 284000 for the whole of 1984. I guess the majority of pax went through BEG and ZAG

    4. JU520 BEGLAX23:36

      aha ok than thats diff story. tx anyway
      long live Vucko and the bosnian soccer team :-)
      pozzzz is zrh

  8. Milanese17:08

    Operated with Sukhoi Superjets...
    Thats cool!
    A rare bird also.
    Despite the initial problems that ac seems to do well by passengers and pilots.
    Interjet has ordered a lot of them and are very satisfied.
    I wouldnt be surprised seeing people from Serbia and Croatia flying the route to get the experience!
    The interior i think is from Pininfarina.

  9. This is excellent news. It is interesting how a year after JA and TK adventure came to an end, the results of SJJ improve. It just goes to show that no one was doing well out of that deal and there are no victims as such.

    Now, what is missing are the growth figures month-on-month and year-on-year to date to get a clearer picture of the growth and, most importantly, who is pushing this growth. Particular airlines, new routes or same airlines (TK) and same routes (IST).

  10. Anonymous13:04

    What was Sarajevo's old ICAO code from the YU days?


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