Skopje and Zagreb return to growth

Skopje and Zagreb rebound as Dubrovnik and Split struggle

The airports in both Skopje and Zagreb have recorded passenger growth last month following a lacklustre start to the year. During February, Skopje Alexander the Great Airport welcomed 65.223 passengers through its doors, an impressive increase of 20.4% on the same month last year. The strong growth comes on the back of a disappointing January when the airport saw numbers decrease by 1.4%. The fall in numbers came as a result of poor weather conditions which forced the airport to shut down on several occasions. The February growth has been primarily driven by Wizz Air, which is the country’s busiest airline and has significantly increased its operations compared to the same period last year. The low cost airline is expected to fuel significant growth at the airport in the coming months. Overall, Skopje Airport has welcomed 127.585 passengers so far this year, up 8.5%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN62.362 1.4

Zagreb Airport has also seen its numbers improve this February. Croatia’s busiest airport handled 128.410 passengers, up a modest 1.3%. However, the increase came despite a fall in the number of operated flights. Zagreb Airport recorded 2.498 flight operations, which is 132 fewer than last year, or down by 5%. This in turn means there were more passengers on flights operating in and out of the city last month. Zagreb Airport’s growth is being led by foreign carriers while Croatia Airlines’ network reductions are still dragging figures down. In the first two months Zagreb has handled 264.168 travellers, a reduction of 0.7%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN135.758 2.6

Over on the Croatian coast, numbers took a dip for a third consecutive month. Dubrovnik Airport handled 14.423 passengers in February, down 9.6% compared to last year. Yet again, the main culprit for the downward trend was Croatia Airlines which has significantly reduced operations out of the city this winter. In the first two months of the year, Dubrovnik has seen it figures slide 15.7%. Split Airport’s numbers were down by 4.4% as it welcomed 21.530 passengers through its doors. So far this year Split has recorded 47.574 travellers pass through the airport, down 4.3%.


  1. Anonymous09:18

    Still early but that 8% growth target for zagreb (or whatever it was) is not looking too promising.

    1. Purger10:29

      But it is
      1. Croatia Airlines start to cut routes, frequencies and capacity from March, so February last year was still very good month. Not like rest of the year.

      2. There will be new routes:
      - KLM Amsterdam
      - Germanwings Hamburg
      - Trade Air Rijeka
      - Air Croatia Gothenburg
      - Air Croatia Stockholm-Split
      - Alitalia Rome

      3. There will be more frequencies on some routes than last year
      - Turkish Istanbul
      - Trade Air Osijek
      - Croatia Split
      - Croatia Dubrovnik
      - Croatia Brussels

      4. There would be much more charters from
      - Japan
      - Korea
      - Antalya
      - Tel Aviv
      - Monastir

    2. Anonymous16:30

      @AnonymousMarch 7, 2014 at 9:18 AM

      Actually airport is on target for 8% growth, February numbers were surprising to say the least considering OU has cut its operations by 50% and a third of fleet is parked outside all day long. March will be about the same as February is there'll be any growth, most of the traffic is being picked up by foreign carriers which are intensifying their operations out of Zagreb.

      This year will see the return of:

      Czech Air

      Arrival of Air Croatia,

      OU returning to its full operational schedule from June onwards and Easy Jet, plans to intensify its operations out of Zagreb, on top of that French, British, Norwegian, Turkish and German wings plan to intensify their own operations out of Zagreb.

      8% growth is a bare minimum Zagreb will grow this year, 10-12% very likely pass April.

      Next year will see arrival of:

      Brussels Air
      Iberia going full on service
      TAP going on full service
      Air Canada
      Vueling going full year round service
      Wizzair - potential for return with Dortmund flights

      So things look spectacular for Zagreb in 2015 and 2016 when new terminal opens.

      Right now things are still bit calm, before the storm.

    3. Anonymous18:12

      Spectacular indeed :-)

    4. Anonymous21:33

      Cuj rista ajd ne pretjwruj. Bokte vec si i bogu dosadan sa tim ultraoptimisticnim procjenama. CSA se nebu desil ove godine osim kao subkontraktor za Air Croatiu. Jos manje bumo gledali LOT ove godine. Kaj pokusavas postic sa takvim postovima? Pa bem mu bigulicu s tim nisi nist drugaciji nek ovi vjernici Air Serbie. Daj ohladi malo. Jednostavno me tera na sekret kad citam ovakve vezvezbe nerealnosti. Sa tvoje i druge strane.

    5. I have serious doubts that ZAG will have 8% growth this year.

      2.300.000 x 1.08 = 2.484.000

      That means, to achieve 8% growth, Zagreb needs to have an additional 184.000 passengers in 2014 compared to 2013.

      Right now, we are two months into 2014 and ZAG is down around 2.000 compared to last year. This means that in the remaining 10 months, Zagreb must increase ~185.000.

      I wouldn't put my faith in new routes right now. Germans wings is twice weekly CRJ, and the whole Air Croatia thing is only once per week. KLM and Alitalia seem the most promising for now, but those two will have to share passengers with Croatia Airlines, so Croatia Airlines' numbers will fall.

      On the topic of new airlines at ZAG, I agree with anon at 9:33. The person who keeps posting crazy fantasies such as Air Canada flying to Zagreb needs to take his medications. I guarantee that Air Canada will not fly to Zageb, even seasonally, before they fly to Vienna, Budapest, or even Bucharest.

    6. Anonymous23:02

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    7. Anonymous00:14

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  2. Anonymous09:25

    I don't mean to be picky ( I cant help it, lol) but you've given SKP one extra passenger so far this year.

    "Skopje “Alexander the Great” airport has continued with passenger growth and has managed to handle 127.585 passengers in the first two months of the year, representing an increase of 8.6% on the results from 2013. In February, Macedonia’s capital airport welcomed 65.223 passengers through its doors, representing an impressive increase of 20.2% compared to the same month last year. The number of flight operations in February totalled 799, which is 49 arrivals and departures more than last year, or an increase of 6.5%."

  3. Anonymous09:45

    Busiest destinations from Skopje 2013

    Total: 984,407

    1. Istanbul 184,696
    2. Vienna 104,960
    3. Zurich 91,338
    4. London 63,423
    5. Malmo 53,310
    6. Ljubljana 53,020
    7. Basel 48,046
    8. Zagreb 47,072
    9. Belgrade 44,829
    10. Dortmund 34,510
    11. Eindhoven 31,616
    12. Munich 31,418
    13. Dusseldorf 30,459
    14. Milan 29,676
    15. Venice 28,654
    16. Dubai 25,056
    17. Stockholm 19,492
    18. Goteborg 18,604
    19. Rome 12,730
    OTHERS 31,498

    That took forever to type now i gotta do airlines...

    1. Anonymous16:49

      where did you get these numbers ?

      looking for Zagreb and other Croatian Airports.

    2. Anonymous22:35

      Sorry no info for CRO, these guys just do marketing for SKP.

  4. Anonymous10:07

    By airline...

    1. Wizz Air 358,003
    2. Turkish 127,855
    3. Austrian 104,995
    4. Pegasus 57,075
    5. Adria 53,207
    6. Croatia 47,098
    7. Air Serbia 44,715
    8. Edelweiss 42,106
    9. Helvetic 35,250
    10. Germania 26,583
    11. FlyDubai 25,049
    12. Belair 14,050
    13. Belle Air 12,643
    OTHERS 35,778

    1. Anonymous10:15

      I think it's reasonable to believe that Air Serbia will be #4 in Skopje this year, beating Pegasus.

    2. Anonymous11:01

      Depends how low they go with prices...

    3. If I remember correctly, last month Air Serbia had about 70 passengers, or so, to Skopje. Quite a few passengers are flying between Belgrade and Pristina. I guess it's easier to fly than to take the road.

      What surprised me was that the ration of connecting passengers and O&D is more or less equal. I always expected this route to be heavy with connecting passengers.

      Another thing we should congratulate Skopje on is that TAV's flight documents are one of the best within Air Serbia's network, alongside Zurich. The worst is Paris.

  5. Liski13:31

    Anyone know why exactly JU arrives at 1am into SKP? I'm waiting to try JU for the first time since 1990 from SAW via BEG after SYD via IST and find the SKP arrival time shocking.

    1. JATBEGMEL18:18

      This should be the second daily flight to SKP.

      Currently it is 1 daily following the below schedule:

      JU162 BEG 1345 SKP 1440 B733 daily
      JU163 SKP 1520 BEG 1615 B733 daily

      The second daily will be:

      JU166 BEG 0025 SKP 0125 A319 daily
      JU167 SKP 0435 BEG 0535 A319 daily

      The second flight from SKP, JU167 will allow pax to transfer ex BEG in the morning peak time, hence the 3 hour turn around time in SKP.

  6. Air Serbia Extends Boeing 737-300 Service to late-April 2014
    by JL

    Update at 0840GMT 07MAR14

    Air Serbia has extended its Boeing 737-300 operation in its recent schedule update, which sees last flight currently scheduled on 28APR14. Planned Boeing 737-300 service for the month of April 2014 as follow.

    Belgrade – Amsterdam 3 weekly (6 weekly until 09APR14). Last flight 28APR14
    JU360 BEG0630 – 0900AMS 733 124
    JU361 AMS1005 – 1220BEG 733 124

    Belgrade – Brussels 1 weekly. Last flight on 08APR14
    JU300 BEG0645 – 0905BRU 733 2
    JU301 BRU1025 – 1230BEG 733 2

    Belgrade – Copenhagen 3 weekly (5 weekly until 05APR14). Last flight 27APR14
    JU404 BEG1755 – 2010CPH 733 357
    JU405 CPH2055 – 2255BEG 733 357

    Belgrade – Larnaca 1 daily. Last flight 28APR14
    JU506 BEG0005 – 0330LCA 733 D
    JU507 LCA0410 – 0550BEG 733 D

    Belgrade – London Heathrow 1 weekly. Last flight 26APR14
    JU208 BEG1500 – 1700LHR 733 6
    JU209 LHR1805 – 2145BEG 733 6

    Belgrade – Milan Malpensa One-off service on 14APR14
    JU540 BEG0700 – 0845MXP 733 1
    JU541 MXP0930 – 1110BEG 733 1

    Belgrade – Moscow Sheremetyevo 4 weekly. Last flight 08APR14 (09APR14 from SVO)
    JU656 BEG2340 – 0425+1SVO 733 x135
    JU657 SVO0520 – 0620BEG 733 x246

    Belgrade – Skopje 6 weekly. Last flight 28APR14
    JU162 BEG1345 – 1440SKP 733 x6
    JU163 SKP1520 – 1615BEG 733 x6

    Belgrade – Stockholm 1 daily. Last flight 28APR14
    JU410 BEG0635 – 0915ARN 733 x124
    JU414 BEG1700 – 1940ARN 733 124

    JU411 ARN1000 – 1235BEG 733 x124
    JU415 ARN2025 – 2300BEG 733 124

    Belgrade – Tel Aviv 1 daily. Last flight 09APR14
    JU810 BEG0740 – 1125TLV 733 357
    JU812 BEG1355 – 1740TLV 733 x357

    JU811 TLV1345 – 1545BEG 733 357
    JU813 TLV1920 – 2125BEG 733 357

    Belgrade – Zurich 1 weekly. Last flight 07APR14
    JU370 BEG0720 – 0910ZRH 733 1
    JU371 ZRH0955 – 1130BEG 733 1

    Based on current schedule listing, Air Serbia’s last Boeing 737-300 scheduled service is now scheduled on 28APR14, Stockholm to Belgrade JU415 service. Planned Boeing 737-300 operational routes, days, effective dates, and planned last flight, remain subject to change.


    1. Anonymous21:37

      Oooo... it will be here for some times... trust me 737 will not stop flying regular flughts till end of the summer. You will see

  7. Tunis Air
    Following planned new charter route cancelled:
    Djerba – Belgrade 17JUN14 – 23SEP14 1 weekly 737-600

  8. Anonymous18:30

    OT: Tunir Air charters:
    Djerba – Ljubljana 27MAY14 – 21OCT14 1 weekly A320
    Monastir – Ljubljana 23APR14 – 22OCT14 1 weekly A320 (2 weekly 11JUN14 – 17SEP14)

  9. Anonymous23:56

    OT: Tuzla in January 8276 pax! FANTASTIC RESULT!


  10. Anonymous01:43

    Seems that the A319 JAT order issue has been solved:

    Mandala, Air Serbia Cancel 33 A320 Family Aircraft
    Posted by Brian Bostick 8:27 PM on Mar 07, 2014

    Airbus' February orders and deliveries report reveals that Mandala Airlines and Air Serbia have cancelled a combined 33 A320 family aircraft.

    Mandala Airlines, now known as Tigerair Mandala, placed an order for 25 A320s plus five options in June 2007. None were ever delivered and the order was cancelled last month.

    Air Serbia cancelled eight A319s originally ordered by JAT in August 1998. As with the Mandala order, none were delivered. However, this order has already been made up with Etihad Airways' order for 10 A320neos in November 2013. Those aircraft are due to be operated by Air Serbia.

    Airbus' report also reveals that Intrepid Aviation Group switched its last A330-200F on order to the passenger variant, bringing the A330-200F backlog down to 13 units. However, three of those orders are in doubt as they were placed by MNG Airlines in 2007 and 2009 but have yet to be delivered. This leaves the A330-200F's theoretical backlog at just 10 aircraft. Compare this to the 44 767Fs, 45 777Fs and 22 747Fs that remain to be delivered according to Aviation Week Intelligence Network's Fleet database.

    Lastly, Republic Airways Holdings switched its 20 A319neos and 60 A320neos on order to Frontier Airlines. In the process, two of the A319s were switched to the larger A320 model.


    1. Makes sense. Why would Airbus push for the A319 order when it could endanger any future cooperation they might have with Air Serbia, that is Etihad.

  11. Anonymous13:54

    So, Jat's unfortunate order has been settled finally, however Airbus records do not show any A320 on order for Air Serbia. Either there is still no agreement or pre-agreement, or this metal will be leased from Etihad.

    1. Anonymous14:12

      The order was always made by Etihad and they said the amount of aircraft they would allocate to each partner airline

    2. The aircraft will be leased to Air Serbia from Etihad.


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