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Adria's summer

The 2014 summer season is around the corner and is due to begin on March 30. Adria Airways will be making some changes to its network. Notably, the Slovenian carrier will introduce several new routes from Ljubljana which include Prague and Warsaw. The airline will also resume flights to London on a seasonal basis. Regular seasonal services to Manchester and Tel Aviv will also be resuming this coming summer. Despite being granted permits to operate flights to the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Adria won’t exercise those rights for now. In line with its new business strategy, the Slovenian carrier will be cutting down on frequencies but will deploy larger aircraft on select routes.

Adria will cut one of its three daily services to Munich. On the other hand, it will introduce six weekly flights from the German city to Łódź in Poland. Cuts in frequencies will also be made on flights from Ljubljana to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Pristina and Skopje while flights to Belgrade, which were suspended in February, will not resume this summer. Alternatively, services to Podgorica and Tirana will be boosted. In spite of being awarded rights to operate former Air Dolomiti routes from Verona and earlier plans to open up a base in Klagenfurt in Austria, those will not materialise this summer. However, Adria will launch direct flights from Tirana to Frankfurt, four times per week, starting April 2. Out of Pristina, the airline will maintain a similar network to that of last year despite Belle Air Europe’s demise which has opened up the playing field for competitors.

Adria will put up a strong charter network this summer with flights from Ljubljana to points in Greece (Heraklion, Rhodes, Kos, Santorini, Karpathos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Skiathos, Samos, Lesbos and Lefkada/Preveza), Spain (Palma de Mallorca), Turkey (Antalya) and Egypt (Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada).

Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to the Adria Airways network this summer when compared to last year. The information is subject to change. The 2014 summer season runs until October 26. EX-YU Aviation News will be bringing you summer season changes for each national carrier in the former Yugoslavia over the month.

Departing Ljubljana

DestinationFrequency S13Frequency S14ChangeNotes
Łódź06 6 via Munich
London-Gatwick02 2 starts MAY17
ends SEP24
Manchester22- starts MAY31
ends SEP13
Podgorica35 2-
Prague04 4-
Tel Aviv22-starts JUN02
Tirana1012 2-
Warsaw03 3-

Departing Pristina

DestinationFrequency S13Frequency S14ChangeNotes
Ljubljana76 1-
Munich54 1-


  1. Anonymous11:14

    Why no routes to south-western Europe? I'm pretty sure people would fly to Spain.

    1. Anonymous18:25

      From Slovenia
      We are all flying to Kosovo -military of Slovenia- for the money: EULEX till is lasting, in 6 months there more money than in 2.5 years at "home" in Slovenia, no risk)).

  2. JU520 BEGLAX11:18

    Barcelona was doing fine but with the crisis there was less travel also due to expensive tickets. LJU BCN return was lowest 290 eur. People cld travel for less fm VCE. I think once situation goes up again and JP survives, BCN flts could come back

  3. Anonymous11:49

    Wow down to just 3 p/w to AMS. Use to be daily a few years ago. Poor.

    1. Anonymous18:27

      3 x week but still loosing money.
      Just keeping the connection for what?

  4. Are these destinations/frequencies being cut as a result of the CRJ-200 retirement?

    1. yes...
      A319 is now planned thru whole season 1/w to AMS, CDG, 2/w to BRU... I think there will be more tickets for 139 now available on those flts. Or even lower prices if new category will be put in.

    2. Thanks.
      So are they planning on phasing out all of the CRJ-200?

    3. Anonymous17:17

      For now stay just 2 and till 2016 will phase out all. All CRJ2 will be replaced with CRJ900.

  5. Anonymous17:20

    all current CRJ9 will be refitted to 88/90 seat and A319 from 135 to 144.

  6. Anonymous18:35

    Where is the Verona base?

    1. Anonymous19:33

      "In spite of being awarded rights to operate former Air Dolomiti routes from Verona and earlier plans to open up a base in Klagenfurt in Austria, those will not materialise this summer."


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