Germanwings sees low Sarajevo demand

Germanwings’ Berlin flights off to a bumpy start

Germanwings has warned of poor ticket sales on its newly launched service from Berlin to Sarajevo. The airline inaugurated flights from the German capital to Sarajevo this Tuesday but has already advised it could cancel the service soon, indicating poor advanced ticket sales. The airline recently informed the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Germany that demand for the new route has been poor and flights could be cancelled during the initial trial period. The Lufthansa subsidiary called on authorities in Bosnia for assistance. Germanwings will operate flights from Berlin to the Bosnian capital every Tuesday and Thursday morning with a 150-seat Airbus A319.

Since the request, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina has informed the country’s Foreign Trade Chamber to promote the new service to its business partners. Germanwings already has a notable presence at Sarajevo Airport, with flights from Cologne and Stuttgart as well. With no direct or indirect competition on these routes, the hybrid low cost/full fare airline has been performing well on its Sarajevo flights. However, as of late, there have been increasing suggestions the airline could face off against Wizz Air, which is believed to be close to announcing services from the Bosnian capital. Wizz Air’s arrival to Sarajevo has been tipped for several months now and its recent announcement to downscale operations from Belgrade could see it push for flights from Sarajevo sooner rather than later. It has been suggested the airline will launch several routes out of the Bosnian capital as early as this winter.

Sarajevo Airport is currently served by only one low cost airline, Pegasus, and two hybrid low cost/full fare carriers - Germanwings and Norwegian Air Shuttle. However, Bosnia’s busiest airport has aspirations to attract more no frills airlines and passengers alike. The airport is in the planning stages of opening a low cost terminal. The building is presently being used by the airport’s management, which will move to its new headquarters by the end of the month and, as a result, vacate facilities for low cost airlines.


  1. Anonymous10:20

    Off topic:

    Tomorrow, April 19th, Belgrade airport is set to welcome its one millionth passengers, a month earlier than last year.

    The airport expects around 350.000 passengers in April which should represent growth of 40%.
    Furthermore the airport will open a new gate, C7, which will be located in the C5 C6 area. This is very good news since the A4a and A4b are definitely not enough. Even with this C7 gate they will need additional two gates, at least!

    Really good times ahead for Serbian aviation. It's good to see that the airport is doing something to cope with this increase in passengers.
    They absolutely must hire more people to work in the servicing of aircraft. It's madness during peak times. Not to mention that it's Air Serbia which suffers since foreign flights serviced by BEG get priority in almost everything.

    I guess Belgrade will have around 4.5 million passengers this year.

    1. Anonymous10:30

      It is very impressive. But you should know that Jat had disaster last winter with lot of cancellations and capacity cuts. As results for last year spring and summer was much better, and with Wizzair to cut 50% of capacity from May, for sure results would not be so impressed latter this year.

    2. I disagree. Wizz Air is cutting routes, not withdrawing from Belgrade. That's probably around 10.000 passengers per month, maybe 15.000 to 20.000 during the summer months. With Air Serbia's impressive growth, coupled with other airlines adding flights, these numbers will be more than compensated for.

      I like the idea of this C7 gate, I guess there will be stairs on the side from where passengers will board the bus. It will be also interesting to see if all these charter airlines will use airbridges or if some of them will be parked at remote stands (C7-C10 or at the B platform).

    3. Anonymous10:49

      This year BEG will see considerable growth in each month and regardless of Wizz's operations. But they will not be able to maintain high growth next year unless something serious, and I mean serious is done with facilities and service capacity.

    4. Anonymous10:52

      I said: "Wizzair to cut 50% of capacity from May" not that they will withdraw from BEG. And that is 200.000 pax less in 2014.

      And also, I said: “It is very impressive. ... for sure results would not be so impressed latter this year."

      So, they will be impressive but not so mach as it was in first 4 months. 4,5 million will not happen. And now, why you have this need to fight on every word and take it out of context?

    5. I am not arguing, I am pointing out some things to you.
      Your argument would stand if nothing changed from last year's summer season. Since that time, it was not only Air Serbia that added a large number of frequencies but it was also foreign carriers which have stepped up and increased their own flights to Belgrade. The truth is that Wizz Air is cutting their presence in Belgrade but these cuts are being compensated for by foreign carriers.

      easyJet is wasting no time and they have been rather aggressive with their expansion in Belgrade. This summer they will operate 7 additional weekly frequencies and two new destinations. Let's also not forget other foreign carriers such as Swiss, Turkish Airlines, Qatar, Lot... all of which have extra flights now.

      On top of all this, we have Air Serbia which should launch the summer season with 20+ aircraft.
      The loss of Wizz Air's 14 weekly frequencies will be hardly felt. That's why I am confident that eventually numbers will keep on rising. Even the two routes which were suspended, Brussels and Oslo, are not left unserved.

    6. Anonymous13:08

      In the meanwhile in ZAG...

    7. Anonymous13:25

      Wait a few months and you will see what will be in Zagreb... that's when we will see true growth, not this thing in Belgrade.

    8. Anonymous14:00

      Of course there is no growth in Zagreb now, there will be when the new terminal opens. Look at Skopje, when they opened it their numbers grew by 20%. Same thing will happen in Zagreb especially since the city is much richer than Belgrade and has many high profile companies, its the richest capitol in ex-yu.

    9. Anonymous14:29

      Nemjee just stop posting, you are embarrassing yourself as always.

    10. Anonymous14:50

      I dont see that his embarrassing himself. He gives arguments with his comments, unlike many other posters.

    11. Anonymous14:53

      @Anon 2.00PM

      What does a new terminal have to do with pax growth? Will the people in Zagreb suddenly start travelling by plane more because of it? Zagreb doesn't have any instruments to initiate growth. Domestic market is shrinking and its flag carrier is faltering. So, how will it grow then?

    12. Anonymous14:58

      Do you think that the new terminal immediately thus increasing the number of passengers, what you're talking about, the increase in Skopje is due Wizz and increasing frequency, ZAG airport can not be compared with BEG airport, but tomorrow we get millionth passenger and you have approximately 550 thousand, nearly 500 thousand differences after 4 months, what do you think what will be the difference at the end of the year if continue this growth to BEG airport,pozdrav za sve

    13. Anonymous15:07

      Haha you do not understand so let me explain to you. There are airlines with who management is negotiating now. Capcity is the issue in Zagreb. When capacity is increased and improved these airline will be able to fly. Belgrade sees growth now because the tickets are cheap and it is not possible for much longer. When reality hits you Serbs you will stop at 3.9 million passengers which will be this year.
      On the other hand many new airline are coming into Zagreb when the managment allows them and makes a deal.

    14. Anonymous15:26

      Jezusmarija, hoce li vam i jednima i drugima ikada dosaditi da budete kreteni...

    15. Today is a holiday in both Croatia and Serbia. It would be nice that for once you could avoid this childish discussion, at least today.

    16. Anonymous15:41

      @3:07PM - You do understand that tickets are not cheap at all for transit passengers, which are aimed to be the main customers?

      PS: According to your logic, IST should have long ago stagnated at 10 million pax while ZAG should be at least not seeing a decrease in pax numbers, while the last news we got was of a new airline cutting services to Zagreb. So see where you're at.

    17. I do not understand most of you people, obsessed with hatred and nationalism. You might live in the past but do not force us to read your frustrations.

      So back on topic, or better off topic...
      The growth rate of BEG is outstanding, especially because it will reach 40% growth in April. It is partially because of bad April 2013, but nonetheless it is a great result.

      In my opinion, expansion of BEG airport is going to be next big thing for EX-YU aviation. BEG will have approximately 4.5 million this year. Having in mind the current capacity of BEG of 5 mil, this allows for only 10% growth before full capacity is reached. 2015 should already go beyond that point.

      So any news about the EY takeover of BEG, any plans for the future serious upgrade of BEG (not Hugo Boss store) or the construction of Terminal 3.

      This year, BEG will surpass SKG by number of pax. Next "rival" in the region is OTP, which is still far ahead of BEG. Nonetheless it is necessary to look far enough into the future and design an airport for 10 mil passengers which might not be impossible to achieve by 2020-2025...

      Happy eastern to all of you! :)

    18. Anonymous17:10

      I think a brand new Etihad alliance dedicated terminal is a sure thing. Especially if JU is planning long haul in 2016.

    19. Anonymous17:31

      True dat, Air Serbia growth is going to be limited by BEG capacity. There have been warnings on this site for over 6 months and yet nothing is being done to address this. Even if the deal is signed today, T1 cannot be replaced by summer of 2015 when real problems will start happening.

    20. Anonymous18:37

      So, they'll just kick Wizz out to make room. :D

  2. Swiss10:48

    Back on topic: I would like to address embassies of BIH, SR, SLO, CRO, MK, MO to do their best to help companies like Germanwings, Wizzair, Lufthansa and others as it is not fair that they are load factors are below 79,2. Situation is critical and those are last moments to become aware and give back just a little part of what above mentioned subjects did and are doing in development of air traffic and well being of people from balkans. Thank you

  3. Anonymous10:53

    Are you saying this warning to the embassy is in fact a request to subsidize a well-loaded route?

  4. Anonymous11:07

    you are right Swiss. If we don't help German economy to be successful and fight competition, who will? for god sake people, matter is urgent! investing in market is not an option, obviously, there are no means to build a brand awareness, to inform people that its cheaper to fly than to take a bus. Nobody's on internet. I am sending this comment by fax machine

    1. I need to upgrade. I am still on telegraph...

    2. Telegraph? I have to wait for carrier pigeon!

      Now back on topic, I think that Federation government should close B&H and instead use that money to attract a LCC just like Skopje did. Skopje was in the same situation as Sarajevo is now, and look at them today! Skopje will be above 1.000.000 passengers this year.

  5. Anonymous13:40

    OT: Mistral Air has inaugurated flights between Rome-Fiumicino and Mostar. - Are these scheduled flights rather than charters?


  6. LOW DEMAND??????

    THEY ARE FLYING ON DAYS 2 and 4!!!

    That do they expect ??? lf of 80% ???

    Why are they not flying SATURDAYS or SUNDAYS ???

  7. Anonymous15:09

    It would be interesting to see AS today's numbers because of the Good Friday..if someone has it, it would be great to share with others :)

    1. Anonymous16:39

      LF of 149% at least. It should be by some statements people give in this blog. In wings there were some passengers today, and at least two on tail per each plane. The biggest mystery would be official data at the end of the month as it would be not even near to those reports of 149% LF. But that is, for sure, some kind of international plot.

    2. Anonymous03:26

      You know that you are not funny, right?

  8. Anonymous17:06

    Dabogda Germanwings i Deutsche Lufthansa AG propali kad su najvece zlo na ovom Svetu.

    1. A sta ti je LH Grupa skrivila?

      Za mene su najbolja i najuljudnija kompanija u cijeloj Europi.

    2. Anonymous18:30

      Unistili su sve Ex-Yu Kompanije.
      1. Danas sam bio u Innsbrucku na Aerodromu bio jedan njihov Menedzer koga licno poznajem i imao je zadatak da slika Air Berlinov Avion da vide kolko imaju Putnika za TXL: cesto Slikaju i Os,Sas,Finnair i Transaviju.
      2 Kad ima 30-40 Punika izmedju IBK-FRA Austrian leti sa Dash 8 Q400 ili sa F70.
      A kad ima 90-100 Putnika onda Lete oni sa svojim EMB 190 a to se desilo pre 3 Dana.
      3.Organizovali su Autobus koji 5 Dnevno vozi Zeleznicka Stanica Innsbruck-Aerodrom München.A Cena karte je 11 Eura samo da bi imali vise Putnika u Münchenu i oduzeli ih Os.
      4. Oce da zabrane U2 da leti IBK-LGW Leti.
      5 U Innsbrucku stojanje na Gejtu za 45 min kosta izmedju 2500-3500 Eura u zavisnosti od Aviona.
      6. Os i Lh placaju manje od pola zato su retke kompanije koje lete i zimi i leti.
      7.I mrzim ih jos zbog toga sto se mesaju svugde gde im nije mesto.
      Izvinjavam se ako imam negde Greske.

  9. Anonymous17:21

    Instead of B&H serving the Mostar - Rome line, we have this european gian Mistral air doing it. Now Federation of Bosnia goverment is fault?

  10. Anonymous19:41

    Upravo sam ideo da TAAG Angola Airlines ima
    Boeing 777-200ER 3
    Boeing 777-300ER 2 3
    Kako onda nemogu imati OU ili YU

    1. Anonymous21:39

      I don't understand? DT is the flag carrier of a fast growing economy in Africa (oil, diamonds, etc.). They are an ex-Portuguese colony, so they have lots of traffic to Lisbon, as well as Brasil which require this sort of aircraft.

    2. Anonymous23:04

      Also, their country's population is nearly three times that of Serbia. On the other hand, they were until recently on the EU blacklist and now only part of their fleet can fly to the EU. Don't see the point of this random comparison...

    3. Anonymous00:23

      Ja sam mislio uopste da neke Africke Aviokompanije imaju bolje Flote nego ove iz Ex-Yu.
      I ako je veca Dijspora Zemalja Ex-Yu npr u Americi i Australiji nego od tih Africkih u Evropi.

    4. Anonymous05:16

      Nemozes potecnjivati Africke zemlje. Neke od njih su ogromne i mnogoljudne (tipa Nigerija, Kenija, na primer) i imaju ekonomije koje se jako brzo razvijaju zbog rudnog bogatstva i svega drugog sto to vuce. Tako da ima ko tamo da leti i da puni te avione. A i drebaju im dugolinijski avioni da bi dosegli klucne destinacije (Evropa, Azija)

  11. Anonymous20:26

    Why do idiots on here refer to JU as AS? AS is Alaskan

    1. Anonymous10:23

      Why do certain other "idiots" keep complaining about AirSERBIA being referred to as AS? Everyone knows if someone on this blog says AS, they mean AirSERBIA. Just get over it!

    2. Anonymous14:41

      + 1

      Enough with the Alaskan Airlines troll.

    3. Anonymous14:31

      Seriously? We're talking about aviation here, so if you pretend to know something about the topic, you would use proper airline codes and not call substitute JU with AS, OU with CA and JP with AA... It's very amateurish

  12. Anonymous22:18

    I booked a ticket from Belgrade to Tel Aviv and back and I am wondering is it possible to find info on what is the load on that flights. I am going there on August 8 and coming back on 11. Is there a way to look into it, or can somebody just tell me the load, thanks!

  13. Anonymous23:18

    Jeste videli ovo.


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