Air Serbia launching Pula flights

Air Serbia coming to Pula this summer

Air Serbia will launch three weekly seasonal summer flights from Belgrade to Pula starting June 19. It comes after the Serbian carrier initially suspended the route for this season. Pula becomes Air Serbia’s third destination on the Croatian coast after services to Dubrovnik were launched yesterday, while flights to Split resume today. The airline recently announced it will boost capacity on its flights to the Croatian coast which will be served with a mix of ATR and Airbus aircraft. Services to Pula will run until September 21. In a statement, the Serbian carrier said, “Flights to Pula have operated every summer season since 2008. Belgrade-Pula flights will be operated by an ATR72 aircraft. In line with the new livery, the on-board service proposition has also been refreshed with new menu options and a complimentary bar service”.

The new flights have been given backing from the Chambers of Commerce of both Istria and Serbia. “Following this successful agreement these flights will offer connections not only for passengers from Belgrade, but also for holiday makers from Russia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The Pula flights offer excellent connections through Air Serbia’s Belgrade hub at Nikola Tesla Airport to numerous key destinations across Europe including Stockholm, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Prague, Stuttgart, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Moscow and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates”, Air Serbia said in a statement. It added, “From Pula, Air Serbia guests can easily reach other attractive summer destinations in Istria: Kopar, Portorož, Poreč, Vrsar and Rovinj”.

Apart from resuming flights to the Croatian coast, Air Serbia has launched flights to Budapest, Sofia and Varna this summer season. In addition, flights to Warsaw will be launched on May 29 while services to Beirut will be inaugurated on June 1. Ticket sales for the Pula service have already begun. Pula Airport is looking to attract as many new carriers as possible this summer as it looks to alleviate the fall in demand from Russia and CIS countries following Croatia’s entry to the EU. So far, it has been successful in doing so as it has managed to see its passenger numbers improve on last year. Flight details for Air Serbia’s service from Belgrade to Pula can be found here.


  1. tri dnevno a ne tri sedmicno !

  2. Belgrade-Dubrovnik: 6 weekly flights
    Belgrade-Split: 5 Weekly flights
    Belgrade Pula: 3 Weekly flights

    Not too bad. Maybe next year JU might add Zagreb and boost Split and Dubrovnik to daily.

  3. Anonymous09:58

    AIR SERBIA, gde god leteli srecno sleteli. Ko sa vama putovao rado svama uzivao, pa sa vama stalno leteo, da nastavi sto je poceo. Leteti sa ER SRBIJOM...
    Opet cu se radovati, i sa vama putovati....
    Rodney Son & Co. Sydne-Griffith // Kraljevo.

  4. Anonymous11:04

    great news! istria is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from belgrade especially. hope to see full cabin loads! good luck ju!

  5. Anonymous11:10

    Last year I flew from PUY to VIE via BEG with Jat Airways. The connection was good, the price for one-way ticket was around 160 EUR, which was 80 EUR less then for OU via ZAG. The plane from PUY to BEG was full till the very last seat. I hope that this route will earn some extra money for JU.

  6. Anonymous12:03

    If you book on Air Serbia site till may 21. roundtrip is 99eu tax included.
    Good promo.

  7. Anonymous12:19

    I really can not understand these dump prices at all .... soon or later Air Serbia will have to go on regula (read economic) prices .... and make a profit. I have a feeling that AS just want to sell a seat without any economical accounts... Soon or later the tripp from point A to B will not cost just a 99 but normal 199 units ... than we will see if AS is succesful or not, Anybody can open a bussiness and offer the service almost for free .... but soon or later there will be a biiiiiiiig question about profitability and many will ask for payment of owerdue bills... unless you have an uncle with unlimited amount of money .... someone will pay this for sure

    1. Anonymous12:23

      I think that AS is going witha a flow .... but at the and of the day Serbians will pay this adveture ... if it would be so easy why many others didn't do the same?

    2. Anonymous12:26

      Couse they made some calculations before

    3. They are pushing hard to penetrate the market. The easiest way to do this is by offering good service at lower price. You initially suffer loses but you establish yourself. Of course, you have financial backing to do that. Judgining from the draft contract they planned for that and that's why they are willing to live with the losses for some time. Also,the fact the they advertise 99e fare doesn't mean that all the seats can be bought at that price. As the plane fills and you get closer to the departure date price probably goes up.

    4. 99e for a round trip on a 500 km route really isn't too cheap either, especially considering it is served with an ATR 72.

    5. Pera Kojot20:32

      Exactly 99euro is not that cheap, I am pretty sure that they are not earning money are all ... but loss should not be catastrophic as long as LF is high.

  8. BA88812:27

    Great news indeed.


    I was on about AirSerbia dropping PUY few weeks ago after summer time table was anounced.

    Apparently the LF was poor (!!!).

    Now...we are adding these flights, last minute...

    Poor management guys! Some people have got their travel arrangements already in place.

  9. Anonymous12:33

    I think it is just a strategy to kill all arround ... but I am sure that EU will not look apon this situation any longer... there is a wall for sure. An Serbia is a candidate state and soon or later Serbia will have to put cards on the table.

    1. Pera Kojot13:17

      yeah?! Well get Serbia in ... then we can talk...before that forget it.

    2. Purger14:08

      It is not working that way. First you have to prove that you are worth entering so you will act 100% + more on EU rules. And than if you are perfect, not just good, you can enter.

      That is the way. If you think you are powerful enough to blackmail EU even a little you will not become member for sure, not in 10, not in 20, but not in 100 years.

      Trust me, you will piss blood. It is much easier when you enter, but that procedure of some 15 years to enter is hell! You must do everything perfectly, show that you are nice, and you don't have any rights.

      So, be prepotent like Pera Kojot and you will be not even near to EU, but even more far away than last year! You must understand that you are micro-little compare to 550.000.000 million EU inhabitants, and no one doesn’t care about you. You have to beg! I know, we were in that position for 15 years!

    3. Anonymous15:01

      Is is so as Purger says
      SLO needed 8 years
      CRO 10 years
      even AUT needed 6, HU 10 years to became a member.

      I wish all the best to AS but this plan will not work this way .... soon or later her will be bills to pay .... you can not sit on two chairs

    4. Anonymous15:37

      I am against Serbia entering the EU altogether.

    5. Anonymous16:15

      As you wish .... you Serbians will say it is ok or not.... but Europe doesn't care it is 100% and more about your own decission

    6. Purger16:16


      Before candidature status (pretpristupni pregovori):
      1999 first negotiation
      24.11.2000. Stabilization and Association Agreement
      14.05.2001. Sign of Agreement
      21.03.2003. Application for membership

      Status of candidate
      18.06.2004. Status of candidate
      03.05.2005. Start of official negotiations
      20.10.2005. Screening
      10.06.2011. Suggestion for closing negotiations
      09.12.2011. Contract of becoming EU member
      01.07.2013. Full member

      From 2005. till 2013.
      - 5 EU reports about progress
      - 35 chapters to negotiate, defined and closed
      - each and every country must make ratification to allow you in EU (if just one is not satisfied you will not become member)

      • Poglavlje 1. - Sloboda kretanja roba
      • Poglavlje 2. - Sloboda kretanja radnika
      • Poglavlje 3. – Pravo poslovnog nastana i sloboda pružanja usluga
      • Poglavlje 4. - Sloboda kretanja kapitala
      • Poglavlje 5. - Javne nabave
      • Poglavlje 6. – Pravo trgovačkih društava
      • Poglavlje 7. – Pravo intelektualnog vlasništva
      • Poglavlje 8. - Tržišno natjecanje
      • Poglavlje 9. – Financijske usluge
      • Poglavlje 10. – Informacijsko društvo i mediji
      • Poglavlje 11. - Poljoprivreda i ruralni razvitak
      • Poglavlje 12. - Sigurnost hrane, veterinarska i fitosanitarna politika
      • Poglavlje 13. - Ribarstvo
      • Poglavlje 14. – Prometna politika
      • Poglavlje 15. – Energetika
      • Poglavlje 16. - Porezi
      • Poglavlje 17. – Ekonomska i monetarna politika
      • Poglavlje 18. – Statistika
      • Poglavlje 19. - Socijalna politika i zapošljavanje
      • Poglavlje 20. – Poduzetništvo i industrijska politika
      • Poglavlje 21. – Trans-europske mreže
      • Poglavlje 22. - Regionalna politika i koordinacija strukturnih instrumenata
      • Poglavlje 23. - Pravosuđe i temeljna ljudska prava
      • Poglavlje 24. - Pravda, sloboda i sigurnost
      • Poglavlje 25. - Znanost i istraživanje
      • Poglavlje 26. – Obrazovanje i kultura
      • Poglavlje 27. - Okoliš
      • Poglavlje 28. – Zaštita potrošača i zdravlja
      • Poglavlje 29. – Carinska unija
      • Poglavlje 30. – Vanjski odnosi
      • Poglavlje 31. - Vanjska, sigurnosna i obrambena politika
      • Poglavlje 32. – Financijski nadzor
      • Poglavlje 33. – Financijske i proračunske odredbe
      • Poglavlje 34. - Institucije
      • Poglavlje 35. - Ostala pitanja

    7. Anonymous16:16

      But Serbia must ,must crawl into EU !
      They are like stupid chidren...
      Must get in,must have, must !!!

    8. Pera Kojot20:43

      Really? Well, my dear Purger, we have quite different histories.. while Croatia was always with Germany and still had to crawl... Serbia was not ... in opposite, even it costs are lives.

      It is pretty clear that Serbia is to be defeated by EU in order to join EU, therefore I really do not think that EU is some holly place to be in.

      EU started as really good idea, humanitarian, celebrating life, unity... one would say that it was built on the best foundations of French revolution ... Unfortunately EU is not that any more, if it ever was.

      Problem with Serbia is corruption, billions are lost because of that.

      We have free trade agreement with EU, free trade agreement with Russia... from EU we have to take the best "know how" there are number of things to learn.

      I support negotiation process, it will put appropriate framework ... however, once when we are done ... we shell say NO!

      There is no reason to play in the team where you are not wanted ... you will be always "worst player" ...

      Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania ... they are equal in EU?!

      yeah right ...

      LH relation to OU is clear example that there is no free lunch and there is no love in EU...

      Well we are humans and we need love, more then money sometimes.

    9. Anonymous22:04

      Where am I, Ex-Yu Aviation or Ex-Yu Politics? I am looking forward to discussions (for example) about Air Serbia ordering Airbus vs Boeing, but not about Serbia joining EU or USA!

  10. OT:

    The only way to get from Sarajevo to west Europe is via Sarajevo Int. Airport or via Mostar and Croatian A-1.
    Due to heavy wind, the A-1 is partially closed.

    All Bosnian highways and roads in central Bosnia are closed. There are no connections between Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka.

    Tuzla airport plans to cancel all planed flights for tomorrow.
    Sarajevo remains in operation.

    1. Anonymous15:35

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Anonymous15:40

      Mod, i do not understand why you deleted this comment, it is true Bosnia has no highways but roads, that is according to international standards:

    3. Bosnia has 2 highways:
      A-1 Sarajevo - Biljesevo (49,4 km)
      A-1 Zvirovici - Bijaca (6km)
      E-661 Banja Luka - Bosanska Gradiska (39 km)
      Zapadni prilaz Sarajevu (7,9 km).

      How can you say something so stupid???

    4. Anonymous13:41

      Why are you lying? There are no highways in Bosnia.

    5. Anonymous13:47

      Honestly for my part i had not any idea there are highways in Bosnia, wonder whether they're economically justified.

    6. And what is this:

      A-1: Kakanj - Sarajevo

      E-661: Banja Luka - Bos. Gradiska

      A-1: Bijaca - Zvirovici

      Construction of A-1: Bijaca - Medjugorje:

      WHERE DO U LIVE ????????????

  11. Anonymous15:45

    This is the most stupid thing i've heard in ages:

    1. Anonymous15:46

      I don't know what was in the head of Lufthansa managers, that sounds just senseless and disgusting.

    2. Anonymous16:12

      And what is wrong with this ... just a marketing appriach... why do not have some fun during the flight?

    3. Anonymous17:16

      I think this is quite a distasteful moment in world history to hold a world-cup in football.

    4. Note to admin and others that might have this information. I think it would be interesting to know about Croatian and BiH teams travel arrangements. OU or JA probably won't be sending charters to Brasil to transport their teams.

      I remember in South Africa 4 years ago, German team transported there on board LH's new A380 as part of the promotional tour.

  12. Anonymous16:01

    Soon China and Serbia will be connected. Chinese company will operate ;)

    1. Anonymous16:12

      Your source on that? Will Air Serbia codeshare?

  13. Anonymous18:33

    What happened to today's return flight from Istanbul Sabiha?

    AIR SERBIA JU 553 BELGRADE 15:40 19:15 - - CANCELLED

    1. YU-ANI broke down in Istanbul.

  14. Anonymous18:52

    OT: ANALYSIS: How Etihad is building its European connections

  15. Anonymous02:35


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