ČSA rules out return to EX-YU

No immediate return to the former Yugoslav market for Czech Airlines

ČSA Czech Airlines has ruled out the possibility of resuming flights to the former Yugoslavia in the near future, more than three years after the carrier suspended services to Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Skopje. Czech Airlines spokesperson, Daniel Šabík, tells EX-YU Aviation News that while the carrier is constantly evaluating new markets, including those in the former Yugoslavia, new routes must be economically viable, adding that none of the airline's studies have so far confirmed this for any city on the EX-YU market. Currently, both Adria Airways and Air Serbia serve the Czech capital from their respective hubs. However, ČSA is not considering codesharing with these airlines in the coming period, "Firstly we would like to analyse and decide on Czech Airlines' trade policy in the former Yugoslav markets and then we can consider codesharing on some routes", Mr Šabík says.

Czech Airlines began its withdrawal from the former Yugoslavia in 2011 when it terminated its double daily flights to Belgrade. It followed suite with the closure of its six weekly Prague - Skopje service in 2012. Shortly after it relegated its flights to Zagreb and Ljubljana to its regional partner Central Connect Airlines (CCA). However, in the summer of 2012, CCA declared bankruptcy and ceased all operations. Zagreb was ČSA’s first international destination, launched back in 1930, with services operating on and off until 2012. Last year, Zagreb Airport's former Managing Director, Gonzalve de Cordoue, said the airport was in talks with the Czech carrier over its possible return to the Croatian capital.

All of ČSA’s routes in the former Yugoslavia were suspended in an attempt to curb losses, as the airline started putting a greater emphasis on point to point passengers rather than those transferring through Prague. Mr Šabík explains that Czech Airlines, as it is known today, cannot be compared to the airline it was a few years ago. "Czech Airlines in 2010 or 2011, when it used to operate scheduled flights from Prague to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Skopje, and Czech Airlines in 2015, are two different companies with different destination networks. Czech Airlines has undertaken a long and difficult restructuring, which has been approved and monitored by the European Commission. At the time, the company closed most of its unprofitable routes or those that no longer made sense and did not coincide with its plans. Czech Airlines used to focus on passengers transferring in Prague. Those travellers made up 75% of all passengers carried. During restructuring, Czech Airlines' passenger structure changed, as the company began to focus on point to point passengers. That’s why flights such as Skopje - Prague, which were fed mostly by transfer passengers, no longer made sense and were the first to be suspended", Mr Šabík explains. In 2013, the Czech government sold a 44% stake in ČSA to Korean Air. Earlier this year, Travel Service, the Czech Republic's largest airline, purchased a further 34% share in ČSA. Czech Airlines lost some one billion crowns in 2013 and layed off half of its workforce last year. It also lowered wages and lost one fifth of its passengers following the turmoil in Ukraine and instability on the Russian market in 2014.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    It seems like they are an airline without direction. I'm pretty sure Croatia Airlines will launch Prague next year too.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Not to mention that OK operates out of a relatively high-yielding market with massive demand. It's crazy how difficult it was for them to turnaround their operations. If it wasn't for KE they would have joined MA a long time ago.

      For those interested, here are OK's numbers in BEG:

      August 2011// 18 flights// 2.262 pax// Atr-42
      August 2010// 58 flights// 4.532 pax// Atr-42

      One thing that did not change is the price between BEG and PRG. Just like OK, JU is charging extremely crazy fares for the O&D passengers. Cheapest fare on JU is 28.000 RSD or €233!

    2. Anonymous10:38

      pricing is not the most important. JU should upgrade from turbo-prop to jet engine plane asap. atr is excellent for region but 2 hours to PRG is too much

    3. I disagree. I think pricing is the most important thing in a low-yielding market such as Serbia. Many people wouldn't care on what aircraft they are flying as long as they are not being ripped off.
      Then again, I am sure not much would change if OK would return to BEG, they would just set up a duopoly.

    4. Pricing is by far the most important, esspecially in Serbia and in our region.

      Next most important is frequency and connections because few people want to wait more than 90 minutes between flights.

      Food, plane type, seat pitch, etc, is almost trivial to everyone except the people who are interested specifically in air travel or the air transport industry. Most people don't even have a faint clue what plane they are on or the seat pitch or anything. They will certainly be glad to eat some food but they would almost certainly not pay even €5 if they had to but it seperate.

      Generally passengers from our region will accept anything if the prices are low enough. That is why Wizz has such a high load factor in our region despite the well known fact that they hate their passengers.

    5. Anonymous12:51


      As long as balkan people will compare busprices with flightprices it will be difficult for any airline to make profit without subventions.

      They should use cargoplanes without seats for the Balkan market

    6. Last Anonymous,

      Actually, Balkan used to send their AN-12 to Larnaca back in the 1990s. That was more or less it. Though I pity the people who had to sit for two hours in it...

    7. Anonymous14:50

      Animal transport for animals ;.)

      As long as it is cheap, people will accept anything

    8. Anonymous15:42

      "That is why Wizz has such a high load factor in our region despite the well known fact that they hate their passengers."

      Geez, such a loaded comment. How do you expect to be taken seriously? You just invalidate everything else you write with this kind of bigotry.

    9. It's called a joke on account of Wizz not offering the comforts of other more expensive airlines.

      Bigotry? Do you know what that word even means?

  2. Anonymous09:34

    They use to be a great transfer airline. One of the favourites from Skopje along with Malev. If they were smart they could have been something like Austrian on this market. Oh well. Times change. Someone else will jump in.

  3. Anonymous09:35

    I don't know any national carrier which strives to be only a point to point airline. OK's service has also deteriorated rapidly since 2012. They are now something like a hybrid airline.

  4. Anonymous09:35

    Their fleet is very similar to ASL one (-A330). What routes is A330 used on from Prague?

    1. Anonymous09:37

      Only on PRG-ICN, no other use.

    2. It does occasionally fly to Tel Aviv and Moscow.

    3. Anonymous09:45

      Are those their only long haul routes? They don't fly to the US anymore?

    4. Anonymous09:56

      Only long haul route is to their part-owner hub in Seoul (see similarities?!) Only reason they got a wide body is that ICN is bit too far for an A320. The A330 undergoes all maintenance in Korea.

    5. Anonymous10:12

      With one A330 in the fleet they have no other options. Korean sends its 747 on the same route and can also provide a replacement in case the CSA bird gets grounded. Such cover would not be possible on any other route.

      If they had another A330 they could consider another long haul route.

  5. Anonymous10:20

    A sta je sa letovima za Sarajevo, takodjer su suspendovani 2010

    1. Anonymous10:38

      Iz teksta se zakljucuje da ce jedino za Sarajevo uskoro ponovo uspostaviti letove,buduci da je rec o najprometnijem aerodromu na Ex Yu prostoru.

    2. Anonymous12:04

      Postoji velika dijapora u Pragu i moguce je da bi CSA na toj relaciji imala dovoljno direktnih putnika

  6. Anonymous11:13

    Admin, it is nice to see you get official statements and fresh news from ČSA, Finnair, Aegean, Lufthansa, Swiss....What about some exclusive statements from Croatia or Air Serbia, are they reachable for you ?

    1. Thanks. Check in on Monday (if there is no outstanding event until then) for some statements from one of those airlines.

  7. OT:
    Kosovar CAA has just released PRN pax figures for August 2015, as follows:
    Aug 2015: 214,000 pax or 11.4% up vs Aug 2014.
    Jan-Aug 2015: 1,081,408 or 11.7% up vs Jan-Aug 2014.

  8. Anonymous11:46

    OK is in really bad shape so I'm not surprised that they are not even sugar coating that they won't return to ex-yu. What I find interesting is that they have gambled so much on ex-USSR market.

  9. Anonymous12:26

    Interesting - whenever i was on the Prague to BEG route, it was pretty much full.

  10. Anonymous12:41

    Hello all,

    let me share a bit more information on CSA (I've lived in Prague and follow this quite closely): when Korean Air bought a stake in CSA, it did so for almost no money and really failed to develop CSA any further. What it did was to lease CSA a plane (initially for way too much money, above leasing market price, now reduced) to fly b/w Prague and Seoul. Why? Because the bilateral allows for flights between the two cities by two carriers, but limits the overall amount of times one carrier can fly the route. As such, while Prague is very popular in Korea (both tourism and business) and Korean Air could have flown the route more times a week, they were restricted to 4 (?) flights a week. This way, they asked CSA to also fly 3-4 times a week. Perfect deal.

    However, there is a lot of movement around CSA in the last 3 days. CSA's new owner, Travel Service, has found a partial new owner itself - on Saturday, Chinese investment holding CEFC has bought a stake (to be up to 49.7%) in it, planning to massively invest into it. Considering that Travel Service also partially owns CSA, CEFC has now become a partial CSA owner, too.

    Rumor has it that Travel Service and CSA could merge and be used as a gateway for CEFC plans in Central and Eastern Europe. The first direct line between Prague and Beijing is to launch in two weeks time. The second line between Prague and Shanghai is in the making, too, it seems.

    With increased capital, the new CSA might become a more important player again ... we will see (but as with everything, things can change from day to day) ...

  11. Anonymous12:55

    OT : konkurencija steze obruc


    1. Anonymous14:03

      Uvek su zimi bile ovakve cene za JFK, ja sam leteo dva puta sa LH cena je bila oko 400e...

    2. Anonymous15:05

      Ja sam leteo za taj novac u letnjoj sezoni.

  12. Anonymous13:30

    OT: unoffical news for now, Etihad Airways buys Adria Airways, the sale will be completed by mid- September

    1. Anonymous13:40

      People might actually believe you if these "news" made any sense, which they don't. After acquiring one Balkan and one Italian carrier, Etihad is probably the least likely airline in the world to acquire Adria.

    2. Anonymous15:09

      Bilo bi to jako zanimljivo tam,an za feed ASL i konacno unistennje Star Alijanse u ovom regionu zajedno sa TK.

    3. Anonymous15:43

      Konacno? Govoris kao da je Star alliance na ovom podrucju na rubu propasti :D
      Znaci super, Slovenci u buducnosti u Frankfurt preko Beograda :D Ne zezaj mali :D

    4. Anonymous15:53

      ...and in other news, blockbuster deal was announced with Air Croatia, Aviogenex and BH Airlines merging into one airline. New airline will not have a CEO, instead will tap into vast armchair CEO talent that exists on this site to steer the company to profitability. Planned acquisitions include Dalmatian and Bosnian Wand Airlines.

    5. Anonymous15:59

      Hahahah Dada slovenci do insbrucka preko BEG

    6. Anonymous16:20

      Vi anonymousi ste ograniceni to zna svako inace bi se potpisali .
      AZ,JP i ASL bi zajedno sa TK mogli da se odupru Star Alijansi u ovom regionu niuko nije rekao da je ona na rubu propasti ili da ce slovencio preko BEG za INN.

    7. Anonymous16:38

      A ti nisi anonimus? I ti ono INN-NS nazivas potpisom? TK je u toj alijansi debilu.

    8. Purger16:42

      Cak i da Etihad kupi Adriju, što je više nego nevjerovatno, kako misliš uništit Star Alliance koji ima:

      LX to ZRH 7x tjedno
      LO to WAW 4x tjedno
      TK to IST 7x tjedno
      iste sekunde kad bi Etihad kupio JP LH bi otvorila MUC 14x tjedno i FRA 14x tjedno, te OS VIE 14x tjedno

      LH to FRA 14x tjedno
      LH to MUC 14x tjedno
      OS to VIE 20x tjedno
      SN to BRU 6x tjedno
      LO to WAW 4x tjedno
      TK to IST 14x tjedno
      LX to ZRH 7x tjedno
      4U to TXL, STR, CGN, HAM 14x tjedno

      OS to GRZ 1x tjedno
      OU to ZAD, ZAG, AMS, FRA 21x tjedno
      4U to CGN, TXL, HAM 7x tjedno
      LH to MUC 3x tjedno

      OU to LHR, MUC 4x tjedno
      4U to CGN, DUS, HAM, STR, TXL 14x tjedno

      OU to PUY, ZAD, FRA 16x tjedno
      4U to CGN, DUS, HAM, STR, TXL 13x tjedno
      LH to MUC 3x tjedno

      OU to ZAG, GRZ 2x tjedno
      OS to GRZ, INN 3x tjedno

      OS to VIE 7x tjedno
      OU to FRA, MUC, FCO, ZAG, ATH, BEG, TXL, LGW, LHR, LYS, OSI, CDG, SKP, VIE, ZRH 80x tjedno
      4U to CGN, STR, TXL, DUS, HAM, DTM, HAJ 25x tjedno
      LH to MUC, FRA 10x tjedno
      SK to 11 destinacija uključujući OSL, CPH, ARN, HEL 35x tjedno

      A3 to ATH 3x tjedno
      OS to VIE 6x tjedno
      OU to FCO, ZAG, AMS, ATH, TXL, DUS, FRA, NCE, SPU, OSI, CDG, TLV, VCE, VIE, ZRH 75x tjedno
      LH to FRA, MUC 10x tjedno

      OU to SPU, DBV, ZAG 7x tjedno

      OS to VIE 14x tjedno
      OU to ZAG 13x tjedno
      4U to CGN, STR 7x tjedno
      LH to MUC 7x tjedno
      TK to IST 21x tjedno

      A3 to ATH 7x tjedno
      OS to VIE 14x tjedno
      OU to SPU 3x tjedno
      4U to STR 1x tjedno
      LH to MUC, FRA 14x tjedno
      LX to ZRH, GVA 14x tjedno
      TK to IST 14x tjedno

      OS to VIE 5x tjedno
      TK to IST 4x tjedno

      SK to OSL i ARN 3x tjedno

      OS to VIE 7x tjedno
      4T to ZRH 7x tjedno
      OU to ZAG, SPU 9x tjedno
      TK to IST 14x tjedno

      JP (LH bi tu odmah uskočila) to FRA, MUC 10x tjedno
      OS to VIE 7x tjedno
      OU to ZAG 2x tjedno
      4U to CGN, STR, TXL, DUS, FRA, HAM, HAJ, 21x tjedno
      SK to CPH, GOT, OSL, ARN, 14x tjedno
      LX to GVA 4x tjedno
      TK to IST 14x tjedno

      Sine, to je bez Adrije 926 LETA TJEDNO!!!! (iliti 132 dnevno). Naravno izvan sezone bitno manje, ali još uvijek više stotina. Teško da se ovo može nazvati "konačnim krajem" i da bi ikakav Etihadov potez mogao tako što uništiti. Naškoditi da, što se vidi i na slučaju Beograda, ali uništiti ili ozbiljno naškoditi...

      Napomena 1:znam da ćete sada skočiti da Germanwings nije u Star Alliance ali svi znamo i da LH ima dio kabine na njihovim letovima i da ima konekcije na sve letove 4U, te da 4U jest LH ispostava za širenje Star Allianceovog utjecaja

      Napomena 2: Neki od letova su procjenjene frekvencija, pa molim da ne reagirate (stvarno nema vremena provjeriti baš svaku frekvenciju svake linije iz exYU).

    9. Anonymous17:55

      TK kao da nije u Star Alijansi OS su oterali preko zime iz IST i skoro nikako ne saradjuju sa clanicama iz Evrope tako da na njih ne treba gledati.
      Naravmo da od kupovine nema skoro nista ma da bi bilo zanimljivo kad bi kupili MGX i ADRzato sto bi ASL mogla vise na preko okeanske letove da se koncentrise.
      I naravno da bi odvela dosta putnika od Star Alijanse.

    10. Purger21:21

      Ma naravno "da ne surađuju sa nikim ih Star Alliancea u Europi" samo imaju nekoliko stotina code-share linija sa:
      Adria Airways
      Aegean Airlines
      Austrian Airlines
      Croatia Airlines
      LOT Polish Airlines
      Scandinavian Airlines
      Swiss International Air Lines
      TAP Portugal

      I koliko je članica Star Alliancea iz Europe preostalo?

      A ti ga provališ, ali baš svaki puta, bez da provjeriš informacije nego pretpostaviše na temelju nečeg što si čuo ili neke natruhe poluinformacije. Stvarno više postaješ naporan sa time sinko...

    11. Anonymous21:30

      Nisu u dobrim odnosima sa LH Grupom a sa ostalima su dobri .

    12. Anonymous21:45

      Jooooooooooooooj jednom priznaj da nisi u pravu i da si glup da nama svima lakne. Posebno danas briljiras gde tvrdis da JU i JP ce unistiti OS, LH & co na Balkanu. Da li ti shvatas koliko je samo JU nebitan van Juge? Da li shvatas da oni imaju svega 10 A320 series aviona?!

    13. Purger23:01

      Nisu u dobrim odnosima sa LH grupom? A od kada to Austrian i Swiss nisu u LH grupi? Dakle??????

      Konačno tvoja originalna izjava je bila (citiram): "TK kao da nije u Star Alijansi (...) skoro nikako ne saradjuju sa clanicama iz Evrope".
      Surađuju sa 8 od 10 europskih članica Star Alliance, i to je "skoro nitko". Dakle?????

      Baš svašta!!!! Koja je ovo već glupost
      - A330 u martu i letovi za Bejing
      - Spohr nije CEO Lufthanse
      - Austrian je gubitaš i dan danas
      - TK ne surađuje sa europskim članovima Star Alliance
      ... o sitnim bedastoćama da i ne govorimo. Marko, daj se malo skuliraj, spusti na zemlju, izbaci tu adolescentsku mega-prepoenciju i stav "ja sam najpametniji i puno znam", jer istina je da znaš jako malo, samo toga nisi svjestan. Nisi ti loš deško samo se grotestno prepotentan. I samim time iritantan.

    14. Anonymous23:39

      Ja sam jedan od onih sto najmanje zna ovde i ne tvrdim da sam najpametni .

      A ovo prevedite slobodno ;)

    15. Anonymous23:44

      Da trebao je doci u Martu proverite u ASL.
      I da nije nikakva konkurencija salju redovno 77W za DUS ili A332 za VIE a OS F100 :)
      Da nisu u dobrim odnosima.

    16. Purger00:51

      Ma sinko svi ovdje znamo da je LH prekinula code-share sa TK, a znamo i zašto. Vjerujem da na ovom forumu ima malo ljudi koji to ne znaju, nisi otkrio toplu vodu.

      No u SunExpressu i dalje surađuju 50:50 (88 aviona u dvije kompanije u Turskoj i u Njemačkoj), a ostali članovi LH grupe, te još 6 članova Star Alliance surađuju sa TK. Dakle blentavo je reči da oni skoro ne surađuju sa članicama Star Alliance. Uostalom Star Alliance nije samo Europa. TK je toliko jak da može preživjeti i bez ikakve suradnje sa LH grupom i pulenima, već samo kroz suranju unutar Star Alliance sa ostalim partnerima.

      Ali budi siguran kad se radi o pritsku na kompanije izvan Star Alliance da će TK i LH i te kako pritisnuti i raditi zajedno.

      A330 nije trebao doći u martu i jednostavno si progutao nečiju patku, a ti mlad i neiskusan kakav jesi "prodao pošto si i kupio". I još se malo po*určio kako nešto znaš što drugi ne znaju, da si ispadneš faca. Mladi si ne shvačaš... ali baš zato ne uletavaj, provjeri, ovako iritiraš sve oko sebe. Nisi svjestan svoje nesvjesti.

    17. Anonymous01:15

      Naravno da nisam mislio na SQ ,NZ,NH ili O6 oni ni ne lete u Ex yu mislio sam na Tri glavne kompanije sto lete u Ex yu iz alijanse LH ,LX i OS da bi mogli da se odbiju malo ali naravno vi ste se uplosili da slucajno neko ne kupi JP posto tek tad niko nebi kupio vas CTN.
      Nisam nikakvu patku progutao trebao je doci ali nije dosao kasnile su dozvole ali sad ce doci kad je rekao gospodin Premijer .

    18. Anonymous07:53

      Ti si rekao u Evropi tako da nisi mislio na ex-YU, ne vadi se sada. A sto se tice premijera, videli smo koliko su pouzdana njegova obecanja.

    19. Purger09:33

      Prodaja Adrije nije limitirajuć faktor za prodaju Croatie. Za bilo kojeg ozbiljnijeg igrača (i pritom ne mislim na velike, nego na srednje igrače) to je kikiriki i mogu ih obije kupiti da se ni ne osvrnu.

      Jedino kada bi Adrija imala veze je kada bi netko kupio obije kompanije i ujedinio ih u jednu. Primjerice Lufthansa koja bi mogla obije kompanije staviti u sustav Eurowingsa.

      Prodaja Croatie ne ovisi o konkurenciji i utjecajima izvana, jer da je to tako onda ni Jat nitko ne bi kupio radi prisustva Wizza, Lufthanse, Austriana, Turkisha... Pa se Jat, koji je bio u tragičnom stanju, sa katastrofalnom flotom i ekstremno malenim brojem putnika uspio prodati. U Hrvatskoj daleko veći utjecaj na potencijalne kupce ima Austrian, Lufthansa, Tukish, Germanwings. a na moru SAS, easyJet, Ryanair i ostali igrači nego Air Serbia. Ona tu ne igra veliku ulogu.

      No, zapravo jedinu ulogu na kupce ima sama Hrvatska vlada koja ako će tražit neki ozbiljniji novac ili neprihvatljive uvjete onda od prodaje neće biti ništa. Ako se ponude uvjeti kakve je ponudila npr. Srbija (ogromno ulaganje, preuzimanje viška djelatnika, subvencije, privilegije...) onda će se kupac naći iste sekunde.

  13. Anonymous14:49

    OK ima poprilicno slicnu Flotu i porucbinu kao ASL i vidi se da moze da fumkcionise flota sa jednim A330 :

    1. Anonymous15:21

      Може ако га ЈУ само шаље за АУХ

    2. Anonymous16:40

      Mogu da ga salju s vremena na vreme i do Mojkovca...

    3. Anonymous17:56

      Da ali vi ne znate dali ce samo jedan doci to je samo dokaz da moze da radi ;)

    4. Anonymous18:26

      Pa to ti izjavljujes s vremena na vreme, da dolazi samo jedan a330... Pa pokusavas da kazes kako je to ok, kako druge kompanije fungcionisu sa jednim sirokotrupcem... Sve u svemu ljubomoran si

  14. Anonymous14:53

    @ aviatica.rs
    "Na zahtev Air Serbije kreće pretumbacija Terminala 2"
    Any additional info, confirmation....?

    1. Anonymous15:42

      Pise ti sve lepo u tekstu...

    2. Anonymous17:09

      Mora novi terminal. Sve drugo je privremeno.

    3. Anonymous18:26

      u kom tekstu?

    4. Anonymous19:25

      Најволем што су страњске фирме пошизеле кад су виделе нови план. Њима би припао читав те-два да су имали две чуке у глави, али су се *урабецали преко еврокомисије да заврну славину ондашњим улагачима у аеродром. Ето вам га сад мало ћоше на те-два кад не дате да се ерсрбији направи нови терминал, тук на утук.

    5. Anonymous21:23

      Strane kompanije nisu dale da se napravi novi terminal? Pa u kojem paralelnom svemiru ti živiš?

    6. Anonymous22:43

      It's obvious Air Serbia is absolute parasite.

    7. Anonymous22:55

      From this blog on dec 30 2013:

      the Serbian government has confirmed plans to award the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates a twenty year concession over Belgrade Airport. 

      It didnt happen. Someones interest was hurt.
      Hmmm so what airline group would lobby hard against it?

    8. Anonymous23:08

      Pretpostavka je majka svih zaje*a. Terminal nije dat u koncesiju zato jer bi tada budžet Serbije morao da pokrije ogromne subvencije koje se daju Air Serbiji, a one se sada hendlaju preko besplatnih usluga na Aerodromu Beograd. Nema tog koncesionara koji bi na to pristao. Kako se ugovor sa Etihadom ne može jednostrano izmeniti moralo bi se to prebaciti na budžet i onda kreću problemi:

      1. Tko bi građanima objasnio da se daju toliki pusti millijuni za Air Serbiju? Ovako preko aerodroma to se ni ne primjeti, barem ne primjeti običan građanin

      2. Odakle pare?

      3. Na taj način bi se vidjelo koliko se u stvari troši za Air Serbiju.

      I zato se aerodrom ne može dati u koncesiju. A ne radi velikih kompanija. Vrlo jednostavno. Ovakvo izokretanje je čisti balkanizam kojim se nastoji mržna okrenuti na mrske strane kompanije, umjesto da su im zahvalni jer zapravo one jedine trenutno hrane zaposlenike Aerodroma Beograd (pošto to ne čini Air Serbija), a na taj način i omogučuju Air Serbiji da jeftino leti. Jer da njih nema tko bi plačao radnike da hendlaju Air Serbijine avione.

    9. Anonymous23:56

      Ja mislim da je davanje koncesije nad Aerodromom Zagreb francuskoj kompaniji jedna od najvecih pljački nad hrvatskim poreskim obveznicima u istoriji.

    10. Anonymous00:30

      @11:08 kada smo kod poslovica, evo jos jedne:"hiljadu puta ponovljena laz postaje istina". Ko kaze da ASL ne placa BEG nista?! Ako vas istina zaista zanima, pogledajte kvartalne izvestaje (sajt Beogradske berze) Aerodroma pa cete i sami moci da se uverite u to.

    11. Anonymous01:06

      Iz tog izvestaja vidi se da JU placa mnogo premalo. Neke stvari ima dzabe, a neke placa tek 25 odsto.

      I naravno da je to mnogo para. Da se razumemo govorimo o 50 do 100 miliona godisnje. A neko ko uzima aerodrom u koncesioju nece da u 30 godina izgubi 3 milijarde. On to radi zbog profita. I kada su svi zainteresovani kazali da nece da obavljaju obaveze iz ugovora sa Etihadom Srbija je mogla samo da odustane od koncesije. Sta mislite da Fraport ne bi bio zaintereosvan? I Vinci je bio? Pa gde odose? Zabole Vinci za Lufthansu. Ili TAV.

    12. Anonymous08:51

      Opa, a sada smo od ASL" ne placa" dosli do "placa ali..."
      I mala deca znaju da RS na taj način kroz popuste plaća svoj deo prema ugovoru sa Etihadom. Dakle KOMPENZACIJOM i to do 2016 a ne goodinaaamaaa.

    13. Anonymous09:18

      Pa to i kazem! A ako se da aerodrom u koncesiju onda ce Srbija morati to da plača iz buđeta. A tada b obična raja to videla i bio bi haos. Jer ovako se može zamaskirati i ispada da je firma profitabilna i da se niša ne plača. A zato se nema para za novi terminal.

    14. Anonymous09:37

      A sta je "zamaskirano"?! Ugovorom je regulisano koliko koja strana ulaze u kompaniju.

  15. Anonymous00:04

    It looks that Wizz canceled BEG-BVA and BEG-EIN from summer 2016?

    1. Anonymous07:47

      I highly doubt it, especially EIN. They probably still didn't load them into the system. After all, S15 is still not over.

    2. Anonymous08:23

      These flights ti EIN and BVA will be so-called "W operations", they will be operated by planes other than Belgrade's based plane. The same situation is in actual S15 schedule.


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