LOT begins EX-YU expansion

LOT launches two of five planned EX-YU routes

LOT Polish Airlines today resumes flights from its hub in Warsaw to Belgrade and Zagreb, six months after the services were cancelled as part of the carrier's restructuring process. Furthermore, on March 1, LOT will introduce flights to Ljubljana and will run seasonal services to the Croatian coast over the summer months. The Polish carrier is aiming to attract transit passengers to the United States and Far East on its flights from the Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian capitals, as it continues to build its network around a hub structure. It will introduce flights to Tokyo in under two weeks and plans to launch services to Bangkok and Seoul this year too, which will complement existing long haul routes to New York, Toronto and Chicago. "We want to be the new LOT in new Europe based on a Warsaw hub", LOT CEO, Marcin Celejewski, said recently. Flights to Belgrade will initially run four times per week, before increasing to daily operations next summer, while the Zagreb route will run five times per week before it too is upgraded to daily services over the summer. Simmilarly, the airline will launch Ljubljana five times per week, increasing to six weekly services a month later.

LOT will compete directly against Air Serbia and Adria Airways on its flights between Warsaw, Belgrade and Ljubljana. However, the Polish carrier will maintain codeshare agreements with both airlines. Air Serbia struggled on its Warsaw route prior to LOT's suspension. However, the competition-free six months it enjoyed will allow it to better position itself against its Polish counterpart this time around. LOT codeshares on Air Serbia’s flights between Warsaw and Belgrade, as well as services from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi, Podgorica and Tivat. In return, Air Serbia codeshares on LOT’s services from the Polish capital to Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga. On the other hand, the Warsaw-based airline returns to Ljubljana following a nine-year hiatus. It will go head-to-head against its Star Alliance partner Adria, which itself resumed the route after three years in March 2014. During the nine months until the end of 2014, it handled some 10.000 passengers on the route. LOT will continue to codeshare on Adria's Ljubljana - Warsaw service.

The Polish carrier faces a less competitive environment on its services to Zagreb, being the sole operator. Croatia Airlines will codeshare on flights from Zagreb to Warsaw and onwards to Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna, while LOT has placed its flight numbers on the Croatian carrier’s services from Zagreb to Split, Dubrovnik, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna. LOT will also run seasonal flights from Warsaw to Split and Zadar starting in late April, which will be available until the end of October. It will operate the flights in response to the ever growing tourist traffic between Poland and Croatia. “Today the journey to the Adriatic coast takes at least a dozen or so hours spent behind the wheel. As early as April it will take just two hours on a comfortable direct flight. We are the first carrier to connect Split and Zadar not only with Warsaw, but also with other cities in Poland and Europe to which we fly. For example, between Krakow and Zadar, LOT offers just a 35-minute transfer”, LOT's acting spokesman, Adrian Kubicki, says.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    I think Adria will really struggle with this competition. LOT will take P2P traffic as it is a much more established brand in Poland. Also Adria can no longer offer any transfers unlike say 10 years ago. Being relatively pricey I don't see how they will compete against LOT.

    Air Serbia will also have a big problem. It offers a much smaller number of connections unlike LOT though there were a lot of Poles flying from Warsaw to Abu Dhabi with Air Serbia. It's widely known JU was planning to terminate Warsaw this winter but smartly didn't do it once LOT announced their temporary suspension.

    For Croatia Airlines this could be problematic as I would think places like Warsaw were probably part of their planned "Eastern European cities in EU" expansion plan for this year

    1. Nemjee09:12

      I don't think JU's relative failure in WAW has anything to do with Lot. I mean, the p2p market is rather small and both airlines are after a different kind of passengers. Naturally, no matter how modest the p2p market is, it still helped JU fill a few seats. I remember that each time I flew into WAW with LO, we were about 15 to 20 people to go out into the city, the rest were all transfers.

      That said, if JU launches New York flights then they will be directly competing with each other. LO is quite cheap, you can fly to the US with them for as little as €500.

    2. Anonymous09:15

      Nemjee isn't JUs and LOs primary passengers on this route transfers? I doubt JU relies on P2P either.

    3. Anonymous09:19

      LO offers very good deals for flights to North America and it is flying dreamliners.
      JU will need to offer very good prices to compete for connecting passengers with LO and its much bigger network.

    4. ASL must expand their regional, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern routes in preparation for JFK. If they succeed in doing so, this will also have the secondary benefit of increasing connectivity from the aforementioned destinations to Western and Central Europe, including Warsaw. Hopefully this means ASL will have more luck in WAW this year.

      Regional jets would also be very useful for JU's WAW flights.

    5. Nemjee09:36

      Anon 09.15

      Yes but what I meant is that the two airlines are after a different kind of transfer passengers. JU is after those travelling between Warsaw and the Middle East/Balkans while Lot is after those going between Belgrade, North America and certain parts of Asia.
      So if JU failed in WAW it's not because of competition coming from Lot but rather because it failed to stimulate demand or to take a share of the existing market. When it comes to WAW, JU's primary competitors are LH and OS and then TK.

      Of course, as time goes by, LO will start to become an increasing problem for JU. They are also resuming ATH and BEY flights. The former has a lot of O&D potential while the latter not so much. I believe that both SOF and OTP are primarily there for connections as I doubt the p2p market between these cities is much greater than the one between BEG and WAW. What I am getting at is that with the passing of time, JU's situation in Warsaw will become much more difficult.
      In addition to facing the already well-established carriers, JU will also face an increasingly aggressive Lot.

    6. Anonymous09:47

      Aleksandar Stojanovic

    7. Anonymous09:53

      Nemjee fully agree.
      LO also flies to Cyprus year round which is a much longer flight from Warsaw than it is from Belgrade.
      It shows once again how much JU needs a regional jet.

    8. Nemjee10:20

      Indeed, not to mention that W6 flies to LCA from both Warsaw and Katowice.
      However, it will be interesting to see how LO performs in ATH, they will be competing against both Aegean and Ryanair.

    9. Anonymous11:22

      I think LOT will force Air Serbia to stop BEG-WAW route which even without LOT had a bed results:

      - most P2P passengers from BEG will fly on LOT

      - no more passengers from LJU, ZAG and SPU/ZAD as LOT will fly to those cities and for sure potential passengers will use direct routes

      - LOT is flying to ATH, BEY, OTP, LCA, SOF, TLV, IST so JU can have connections just to BNX, SJJ, SKP, TIA, DBV, TGD, TIV, VAR. For sure that should not be enough to make LF good enough and route profitable

    10. Anonymous11:42

      I flew BEG-WAW 7,20 am flight last tuesday 29th dec. LF rougly at 35-40%...

    11. Anonymous11:52

      Last anon

      Do you remember who were the passengers? Maybe there were some connecting ones from OTP, BEY, AUH...?

  2. Anonymous09:06

    LOT is doing what ex-YU airlines should have done.

    1. Anonymous09:21


    2. It might be a bit easier for LOT considering Warsaw has more people than a few Ex-Yu countries.

    3. Anonymous09:26

      Go Poland!

    4. Nemjee09:39

      Warsaw has a population of around 1.7 million people. Poland's population is spread out throughout the country which made Lot's life difficult.

      They weren't as blessed as Aegean which is based in a country where almost 50% of the population lives in and around the capital, which is also a tourist Mecca.

    5. Warsaw has 1.7 million people only if Belgrade has 1.16 million.

      When talking about airports and catchment areas, the metropolitan area population is a much better indicator than the population of the urban core.

      Warsaw's metropolitan area population is 2.66 million.

      But Mazovia province has over 5 million, and it is the wealthiest region of Poland.

    6. Plus although LOT will forever be losing passenger from secondary Polish cities to other airlines, it isn't like they are cursed either. Krakow, Wroclaw, and Gdańsk are all 6-7 daily to Warsaw, which certainly is nice.

    7. Nemjee10:16

      Yes but if you are going to look at the whole of Masovia then you also have to look at the airports that are directly competing with WAW; from the top of my head they are Lodz and Modlin. Not all Masovians will WAW.
      Ryanair handled some 1.7 million passengers in Modlin, that's not to be neglected.

    8. Nemjee10:22

      You have to understand that not all domestic flights are there for connecting passengers. Poland's road and rail infrastructure is far from great and quite often it's just easier to fly.

    9. Yes but I was just trying to say that Masovia is a very big market. Some might fly from airports other then WAW, but I doubt many people will choose to exclusively fly from Lodz or Modlin, rather they will choose the flight that is the best value and most convenient.

      Yes but domestic passengers are passengers nonetheless, and they bring in revenue. I am certain the managers at ASL would be absolutely thrilled to have a couple routes that are 6-7 daily, even if it is mostly O/D.

    10. Nemjee11:08

      Well, the fact that Modlin saw a 350% rise in passenger numbers in 2014 indicates that it is a convenient airport for many. It welcomed some 1.7 million passengers on a single airline and given that it's Ryanair and that Poland is one of their more important markets, I am confident this growth will continue.

      Even though I agree with you as far as LO's domestic market goes, it is still kind of irrelevant to this discussion. I thought we were speaking about the Warsaw market and the region within which it is located.
      However, I am sure that the amount of O&D market between BEG and SJJ, ZAG, BNX, TIV and TGD is big enough to sustain 5,6 daily flights on a regional jet, that is as long as the price is right. Charging €168 for a BEG-SJJ flight is not the way to do it.

    11. Anonymous12:10

      The price dumping by JU is overwhelmingly for transfer passengers.
      Those flying to or from BEG pay a high price. Sometimes a very high price!
      Those that are just connecting in BEG get a good deal usually.
      Which means locals are subsidizing foreigners...

    12. Anonymous14:03

      So what if locals are subsidizing foreignes?
      I mean everybody knows people in Serbia don't travell on a plane frequently, passengers have to come from somewhere.

    13. Anonymous14:06

      Well, it is stupid for locals to pay much more expensive tickets so that some Bulgarian or Romanian can travel cheaply.

      Maybe if ju wasnt ripping Serbs off then they would not fly so much on Wizzair.

    14. Anonymous14:59

      @Anonymous January 2, 2016 at 2:03 PM

      So Serbian people should pay even more expensive tickets so that Albanian, Bulgarian and Lebanese passengers should get cheap deals to fly?
      Are you serious?
      Making plane travel even less fordable for this country's citizens is somehow a good business strategy?
      Can you understand how idiotic that sounds?
      Wouldn't the people of this country be far more willing to fly if plane tickets were reasonably priced?
      Wouldn't that stimulate demand and increase load factors?
      And wouldn't that be far more beneficial t the economy instead of subsidizing someone flying from SOF to LHR both with subversions AND more expensive tickets for the locals?

    15. Anonymous15:00

      Anonymous at 2:06 PM

    16. Anonymous15:14


      Have you ever wondered why ex-BEG pax are able to fly to North America with Lufthansa for 380-450 euros for years now, but pax flying directly from FRA or MUC pay at least double that amount?

      In exactly the same fashion, some connecting pax, if not most, will pay less for the JFK airfare via BEG, than passengers departing directly from Belgrade.

    17. Anonymous15:16

      Why aren't people pissed about Slovenians paying for Adria to be the national carrier of Kosovo and Albania? They did give 70 million to bail out their airline anyway.

    18. Anonymous15:29

      That same Lufthansa has Germanwings/Eurowings so that Germans can travel cheaply, or at least cheaper than with LH.

    19. Anonymous15:44

      Chill, I just said Serbs don't travel much on a plane and it's the truth, I agree that it doesn't make sense at all if Serbian citizens have to pay much more than foreigners, but you have to understand that it's far more likely that someone from BEY, TLV (...) or the region will fly on Air Serbia and transfer at BEG than someone from Serbia will fly on Air Serbia. In places like Serbia low cost airlines usually have much more passengers than legacy carriers, because people have no money for tickets which cost above 120-150 euros. Again, the small number of Serbian passengers in Air Serbia could be caused by very expensive tickets, but if transfer passengers pay less => Serbian citizens who subsidize Air Serbia have to pay more, it is very stupid but it is how it works.
      Passengers (= money) have to come from somewhere, Air Serbia has chosen transfer passengers over Serbian passengers as it saw more potential on entering markets such as BEY, TLV, LJU, TIA, OTP, SOF, SKP and transfer people to places such as LHR, AUH, CDG, SVO and so on, and that is how the airline works.
      I believe that in this particular case (Serbia), Air Serbia should focus on transfer passengers and Serbian passengers could use WizzAir or some other low cost airline. Yes, Serbian citizens do subsidize Air Serbia and it is stupid that the ones who get the highest price in Air Serbia are actually Serbian citizens, but I mean many Serbs who I know would rather fly cheaper with Wizz than with Air Serbia, and Air Serbia can't just drop all it's prices from BEG to 100€ just so Serbian passengers could say that their price suits them. In that case they would have to increase prices for transfer passengers, and we will agree that without transfer passengers Air Serbia would be pretty much nothing.

    20. Nemjee15:50


      BEG-WAW on LO today, 35/70 passengers so a loadfactor of exactly 50%.

    21. Anonymous15:55

      And Serbian citizens have Wizz Air. Also, comparing the biggest airline in Europe with Air Serbia and Germany with Serbia is rather depressive. If you already want to compare the two, just look at the number of passengers to and from Germany comparing to the number of inhabitants for example, and then do the same in Serbia. Also, considering life standard in Germany, it's not even comparable to (Air) Serbia. Not even close.

    22. Anonymous16:30

      Thanks Nemjee, those loads are not bad especially because LO didn't have any flights before the holidays.

    23. Anonymous16:52

      some people here think it's enough to say the lie and that by saying and writing it down it automatically becomes truth, universal truth, and the only truth. The fact is that LH NEVER had such ridicolusly low return BEG-NorthAm prices as 380 euros, not even durinh promotions. And you can cheerlead as much as you want, it will not change the truth and the facts

    24. Anonymous16:56

      Cheapest fare between BEG and JFK is with LH for €417, the next cheapest is LO and then AZ. Seems like JU will have to compete with both family and foe.

    25. Anonymous18:37

      JU seems like it will be loosing a lot of money on the JFK flights in order to compete with LH group, Alitalia, Lot and TK.
      These fares are crazy cheap!

    26. Anonymous19:16

      I dont know during which month anon 4:56 was looking, but I found for 417 euro as well during June and July. Starting Chicago or Toronto in terms of ticket price may have been a better idea I guess since flights from there are more expensive in almost all instances. The New York market is bigger, but competition will be fierce. I am far from an expert, but could ASL make money selling return tickets on regional destinations for 400 euros? ( 4 flights total)
      One last thing to point out is that on skyscrapercity forum some people were guessing the prices for future NYC flights and one thing which amazed me was that their guesses were so high in terms of price. Technically ASL could put up a 800 euro price during high season as some members guessed, but would anybody use them when now you can buy a ticket with LH (United codeshare)for 417 euros?

    27. Anonymous19:21

      Depends which regional destination, SJJ, SOF, SKP, TIA... could work for €400 because the regional flight is rather short. I think this price is not realistic for destinations such as ATH, BEY, TLV...

      Mali already said that JU will not be offering the cheapest fare on the market so I am guessing that for the first year they will be selling JFK for €700, €800. When they realise how crazy it is they will drop it to €500.

      I mean, they are going to get killed by Alitalia, their fellow family members.

    28. Anonymous19:24

      Lufthansa & co. make money in North America not through economy class tickets but through first class, business class and premium economy. That's why this is a massive gamble for JU because they are going up against major dumping from much stronger players. That's why LH+UA offer such cheap tickets to new york

    29. Anonymous19:33

      Anon 7:24

    30. Lufthansa also has to pay their pilots on average 180,000 euros per year. The random high-school educated bloke who drives the push-back tug in Germany might earn more than some PILOTS at Air Serbia.

      ASL has some huge advantages, which if properly leveraged, can mean they could one day still not lose money with low fares.

    31. Anonymous23:45

      Yeah but at the same time that same Lufthansa can fill 100 premium seats on its A380 to north America.

    32. Premium seats are profitable, but you make them sound like the only method of earning money. These seats take up a lot of real estate which means the cost is high.

      Lufthansa overall should be the least of ASL's worries. They have many problems of their own. They lose scores of millions every year on huge strikes. Taxes and airport fees there are very high.

      Turkish and LOT are both airlines that ASL will have a hard time competing with. LOT is expanding FAST in South-East Europe. Turkish has some of the lowest costs of any long-haul airline.

    33. Anonymous01:54

      I agree, the last time I flew from FRA to JFK on A380, the first class' LF was 100% (8/8) - 4800-5500eur/ow, the loadfactor in business was around 70-80% ( around 80 seats) - 1300-2400 eur/ow. Those people pay for these cheap economy fares such as 340-400euros/return ...

    34. Anonymous10:12

      They are not the only method of earning money but premium seats are one of the primary sources of income for these airlines in highly competitive markets.
      You are right that JU will have to worry about LO because both airlines will be flying those who are chasing bottom of the barrel fares.
      LO has an advantage because of their premium economy product so they can get some passengers with slightly deeper pockets.

    35. Anonymous10:22

      €500 fares to JFK and back would mean financial disaster for JU.
      it can't afford to offer fares like that. And it can't ford it because
      1) it doesn't have sufficient O&D passengers from BEG to JFK and will need a lot of transfers which generally are low/no profit and
      2) it doesn't have the premium demand.
      LH, LX, OS, etc. can afford to offer 10 seats in the back of the plane for €500 because at the front of the plane they have tens and tens of people paying THOUSANDS of €s for metal cutlery, french wine and duck liver appetizers.

      Only people with almost zero understanding of the airline industry do not understand that. And Vucic...

  3. Anonymous09:56

    OR: any news on when JU is resuming flights to BUD and LCA?

    1. Nemjee10:26

      LCA resumes on 27.03.2016 with three weekly flights. From 12.06 daily flights are introduced. Same schedule as last year.

    2. Anonymous10:31

      So no Budapest? :(

    3. Anonymous10:37

      No BUD .

    4. Anonymous11:30

      If JU will not have much more routes and frequencies than last year summer time-table JFK flights will be a huge money loosing route. And it is not about to open two routes and to cancel one (BUD), but to have at least 30-40 more weekly frequencies to feed JFK flights

    5. Anonymous11:55

      BUD should have stayed for the JFK flights.

    6. Anonymous12:02

      Anons 11:30 and 11:55

    7. Anonymous13:48

      Danas u ZAG Swiss slijeće dva puta, prvi puta E190, drugi puta AR1

    8. Anonymous14:12

      Odlicno! Sta je OU slala danas u ZRH? Nadam se da nije Q400

    9. Anonymous14:17

      Anonymous 2:12 naravno da je OU slala Q400 hehehehe

    10. Anonymous16:33

      A sto nije slala A319? Ocito da je bilo potraznje? Ipak je ZRH alfa i omega za ex-YU kompanije

    11. Anonymous16:44

      Zašto nije slala A319? To samo u OU znaju.

    12. Anonymous16:50

      Pitanje je da li znaju. :D :P

    13. Anonymous00:11

      Na MUC se tražila karta više prije Božića. Letovi su bili prepunjeni, 100%, a budaletine ne šalju A319 koji nezaposleno čuče na stajanci i čekaju proljeće.

    14. Anonymous00:22

      Cek, cek... jel to ironicno kazes ili A319 stvarno ne lete? Ili barem ne koliko bi trebalo.

    15. Anonymous02:24

      Bar dva A319/A320 su prizemljena tijekom zime dok se Q400 raubaju ko ludi. I OK, zimi nema posla. Ali bar onda kada ima posla, tih par dana oko Božića trebalo bi se raditi sa njima umjesto sa Q400.

  4. Anonymous13:53

    Vrlo moguće da će i British Airways povećati frekvenciju za Zagreb. Koliko sam upućen, dodat će večernji let, tako da bi polazak iz Zagreba bio oko 19:00 h.

    1. Purger14:36

      To bi bio pun pogodak, jer ne pamtim kada sam zadnji puta koritio BA pošto su njihove konekcije nemoguće (jutarnji let iz LHR ide oko 8:15). Čak i prvi jutarnji MAN za LHR dolazi nakon moguće konekcije 6:40-7:50)

  5. Anonymous13:55

    Jel znas kad bi BA to mogao najaviti? Odakle ti taj info?

  6. Anonymous14:30

    Dobro je imati vise kompanija u LYBE ali to nije neka velika konkurencija ASL trebutno a nije ni u buducim JFK letovima .

    1. Anonymous14:35

      Hoces da kazes da LO nije pretnja za JU? rofl

    2. Purger14:49

      LO koja će imati direktne letove za BEG, LJU, ZAG, SPU, ZAD, ATH, BEY, OTP, LCA, SOF, TLV, IST nije velika konkurencija za ASL?

      Ti smatraš da ASL neće morati još smanjivati cijene na WAW koja je i sada neisplativa i ne donosi profit ako želi ostati na toj liniji?

      Ti smatraš da LO neće prezeti niz potencijalnih putnika i usmjeriti ih na konekcije via WAW?

      Ti smatraš da LO neće preuzeti dobar dio P2P putnika koji su sada putovali preko BEG?

      Ti smatraš da LO koji za JFK ima 12 tjednih letova sa 787 nije konkurencija Air Serbijinih 5 letova sa A330? I pritom na mislim na putnike iz BEG neog na one iz LJU, ZAG, SPU, ZAD, ATH, BEY, OTP, LCA, SOF, TLV koji biraju konekciju via BEG ili via WAW! Podjetio bih te da LO ima vrlo niske cijene letova za JFK.

      Molio bih bar neki argument a ne samo prazno izbacivanje šupljih teza.

    3. Anonymous16:09

      Purger why do you even respond to that guy? Dont waste your time typing all this for nothing

  7. Aэrologic17:12

    Last photos and last sunrise of the year, on the flight BEG-PRG 31.12. Happy New year everyone.




    1. Aэrologic17:23

      Flight data: JU610 YU-ALN Atr 72-200, 35 pax or 57% LF, mostly Asians enroute from AUH.

    2. Anonymous17:43

      any more pics?

    3. Aэrologic20:37

      No, not for that flight, i'm sorry. On the other hand, i flew yesterday PRG-KBP with Ukraine International and the contrast with Air Serbia was stark. Here are some notes and a general summary:

      - Aircraft used on BEG-PRG sector YU-ALN in an unacceptable condition
      - Air Serbia catering seems to be engaged in a race to the bottom. After removing paper-bags earlier this year, now all what you get on a 2 hours flight are minuscule sandwiches like in the worst time of Jat Airways. They could have put in an effort at least for the New year period. That's a far cry from premium standards that Air Serbia pretends and makes a fanfare about, compared to QR's hot rolls of omelette on short intra-Gulf morning flights.
      - The cabin was cold and everything in it was broken. After passing Austria it became downright freezing. If i was an average Joe travelling, i would never fly Air Serbia again. Very disappointed.

      As unexpected as it may seem, PS came as a sharp contrast to that.

      - No aggressive boarding card and passport check when entering the airplane, you're just greeted by the crew
      - 737-300 in condition similar to YU-ANJ albeit fitted with most modern winglets
      - Even without food on board, it didn't feel as humiliating as receiving a kindergarten-size sandwich. All we got (for free) was water and a delicious chocolate in a golden wrap covered with UIA insignia
      - Crew extremely polite and professional, not trying to let you know every step of the way how unhappy they are with their work and with themselves
      - Crew very organized, no improvisation albeit seamless and without effort, FA's standing in the aisle greeting every single passenger when leaving the aircraft and not performing any simultaneous task till everybody leaves the plane.

      All in all, this answers quite a few questions about why JU's regional routes are failing or not performing as they should.

      When observing the tags on the luggage being loaded, out of 74 i could count less than five leaving in Kiev. All the others were: ALA, ODS, TLV, LWO, TBS, GYD...so that much about how Air Serbia shouldn't fly to those places or anywhere outside the standard Jat network.


    4. Anonymous21:01

      What was the registration of the JU bird?

    5. thanks for all the info Aэrologic! I have been saying for a while that ASL should look into routes such as TBS, GYD, AMM, IKA, etc.,but some people tend to disagree with this proposal. Even if one of these routes turns out unsuccessful it wont be a financial disaster as compared to JFK flights not working the way predicted to be.

    6. Aэrologic21:50

      @9:01PM YU-ALN, written above.

    7. Anonymous22:20

      Oduvek su mi bile smešne priče o avionskoj hrani na letovima ispod dva sata. Ali mi nikada nije palo na pamet da kažem da više neću leteti Austrianom zato sto sam na jutarnjem letu dobio jabuku ili Lufthansom zbog onog keksića.. Šta očekujete, pečene ševe?!

    8. Anonymous22:26

      Izvini ali aviokompanija koja se stalno hvali svojom uslugom stvara neku vrstu ocekivanja kod putnika. Ocito da putnik ne ulazi sa istim standardima u avion W6 i JU.

      Dakle, ako JU nije u stanju da odrsi standard koji reklamira onda bolje neka prestanu to da rade.

    9. Anonymous22:45

      E, tu smo dakle, kod "očekivanja".. Svi podaci o vrsti usluge su dostupni pre leta, tako da obozavam ove koji "ocekuju" nesto na letu ispod dva sata!

    10. Anonymous23:02

      Pa naravno a ta ocekivanja su tu kao rezultat retorike vrha same firme. Ponavljaju nonstop kako imaju fenomenalnu uslugu i sta god i onda sedne covek u avion kada ono prc od sendvica koji bolje da nisu ni sluzili.

      Svako ko je leteo sa JU od pocetka primecuje da je nivo usluge opao u poslednjih 6-7 meseci... ali zato vrh firme i dalje na sva zvona zvoni o tome kako imaju najbolju uslugu u tom nekom nedefinisanom regionu.

      Na kraju, tvoja zavrsna recenica nema smisla. Svi mi imamo 'ocekivanja'. Neka su bolja a neka su gora, nema osobe koja nema neku vrstu. Nazalost Aerolodzik se razocarao jer je primetio nagli pad kvaliteta usluge. Isto tako nije ga zacudila pateticna usluga u UIA jer se kompanija drugacije i ne reklamira.

    11. Aэrologic23:17

      The flight to Prague on the Atr is 2 hours or more depending on wind-direction. The issue here isn't the food but the overall condition of the aircraft. Cabin was freezing, lights falling apart, toilet broken etc. Generally speaking this was my worst flight ever and I've taken hundreds of flights across five continents.

    12. Anonymous23:30

      Aэrologic kaze da se sadasnja usluga u ASL ATR-72-200 moze uporediti sa Jat Airways-ovom uslugom i to iz najgorih vremena. Zakljucak: Jat Airways je u proseku bio bolji od ASL?! Ccccc...!

    13. Anonymous23:32

      Jat je svojevremeno imao sasvim solidnu uslugu, posebno oko 2010. godine kada su sluzili one sljive u paketicima.

    14. Anonymous23:35

      Da ta 2010 je pocela sjajno. Dva meseca se iskljucivo sluzila voda jer je strajkovao ketering.

    15. Anonymous23:43

      Kakav ti je to glup argument? Pa nije se voda sluzila zatos to je Jat tako hteo vec zato sto nije imao drugog izbora.

    16. Anonymous23:53

      Tom logikom onda mozemo reci da je cela prica Er Srbije jako lose pocela jer nisu penzionisali 737 kada je trebalo.

    17. Anonymous00:38

      737 je u mnogo boljem stanju nego ATR 72-200.

    18. Anonymous00:43

      That aircraft shouldn't be sent to anywhere over one hour, which is mostly what they're doing. This flight to Prague seems like a one-off.

    19. Anonymous00:47

      Well, PRG is the longest flight on the Atr, the second longest is VIE, 01.20 which is not bad.

    20. Ja sam koristio i ATR i aviolet 737 i usluga je na oba leta bila super.Do Zakyntosa smo na 737 dobili i hranu i piće zadžabe a let je samo sat vremena. Isto tamo i do Beča i sve je bilo ukusno i sveže. Samo da vam kažem da sam koristio usluge AirKanade od Toronta do Vankuvera i nismo dobili ni žvaku a kao to je kao svetska kompanija jedne razvijene i moderne zemlje.

    21. Ja sam koristio i ATR i aviolet 737 i usluga je na oba leta bila super.Do Zakyntosa smo na 737 dobili i hranu i piće zadžabe a let je samo sat vremena. Isto tamo i do Beča i sve je bilo ukusno i sveže. Samo da vam kažem da sam koristio usluge AirKanade od Toronta do Vankuvera i nismo dobili ni žvaku a kao to je kao svetska kompanija jedne razvijene i moderne zemlje.

    22. Anonymous17:27

      Nenade, pretpostavljam da ste leteli letos. Nazalost od tada je nivo usluge za nijansu pogorsan.

    23. There is very big difference between Atr 72-200 and the newer Atr 72-500.

  8. Anonymous19:33

    From March 2016 Alitalia will increase IKA from 4 to 7 weekly flights, operated by the A320.

    1. Anonymous19:42

      UIA also increased IKA from 3 weekly to daily and replaced the aircraft from an E190 to a B737!

    2. Anonymous21:01

      There is a party at IKA and JU is missing it.

    3. Anonymous21:10

      And OU is not missing it? What about JP?

    4. Anonymous21:45

      No one is expecting them there. JP's party is in the Polish countryside while OU's is in Munich and Frankfurt.

    5. Anonymous00:41

      Hahaha lol +1 :D

  9. Anonymous22:33

    Today 7 there has been flights BEG-ZRH. LOT has started BEG-WAW route, tomorrow Ural Airlines is commencing flights from Moscow to Belgrade. Go BEG !

    1. Anonymous22:34

      I don't get the 7? Is it by mistake?

      But yes, Go BEG! Bravo Srbijo!

    2. According to BEG.Aero, all flights are with A320s.

    3. Anonymous23:22

      Nekada je JAT za vreme novogodisnjih praznika obavljao i po 13 carter letova dnevno PRN-ZRH-PRN (727, DC-10, DC-9), sto je duplo vise nego danasnjih 7 iz BEG (JU+LX).

    4. Anonymous23:25

      Nekada je avion JAT-a smeo da sleti u PRN.

    5. Anonymous23:30

      beg.aero says that there were 5 flights all operated by the A320.

    6. I think it said 5 arrivals and 7 departures.


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