Ryanair to launch Niš service in September

Europe's busiest airline, Ryanair, will enter the Serbian market later this summer season with the introduction of two weekly flights from Berlin Schonefeld Airport to Niš from September 4. The announcement was made today at a press conference in the south-east Serbian city hosted by the no frills carrier. Tickets for the new route are now on sale, with the airline to roll out a Serbian version of its website as well. Flights will run each Thursday and Sunday with further details available here. Ryanair will compete directly against Wizz Air, which introduced flights from the city last year and has just announced the launch of its third route (Dortmund) from Niš in August. Serbia's Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, said this morning, "This is excellent news for the entire public who will have the opportunity to fly to the German capital at affordable prices. It is also very good news for Niš and southern Serbia".

Ryanair's Sales and Marketing Executive, Chiara Ravara, said, “Ryanair is pleased to announce our entry into the Serbian market from September 2016, our 32nd country, with one new route to Berlin Schonefeld which will deliver 30.000 customers annually. Serbian customers can look forward to Ryanair service improvements in the coming months, including new aircraft interiors, new uniforms and more new routes, under our 'Always Getting Better' programme, as we continue to offer so much more than just the lowest fares". She added, "To celebrate our new route we are releasing seats from Niš to Berlin from €24.99 for travel in September to November, which are available for booking from tomorrow until midnight Wednesday (April 27). Since these amazing low fares will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out”.

Ryanair has a limited presence in the former Yugoslavia, with year-long flights to Podgorica and seasonal services to Rijeka, Pula and Osijek, as well as a summer base in Zadar. Closer to Niš, the airline plans to open a base in Sofia this winter season. As previously reported, Ryanair is putting a greater focus on the former Yugoslav market this year and is also considering flights to Mostar, Skopje, Ohrid and Tivat. Constantine the Great Airport lowered its fees last year, charging all airlines (both full fare and low cost) only three euros for handling, landing and passenger services. It anticipates welcoming a record 100.000 passengers this year. Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and France have been earmarked as key markets for travel from and to Niš.

Niš Airport was opened for commercial use in the late 1980s and served by JAT Yugoslav Airlines. It was hit on several occasions and damaged during the 1999 NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia. In 2003 it was reopened following extensive reconstruction and development. The Niš region has a catchment area of over one million people with a sizable number of locals now living abroad in western and northern Europe. Until Wizz Air's arrival, the airport struggled to attract customers. One of the challenges in attracting foreign carriers is the lack of a category one instrument landing system (ILS) at the airport, which provides guidance to aircraft approaching and landing on a runway during low ceilings or reduced visibility due to fog, rain or snow. The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA), which manages the airspace of both countries, is expected to install the equipment at the airport by 2017. In the meantime, equipment for measuring the runway visual range (RVR), which aids the pilot during limited visibility, will be used.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Can't wait to see the destinations :)

  2. Anonymous09:06

    Konačno. Rajaner je daleko najkvalitetniji avioprevoznik u Evropi. Dobrodošao u Niš!!!

    1. Anonymous09:45

      Možda daleko najnekvalitetniji.

    2. Anonymous09:49

      Dobro de.. "jedan od većih LC kompanija" ali "daleko najkvalitetniji avioprevoznik u Evropi"!!!! Lol!

  3. Anonymous09:09

    Tako treba. Wizzair sucks. Iako je najbolji Easy

    1. Anonymous09:40

      Samo ti sacekaj da Ryanair pocne da leti pa ces videti iz prve ruke ko sucks..

    2. Wizzom nisam leteo, ali jesam sa Ryanairom i easyJetom (i Germanwingsom). EasyJet je ubedljivo najbolji od njih.

    3. Anonymous11:37

      easyJet je najbolji, ali i najskuplji. Zaposeli su srednji segment u Zapadnoj Evropi, pa su sada neretko skuplji i od BA, Swiss-a i ostalih tradicionalnih kompanija.

  4. Nemjee09:11

    If INI becomes a success, which I am sure it will, I wonder if KVO might be next. They could attract quite a few passengers from Kosovo as well.

    1. Anonymous10:22

      Kraljevo Airport will be next, in September (although not necessarily Ryanair). Ponikve Airport by spring of 2017.

      The next big thing for Nis will be the introduction of flights to Istanbul.

    2. Nemjee10:27

      What do you mean that KVO will be next? To get flights? If Wizz Air decided to bring back the second aircraft to BEG, they could operate some of the KVO flights with it, for example: BEG-FMM-KVO-FMM-BEG.

    3. Anonymous10:35


      You cannot possibly be serious...

    4. Nemjee10:37

      Why not? Please elaborate.

    5. Anonymous10:37

      KVO is set to announce low-cost flights later this summer.

  5. Anonymous09:18

    Serbian aviation is on fire these days. After the expansion announced by JU we got INI-DTM and now Ryanair? These are some great news.

    Congratulations to INI management on finally becoming rational and realistic and for dropping legacy carriers in favor of lowcost ones.

    Could we see more than 200.000 passengers this year?

    Can someone provide us with a list of the smallest airports in ex-YU? Places like Ohrid, Nis, Osijek, Tuzla, Banja Luka...

    1. Nemjee09:55

      You should also add that Lot has announced more flights to BEG. Actually, from September, they are cancelling their code-share on one morning and one afternoon flight to WAW operated by Air Serbia. It could be an indicator that they will add overnight flights to BEG. That is that on those days the schedules will overlap.

    2. Anonymous12:34

      The smallest operating commercial airports in Ex Yu are:
      Portoroz POW
      Mali Losinj LSZ
      Maribor MBX
      Bol (Brac) BWK
      Banja Luka BNX
      Mostar OMO
      Tuzla TZL
      Ohrid OHD
      Osijek OSI


      airports which could become operational (civil aviation):

      Uzice UZC

      Kraljevo (Morava) - no IATA code yet

      Belgrade-Batajnica BJY

  6. Anonymous10:20

    Anyone know which route(s) we might see?

    1. Anonymous10:24

      The talk is that one of the new routes will be Barcelona. Another 2 to central Europe.

  7. Anonymous10:34

    Woooo! So they are going to announce 3 routes..cant wait!

  8. Anonymous10:35

    Amazing year for Serbian aviation industry. Things are now moving fast.

    - Expansion of Air Serbia continental route network
    - Introduction of Air Serbia inter-continental service to America
    - Diversification of the Nis Airport offering, with Wizz and Ryanair leading the charge, and expected Turkish Air flights
    - Activation of Kraljevo Airport, expected in September
    - New terminal building constructed at Uzice Airport and activation of Uzice Airport, expected in the first quarter of 2017
    - Speculative talk about investments in Sombor airport and Vrsac Airport

    All in all, a whole new world, when compared to the situation only a year ago.

    Go Serbia! Good luck and fair winds!

    1. Anonymous11:34

      Kraljevo, Užice and Sombor airport? Yeah, sure, elections are coming soon!

    2. Anonymous11:41

      And I definitelly know who I'll be votign for.

      Pretty impressive. Hope this upward trajectory continues. Nice work!

    3. Anonymous11:51

      Anonymous 11:41, hahahahahahaha

  9. Anonymous10:59

    Oh its Berlin! Interesting move

  10. Anonymous11:15

    Is there anywhere that we can watch the pressconference?

  11. Anonymous11:25

    INI-SXF 2x 04Sep first flight...

    1. Anonymous11:27

      what are the other routes?

    2. Anonymous11:29

      Its just one. No one ever said it would be more except fanboys in comments.

  12. Anonymous11:51

    such a BUZZ for two weekly flights! #onlyinserbia

    welcome to one more Ex-Yu airport, Ryanair
    hopefully more will follow

    1. Anonymous12:05

      This is just the begging.

    2. Anonymous12:19

      I hope they'll add Brussels - Nis in the future...

    3. Anonymous12:23

      I hope at least that somebody will start shuttles to SOF.

    4. Anonymous13:22

      Anon 12:23 +1000

    5. Anonymous14:07

      This can be a great bussines for someone who dares to start it.

    6. Anonymous15:26

      When is the A4 motorway to the Bulg. border going to be finalized? This can reduce the travel time immensely

    7. Anonymous15:34

      I think spring 2017, but not quite sure.

    8. Anonymous15:49

      Nema nikakvog A4 do srpske granice niti su radili ista na putu preko SLIVNICE

  13. Anonymous12:11

    Great news for Niš!
    Bad news for JU's hub in BEG though.
    FR has very competitive fares that ASL definitely can not match.

    1. Anonymous12:37


    2. Anonymous12:41

      Not going to affect them much.

    3. Anonymous13:23

      2 flights per week from Nis and JU has 500 flights per week from BEG and you say it's bad news for JU - what have you been smoking ?

    4. Anonymous13:52

      4 flights this year, 40 flights next year.
      All filled with passengers whose only option to travel to Serbia by air was through BEG and most likely ASL.
      Also add the W6 flights.

    5. Anonymous13:58

      Why would it be bad news? More competiton means more options means more people flying. Besides INI is far away from BEG and it's good to have a second proper international airport in the country. Look at Hungary's Debrecen for an example.

    6. Anonymous14:24

      It is GREAT news for the travelling public. It is bad news for the BEG monopoly and its largest airline ASL.
      People will have more options and so ASL sill have to compete by lowering prices.

  14. Anonymous13:18

    Pathetic. lol

    Air Serbia knew this all along which is why they already increased BEG-TXL this summer.

    1. Anonymous13:21

      Yep sure it's pathetic. When Wizz Air new route from Nis it's pathetic. When Ryanair announces flights from Nis it's pathetic. When Air Serbia increases flights from Belgrade it's pathetic. LOL.

  15. Purger13:34

    Strange move. First of all it would be "normal" to announce London or Barcelona first as they plan to make hubs there and allow connection flights. But, I can understand that because of Diaspora they choose Berlin instead to begin with.

    This route will harm Air Serbia mostly. Berlin is their strategic route as they have closest alliance relation with Air Berlin, huge code-share, even long-haul connection. For sure that would be less passengers from Niš area using Air Serbia flights to Berlin. As we know Berlin route is not the best LF one, that would for sure make route even less profitable. Unfortunately.

    Also, as Ryanair would be so cheap, especially during winter, those flights will be on sell for less then 30 EUR. My employee just use Berlin route from Zadar two weeks ago for as cheap as 35 EUR for return ticket and that is why she drive to 300 km far away Zadar instead of using direct Zagreb-Berlin flight (price was around 200 EUR from Zagreb with much more frequencies). So, one can understand that it would be even cheaper than 35 EUR in winter season + promotion of route, and that would steal lot of passengers from Air Serbia Berlin route.

    That is some 20.000 passenger per year mostly steal from Air Serbia, what will, for sure, not kill Air Serbia in general number of passengers but will put Belgrade-Berlin route on huge questioning.

    Also that is, for sure, just start and Ryanair will open more routes from Niš, especially as they start war till death with Wizzair. So, there would be more routes in near future what for sure is not good news for Belgrade.

    1. Anonymous13:48

      SKP,SOF,CRA and BEG seasonal are all served by BCN. No point really. Serbians still need a visa to UK, so no use in STN neither. Perhaps CIA or MXP?

    2. Anonymous13:49

      +1 again bravo for analysis

      wonder if Ryanair will, as they have practice elsewhere, call this airport


    3. Anonymous13:49

      TXL nije tako lose popunjen kao sto opet predstavljate i dosta putnika je Trasfernih za Balkan.

    4. Purger14:01

      Gledaj sinko, ti si navijač i ja to razumijem, no moje brojke su iz pouzdanih izvora iz same Air Serbije, a tvoji podaci su lista mokrih snova.

      Ja ni ne govorim da će Ryanair uzeti išta od konektiranih putnika. Ja govorimo o 20.000 putnika godišnje koji su do sada koristili Air Serbiju iz Niša, Beograda i ostatka Srbije. Oni su i dalje 20.000 putnika, od ukupno 65.000 putnika koliko Air Serbija otprilike preveza na ovoj liniji godišnje. Ostalih 45.000 su konektirani i dio koji će ipak i dalje koristiti Air Serbiju (radi konekcija preko Berlina, većeg broja frekvencija, poslovnjaci koji neće htjeti potezati do Niša, oni koji neće znati za Ryanair, državni službenici koji si sami ne kupuju karte…)

      Naime na ovoj liniji u godini dana Ryanair će prevesti oko 40.000 putnika. Naravno, dio njih je do sada išao iz Sofije, dio se konektirao na druge prijevoznike, dio koristio autobus/vlak/automobil, a sada će koristiti jeftine avio karte iz Niša, dio su novi putnici koji će odlaziti do Berlina zato što im je to sada povoljno i brzo (prije su bili demotivirani dužinom putovanja preko BEG ili SOF, te cijenom). Ali bar polovica tih putnika će biti ukradeni Air Serbiji.

      Naravno da tih 1% putnika nije tragična za Air Serbiju, no 30% putnika na liniji Beograd-Berlin svakako jest mnogo i stavlja pitanje što sa budućnosti te linije (smanjenje cijena i yielda, smanjenje frekvencija, povećanje frekvencija i još daleko manji yield…?).

    5. Anonymous14:11

      Anonymous 1:49 PM
      LOL! Very likely. Or SOF west.

    6. Anonymous14:37

      PRN east is also an option ;)

    7. Anonymous14:47

      Or SKP north!

    8. Anonymous14:57

      Ako sam ja navijac onda ste vi Kuvar u Kuhinji koja svakodnevo izbacuje takve ne istine a odatle su vam izvori .
      1 Vecina Srba iz Berlina je iz Republike Srpske a iz Srbije je dobra vecina iz Novog Sada Beograda i jos nekoliko mesta Nisa skoro pa najmanje.
      A ljudi koji idu na odmor nece sigurno korititi taj ne prijatan red letenja tako da ce vecina Putnika biti iz Srbije ili ljudi koji imaju vremena putovati pola puta Autom/Busom ili Vozom pa dalje Avionom i nece ih biti pola nego 10000 mozda.
      A ASL nece sigurno ukinuti letove za TXL zbog 2 pw leta FR za SFX nego je i povecala .

    9. Anonymous15:01

      Purger, following on from your logic above with how harmful these flights will be to BEG and JU - why, if flights are so cheap from Zadar to Berlin, is anyone still flying from Zagreb to Berlin ?

    10. Anonymous15:13

      If there were no flights to Zadar to Berlin, there would be more flights from Zagreb. Simple as that.

      He didn't say that the route from BEG will be suspended, just that less passengers will fly on it. Don't forget that JU is launching JFK flights so they will lost those passengers as well. Double trouble.

      Since FR is introducing a Serbian website it can only mean that they have great expectations for the Serbian market.

    11. I think people are overall overexagerating the effect this line will have on BEG. Haters are going to hate, but realisticly it will not be not harmful.

      Besides BEG, flights to BER (either TXL or SXF) have Easy Jey from PRN, Wizz from SKP, Bulgaria and AB from SOF.

      Keep it in mind that SKP is 200km, SOF 160km and PRN 120km. Belgrade is furthest away with 250km to the airport. Is it going to have some impact, for sure but it is quite quite far from catastrophic as some of you are predicting here.

      Good job INI, I am glad that airport is developing as well :)

      In addition, I think also gives too much emphasis on JU - AB connection. I came back yesterday to BEG from MIA and AB flight was no where near the offer. I flew with JU-AF not JU-AB. I lived in the US before and never found relatively good offers with AB, always JU-AF, JU-KL, JU-DL or LX,LH.

    12. Purger16:43

      Zagreb-Berlin route (Germanwings / code share Lufthansa) was harmed hard by Ryanair Zadar-Berlin route. I use that Germanwings route quite often and LF is very bad! Very bad indeed.

      On the other hand my employee that use Zadar-Berlin route 2 weeks ago told me it was 100% full both ways.

      Zadar is 300 km from Zagreb, what is less than Niš-Beograd distance.

    13. Anonymous16:43

      Your comment is pretty silly I have to say. You are speaking of SOF and SKP but you are forgetting about central and south-western Serbia which is exclusively covered by BEG and INI and it will be so until KVO opens. What about them? Until now people from this region used to fly on JU to TXL but now they have the option of INI as well.
      Someone who was going from Kraljevo or Krusevac to Belgrade to fly to Berlin can now go to Nis. That's what we are talking about.

    14. Anonymous16:44

      'Zadar is 300 km from Zagreb, what is less than Niš-Beograd distance.'

      Belgrade-Nis is 250 km.

    15. AnonymousApril 20, 2016 at 4:43 PM16:45

      My comment was for Aleksandar Jakovljevic, not Purger.

    16. Anonymous17:19

      Svaki dan nesto drugo prvo kako ce ovo oteti putnike ASL, pa kako u Srbiji vlada Monopolizam i ostale gluposti sto se navode i jos kako je los LF sve se pise po potrebi i kad treba.

    17. Anonymous, if what you are saying is true, than it is also disaster for JU that AB has double daily flight from BUD - TXL because of all Vojvodina goes there. Now entire central and south-western Serbia is going to go to INI and BEG should probably close its doors because there is no point in flying. Whenever someone else appears with similar route everyone goes there.

      Now I am the one exagreating :) Some people from Kraljevo might go to INI but be reminded we have only two weekly flights. They might, but it is not for sure. My argument is that it will take away mostly pax from the other airports as well. Someone from Leskovac or Vranje used Wizz from SKP to fly to Berlin not JU from BEG.

      That`s all competition and it is good for everyone. Legacy carriers did not close their doors once low-cost airlines showed up, nor will Air Serbia.

      Great job INI once again :)

    18. Anonymous17:48

      You are the only one who is speaking of BEG closing its doors, all others have spoken about increased competition for JU out of BEG which is undeniable.

      Yes, FR has two weekly flights but FR is in expansion mode and with these flights they will attract a lot of passengers in the south-western part of Serbia which is poorly covered when it comes to air travel. I am talking about Kraljevo, Uzice, Krusevac, Cacak... these are not neglectable.

      No one was speaking of Leskovac or Vranje, these are in souther or south-eastern Serbia, I am talking about the other part of the country.

      Also, any new route out of BUD is increased competition for any airline that flies out of BEG- that's a well known fact, you should know that.

    19. Purger17:51

      Sorry more, not less! :-)

      Of course they will still some passengers from SKP, SOF, some from bus/car/train. That is why I said that out of 40.000 passengers Ryanair will have in one year some 20.000 will be from Belgrade. And trust me it will. I am telling you from experience.

    20. Anonymous17:56

      I just checked and SKP-SXF for September is around €192 without luggage. LOL

      Also airport tax is around €8 while at INI it's €3.

    21. Anonymous17:59

      Da po potrebi se pise da postoji monopolizam u Srbiji , da ce ASL propasti zbog 2 pw linije za SFX koje ce vecinom Srbi iz Nisa i okoline da koriste , pa se pise kako je los LF i jos ostale gluposti kao u pojedinim Novinama .
      Ali ovo kad napisem obrise se brzo a ostalo se ostavi .

    22. JATBEGMEL18:00

      I dont think it will do much damage to JU. Berlin and Belgrade have many forms of O&D pax plus transit, which is growing. Ryan Air will cover one segmant.

      Its good to see that INI is finally picking up traffic, long awaited. Hopefully it will be good for the region to boost tourism.

    23. Anonymous18:03

      There are around 3 million people in the region for which BEG and INI will fight for passengers, that's not a small market over which both BEG and JU will lose a monopoly over.

      Marko Lukic, aka INN-SNS, no one said that JU will go bust because of this. Stop with your nonsense.

    24. Anonymous18:14

      Naravno da tih 1% putnika nije tragična za Air Serbiju, no 30% putnika na liniji Beograd-Berlin svakako jest mnogo i stavlja pitanje što sa budućnosti te linije (smanjenje cijena i yielda, smanjenje frekvencija, povećanje frekvencija i još daleko manji yield…?).
      Komentarisem o ovome ali treba znati citati .A ime ovde je INN-NS ako ne znate.

    25. Anonymous18:22

      Marko Lukic, aka INN-SNS, a otkud ti mozes da pretpostavis da nece tako biti? Vidis i sam da JU slabo moze da se odrbani kada ih neko napadne. Em sto im FR ulazi u Nis em sto je W6 pokrenuo Baden iz Beograd... dakle nije sve bajkovito. Uz sve to, JU na TXL ce izgubiti veliki broj putnika koji je presedao na AB za JFK.

    26. Anonymous21:10

      I can't believe I am typing this but INN-NS is right!
      100.000 passengers a year using Niš means that the vast majority of them would be using BEG if it wasn't for the new flights in Niš.
      And most of them would be flying with JU.
      These developments will surely affect JU's loadfactors and profit margins.
      Especially if W6 and FR continue their expansion in southern Serbia.

    27. Anonymous21:56

      So, with the inevitable growth of competition from across Europe on short flights - LCC's included - JU's move into long haul flying is a good move, as it will broaden their catchment of passengers to feed onto their regional network.

      So what they will lose and continue to lose, they will replace with long haul passengers.

      Continued long haul growth is also an inevitability for JU, given the growth of competition in the short haul market, especially from LCC's.

      BTW, to the earlier comment above, how do you conclude that JU has a monopoly at BEG, when their share of passengers is only just over 50% ? This is very far from a monopoly....

    28. Anonymous22:48

      LCCs are not a zero-sum game with legacies, they open up new markets: people that didn't fly before, or planned to visit relatives once a year and can now do it 2-3 times a year, citybreak tourist, people who will fly instead of driving or taking a bus etc.

      If you think JU has monopoly at BEG, how do you describe Wizz marketshare at INI?

    29. Anonymous22:53

      Anonymous 9:56 PM is right.
      JU has a feature as a quality longhawl carrier for Southeastern Europe.
      It is the business model that Singapore airlines uses for decades.

      Its new longhawl fleet, new business class, fantastic lounge in BEG, Wi-Fy and many more it is going to be connecting US, Europe and Asia from BEG with high quality service.

      Just wait and see, great things are coming!

    30. Anonymous22:55

      A i red letenja im je pomalo glup Cet i Ned ce privuci samo ljude iz srbije koji idu na vikend ili tako nesto u Berlin .

    31. Anonymous07:31

      Anonymous April 20, 2016 at 10:53 PM
      Are you comparing Air Serbia to Singapore Airlines?
      Long-haul fleer with only 1 A/C?

  16. Anonymous13:36

    Wizz Air and Ryanair should open service to Pristina now possibly spring and summer season is the best time forever.

  17. Anonymous13:48

    A gde je sad G Purger sto se juce raspravljao samnom kako ce FR odvoci ne zanm ni ja koliko putnika ASL iz BEG za INI kad nece .
    Ali ovo je odlicno za Aerodrom INI koji ce imati sad svaki dan makar po 1 let.

    1. Anonymous13:50

      You should read his comment just little up to yours.

    2. Anonymous14:59

      Odvucice stotine nedeljno koji bi morali da lete Er Srbijom do Berlina po astronomskim cenama (200 EUR minimum, a ide i do 300 za let od sat i po).

    3. Anonymous15:01

      I nemojte da pricate kako ce samo ljudi iz Nisa i sa juga leteti. Verujem da velika vecina ljudi iz BG-a, a da ne pricam iz centralne Srbije, nema problem da putuje par sati autobusom da bi ustedelo 100 i vise EUR po putniku. Verujem da ce cak i neki Novosadjani koristiti Niski aerodrom.

    4. Anonymous15:05

      Za celu centralnu Srbiju je svejedno da li leti iz BEG-a ili iz INI-a. Njima ce sada red letenja i cena biti kljucna. JU ima prednost sto se tice reda letenja (zbog popodnevnih letova) dok ce FR biti neuporerdivo jeftiniji... mada mislim da je i SXF blizi gradu ako se ne varam?

    5. Anonymous15:11

      @Anon 3:05

      SXF i TXL su otprilike podjednako udaljeni gradskim prevozom, zavisi naravno iz kog dela grada se ide. Ni jedan ni drugi nisu direktno povezai metroom, a TXL je realno krs od aerodroma, tako da u ovom slucaju ASL nema tu prednost nad low-cost kompanijama (kao npr. u Londonu gde je LHR daleko bolji i zgodniji od LTN, STN...). Slazem se oko reda letenja, i to ostaje jedna jedina prednost Er Srbija, posto nikog nije briga za nivo usluge na ovako kratkim letovima

    6. Anonymous15:14

      Hvala na konstruktivnom odgovoru! Da sam ASL radio bih na pojacanju popodnevnog reda letenja za TXL jer ako je neki iz Kraljeva ili Kragujevca onda mora da krene u sitne sate da bi stigao na let u 06.40.

    7. Purger16:48

      SXF ima vezu S-bahnom (nadzemonom gradskom željeznicom uvezanom u jedinstven sustav sa U-bahn tj. podzemnom željeznicom). Linija S-bahn koje idu iz SXF su S9 i S45.

      TXL nema vezu ni U-bahnom, ni S-bahnom nego samo autobusom.

    8. Anonymous23:54

      Sve je pitanje komocije. Nažalost, u Srbiji velika većina gleda da uštedi 20 evra, a ne da putuje komotnije, ne zato što tako više vole, nego zato što moraju... Tako da svakako će biti putnika iz Beograda koji će da idu na INI.

      Ovo će značiti da će JU morati da ide sa nižim cenama za BEG-TXL, da ćemo videti Berlin mnogo češće na promociji (do sada je baš retko bio), redovna cena će verovatno biti kao Rim, oko 120 evra. To je potpuno poredivo sa FR + prtljag.

      Pravi udarac za JU na bilo kojoj liniji bi bio double daily low cost, ali za to definitivno nema tražnje, bar ne da ja vidim... Ovako, ništa strašno, mali udarac za profitabilnost na toj liniji i ništa više. Mislim da će prosto JU morati malo više da "radi" na Berlinu, do sada je samo kapljalo...

    9. Anonymous09:29

      " Nažalost, u Srbiji velika većina gleda da uštedi 20 evra, a ne da putuje komotnije"

      Ovo nije slucaj samo u Srbiji vec u celoj evropi. Svuda na kratkim linijama dominiraju LCC, jednostano nema dovoljno snobova koji bi platili 2-3 puta vise za malo lepsu kabinu i "besplatan" sendvic. Ili mozda hocete da kazete da Englezi, Nemci, Holandjani nemaju tih "20 eura" koje bi trebalo da doplate? Jednostano vecina ljudi ne pati od toga i za kratke letove i im ta navodna komocija nije bitna i radije ce taj novac potrositi kad stignu na svoju destinaciju na neku lepu veceru u lokalnom restoranu ili bilo sta drugo. Ono sto legacy kompanije odrzava u zivotu na kratkim linija je feed za long-haul i biznis putnici.

  18. Anonymous14:03

    Good new for INI!

    Interesting route. A bit of a surprise!
    Would love to see the underlying . analysis

  19. Anonymous14:52

    Wizz are starting OTP-LGW from June - it will be on daily basis.

    1. Anonymous20:54

      Nice, their first route from LGW

  20. Just saw on the ryan website, operated on 4-7 INI-SXF at 9.55 SXF-INI 7.55, prices from 24.99 Oneway.

    However in the meantime they removed info from the website

    1. Anonymous15:38

      Did you see the times?

    2. Anonymous17:28

      SXF 7:25 - 9:30 INI
      INI 9:55 - 12:00 SXF

    3. Anonymous18:49

      fits great to the evening daily flights from SOF

  21. Anonymous15:20

    OT: Air Serbia A330 has been in the Abu Dhabi hangar for 3 weeks. How long does it take to paint a plane?

    1. Anonymous16:25

      Speaking about off topic...

    2. JATBEGMEL17:54

      it went in for maintenance, removal of 9W livery, refurbishing into JU cabin and repainting into JU livery. Last info I heard was May 28 it will arrive in BEG unless it has been changed. It will be registered YU-ARA.

      The ATR's took a week to be repainted. There is many interesting videos online as to how this all looks.

    3. Anonymous17:54

      painting is usually one week

    4. Anonymous19:53

      .. osim spoljašnjeg farbanja, radi se i enterijer, menjaju se motori..

    5. Anonymous20:43

      If the paint job is done, a picture of new livery would be nice!

  22. Anonymous16:19

    So only 1 route for now with that sad two frequencies. I am happy to see FR come finally into Serbia, and of course I was not expecting a base or anything like that right away, but was expecting 2 eventually 3 destinations to start with.
    Lets hope they are just testing the ground.

  23. Anonymous16:29

    This arrival has a lot to do with Wizz Air being "attacked" by RYR recently on a large scale. Surely in a manner of low cost carriers Wizz Air will respond and the beginning of its response is DTM-INI route. Now we see how competition works in practice, something that people who will travel only from BEG are yet to discover...

  24. Purger16:37

    Pedja mislim da sam sve dovoljno jasno napisao.

    Strategija da se ne veže uz jednog prijevoznika je izvanredna. Opće je poznato da su LCC ku*vini sinovi koji prije ili kasnije ucjenjivaju. Na ovaj način

    1. Em se ucjenjuje manje
    2. Em se ima alternativa ako se ne podlegne ucjeni jednom od njih
    3. Em ako jedan ode neće cijeli aerodrom ostati na nuli kao što je to, nažalost, bio slučaj sa nekim aerodromima posebno u Francuskoj. Što ako Wizz zaprijeti Tuzli i zatraži uvjete kakve Tuzla ne može ostvariti. Pokupe krpice i što će Tuzla sa radnicima, nabavljenom opremom...

    Negativnost je što će to smanjiti šansu da Wizz bazira avion u Nišu, ili bar usporiti taj proces. No, benefiti su daleko veći.

    U svakom slučaju još je potrebno dovući Pegasus, to je MUST! Linija prema Istanbulu je bez ikakvog rizika. Jednako tako mislim da bi linija prema Moskvi bila uspješna, kao i Cologne od strane Germanwingsa. No, najvažnije je da se Niš mora ubiti da dovuče jednog legacy carriera sa velikim brojem konekcija, a potencijalni igrači su:

    - Air Serbia za BEG
    - Austrian ili Adria za VIE
    - Lufthansa ili Adria za MUC
    - Swiss ili Adria za ZRH
    - Alitalia za FCO
    - Air Berlin za DUS (TXL nakon Ryanaira više nije realan)
    - Turkish za IST (iako nakon dolaska Pegasusa to nije realno ni potrebno, a IST može biti samo uz jednog gore navedenog jer su konekcije realne prema Istoku i Jugu, ne i prema Zapadu i Sjeveru)

    Bez toga nema sigurne budućnosti.

    1. Anonymous19:00

      Opet em mastas em lupetas pa se raspises, imali su to nedavno sve sa Montenegrom i onda su pukli. Sa presedanjem, ali su to sve imali. Njih vade samo niskotarifne kompanije. Pegasus naravno moze.

    2. Anonymous19:49

      Alene, ne mogu da te nahvatam gde mi se na netu sve obraćaš ;)

    3. Purger21:18

      E da bas je Montenegro za usporedit sa OS, AZ, LX LH, AB. Koji dio u recenici "koji ima mnogo konekcija" nije bio jasan? 3 dnenve konekcije nisu mnogo!

    4. Anonymous21:35

      Sta ne razumes o tome da je Nis devastiraniji i od Osijeka u privatizacionom divljanju DSa? Milosavljevic je Filipsovu fabriku rendgena zatvorio da bi valjao Simens npr. Ovaj let za Berlin im je super cisti car. Mogu da pevaju i da ne kukaju vise za ASLom.

    5. Anonymous23:39

      Kakvo divljanje? Jeste li vi prespavali devedesete? Ništa sankcije, ništa hiperinflacija, rat? Niš bio tip-top 2000? Vi očigledno tamo nikada niste bili. Manje čitajte novine, više verujte svojim očima. Da devedestih nije bilo, možda bi Filips proizvodnju prebacio u Niš, umesto u Aziju. Realnost je nažalost totalno drugačija. Znam je da su strasti uzavrele zbog izbora, ali držite strančarenje dalje od ovog portala.

    6. Anonymous00:11

      Da, naslušao sam se ja toga kako u Nišu nema putnika ni za lijek, kako tu nema kruha, a sada će ih biti preko 100.000.

      Cijela Srbija je u banani. Beograd je u lošem stanju, budžet Beograda je na razini Splita, pa svejedno ima skoro 5 miliona putnika.

      Što je neki grad u lošijem stanju to je više gasterbajtera koji dolaze povremeno kući i turista koji dolaze na jeftin provod. Pogledajte samo rumunjske gradove i količinu letova koje imaju prema Italiji, Španjolskoj i Njemačkoj.

    7. Anonymous11:06

      Za retardiranog demokratu @11:39 Ei Nis je u 2000oj godini imao promet od 200 miliona maraka. Toliko o pogubnim sankcijama. Upropastio vas je Domazet i ekipa sa Zivkovicem na celu. @12:11 pa ko leti za rumuniju nemci i spanci? nemoj da si smesan. ne mozes da prodjes ulicama Temisvara od Spanaca.

    8. Anonymous13:41

      Kada ste krenuli vređate pretpostavljam da nemate bolje argumente. Možete li molim vas da nam kažete kolike su bile plate sa tako dobrim prometom u EI? Jesu li ih zaposleni dobijali na vreme? Život u Nišu te 2000. je izgleda bio kao u zemlji dembeliji. Ili je u pitanju neki drugi Niš, neki iz sveta mašte?

    9. Anonymous13:44

      Domazet je bio ministar nauke, Živković odbrane. Ni jedan ni drugi veze sa ekonomijom nisu imalli. Bili na vlasti samo dve godine. Ali kada ljudi traže trun u tuđem oku, činjenice ne pomažu mnogo.

  25. Anonymous16:56

    Actually this is part of their Berlin base expansion, they have launched 3 routes out of SXF including BFS, OTP and INI. Flights to OTP are 2x daily! They will most likely increase them next summer to INI - 4x...or maybe daily!

  26. Anonymous17:30

    They can open route to Oslo as well. There is only norwegian who is flying from BEG.

  27. Anonymous21:32

    Do the people in Novi Sad use TSR, BUD or BEG? It's sad that this beautiful city has no airport.
    Here is the link to the offical FR news to INI:


    First airport in Serbia! Reminds me of CND in Romania and PDV in Bulgaria in 2010. Hopefully Kraljevo is next!

    1. Anonymous22:00

      Novi Sad is 80 km from Belgrade so there is no need for a separate airport. Also, Budapest is connected with a good enough highway, so... There is also Tuzla and Osijek which are right there.

    2. Anonymous08:42

      And 70 km from Belgrade airport and it is highway which means 45 minutes far.


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