Turkish Airlines "ready to resume B&H talks"

The Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Zvizdić, has said Turkish Airlines is ready to resume talks with the government concerning the future of the country's flag carrier. After revealing Turkish's renewed interest in B&H Airlines last week, Mr Zvizdić said the carrier is willing to explore new models of commercial cooperation. "They are prepared for such negotiations to resume and to determine new models of cooperation. I am certain that talks between Turkish Airlines and the Federation government will resume soon and that they will head in the right direction", the Prime Minister said. For its part, Turkish Airlines told EX-YU Aviation News it is "unable to make any comment on this issue for the moment". It added, "As Turkish Airlines, for any major issue to become definite, we have to first inform the Istanbul Stock Exchange in advance".

In late 2008, Turkish Airlines took over a 49% share in B&H. By May 2010 it provided the airline its first jet-engine aircraft, a Boeing 737-400, allowing it to launch flights to Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Dusseldorf. However, this hasty expansion led to the termination of flights to Prague and Berlin due to poor interest. Similarly, newly introduced flights to Podgorica were also cancelled. In 2010 the B737-400 was replaced with an Airbus A319. The airline continued to expand with new flights to Amsterdam, Belgrade and Zagreb, with the latter two cancelled shortly after. In 2011, the airline cancelled its flights to Vienna, Dusseldorf, Stockholm and Gothenburg. The relationship between Turkish Airlines and the Bosnian government deteriorated at the start of 2012 with the A319 taken back by Turkish Airlines, leading to the suspension of its popular Amsterdam route and the grounding of an ATR 72. Turkish relinquished its share in B&H in the summer of 2012 citing disagreements with the government. At the time it said, "Bosnia does not care for B&H Airlines. This was a big disappointment for us. The main reason for the current state of the airline is a complete lack of interest and understanding”.

The former Minister for Transport in the Federation government, Enver Bijedić, says, "I cannot guess what their intentions are this time around but they [Turkish Airlines] made a lot of bad decisions when they were in charge. They probably want to park themselves at Sarajevo Airport in order to secure their position at an appealing European destination [Sarajevo] so they can cover a part of Europe from there". Altan Buyukyılmaz, who Turkish Airlines appointed as B&H's CEO is now the Executive Vice President at Turkish Airlines Technic. B&H Airlines suspended all operations last summer after accumulating significant amounts of debt. Bankruptcy proceeding began last month.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    The only way BH could work is if they could sell 100% of the airline. They can't do that with Turkish so the Turks bet prepare for the same old if they take over.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      We can assume that they learned their lesson of dealing with the Bosnian government and that the new agreement would have many more safeguards for them than the one before. And this time around the government will probably be paying Turkish to have some stake in B&H.

    2. Anonymous09:40

      They wouldn't make the same mistake again. The new contract would be heavily in their favour.

    3. Anonymous10:26

      If I were the Bosnia and Herzegovina's government I'd let the Turkish Airlines take over a minimum percentage of 51% to a complete take-over of 100% due to the government's zero amount of interest and no responsibility taken over the B&H Airlines. Their colapse and this non-operational stage is entirely on the government. It's their fault the national carier stopped operating. The only way out is to let the Turks take the airline and make anything possible of it just to keep it wings for now. Better that than no Airline. Who agrees?

  2. Anonymous09:12

    As someone with a bit of inside info on this things are definitely going in the right way. Everything should be done by the end of 2015

    1. Anonymous14:08

      You do realize that we are now in 2016? :)

    2. Anonymous10:28

      Hahahahahahahahahhahahaa (Y)

  3. Anonymous09:12

    On several Turkish forums there are rumors that TK plans on basing three a/c in SJJ.

    Maybe we could see JA takeover the IST-SJJ route from TK?

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Wow that would be fantastic

    2. Anonymous09:16

      3 aircraft would mean a lot of destinations. TK operated up to 5 flights per day between Istanbul and Sarajevo during the summer so for sure JA could take over some of those.

    3. Anonymous09:19

      So what routes could we see? I guess one aircraft could operate several daily SAW and IST flights but what about the other two? AMS and CPH will happen for sure, what about CDG/ORY? I am sure a few destinations in Germany will also happen, maybe Vienna?

    4. Anonymous09:24

      TK and OS no longer cooperate so I am sure they will launch VIE flights. They will crush OS with lower fares.

    5. Anonymous09:33

      If this happens and Wizz Air really starts flights from SJJ the airport will need a new terminal quickly.

    6. Anonymous09:36

      I hope this deal will materialize soon, but, I'm curious, what makes Bosnian carrier more attractive than Croatia Airlines? The fact that Croatia is an EU member and they wouldn't be able to buy more than 49% of share? Something else?

    7. Anonymous09:37

      @ Anonymous April 19, 2016 at 9:33 AM
      Ther is still plenty room. The last time i were there it was like a ghost airport.

    8. Anonymous09:38

      @ Anonymous April 19, 2016 at 9:36 AM
      The Neo-Osmanism. This is the answer to your question.

    9. Anonymous09:41

      Anon 9.36

      Nothing, it's just that the Croats have not yet understood that if they want to sell OU then they have to make it through politics like Serbia or Bosnia did it.

    10. Purger09:56

      They did understand this, Minister was several times in Frankfurt. But they don't understand that you have to give Croatia for free + big number of million EUR to interest someone to take company. Same thing Serbia did with Air Serbia, Slovenia with Adria and for sure BIH will do with Turkish / Air Bosna.

    11. Anonymous09:59

      Purger, what's with IFC, they had a task to find an investor in OU, the state paid them?

    12. Anonymous10:01

      Purger, they probably didn't understand it if they went to Lufthansa. They should have gone to some rich and exotic investor.

    13. Purger11:02

      True. I said that they should go to

      1. Singapore
      2. Qatar
      3. Hainan
      4. Delta
      5. China Eastern
      6. China Southern
      7. ANA
      8. Cathay Pacific
      9. British
      10. Air China
      11. Asiana
      12. Korean
      13. Air France
      14. Turkish
      15. Travel Service
      16. Aegean
      17. Saudia
      18. Lufthansa
      19. Garuda

      So, for me Lufthansa was the last real company they should go to.

      But, in Croatia there is only one option - Germany. Sell them everything and ask them for everything. If you need to toilet you should call Angela Merkel and ask her for permission.

      And to approach Lufthansa in this moment when they have strikes almost every month trying to cut workers rights and it was stupid to think Lufthansa will in same time spend several millions to buy some unimportant company and make their workers even more mad ("you have money to buy some stupid many-lost company but don't have money for basic rights we already have?"). Also to sell Croatia to Lufthansa which will make from it Eurowings Croatia + new Dolomiti is the worst possible option.

      And there are so many better options. But for them you have to look little further than Germany (and change your status of mind) and to work so much more (to present benefits/possibilities and to find options to satisfied those exotic far away companies). And why to work if it is not necessary and if you even don't know those companies exist and what is the situation in real World. Let me just mention that previous Minister (when I had meeting with him) even did not know that we are in alliance with Lufthansa, what was the name "of that Hungarian company that went bankrupt and is good example to us" and that he is flying to Brussels with this plane that has "fans" on wings and goes "brrrrrrrr" (Q400). And one should discuss with this kind of man about Etihad/Qatar, Hainan etc?!?!?!

    14. Nemjee11:08

      Hahaha best example why politics should not mix with aviation.

      I agree, going to Lufthansa was the dumbest thing they could have done. Even if LH decided to buy OU, it would be the end of OU as we know it. They would probably be integrated into Eurowings and that would be it. I mean, if LH is considering replacing SN Brussels with Eurowings then they sure as Hell would do it with OU.

    15. Purger11:24

      I said TWO year ago if Lufhansa will buy Croatia it will do it like Adria (with help of 4K or some else cleaning company) and than will make

      Eurowings with:
      - 3 A320 based in ZAG
      - 2 A320 based in LJU
      - 1 A320 based in SPU

      + CityLine Croatia (or Adria) with base in MUC and routes
      - ZAG-MUC
      - ZAG-FRA
      - ZAG-ZRH
      - ZAG-VIE
      - ZAG-ZRH
      - ZAG-BRU
      - SPU-MUC
      - SPU-FRA
      - SPU-MUC
      - SPU-VIE
      - SPU-ZRH
      - DBV-MUC
      - DBV-FRA
      - DBV-VIE
      - DBV-ZRH
      - ZAD-MUC
      - ZAD-VIE
      - PUY-MUC
      - RJK-MUC
      - OSI-MUC
      - ZAG-SPU
      - ZAG-PUY
      + maybe some PSO routes (ZAG-ZAD, ZAG-PUY, ZAG-OSI, RJK-SPU, RJK-DBV, PUY-DBV) if Croatia Government will pay huge money to fly on those routes

      + CityLine Adria also base in MUC:
      - LJU-MUC
      - LJU-FRA
      - LJU-VIE
      - LJU-ZRH
      - LJU-BRU
      - SJJ-MUC
      - SJJ-FRA
      - SJJ-ZRH
      - SJJ-VIE
      - OMO-MUC
      - PRN-MUC
      - PRN-FRA
      - PRN-VIE
      - PRN-ZRH
      - SKP-MUC
      - SKP-FRA
      - SKP-ZRH
      - SKP-VIE
      - TIA-FRA
      - TIA-MUC
      - TIA-VIE
      - TIA-ZRH

    16. OT but somewhat related to above conversation. There are reports in news today that LH is in talks with SAS and Brussels about them becoming part of Eurowings.

    17. http://m.atwonline.com/airlines/reports-lufthansa-eyes-investments-sas-brussels-airlines?NL=ATW-04&Issue=ATW-04_20160418_ATW-04_313&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_4&utm_rid=CPEN1000000406587&utm_campaign=5629&utm_medium=email&elq2=2cda613c4296432dba01e03595e31192

    18. Anonymous14:50

      kao i obicno slazem se sa kolegom iz Zagreba, a ovog puta u pogledu buducnosti OU. Lufthansa je u svojim problemima i tek kad ih resi krenuce u formiranje Eurowings Croatia ili zajedno sa danasnjom Adriom nesto tipa Eurowings Alpe-Adria. To garantuje kakav takav opstanak, ali doci ce do drasticnog rezanja broja zaposlenih, kao i aviona baziranih na ZAG tako da mnogi nece biti srecni zbog ove poslovne saradnje.

    19. Purger17:06

      To je istina. Čak i sa CityLine Adria koja će sigurno biti oformljena uz Eurowings Adria da feeda MUC, FRA, ZRH, VIE i BRU taj broj aviona biti će manji.

      No, to ne znači da će to smanjiti broj putnika u ZAG. Upravo suprotno desti će se efekt kao kod Verone nakon što su Dolomiti iz loklalnog hubnog efekta postali MUC feeder sa bazom u MUC:

      - povečao se broj frekvencija prema MUC, FRA, VIE tj. linijama koje se feedaju

      - enormno se povečao broj drugih prijevoznika, kako LCC, tako i legacy carriera

      pa je Verona sa 1,5 u kratko vrijeme (mislim nekih 2-3 godine) skočila na čak 2,5 milijuna putnika.

      Eurowings će iz Zagreba svakako letjeti i za destinacija, ne samo Njemačke. Tri aviona sa 4 rotacije dnevno naprave jednako kao i 4 aviona sa tri rotacije, ali im je popunjenost daleko veća. A iskreno od 6 A319/320 u floti CTN-a u prosjeku je 4 bilo "namjenjeno" Zagrebu (ostali su letjeli iz SPU, DBV, PUY, ZAD), dakle tu se neće desiti ništa posebno. Isto tako CityLine će zamijeniti Q400 sa RJ i imati veći broj frekvencija prema feeding rutama, dakle i tu nije za očekivati neki pad.

      Jedino negativno što će se desiti je da će ZAG biti lošije povezan sa JI Europom (ukidaju se feeding rute za SJJ, SKP, PRN, a osim SPU i DBV ostali bi preživjelo samo uz jaku potporu države kroz PSO), te manje destinacija prema ostatku Europe koji nisu feeding LH (poglavito u bližoj okolici što se letjelo sa Q400, a Cityline sigurno neće nastaviti, dok će Eurowings za to biti prevelik). Naravno, na ukinute linije će odmah uskočiti drugi prijevoznici, kao i oni koji bi otvarali nove linije da prigrabe dio kolača.

  4. Anonymous09:15

    So this probably happening. Look at the wording TK used. If there was no truth to this they would have just denied it like they did with the OU privatization.

  5. Anonymous09:15

    Bosniaques, Croats, Slovenians, Serbs, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Albanians are always in need of help and always ask for the help.

    1. Anonymous09:26

      Matthew 7:7 "Ask and you shall receive"

    2. Anonymous16:34

      Easy to say from France or Belgique :)

  6. Anonymous09:17

    I hope that this time things will go better.

  7. Anonymous09:19

    Best fleet solution for B&H Airlines :)
    1x A319
    2x CRJ700

    And they would be on a break-even if TK leads everything.

    1. Anonymous09:22

      On TK's website it writes that they have three E-195 in their fleet and there is a rumor that they plan on basing three aircraft at SJJ. Could this be it?

      E95 has 118 seats which is perfect for SJJ.

  8. Anonymous09:27

    Makes sense. Sarajevo Airport is really underserved and has lots of potential. Base a plane there and you could reap the benefits. All you need is a smart route planner, nothing more.

  9. Anonymous09:28

    I wonder what impact this might have on Wizz Air's plans to fly in/out of SJJ. Airport authorities might be less inclined to give them a sweet deal now.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      There is enough room for both companies @ SJJ.

  10. Anonymous09:32


    What time is the Ryanair press conference tomorrow? Will it take place in Nis?

    1. Anonymous16:00

      Yes. First Ryanair base in Serbia!

    2. Anonymous07:24


  11. Anonymous09:36

    They will probably do the same like with Senegal Airlines. The Senegalese government just created Senegal Airlines to replace Air Senegal which was/is in the same state as B&H Airlines (lost AOC bevause of debt and has no aircraft left). Now Turkish Airlines has expressed interest to purchase a share in the new airline.

  12. Anonymous09:45

    Always found it fascinating the interest that has been shown towards this airline by other carriers. In 2008 besides Turkish, Royal Jordanian also applied on the tender to buy 49% and some Malaysian company too.

    1. Anonymous10:09

      Muslim community :)

    2. Anonymous13:43

      Well at least that we have some use of the "muslim" factor, for a change :)

  13. Purger09:51

    Mogla bit to biti simpatična i profitabilna kompanijica.

    4x 737-700
    2x ATR 72

    14x SJJ-IST (code share TK) +7x TK
    7x SJJ-SAW (code-share TK)

    7x OMO-IST (code-share TK)
    7x TZL-IST (code-share TK)
    4x BNX-IST (code-share TK)
    3x SJJ-AMS

    4x SJJ-CDG
    3x SJJ-LHR
    7x SJJ-FRA (code-share LH)
    3x SJJ-SVO
    3x SJJ-BRU (code-share SN)
    1x SJJ-AYT (seasonal)

    4x SJJ-CPH (code-share SK)
    3x SJJ-ARN (code-share SK)
    3x SJJ-OSL (code-share SK)
    3x SJJ-HEL
    2x SJJ-GOT (code-share SK)
    3x OMO-FRA (code-share LH)
    3x TZL-FRA (code-share LH)

    ATR 72:
    14x SJJ-BEG (code-share JU)*
    7x OMO-BEG (code-share JU)*
    4x SJJ-FCO
    3x SJJ-ZRH (code-share LX)

    3x OMO-MUC (code-share LH)
    3x OMO-VIE (code-share OS)
    3x OMO-FCO
    3x TZL-VIE (code-share OS)
    3x TZL-MUC (code-share LH)
    3x BNX-MUC (code-share LH)
    3x BNX-ZRH (code-share LX)
    3x OMO-MXP

    *uvjetovati da 100% letova leti JA, ako JU ne pristane onda uči u code-share sa OU na liniji ZAG-SJJ sa 1x JA i 2x OU i ZAG-OMO 1x JA

    Nebi glupi letovi bili ni:



    pri čemu bi i legovi TZL-OMO-TZL i BNX-OMO-BNX bili domaći i prodavali se (barem u početku kada bi bilo manje aviona)

    Naravno, sve ovo bi se realiziralo kroz par godina, nitko ne očekuje da se odmah krene npr. iz TZL sa

    7x IST
    3x FRA
    3x VIE
    3x MUC

    jer treba i putnike naviknuti na letove, postaviti sustav... Ali da se ima previše vremena, nema. Konkurencija ubija. Ja bih krenuo sa 2x 737-700 i 2x ATR 72, pa dodavao svake godine po jedan 737-700. Nakon toga rast bi mogao biti isključivo prirodni (dakle vidiš kako raste broj putnika pa povečavaš frekvencije, eventualno uvodiš novu liniju)

    Naravno, umjesto 737-700 daleko bi isplativiji, za SJJ bolji i nadasve manje rizika stvarao 100-seater RJ, ali ako se radi o investiciji Turkisha onda to nije realno pošto ih Turkish nema, pa bi eksploatacija (maintenance, operacije, posade, nabava...) bili daleko skuplji nego što bi se uštedjelo sa nabavom RJ.

    1. Stefan10:05

      Potpisujem. Bila bi to kompanija sa dosta potencijala.

    2. Purger11:11

      Nebi. Ta kompanija nikada ne bi mogla napraviti feeding linije kao Air Serbia, Croatia, pa čak i Adria. Ona bi uvijek morala tražiti P2P linije iz SJJ koji je feeder luka, te niche linije iz OMO, TZL i BNX uz eventualno povezivanje tih luka i bajpasiranje SJJ. Ali dalje od ovoga ne bi mogla ići (možda u idućih 10 godina još jedan avion i 2-3 nove linije + povećanje frekvencija na gore navedene).

      Dakle nema tu "dosta potencijala", niti mjesta za megalomaniju. Ova kompanija može biti feeder Turkish i eventualno LH grupi, i biti upravo no što sam napisao "mala simpatična i profitabilna kompanijica" koja je našla svoju nichu i pokušava preživjeti među velikima tako što nalazi svoje prednosti i bude maksimalno prilagodljiva.

      Ali da je ona potrebna SJJ je! Kao što je i SKP potrebna jedna takva kompanija. Svakako je u oba slučaja Turkish najbolja opcija (te fidanje Star Alliancea), dok je ulazak u deal sa oneword i SkyTeam kompanijama gotovo nerealan. Bez feedanja velikih hubava iz SKP, SJJ, PRN i TGD nema budućnosti i ako pokreću kompaniju bez toga, bolje da učine što je učinio SKP, ukinu "neovisnu" money-lost kompaniju i prepuste se LCC.

    3. Anonymous13:46

      Odlican predlog da saradjuje sa ASL ali cisto sumnjam da ce biti bilo sta od toga . Sa LH jos manje verovatnoposto TK nije bas u najboljim odnosima .

    4. Purger14:21

      Nije da se vole, i nije da si ne stavljaju prceve, ali Turkish i Lufthansa imaju vrlo širok code-share aranžman sa mnogo linija u tom sporazumu, velik broj LH linija iz FRA i MUC prema trećim destinacijama je u code-shere Turkisha, pa čak i onih koje TK ima kao direktne letove, zajedno imaju kompaniju SunExpress u kojoj i TK i LH imaju po 50%... Dakle nije baš ni da se mrze!

      Znam da ljubav nije kao prije 10 godina, ali nije ni da nemaju modalitete široke suradnje.

  14. Anonymous10:10

    Sta ce im TK za to?

    1. Purger11:12

      Upravo sam u 10:05 u prošlom komentaru napisao zašto im je TK nužna.

    2. Anonymous12:49

      To su imali i pre pa su pukli? Uvek i je falila agresivnost koju TK ima ali nista od toga nisu primenili u BiH.

    3. Purger14:25

      Preama mojim informacijama radi se o tipičnom balkanizmu socrealističke provenijencije Vlade BiH koja je 49% Turkisha tretirala "hvala bračo što pomažete, ali što bi vi, nešto i odlučivali, mrš bolan". Dakle Turkish se baš nije mnogo pitao i nije se "imalo vremena" razgovoarati o tom diskriminiranju i ignoriranju. Mjesecima je Turkish pokušavo obznaniti svoje nezadovoljstvo i ništa. Pa su ljudi pokupili krpice, a prepotentni seranje u Sarajevu mislili kako će i bez njih dalje voditi kompaniju. I ode kompanija na bubanj. Pa su valjda sad naučili lekciju. Sigurno je da se turci ovaj puta neće dati nasaditi kao i prošli.

  15. Nemjee10:57

    Hope they keep the livery, one of the better ones in Europe.

  16. Anonymous11:15

    OT: Ryan sutra najavljuje London, Milan i Barselonu iz Nisa!

    1. Purger11:35

      Woow.... if that is true that is really the worst possible news for Air Serbia. Ryanair route to Brussels will attract lot of passengers from Belgrade to use INI and for sure will make Air Serbia possibility to open BEG-BCN route more risky. Most of us here wonder why they wait to open that route, and were afraid that scenario like this can happen.

      Even London flights will steal some Belgrade passengers (Ryan is much better option than Wizzair to Luton and cheaper that Air Serbia)

      But for sure that will steal passengers from South Serbia from Air Serbia that will not use Air Serbia flights to London, Milano and connection flights to Barcelona any more.

      Listen to me, multi-thousands of passengers use Ryanair from Zadar (300 km) instead of Croatia from Zagreb. Just last week head of my office did so.

    2. Anonymous12:03

      If I was Wizz I would immediately announce BEG-CRL and BEG-BCN.

      JU will most likely not do anything besides cut frequencies because they are unable to compete.

    3. Anonymous12:43

      I'm not convinced at all that JU shares such a large portion of passengers with low-cost airlines, especially if they're flying from other airports. In fact, they'll just re-route people who fly from Timisoara to fly from Nis instead.

    4. Anonymous12:44

      Ebala vas vise BCN nema tamo dovoljno putnika za tzv legacy carrier. Leteli su Spanci, Spanair i pukli. Vasi vlazni snovi nemaju nista sa ASL i njihovim planiranjem ruta.

    5. Anonymous12:46

      The area between BEG and INI that could use either one of these two has around 1.562.000 inhabitants. I am counting only the regions for whom it doesn't matter which airport they use.

      These are:
      Nisavski okrug

      I didn't count norther, western or south-eastern Serbia because it's obvious which airport they will use.

      JU should do something about it because its home market can become a battlefield between FR and W6.

    6. Anonymous12:47

      Anon 12.44

      Ne lupaj, Vueling i dalje leti. Ako W6 moze da leti iz SKP-a onda moze i iz BEG-a.

    7. Anonymous13:05

      Jadno je sto ti ne razumes razliku ASL i Vuelinga i W6. Pa onda lupetas o lupanju.

    8. Anonymous13:09

      Vazno da si ti najpametniji ovde sa svojim krajnje primitivnim recnikom.

    9. Anonymous13:16

      Znaci imamo FR iz Nis protiv Vuelinga iz Beg. Sta mislite ko pobedjuje?

    10. Anonymous13:21

      FR definitivno jer ce biti jeftiniji. Inace FR je najavio da ce testirati presedanja u BCN i STN, mozda ih zato pustaju iz Nisa.

    11. Anonymous13:23

      According to our Minister Zoka, Ryanair expressed interest in serving Sombor. lol

    12. Anonymous13:27

      Such a weird choice of destinations to start with... Btw, how W6 is doing in INI? Is it really above 90% average LF as I read somewhere? That's quite good since I travel with them occasionally from BEG and I'm not sure if they have 90% even in BEG. Are the prices from INI much lower?

    13. Anonymous13:29

      Vuleing leti sezonski za Beg, Ryan sigurno nece krenuti sa letovima u narednih nekoliko meseci, tako da cemo sutra videti sta su nam spremili i sa kim ce da se bore. Moje misljenje je da hoce da uniste WIZZ u ovom regionu SKP, SOF INI su jako blizu, tako da ce biti zanimljivo.

    14. Anonymous13:45

      Ja mislim da ce FR krenuti do kraja juna. Zasto bi propustili celo leto? Brend im je dosta jak u Srbiji tako da bi napravili veliki bum. Mesec i po dana je dovoljno za prodaju karata, posebno ako ce biti po €9 po smeru kao sto je obicaja sa njima.

    15. Anonymous13:48

      Odlicno za Aerodrom INI ali to nece odvuci prevelik broj Putnika ASL .

    16. INN-NS13:50

      Bolje da je gazda aerodroma pozvao U2 da leti iz AMS i HAM nego FR koji uzima pare. Barem neka onda lete INI-INN jer tu ima para.

    17. Purger14:29

      INN Sine, Ryanair odvuče putnike svigdje gdje dođe. Ako Zadar sa Ryanairom može odvuć toliku masu putnika iz Zagreba, a to čini, onda će još više putnika odvuči iz Beograda preko Niša.

    18. Anonymous14:52

      Ako je ovo istina - cestitke za Nislije!

    19. Anonymous15:04

      Da odvuce FR domace ali dobra vecina Putnika ASL je transferna a i 3 linije FR nisu neka konkurencija .

    20. Anonymous15:07

      +1 slazem se, ovo je ono o cemu smo pricali od samog pocetka. Nisu su potrebne kompanije poput FR i W6, ne JU, OS ili YM.

      Sa Dortmundom ili Rajanerom, da li mozemo ocekivati 250.000 putnika u ovoj godini?

    21. Anonymous15:08

      Marko, kako Milano nije konkurencija kada JU leti za MXP? Isto se odnosi i na London. Svaki novi let predstavlja neku vrstu konkurencije. JU mora biti agilnija, posebno sada kada gubi p2p putnike. Ne zaboravimo da FR ima bazu i u TSR koji vuce putnike iz Vojvodine, to jest Banata.

    22. Anonymous15:48

      Anonymous April 19, 2016 at 3:08 PM
      FR leti MXP i BGY.

    23. Anonymous16:03

      We all thought this would never happen..but just year after W6 is expanding, FR is about to shine, I wonder where we were wrong with the calculations?! Well done INI! I must admit that I will soon fly from Nis for sure! Let just see what routes they will announce tomorrow..

    24. Anonymous16:05

      "Ebala vas vise BCN nema tamo dovoljno putnika za tzv legacy carrier. Leteli su Spanci, Spanair i pukli. Vasi vlazni snovi nemaju nista sa ASL i njihovim planiranjem ruta."
      Spanair did great on Barcelona route and the route ceased since the carrier went bankrupt. Madrid on the other hand was suspended after summer season a year before the carrier went bankrupt.

    25. Anonymous16:06

      Jeste na neku vrstu ali ko ce ici iz Novog Sada ili Beograda za Nis pa ce onda sa FR do STN to nekoga naprimer mrzi .
      Ali po meni BCN i STN su pogodak dok MXP nije .

    26. Anonymous16:13

      Since this list is talking about Ryanair, I took a look at Timisoara airport on wikipedia. According to that sight, Ryanair will be flying out of Timisoara to the following destinations
      Bergamo......Nov 1
      Berlin SXF...Nov 2
      Bucharest....Sep 1
      Charleroi....Sep 1
      Hahn.........Sep 2
      London STN...Sep 1
      Weeze........Sep 4

      If you lok on Nis ( Wikipedia) only the Wizz destinations show. We shall have to wait and see if any news will be there for Nis in regards to Ryanair. Maybe Ryanair will open a shuttle service via bus from Nis to Timisoara. Just a guess.

    27. Anonymous16:29

      "Ryanair will open a shuttle service via bus from Nis to Timisoara. Just a guess."
      Hahahahahahaha, made my day ;)

    28. Anonymous16:29

      Bus shuttle to TSR? Why not SOF which is closer. ;)

    29. Anonymous16:30

      Da a Bus skuplji nego karta kod FR =D

    30. Anonymous16:35

      Tako je, reci im!

    31. Anonymous16:52

      Certainly Ryanair and wizz will do it better than ASL in any route that they're going to open in serbia.It's common sense that the majority of serbian people are not businessmen so they can pay 200€ at the price that ASL wants!! Well done FR and W6!I don't believe in the existence of any national carrier just for prestige.The word NATIONAL to me means to help your people not to robb them with those prices.

    32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    33. Anonymous17:16

      To anonymous 4.52 pm

    34. Purger17:21

      INN Sinko dvije stvari:

      1. Naravno da će putnici iz Novog Sada i Beograda odlaziti u Temišvar i Niš da lete sa Ryanairom, kao što danas putnici iz Zagreba odlaze u Veneciju, Bratislavu, Budimpeštu, Zadar, Split... da lete sa Ryanariom, easyJetom i drugima. A ti gradovi su puno dalje + granica, nego što je Niš iz Beograda ili Novog Sada.

      2. Nije istina da je većina putnika preko BEG transferna. Ove zime bila je velika manjina. Nadam se da će se ljeti vratiti na omjer kao prošlog ljeta kada je bilo oko 55% transfernih putnika. No, da je čak i istina da su transferni putnici velika večina (a vjerujmi imam podatke koji pouzdano govore drugačije) i da samo dio njih ode Ryanairu u Niš/Temišvar ne govorimo o zanemarivoj brojci. Neka na svakom Londonskom avionu ima 50 putnika iz Beograda, a njih 20 se odluči za putovanje iz Niša/Temišvara (nešto nišlija, nešto "privučenih" beograđana), to je samo na toj liniji 18.720 putnika godišnje. E sad misliš da Air Serbija može podnijeti tih 19.000 putnika manje na toj liniji, da će ih pronači u "novim" putnicima (smanjenjem cijena, a time i yielda), privući više transfernih putnika umjesto njih ili je realnije da će smanjiti broj frekvencija. A ako smanji broj frekvencija smanjit će i broj konektiranosti, a to znači i manje potencijalnih transfernih putnika.

    35. Anonymous17:29

      Not just that people from Zagreb use Bratislava and Venice, but also people from Belgrade and Vojvodina use Munich to go for example to Finland. I know some of them myself.

    36. Anonymous21:56

      Pa tim ljudima svaka cast sto idu pola Autom a pola Avionima.
      Tih 2 pw FR leta nece mnogo putnika opet kazem odvuci iz BEG .
      A vasi podaci su uvek tacni kao i pojedine Dnevne Novine u Srbiji sto se tice Transfernih putnika.
      A ne treba zaboraviti JFK liniju i ostale 4 nove Destinacije koje ce doneti plus.

    37. Anonymous22:45

      INN-NS, da li ti ne vidis dolazak FR kao dobru stvar? Ja kao normalan putnik gledam u cenu i vreme leta, i bas me briga da li cu leteti sa Croatia Airlines ili Sheik Bin Vucic Airlines.

    38. Anonymous23:04

      Dobro za rast putnika a licno ovako nebitan mi je dolazak njihov .
      A opet ste ljubomorni na ASL i Premijera Srbije koji je uradio odlicne stvari za Srbiju a ne mozete nista da pohvalite.

    39. Anonymous00:29

      Ne znam cemu potenciranje da ako bilo koja kompanija najavi letove iz Nisa ili bilo gde iz Srbije odmah je "bad news for ASL",nije i nikako ne moze biti jer se jednostavno aviosaobracaj u Srbiji na ovaj nacin razvija i sigurno da su u biznis planu predvideli dolazak lcc i da arapi imaju uvid u strategiju.ASL ce i dalje nastaviti svoju pricu bez gledanja ko je dosao ili nije.Par desetina hiljada putnika ne znaci apsolutno nista jer asl ima poptuno drugu strategiju od lcc i takvi putnici joj apsolutno ne znace.

    40. Anonymous07:31

      Za JU lokalni putnici su jako vazni i nije kao da je odustala od njih jer se skoncentrise na transfere- da je tako ne bi imali one glupe happy friday i happy saturday promocije svaki cas.
      Isto tako, sposobnost JU mendzmenta ce se najbolje dokazati ove zime. Leti svako moze da napuni avion ali je fora da odrzis barem nesto nalik normalnom redu letenja tokom zime- sto nije bio slucaj prosle godine.

      JU je u poslednje vreme nacisto srozao cene karata za lokalne putnike sto ukazuje na sledece:

      1. oni su im potrebni
      2. nisu uspeli da privuku veliki broj transfernih putnika a posebno ne onih lukrativnijih.

      Dakle u zakljucku, ovo jesu lose vesti za JU jer uz W6 u Beogradu, sada imaju i FR u Nisu. Sem ako ne mislis da JU bas briga sto W6 leti BEG-EIN/MMX/NYO/LCA/DTM/BSL gde direktno ili indirektno konkurisu sa njima i oduzimaju im putnike?

    41. Anonymous08:34

      "da je tako ne bi imali one glupe happy friday i happy saturday promocije svaki cas"

      Those promotions are truly bizarre and amateurish. Just invest in better yield management system. It's 2016! People don't want to hunt for your promotions or go to the physical store, they just want to go to the website, do a search and see reasonable prices.

  17. Anonymous11:23

    Excellent news, would be a great airline and a great opportunity!

  18. Anonymous12:59

    Lot has announced that they plan on increasing BEG- it can only mean they will have more than daily flights!

  19. Anonymous13:56

    Ovo su odlicne vesti za SJJ .
    Samo ne znam dali bi TK posle mogao preuzeti svih 100 % JA sto bi bilo mnogo bolje za samu kompaniju.
    Flota po meni bi trebala da izgleda ovako :
    3-4 A319
    2 ATR 72

  20. Anonymous14:26

    Ovo me neodoljivo podseća na prodaju Srpske fabrike stakla Paraćin onom Bugarinu Cvetanu Vasilevu ili kako već. Prodali mu firmu, on je upropastio, oni mu konfiskovali, pa mu opet prodali ito za siću.

    Ovde doduše možda ima i momenta reakcije na nagli i verovatno njima neočekivan razvoj regionalnih firmi, opre svega Air Serbie, Aerodroma Beograd i Zagreb, te etabliranja LCC u Skoplju i Tuzli.

    Ono što BIH treba mnogo hitnije je ILS Cat. III na SJJ. Tek kad to urade onda treba da razmišljaju o pitanju nacionalne aviokompanije. Treba sačekati da vidimo koliko će TK dobro podneti krizu koja utiče na pad turskog turizma, tu računam i njihove podružnice poput SunExpressa i AnadoluJeta.

    1. Anonymous17:02

      Cat 3 in SJJ. Wet dreams, unless you remove couple of mountains in the vicinity...

    2. Anonymous19:30

      For Cat III Sarajevo would have to relocate the whole airport another place...

  21. Procitajte na stranici apt SJJ o ovom u dijelu za vijesti, onomad je bio okrugli sto...

  22. Anonymous20:39

    H O C E O P E T D A N A M . . . . M A J K U Z A S V A V R E M E N A !!! Hoce da budu drzavna kompanija Bosne i Hercegovine, malo im prostora u Turskoj.

    1. Anonymous21:50

      Bosanci su odlucili da im ne treba nacionalna aviokompanija.


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