Air Serbia prepares for New York launch

Preparations for the launch of Air Serbia's first transatlantic operations in 24 years are entering their final stages, with the carrier's leased Airbus A330-200 aircraft set to make its first appearance in Belgrade this week. The airline's CEO, Dane Kondić, says, "The finish line is in sight and many, many people from the wider Balkans region and the United States are eagerly awaiting for the first flight. Our strategy in 2016 is to strengthen the network further by taking advantage of Belgrade’s position as the gateway to the Balkans and capturing regional traffic flows to the United States". The A330-200 is expected to be ferried to Belgrade from Abu Dhabi this Wednesday for a short stay before returning to the Emirati capital for cabin configuration. The 254-seat jet will then return to Belgrade in early June in order to prepare for its first commercial service to New York on June 23.

Air Serbia has already said that sales for its new service have "exceeded expectations". The airline's largest seller in North America, travel agency Axioma Travel, notes that sales in the US have picked up following initial reluctance from the public. "In the beginning the fares were above market rates and there were few sales. However, in the last month the fares were adjusted downward by about 35% and now they are quite reasonable and we have quite a bit of interest and much better sales. Once the first flight takes off, the demand will increase significantly", Axioma Travel President and CEO, Fedja Stepanovich, told EX-YU Aviation News. He added, "Most of our customers are outside the New York City metro area and these flights will ultimately appeal to a small portion of the total diaspora in the USA and Canada. A future interline agreement will surely boost those numbers. Air Serbia has goals of selling not only to the ethnic groups of the former Yugoslavia but also to destinations beyond".

The Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, noted yesterday that sales for the flights are performing better than expected, when questioned on the matter. "Sales are 70% higher than was expected. It would have been even better, but people are hesitant until they see the aircraft", Mr Vučić said. Meanwhile, Air Serbia has expanded its codeshare agreement with partner Air Berlin to points in the United States in the lead-up to its New York launch. Mr Kondić said, "It is our belief that air services should offer travellers convenience, choice and flexibility, which is why I'm happy to say that we have also recently expanded our codeshare cooperation with Air Berlin to offer travellers easy connections over Dusseldorf to Boston and San Francisco. This brings to a total of five US cities that we now serve with one-stop codeshare flights over Germany, including Miami, Chicago and New York".

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  1. Anonymous09:03

    Nice. I'm sure that this summer they will do very well. The real question is winter. US operations are highly highly seasonal (when ex-Yu diaspora is concerned) and focused around the summer season. So I wonder what their strategy for winter is and whether they will reduce frequencies.

  2. Anonymous09:08

    My grandfather is going back to Albania later this year and Air Serbia turned out to have the cheapest fares out of all the airlines.

    1. Anonymous13:59

      Great to hear that. Do you have any idea if more Albanians are using this AS?

  3. Anonymous09:20

    From what I hear plane coming on Wednesday. Will be parked at C9 at BEG. Returns on Friday to AUH.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      So they won't link it to the air bridge the first time it comes around?

    2. Anonymous10:56

      No, it will most likely occupy C9 and C10. C6 is the last airbridge and I think it can also cover the parking position C7.

    3. 'Avion "erbas A330", koji će putnike "Er Srbije" prevoziti na liniji Beograd - Njujork danas je poleteo iz Abu Dabija u pravcu aerodroma "Nikola Tesla".

    4. Anonymous13:03

      In the article it says "u sredu" which is Wednesday so you copied it wrong. It corresponds to the day in today's article.

    5. Anonymous20:40

      "AnonymousMay 9, 2016 at 10:56 AM
      No, it will most likely occupy C9 and C10. C6 is the last airbridge and I think it can also cover the parking position C7."

      No, it can not. Air bridge C6 can not cover postion C7. You can use air bridge on C6 only on postion C6.
      You can use two air bridges only on positions C1A, C3A, C5A cause only 3 air bridges (C1, C3, C5 can go so long and you can put them on second door of aircraft.

      So, expect only that positions for flights for USA.

      And one more thing, BEG can handle one widebody aircraft at the time (maximum two on C1A and C5A) with two airbridges on them. Its impossible for more.

  4. Anonymous09:22

    Livery looks nice on A330.

  5. Anonymous09:22

    ОТ: SKP&OHD, April 2016 - 142.701 or +28,24%

  6. Anonymous09:29

    Apparently sales particularly from Montenegro are doing very well.

  7. Anonymous09:36

    Having a codeshare with a US airlines would make them much more appealing for travel toe Eastern Europe

    1. Anonymous14:04

      Air Serbia announced partnership with American Airlines on twitter. It is not yet available.

  8. Anonymous09:37

    What is the average fare now from BEG to US with JU?

    1. Anonymous09:43

    2. Anonymous10:57

      Last anon,

      He asked for the average fare, not for the currently available one.

  9. Anonymous09:43

    Is it just me or is the JU crest painted way too high along the tail on the A330? Does not seem to be sitting in the centre of the tail as with the rest of the fleet?

    1. Anonymous11:18

      I agree with you. Should be centred better.

  10. If sales are really going so well, perhaps they will accelerate their longhaul expansion. We could see YYZ, ORD, or PEK at the start of the next summer season.

    1. Anonymous10:32

      My personal opinion is that Canada will come before China, with the possible eastward connection being handled by a Chinese airline, while Air Serbia operates the westbound connections to North America.

  11. Anonymous09:48

    Hahahaha, fantastic article with hidden info about the whole US route story. Let's check the PM's statement first: "Sales are 70% higher than was expected." Very good, it seems that there's a high demand and flights are about to be fulfilled (By the way, event that statement can be challenged so hilariously).

    But wait a sec, here comes the airline's largest ticket seller's (in US) statement? "In the beginning the fares were above market rates and there were few sales. However, in the last month the fares were adjusted downward by about 35% and now they are quite reasonable and we have quite a bit of interest and much better sales." But that is not what we were told by the PM, he said that there's high demand?.. Apparently ticket agency naively explains that JU had to drop prices by 35% because of lack of demand, in order to fulfill the aircraft (otherwise can you imagine the outrage when the actual LF's are seen around 50%). More interestingly, JU couldn't stop the ticket agency from leaking this critical info.

    Thank you very much Axioma Travel, for enlightening us about the picture ;)

    1. Anonymous10:05

      "In the beginning there were few sales". Let me remind you that Air Serbia and even PM Vučić said in beginning of sales that sales are perfect, that so many seats are already sold and that they are impressed how sales are much better than planed. So "few" is much better than planed. What was plan than? zero?

      Sales for Air Serbia's new service from Belgrade to New York, scheduled to launch on June 23, have started off strongly, with the airline saying they have exceeded their expectations. ...and the number of tickets we sold to and from New York over the four day period surpassed our expectations by more than 30%".

      Air Serbia's CEO noted that sales for the airline's service to New York have so far "exceeded expectations".

      So if they lie than, why should we believe him today?

    2. Anonymous10:07

      You have way too much time on your hands.

    3. Stvarno ljudi, imate previše slobodnog vremena. Teorije zavere na sve strane.

    4. Anonymous10:28

      You do realize that prices were reduced for flights departing New York, since they were overpriced. Tickets departing BEG were much cheaper and not affected by this reduction. Their fares from New York were higher than the competition. So I don't see the issue that they adjusted their price.

    5. Anonymous12:53

      You don't see an issue with the airline having to offer really cheap fares in order to sell tickets?
      Do you even comprehend how a business works?
      How money coming in must be enough to cover money coming out?

    6. Anonymous13:16

      The only issue here is that of political preachers who know absolutely nothing about aviation and yet spam and troll this blog on daily basis.

      Yes, the issue here is you. And I can only say that whoever trained you did a lousy job. It is not the size of post, or their number, or the amount of aggression in them that makes a master troll. You need to do much better and much more clever than that. The way you do now will never earn you the spot of the political commissioner.

    7. Anonymous14:02

      @Anonymous at 1:16 PM
      The messenger is thew problem?
      Not the reality?
      You fanboys are getting more and more desperate!

    8. Anonymous14:45

      There is no issue here and therefore nothing to talk about. The airline sells tickets, sales may be good or not so good. We don't know but we will see very soon after the flights are launched. Then we will be able to comment. Simple as that.

      The issue is made when you and your fellow politicians start some "investigation" based on what your political opponent said or promised, then you carefully search for any inconsistency between the words of a politician and what's going on in reality, and then present these inconsistencies as proof of systematic failure in an airline as well as systematic conspiracy to conceal that failure.

      To put it more simple, you politicians and wannabe politicians are the root of all evil in the world (applies on your political brethren as well as your opponent with whom you are obsessed with - all of you are the same).

    9. Anonymous15:11

      What political fellow? I am not from Serbia, not even from Balkans. You Serbians are so strange seeing political attack in everything. So strange...

    10. Anonymous15:14

      Ha Ha Ha!
      Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along!

      The biggest seller of ASL tickets in the US tells you that you needed to drop prices by 30% during high season to sell them.
      It tells you that sales were bad when launched although the politicians were telling you that they were fantastic and high above expectations.

      You chose to ignore reality in the past and continue to ignore it in the present.
      No one can help you with that if you don't want to help yourself.

    11. Anonymous15:39

      I can see perfectly what the agency said. They only did not specify the prices have been dropped in HIGH season, that is your creative addition.

      The issue here is very simple: you and your fellow soldiers accuse of ignorance everyone who does not react to this news with: "AHAHAHAHA!!! FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!"

      Sorry to shatter your illusions but normal people here read the news, accept it, maybe exchange a couple of comments, and then simply wait and see what happens in June. Just because they do not burst out in ecstasy like you do, does not mean they ignore this information.

    12. Anonymous15:45

      The cheerleaders are the only ones who burst in ecstasy for anything regarding their favorite national project airline. They also attack anyone who dares bring them down to reality.
      Clearly you are unable to participate in any conversation that is not just a cheer competition for ASL.
      Even INN-NS has matured and is able to see beyond the hype most of the time but apparently not you.

    13. Anonymous15:55

      For a start, you are the one who invented the part about HIGH season price cut. That alone eliminates any need to discuss anything with you.

      Your political screams will not bring anyone down to reality. As I said, normal people have taken this news as it is, and the travel agent's input was an interesting one. Normal people have no need to use that piece of information and open some personal investigations that aim to 'bring others down to reality'.

    14. Anonymous16:26

      30% reduction in ticket prices for flights beginning in the end of June!
      This is the absolute definition of high season.
      You really need to stop arguing with reality and instead accept it.
      To fix a problem you first need it to accept that it exists.

    15. Anonymous16:39

      Of course I will accept the problem if I see it in June. I may even foresee a problem now but I will certainly not be celebrating it as loud as my own wedding day.

      Meanwhile I have no reason to use your magic crystal ball that automatically creates problems out of everything that contains the letters 'A', 'S' or 'L'.

    16. Anonymous19:03

      Not sure of the timing but Brussells attack depressed the demand from the US. Due to oil and fear, flights have never been cheaper.

    17. Anonymous22:15

      Of course you can lower the price andthan have huge LF. And that is what you will see in June. Huge LF. But who will pay for it?

      Who will pay the bill at the end?

  12. Anonymous09:51

    Hmmm. In same sentence Vučić said sails are good, 70% better, but potential costumers are afraid till they see the plane (typical political excuse when something does not go well).


    1. Anonymous14:34

      When ticket sales started back in late February they were supposed to be fantastic and way above expectations!
      So now we are hearing from those that are actually selling tickets that they were bad and that big reduction in ticket prices for the middle of summer were needed to fill the seats.
      But I guess some people will continue to believe the politicians instead of the travel agents...

    2. Anonymous14:43

      You really need to calm down. We got what you are saying from your first ten comments today. Take a chill pill.

    3. Anonymous14:49

      Anon 2:34,

      Initial comments on BEG-JFK sales came from the airline, not politicians. If they came from politicians hardly anyone would believe them.

      Either way, miracles happen and some people may decide to stop believing the politicians.

      One miracle that will not happen unfortunately is at least some symbolic decrease of your obsession with one specific politician from Serbia.

    4. Anonymous15:34

      Last anonymous,

      I guess you are absolutely flawless when you can speak like that? Right? Also that certain politician is to blame if anyone remotely educated can't stand him.

    5. Anonymous15:42

      Thank you for confirming it is an obsession with one single person. I am not sure this blog has a cure for it though.

    6. Anonymous15:44

      That one person is omnipresent so obviously many people are annoyed.

    7. Anonymous15:57

      Axioma travel agency is obviously a JU hater. No other explanation will be tolerated.

    8. Anonymous16:08

      Axioma is no hater. Your brigade, however, processes their words into pure hate.

    9. Anonymous17:34

      Facts are haters of JU. Just ignore their ...hate.
      Believe only in dreams who are you JU lovers.

  13. Anonymous09:54

    OT: Turkish Airlines again boosts flights to Dubrovnik, from August 29th they will add sixth flight per week. Sales obviously exceeded all expectations. Good job for both Dubrovnik and TK :)

    1. Anonymous13:24

      Good news for DBV! What is the composition of passengers o&d vs connecting at IST ?
      I wonder how many are new vs existig passengers (who used other carriers) .

  14. Anonymous10:47

    pax only SKP??

    Pax Nis?

    1. Anonymous11:04

    2. Anonymous11:04

      INI had around 21k pax in first 4 months and average load factor on all flights stood at 87%

  15. Anonymous11:51

    Odlicne vesti za ASL i za Srpsko Vazduhoplovstvo.
    Ovo su odlicne vesti i bice jos A330 destinacija posto ide sve po planu.
    Sad bi trebalo posle letnje sezone da se krene da leti 2 puta dnevno za svaki Grad na balkanu gde se leti.

    1. Anonymous12:31

      INI pa ti si neverovatan. Čoveče, ASL govori da je sve OK ali:
      - broj putnika ubrzano pada, to vidimo svi iako ne smemo ovde da objavimo podatke za ASL koje smo pokušali nekoliko puta da objavimo, no i na brojkama BEG se to vidi

      - zima je raskasapljena toliko da je veći broj od 100 hiljada putnika koliko manjka u BEG zapravo onih Air Serbije. Konektiviti je toliko loš, ali i te podatke nismo mogli ovde da objavimo

      - finansije su u vrlo lošem stanju što isto može da se vidi i iz finansijskog izveštaja (i nemoj sad da kažeš da su u redu, jer da nema ovih "investicija" od nekoliko desetaka milijuna EUR Air Serbija bi već bila u bankrotu), ali isto se vidi i iz činjenice da su cene sa dumping porasle za mnogo puta (niko normalan sa dumpinga ne prelazi odmah na pune cene osim ako nije istrošio sve finansijske zalihe)

      - avioni su u tragičnoj stanju nisu se zamenili 737 iako se već dve godine govori da više neće da lete (najavi se da će da stanu sa letovima, ali oni lete i nakon te najave, i nakon iduće, i nakon iduće...), neki ATR 72-200 su u toliko lošem stanju da samo štete kompaniji (stalno ispadaju iz saobraćaja), no nema se para da se to zameni, kompanija ima "rezervne avione" radi stalnih problema, ali ni tih nema dovoljno da pokriju one koji ispadaju iz saobraćaja

      - CRJ je dovezen samo zato što je Adrija dužna neke predhistorijske pare pa je đabe, a što će da bude iduće godine kad će morati da plate dodatne kapacitete?

      I ti veruješ da je sve super sa ovim intekontinentalnim letovima? E moj Cicko!

    2. Anonymous12:38

      Teši se :)

    3. Anonymous12:45

      ASL je u 2015. godini imala povečanje broja putnika od 11% ali ne daj se smetati. U svijetoj si misiji koju moraš provesti do samoga kraja. Ako ti prije ne izjede mržnja koju više nisi u stanju kontrolirati.

    4. Anonymous14:23

      Ja ne govorim za 2015, nego za poslednjih 7 meseci, jer je od oktobra ASL imala pad broja putnika. Jeste, brojke za 2015 su dobre je je pad krenuo tek poslednja tri meseca, od oktobra, ali u poslednjih više od po godine stanje je vrlo loše. Preko 100.000 putnika manje. Ostale aviokompanije u BEG su imale bolje rezultate i zato je BEG izgubio "samo" 100.000.

      Svetoj misiji? Tebi nije dobro?

    5. Anonymous14:31

      @12:31 Zasto mislis da bi Etihad imao problem da kaze da je ASL u minusu a za svoje druge kompanije koje su u minusu nema taj problem? Zamolio ih srpski PM jel?

    6. Anonymous14:39

      @2:23 Kao sto ti je poznato, ASL je u zimskom redu letenja namenski smanjila broj letova, da avioni ne bi leteli poluprazni zbog jako izrazenog sezonskog karaktera u regionu i na taj nacin ustedela ogroman novac.

    7. Anonymous15:19

      Pa i nije baša uštedela novac. Konektiranost je pala za pola, cene više nisu dumpinške što govori da je slavina presušila.

      Etihad je godinama izvrtao i sliku Air Berlina je ispalo da je mnogo gora nego što jeste. Isto je pokušao i sa Darwinom pa se sve urušilo ko kula od karata.

      A Srpski PM i ovako je PR Air Serbije, on najavljuje poteze kompanije a ne CEO, on govori o prodaji, LF, planovima, njegova desna ruka Mali kaže ono što PM zaboravi, a Kondić tek tu i tamo sme nešto da primeti. Pa time mogu da zaključim da se tu ne pita mnogo Etihad, a ovi neće da se mešaju dok god dobivaju pare.

      Jedna stvar je jasna:
      - ako neko iz Air Serbije pisne i najmanju stvar o LF, konektiranosti, broju putnika odma dobiva otkaz
      - stotine ljudi je otišlo iz preduzeća
      - mediji koji se usude nešto da kažu protiv dobivaju jezikovu juhu ili im se uvode sankcije na informacije, ne poziva ih se na promotivne letove, preti im se...
      - informacije koje se daju su selektivne, nedostaju konkretni podaci, podaci kasne, nisu kompletni

    8. Anonymous15:32

      Samo u poslednjih mesec dana otislo im je troje iz pravne sluzbe tako da sada imaju tamo isti broj zaposlenih kao u doba Jata. Vazno da tu sluzbu vodi gospodja Zrelec, bivsa stjuardesa.

    9. Anonymous15:44

      Kako čir ne dobijete od tolike srdžbe i pakosti, svaka vam čast...

    10. Anonymous15:53

      Vidim da se u komšiluku baš prate dešavanja "preko plota" a ja baš ništa ne znam o vašoj nacionalnoj kompaniji a po najmanje kako se zove CEO, predsednik borda i vas PM.. a pravo da vam kazem ni ne zanimame.

    11. Anonymous15:57

      Prvo nema nigde INI u mom imenu ovde nego INN-NS niti imam veze sa Nisom.
      Ja da se pitam nesto u ASL ja bi se sad pobrinuo za Regionalnu Flotu i doveo
      6 ATR 72-600 za zamenu plus jos letove za PRN ,INN i DBV.
      6 E95 za ESB,TBS,GYD,HEL i jos pojacati OTP,SOF i VIE .
      I 2 A319 za IKA,RUH i pojacti ostale linije .
      A i doveo jos 1 A332 za YYZ i PEK , i obavezno 1 A333 za LAX i PEK:

    12. Anonymous15:57

      Anon 3.44

      Znaci hoces da kazes da Zrelec ne vodi pravnu sluzbu, da nije bivsa stw i da nema veze sa zivotom?

    13. Anonymous16:07

      Ne, hoću samo da kažem da ste u opasnosti da prerano osedite od tolike srdžbe, pakosti i mržnje.

    14. Anonymous16:37

      Znaci po tebi pakost i mrznja su ako spomenemo neku cinjenicu?

    15. Anonymous16:47

      Anonymous May 9, 2016 at 3:19 PM

      Vidim ne pomaze ti bas nesto Google Translate, da 100% zvucis sprski. Na naskem se kaze "corba" a ne "juha".

      Mani se corava posla. Ne mozete vi od zavisti da izdrzite, pa cak i Srpski progovoriste od silne nesnosljivosti.

      Sikter, bre!

    16. Anonymous18:14

      Portal postaje sve vise ko seoska pijaca gde se ljudi vise svadjaju o Politici nego o temi ovog bloga sto je steta .
      Ako nemate sta pisati o Avijaciji zabidjite idite na Kurir i Blic tamo ima dovoljno besposlenih koji imaju volje da se svadaju.
      Terate ljude kao sto su Aleksandar Stojanovic ,SM,JATBEGMEL i Aerologic idt sa tim ponasanjem i prozvodnjom teorija zavere protiv sve i jedne EX YU kompanije trenutno najvise ASL.
      Zato bi bilo odlicno da se ne moze komentarisati bez imena.

  16. Anonymous12:00

    Great news :)

  17. Is Air Serbia really just a new version of JAT or is it a new airline? I don't see how it can be correct to state that Air Serbia will return to transatlantic operations after 24 years. The JAT transatlantic flight numbers will be used again for the first time in 24 years, true but can you really claim Jat's history for Air Serbia?? Seems a bit tasteless to me as the airlines are serving two different countries and two different periods in the history of the region.

    In terms ticket sales, anything over 50% average load factor for the first year or operation should be viewed as a success in a very competitive environment. In wont be profitable but it will promising. 5 per week can become 3 per week NY with a 2 per week Toronto service for example.

    1. Anonymous13:36

      It's the legal successor to JAT.

  18. Anonymous14:15

    It is quite intersetomg that there is no mention of the interline partner for JU. Today was the First time someone spoke about it. It would undoubtedly raise sales. Code share with AA would also be quite good, especially to give credibility to JU. I would assume people are still a bit sceptical.

    Go JU, I hope PEK is next destination

    1. Anonymous14:46

      Air Serbia will allow competition from Canada to take over YYZ-BEG route if PEK is their next destination.Great for passengers, bad for Air Serbia.

    2. Anonymous15:52

      What competition, what airlines from Canada? Everyone welcome... give us choice and greater competition!

  19. Anonymous15:07

    If they are higher by 70%, then I wonder what there original expectations were?!

    -- Charlie

    1. Anonymous15:47

      Can't we simply wait until June and then see? Do we really expect the company to provide the public with projected sales, targeted LF and weekly updates on how these projections are going?

    2. Anonymous15:58

      @anoy 3.07....totally agree with you. Would be nice to see what they were expecting to sell to what actually is being sold. Then we can see if it has increased. Just playing with the public. Maybe it just means that they are going to have a load factor of 70 percent on the flights. That's better than 0 percent.

    3. Anonymous16:26

      I mean I know all this talk about 'higher expectations' & 'better sales than we anticipated' is all bravado, and PR crap, as is to be expected from any airline. And we all know this, so we take these reports with a huge grain of salt. I just see no reason to report this. I know and I am guilty of commenting and contributing, but I also know we will have another report when the A330 arrives at BEG in a few days and all the 'glavonje' will come to be 'seen' and to say how great they are.

      I wish AS only success and hope they expand to ORD & YYZ. But let's keep it realistic until at least the first plan takes off for JFK.

      -- Charlie

    4. Anonymous21:07

      True dat.

  20. Anonymous16:07

    Excuse me EX-YU-AVIATION but I've noticed that you erased some messages, including mine, about our consernings of the proper maintenance of this solo a332 of air serbia, why is that? It's a single aircraft that will fly all year around many-many hours and we are conserning about its safety.

    1. Anonymous16:13

      That aircraft will not take off a single time unless it has its safety and maintenance checklist cleared. The number of aircraft is irrelevant to proper and professional execution of safety and maintenance procedures.

      But you know that all to well, do you? You are just overconsumed by hate today...

    2. Anonymous16:51

      I asked the admin not you! Your opinion is indifferent to me!

    3. Anonymous17:19

      But we are collectively telling you that we are sick of your trolling today. I'm so so so sorry that your little regional leader airline doesn't have wide body aircraft and transatlantic flights. Maybe one day.


    4. Anonymous18:00

      Anonymous May 9, 2016 at 5:19 PM
      who exactly are you that you are "collectively" speaking for all of us?
      And whose airline are you talking about?

    5. Anonymous18:03

      Anonymous 5:19, unlike you, we can admit that Croatia airlines can't afford a wide body aircraft, there is no potential for transatlantic flights from Croatia at the moment, I'd rather spend taxpayers' money on things we really need 'cause our economy is falling apart. Good luck to Air Serbia from your neighbors! Cheers ;)

    6. Ah the old taxpayer's money argument.

      The GoS finances their portion of the investment primarily by discounts, so very few tax payer dollars are used.

      And even if tax dollars were used, it would still make sense because Air Serbia benefits the economy of Serbia greatly, and that will only increase once longhaul flights start again.

    7. Anonymous18:35

      With best intentions: one airplane is not any safer than a fleet of 10 planes. If that one plane is not available, contingency plans are in place, it was all mentioned here over the last month or so.

    8. Anonymous20:53

      Anonymous 5:19 PM do you really believe that air serbia is a regional leader? And are you talking about the balkans in general? If you do I'm sorry you are dreaming! Win some consecutives awards like AEGEAN and then you can speak about a regional leader! Greetings from GREECE!

    9. Anonymous22:49

      I was not referring to Air Serbia. Read between the lines.

    10. Anonymous23:42

      I Know my friend what I have read. It's just that matter with your arrogant attitude. There is a big difference between Aegean and Air Serbia, Aegean is 100% private while air serbia is not so they will never follow the plan and ambition of some politicians they only care for their own interest and profit. They could easily buy or rent wide body aircrafts because of the huge diaspora of Greek people in USA but for now they don't.Aegean people are businessmen and not politicians.

    11. Anonymous00:17

      Unreal prepotence killed Jat in a first place, it will kill it again.

      Like TAROM, Olypic, CSA... Historia est magistra vitae.

    12. Anonymous02:42

      @Anon at 12:17

      Replace Jat with Austrian and your statement will be true.

  21. Anonymous22:27

    On the interline agreement. How come this was not sorted before the flight started ? Surely, as someone mentioned above, this would improve sales and capture people who have to fly one stop to Serbia (at the very least). What is holding the agreement up? Everyone agrees that AA would be the best choice. Is it the money or something else ?

    1. Anonymous02:57

      Flights didn't start, month and a half to go. Agreement was announced on April 4:

    2. Anonymous10:34

      Thanks, but when did the tickets go on sale?

  22. Anonymous22:31

    I'm not a JU cheerleader, but Brussels attack happened on March 22nd. This has spooked Americans from flying to Europe, and as a result, everyone dropped prices to Europe. JU had to follow.

    Nothing JU could do.


  23. Mali Marko Lukić00:30

    In this moment you can buy BEG-JFK-BEG ticket for as low as 677 EUR (12.7. / 19.7.).

    That for sure shows that planes are empty! In top season for 677 EUR??????????

    1. Good luck to National carrier of Serbia. Frist flight to USA with proud name as AIR SERBIA! How majestic is your appearances!
      Happy 23 the Jun to people aboard on FIRST FLIGHT!+✈
      From Sydney Rodney Marinkovic.
      PS. I hope to see your departure on that day personally from Belgrade airport terminal. God bless Air Serbia+. ✈R+SYD✈

    2. Anonymous01:46

      Šta Radovane pa sad ste odputovali za Sidney malo pre. I opet nazad u Srbiju? Pa bravo, Vi ste pravi patriota.

    3. Flights from BEG to N.America have always been less expensive than vice versa. I just looked up these dates from JFK and the cheapest options are LH and LX while JU is 3rd cheapest option and is selling tickets at around 1000 euros. I dont really care what the LF on these flights will be (plus price is not the best indicator out there), but in terms of pricing JU is def not selling tickets for cheap.
      Just to prove my point, YYZ-BEG-YYZ is selling for 580 euros during August period. I did travel last year with them as well and I know the flight in both directions was 100% or close to it. Now the yields of course is a completely different story.

  24. Exciting times can't wait to see it later in the year!

  25. What time is the A330 arriving in Belgrade?

    1. Anonymous20:07

      17:40h local time, position C7A (C7 and C8)

    2. Anonymous21:58

      Sorry, I was wrong. STA is at 16:45h (local time) and aircraft arrives here as a EY801 (Registration A6-EYC)

    3. Anonymous22:27

      And he comes for registration process... And I need definitly to register here on this site so you can know which comments are mine...

  26. Thank you for that as it will be a great day for the airline and locals

  27. Raise the bar14:04

    Air Serbia listed US office as nondescript travel agency in suburban strip mall in Chicago. They don’t fly to Chicago, why is Air Serbia office not in New York?

    Many US business require use of AMEX corporate card. Air Serbia wants more business travel from JFK but does not accept AMEX payment on their site. Other sites will sell JU tickets with AMEX, why not

    Air Serbia site on duty free restrictions from BEG: “Before checking-in for their connecting flight in New York, passengers should place the above duty free items in their checked baggage…” Air Serbia site does not offer any connecting flights from JFK onwards. What connecting flights is JU referring to?

    What is the status of or JetBlue interline?

    When booking economy class ticket JFK-BEG or BEG-JFK, upgrade to business class is not offered. Why?


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