Belgrade Airport posts record Q1 profit

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport recorded a net profit of four million euros, as well as revenue of 14.8 million euros during the first quarter of the year. Revenue growth was generated by cargo services, the lease of commercial space and the passenger service tax. Overall, the airport's financial results improved 3% on last year. If a one-time payment made by the Public Debt Directorate of Serbia to the airport during Q1 2015 were to be excluded, the net profit in the first quarter of 2016 would have been 2.16 times higher than the same period last year, it said in a statement. Expenditures fell 20%, as the airport continues to cut costs. During the three-month period, Nikola Tesla Airport handled 870.014 passengers, a decrease of 2.1% compared to the same period last year.


  1. Anonymous15:37

    What a joke....where to begin with the stupidity?

    1. BEG has not published any financial results since 2014 (go to their own homepage), meaning that whatever they say means......nothing.

    2. BEG is still doing procurement on the 2015 budget....we are in May 2016.

    3. Cutting costs does not mean that you do NOT invest, investments are dealt different in the real world of accounting. Not sure how to understand that costs/investments are taken on the 2015 accounts and then they brag about great results for 2016....

    4. Nice to compare with the 1qtr 2015, but what was the results then?

    5. Yes, 2.16 times higher..... from what level? 1 RSD???? Please PUBLISH the results.

    6. Please get somebody in there who does understand what accounting is!!!

    1. Anonymous15:51

      Their results are published for every year on the Belgrade Stock Exchange websit.

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    3. Anonymous13:21

      Smešan si koliko si jadan.

      Napred AB. Odlicni rezultati!

  2. Anonymous08:36

    So I checked the BSE and there is something I can't read.....lets say it's the results for 2015. How can anybody with their mind intact in May 2016 still be publishing tenders on the 2015 Budget??!! This is against ANY accounting law in ANY country. You cannot go back and change your results! It doesn't matter if a cost/investment was budgeted in 2015 and never utilized, it has to moved to 2016 as a new cost/investment. Who's the Auditor for BEG?

  3. Privatisation is solution for Belgrade's Airport Nikola Tesla.

  4. Anonymous12:57

    If it's a record profit, then that would mean that Air Serbia are no longer having their airport obligations waived by the govt

    1. Anonymous13:22

      From 30 January, Air Serbia has been paying all fees to the airport.

    2. Anonymous20:04

      Says who ? What about their fuel from NIS that they only pay 50% of, if that ?


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