Montenegro Airlines admits late wage claims


Montenegro Airlines has conceded that the majority of its workforce has not been paid wages in months, noting that February payments will be made on May 15. It comes days after the carrier's pilots complained of tardy wages and expressed concern for their job security and the company's future. In a statement, the airline said, "It is untrue that pilots and other employees at our company have not been paid wages since October last year. We are currently finalising payments for February, which are processed on every fifteenth of the month". The carrier added, "We have decided to respond to media reports in order to secure our growing passenger potential, as well as our excellent commercial results recorded in the passing period". Montenegro Airlines is believed to have registered a 10.2 million euro net loss in 2015 with its debts totaling 71 million euros.


  1. Anonymous13:18

    "Excellent commercials results"!??! Are these people mad?!? Fiefdom Airlines.


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