Sarajevo Airport and Wizz Air continue talks


Sarajevo Airport and Wizz Air will continue talks over the low cost airline's future flights to the Bosnian capital, following an initial meeting last month. "Sarajevo Airport held a preliminary meeting with Wizz Air's representatives during which both sides discussed potential flights. This meeting was an opportunity for Wizz Air's representatives to get to know Sarajevo Airport's new General Manager and both sides expressed mutual interest to cooperate", a source close to the talks said. "There was no discussion of any details such as destinations or the number of flights", they added. Last month, Wizz Air's Head of Airport Development, Jozsef Ujhely, visited Sarajevo and said, "After Tuzla, which continues to be our main base in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we intend on establishing flights from Sarajevo, which we consider a very important destination. Furthermore, we are also interested in investing in Sarajevo Airport". Wizz Air held drawn-out negotiations with Sarajevo Airport's former management but failed to reach an agreement over fees. "It is true that the former management held talks with this Hungarian carrier, but that process was never completed. In the future, all potential negotiations regarding the arrival of this company will start from the beginning and in case both sides reach an agreement over all parts of the agreement, it will be signed", a Sarajevo Airport spokesperson said.


  1. Anonymous11:37

    I think Wizzair will fly to Pristina and Sarajevo.
    They fly almost anywhere in the Balkans. Pristina and Sarajevo are not served by Wizzair only.

  2. Anonymous12:17

    You right Wizz Air absolutely should fly to Pristina and Sarajevo this summer, if they don't fly I guarantee you Ryanair will take both airports and Wizz Air will loose.

  3. Anonymous12:19


  4. Anonymous13:23

    Excellent news, Sarajevo has great potential!

  5. Intrestig, what's the olan move some of the destination from Tuzla to Sarajevo?

    1. Anonymous22:26

      There is no plan to move any of Wizz destinations from Tuzla to Sarajevo. Tuzla market is different then Sarajevo, diaspora vs tourism. Wizz destinations from Sarajevo with great potential: Copenhagen, Bratislava (Vienna),London, Rome, Frankfurt

    2. Anonymous10:43



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