Užice Airport readies for charters in 2017

Užice Ponikve Airport, in western Serbia, expects to open its doors in early September and anticipates offering charter services to several European countries, including Russia, as well as local commuter flights. The General Manager of Užice Airport, Saša Savić, says, "There is interest, especially from foreign tourists who would like to visit nearby Zlatibor Mountain and Mokra Gora. We are already in talks with a local hotel in Zlatibor and have discussed the possibility of operating promotional charters to several European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Russia and Slovenia) with both smaller and larger aircraft, including Boeing jets with the capacity to seat 150 passenger". He adds, "If these prove successful, we hope to have regular charter flights next year. At this point, we are partially ready to handle passengers. By the end of August a parameter fence will be erected, a lighting system will be installed, which will allow aircraft to use the airport at low visibility, and we will then be fully equipped to welcome travellers". Užice Airport recently completed work on a new terminal building.


  1. Ovakve vesti podizu ocekivanja aktivnosti aerodroma Nisa, Kraljeva i Uzica. Logicno, dok se aerodromi ne pokrenu ni rezultata nemoze biti. Aerodromi Srbije morace da uloze mnogo truda zajedno sa lokalnim upravama gradova, turistickim organizacijama i privrednim komorama ovih gradova.
    Ova 2016 godina jeste godina pocetka implementacije promena razvoja do sasda nepostojece civilne mreze aerodrome Srbije. Bez toga buducnost Srbije u prometu putnika, turista i poslovnih judi jeste za srednji rok neodrzivo. Kreni Srbijo... Pozdrav iz jesenjeg Sydney-a, Rodney+.


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