EX-YU Aviation records busiest day


EX-YU Aviation News recorded its busiest day yesterday since going online on June 1, 2008. Yesterday's coverage of Air Serbia's inaugural flight from Belgrade to New York was the most read news item ever published, overtaking the previous record holder in less than 24 hours. The majority of visits to the website came from Serbia and the United States. They were followed by visitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Most read articles in 2016 so far:

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  1. There's too little news from Slovenia on this site...

    1. Anonymous14:49

      I counted 8 news from Slovenia in past 10 days. Quite a lot.

      Keep up the good work ex-YU.

  2. Japan reading daily :)

  3. Japan reading daily :)

  4. JU520 BEGLAX15:33

    The coverage yday was fantastic. More live than yday u can be only if you wld hve been live there. All the work and efforts behind it, incredible.
    ex-YU is informing from happenings. If in BEG or ZAG more is happening than in Slo, he can't help.


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