PHOTOS: Air Serbia's A330 to return to Belgrade


Air Serbia's Airbus A330 aircraft, which has been undergoing a cabin re-fit in Abu Dhabi over the past three weeks, is set to return to Belgrade in the coming days. The airline is expected to officially unveil its long haul product over the week. Air Serbia's CEO, Dane Kondić, noted, "We've gone to great lengths to make sure it [A330] offers the best possible travel experience over the Atlantic, with completely lie-flat beds in Business Class, menus showcasing Serbian cuisine and personal entertainment systems loaded with movies, TV shows and music in both Serbian and English". Last week, the CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group, James Hogan, reiterated the equity alliance's support for the Belgrade - New York route. “It [Air Serbia] couldn’t have done that on its own, it would have been cost- prohibitive. But with our help and as part of the Etihad Group, it has become the only Balkans country flying direct to New York", he said. The service will commence on June 23.

JFK Airport now listing Air Serbia as operating carrier at Terminal 4

Photo credit: Claudio Veličković and JFK Aviation


  1. Anonymous12:14

    Bravo Serbia !!!

  2. Anonymous13:35

    YU-ARA is coming to Belgrade on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. Photo shooting is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. We can expect some good quality photos of exterior, interior and product in a few days.

  3. Anonymous13:44

    Original plan was to return on Wed June 8.

  4. Anonymous14:56

    I saw that Air Serbia even sent a Car for their U.S operations at JFK (with a Serbian liscense plate) when I was at JFK 2 weeks ago.

    1. Anonymous18:07

      Really, what kind of car?

    2. Anonymous03:39

      Not this one:

    3. Anonymous16:50

      Anon June 6 2016 6:07pm
      It was a mercedes!
      Anon 3:39am
      Nope ;)

  5. Anonymous15:20

    Picture from JFK really left a great impression.

    On Saturday JU is organizing small event with A330 for JU employees and families. Great job JU, finally starting to realize that we, the employees, are not a burden for you

  6. Anonymous17:07

    Oh my god, people will about interior and everything.
    I already see the usual shitstorm coming.


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