Banja Luka Airport operator swings to profit


The operator of Banja Luka Airport, Aerodromi Republike Srpske, recorded a net profit of 72.900 euros during the first half of the year, up from a 177.800 euro net loss in 2015. Operating income rose 9.2% to 664.600 euros, while expenses were down 24.1%. During the first half of the year, Banja Luka Airport handled 9.700 passengers, a decrease of 10.5%. Unlike last year, the airport is no longer served by B&H Airlines, which suspended all operations last June. Banja Luka Airport aims to become a regional hub for low cost carriers after agreeing to a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, which is yet to be approved by state authorities. The two sides will draft a joint plan to develop air traffic at Banja Luka Airport, which is currently served solely by Air Serbia. In a statement, Belgrade Airport said, "The future strategic partnership, which will focus primarily on infrastructure development and further commercialisation, will allow for Banja Luka Airport to become a regional destination for low cost airlines, keeping in mind its favourable location and weather conditions". Banja Luka Airport has been unsuccessful in its bid to find new customers despite talks with several low cost carriers over the years. The airport says negotiations with budget airlines are generally more "complicated, difficult and extensive", as they require financial backing.


  1. Anonymous15:24

    Typical Balkan accounting! With 9.700 passengers in 6 months make them profitable? And with so many employees. Sure, that's true.

  2. Anonymous21:33

    What I don't understand is why people refer to LCCs as "free market competition" when they are requiring subsidies to fly to a destination. They are the opposite of free market, being after taxpayers money to fill their private pockets.

    1. The LCC create indirect jobs for the (local) people and if it would not be profitable the airports in the western countries wouldn't give the the subsidies

    2. Anonymous01:02

      Following that logic, legacies create even more indirect jobs, because of catering, more luggage, connectivity... Do they deserve then much more subsidies than LCCs? And what about competition and free market?

  3. Anonymous11:40

    Dakle uskoro Aerodrom Beograd leti sa Aerodroma Banjaluka. Prava stvar, bravo za oba direktora.

  4. Anonymous11:47

    Wow, two towers! The smaller one must be for small planes and the bigger one for big planes!


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