System failure causes Split Airport delays


A systems failure at Split Airport was responsible for widespread disruption yesterday with delays lasting several hours. No flights were able to depart for almost two hours from the airport, causing the terminal building to operate overcapacity and check-in lines to stretch outside. Passengers took to social media to voice their anger at the long lines and lack of information provided. "Split Airport was not closed but due to a system failure at check-in there were some delays", the airport said in a statement. While the problem was eradicated within a few hours, disruptions continued throughout the day. Some ten flights were to depart at the time the computer glitch occurred. The airport was particularly busy yesterday as many concert goers were leaving the city following the Ultra Music Festival, which took place over the weekend. The construction of Split Airport's new multi million euro terminal, which should ease congestion issues, has been delayed on several occasions so far.

Line in front of terminal building, photo credit: Stipe


  1. Anonymous11:21

    OMG those lines!!

  2. Anonymous12:32

    Koja smijurija od zracne luke. Nece dugo jos, mogu zamislit koliko prijava su dobili od kompanija i putnika. Propast im je neupitan.

    1. Nemjee13:05

      Dokle god ne postoji adekvatna alternativa bice ok.

  3. Anonymous13:06

    If I was in that line that would be my last ever holiday in Croatia for sure! Embarrasing

  4. Anonymous13:21

    Yesterday seems to have been a very disruptive day for aviation in Europe.

    On Sunday the WizzAir out of BEG to MMX was cancelled due to technical reasons.

    Yesterday the same flight was delayed for 1 hour due to late incoming flight, almost all WizzAir flights were delayed across Europe yesterday.

    Berlin Airport was in chaos.

    At BEG (yesterday) boarding cards were being done manually...breakdown in their passenger boarding system as well.

  5. Anonymous13:39

    Severe lack of pilots in Wizz. Most bases struggling to crew flights.

  6. Anonymous13:44

    Ima vec par tjedana da smo zamolili Administratora da napravi interview sa nekim odgovornim iz te ZL i sazna zašto se stalno odgađa gradnja novog terminala koji je zaista potreban. I dalje bez odgovora...

    1. Anonymous14:19

      Go and get it. Don't just wait for administrator. We will all gladly read and discuss it.

    2. Anonymous14:59

      Why should he do it? He is not the founder of the most successful and most popular aviation portal in ex-YU.

    3. @ 1:44 PM

      Working on it

  7. Anonymous09:15

    Was at SPU for Belgrade flight on Friday last. "Normal" summer friday. It is shameful that no new money has been spent on SPU for so long. Departure lounge was a seats...people lying all over the floor.
    Only good thing is the Restaurant, first floor, landside. Excellent food and excellent service.
    Split and central Dalmatia is attracting higher spending ( Scandinavian and German) tourists this year. Many will not return if they have to suffer for hours at SPU. Arrivals are just as bad....with no trolleys and two carousels, for 100 flights a day.


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