Split Airport to begin terminal construction

Following three years of constant delays, the construction of Split Airport's much needed new passenger terminal will begin this autumn. It comes after the airport completed tendering procedures to select the company which will be responsible for building the facility. Initially, the tender was to take place in the first half of 2014. Over the past month, both the Austrian construction company Strabag and a Slovenian consortium lodged complaints against Split Airport for the way in which the tender was conducted. However, the Croatian State Commission for the Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures has dismissed both cases. On the other hand, the state has issued construction permits. Split Airport has been struggling with capacity issues during the peak summer months when the bulk of its passengers pass through its doors.

The new terminal will stretch over 34.500 square metres and increase the airport’s capacity to 3.5 million passengers per year. Furthermore, the car park and bus area will be expanded by 35.500 square metres. The project is valued at 59.3 million euros and is estimated to take just over two years to complete. The state will exempt Split Airport from paying tax on profit, which will fund part of the investment (17.1 million euros) through its accumulated profits. The rest will be paid through a loan from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which will not require state guarantees. Split Airport's expansion is the third major project of its kind in Croatia following similar ongoing investments at Zagreb and Dubrovnik airports.


Split Airport was Croatia's busiest in July, handling over 542.000 passengers, representing a monthly record. As a result, it was the first time a Croatian airport welcomed over half a million travellers in a single month. The figure represents growth of 25% compared to July 2015. The airport, which is Croatia's second busiest and the former Yugoslavia's third busiest overall, is expected to comfortably surpass the two million passenger mark by the end of the year, which would be a first for Split. Split's existing airport was opened in November 1966, while the current passenger terminal was built in 1979 for the Mediterranean Games. It has the capacity to handle one million passengers per year. The terminal was overhauled and slightly expanded in 2005.


  1. Anonymous09:01

    Aleluja više

  2. Anonymous09:03

    This is great news but since it says it will take 2 years to build that means that next year 2017 will be horrible for passengers assuming there will be even more traffic than this year.

    1. Anonymous10:45

      Assuming ? :D
      Croatia will on average have an increase between 6% and 10% in tourist numbers yoy.
      And Split will be even ahead of that, so yes, the 2 summer peak months will be crowded

    2. Split already this year has seen a 30% increase in tourist.
      If the situation North Africa and Turkey doesn't improve than we could see a repeat of this next year otherwise we could see a decline or more modest growth next year in my opinion.

    3. Anonymous16:32

      Indeed ,split will grow in summer months, and current terminal can't cope, many complain for lack of service and long waits. Hopefully when new terminal is completed in 2019 things should run smoothly, one can only hope.

  3. Anonymous09:15

    I work in a hotel here in Split and a lot of tourists complain of the airport. Mostly Germans...

  4. Anonymous09:16

    The growth in SPU is fantastic. Now only if the management could get its act together like Dubrovnik and do something about the winter period when the airport is deserted.

    1. Anonymous09:24

      Completely agree about winter. It's a shame that the second busiest airport in the country is empty during the winter time. I'm sure it could attract some airlines.

    2. Anonymous09:58

      Remember that you have to have the city behind you. Dubrovnik, the city, has been developing a winter strategy for years now and are really focusing on popularising the city during the winter. In Split, that's not the case.

  5. Anonymous09:21

    I was in Split Airport in July...It was very crowded indeed :)

  6. Anonymous09:21

    možda bi bilo dobro i ovaj aerodrom privatizirati. Stvari bi se onda sigurno efikasnije odvijale

  7. Anonymous09:25

    Imagine if Split and Dubrovnik ended their policy of not allowing LCC to base planes there how traffic numbers would explode even more. Well we might see that in Dubrovnik very soon with Ryanair.

  8. Anonymous09:30

    Ryan doesn't fly tu DUB fyi

    1. Anonymous09:35

      You might want to take a look at this


  9. Anonymous09:45

    Good work for SPU.

  10. Anonymous10:02

    so anyone have idea how to improve results during winter time in Split? For the beguning I would suggest YU to fly at least few times per week with ATR.

    1. Anonymous10:11

      JU would be welcome but unfortunately I think their regional fleet is starched to the limit. Also Split does not offer incentives for winter operations unlike Dubrovnik.

    2. Atr fleet is not stretched during the winter

    3. Anonymous08:30

      4x weekly Dash connection to Austrians VIE hub would be a good start, especially because there is a high and also in winter surely sufficient O&D demand year-round.

  11. Anonymous10:36

    OT: July 2016

    278,438 / 307,218

    328,400 / 382,897

    1. Anonymous16:36

      indeed good numbers.

      Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula are all doing well, not sure about Rijeka and Osijek.

      This year Zagreb is expected to hit 2.8 million, Split 2.2 million and Dubrovnik 1.85 million.

    2. Anonymous17:24

      Zadar is not doing good... Not at all... Pula is also not so good.

    3. Anonymous17:46

      Pula +33,9% in July (116 334 pax), +23% in first seven months (234 632 pax).

      Zadar +15,08% in July (96 667 pax), +4,3% in first seven months (276 238 pax).

      What are you talking about, Anonymous 5:24?

    4. Wow very impressed with the numbers of Zadar

    5. Anonymous00:35

      Wasn't Zadar had minus first six months of the year?

  12. Anonymous10:38

    Why wasn't it possible to get Money from European funds for this? DBV, got it didn't it?

    1. Anonymous11:06

      Because my guess is Dubrovnik applied for the funds first and the EU finances a limited number of projects of a simmilar nature.

    2. Anonymous13:46

      Dubrovnik got it because of its isolation. Being an exclave provides many advantages for Dubrovnik in terms of EU funds. On the other hand, Split cannot count on it.

    3. Anonymous16:48

      @AnonymousAugust 4, 2016 at 10:38 AM

      They still could, however the process is lengthy as it requires several Croatian agencies to take a look at the project and then apply for EU funds if project is approved, entire process takes time, Why Split Airport didn't do it, no idea, but if they did it now Terminal would be delayed even further by a year or two, and this is the last thing Split needs.

      There's plenty of EU money left, just takes ages to get money. Annually, Croatia gets around €1.25 billion from the EU, and pays in to the EU around €387 million, however since 2012, Croatia spent only €1.75 billion on various projects in Croatia and has around €5.75 billion to spend for 2012/2014-2015/2019 period. So €4.0 billion still to be spent on projects in Croatia. And yes so far Croatia has been a NET contributor to the EU as a result of slow Croatian bureaucracy for approving EU funding.

  13. Anonymous11:07

    The renders are not great but it looks like it will be a nice glass terminal. Pitty they won't add any air bridges.

    1. Anonymous11:16

      Yeah why not build air bridges if you are constructing a whole new building.

    2. Anonymous11:21

      I think because there is only the ground floor making air bridges unnecessary.

    3. Anonymous11:29

      Zasto bi, mali provincijski aerodrom sa dva tri meseca turista? Gde vi zivite u kom paralelnom svetu. Cela Jugoslavija je da zanemarimo vise to nesrecno ex, mala i nedovoljno razvijena cak i za turiste.

    4. Anonymous12:07

      Ima i Dubronnik mostove a ipak manji promet.

    5. Purger12:08

      You are joking, right?

      Here are the numbers of tourists per year in million (2015)

      48,6 Italy
      36,2 Turky
      26,5 Greece
      6,2 Tunisia

      14,2 tiny Croatia!!!!
      So huge tourist mecca Greece is less than double in number of tourists.

    6. Anonymous12:10

      Yeah Croatia is wow... it's alpha and omega when it comes to tourism. Croatia is 80% made up of paradajz turisti from Slovakia, Bosnia and Poland.

    7. Anonymous12:13

      I manje od dva miliona dodje avionom he he dok se aerodromi raspadaju od putnika (Dubrovnik + Split + Pula letnji meseci). Kao i uvek si zalostan sa svojim nadmenim stavom.

    8. Anonymous12:22

      Evo teksta za onog kojem je aadmin pobrisao post a spominje paradajz pa jasno odakle je hejter: http://www.croatiaweek.com/record-in-split-30-more-tourist-arrivals/

    9. Anonymous12:23

      Thats total tourist numbers, including domestic. Do a count of only foreign tourists. For 2015 Croatia had about 12,68 mil foreign visitors, about 90% total. This year probably around 14 mil. foreign tourists

      @Anonymous 12:10 PM
      Top 5 countries by country of origin for 2015 are (not in this order I believe):
      Czech Republic

      Fastest growing markets for the last several years (and expected this) are North America and East Asia.

    10. Anonymous12:25

      Eto mu paradajz u glavu.Uk Usa i Australija.

    11. Anonymous12:33

      Ma pustite ga, vidite da mu jednostavno zao pa bljezga gluposti. :D Paradajz za tebe kad ides na izlet u koji trgovacki centar. ;)

    12. Purger12:40

      Again not true, in millions tourists:

      1. 2,1 Germany
      2. 1,2 Slovenia
      3. 1,1 Austria
      4. 1,1 Italy
      5. 0,7 Czech R.
      6. 0,7 Poland
      7. 0,5 United Kingdom
      8. 0,5 France
      9. 0,4 Slovakia
      10. 0,4 Hungary
      11. 0,4 Netherlands
      12. 0,3 Korea
      13. 0,3 USA

      As you can see it is not true that 80% of Croatia tourists are "paradajz". More than 50% of Croatian tourists comes from Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, USA, Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Swiss... So BiH is not even between first 10 countries (they have 1,8% share in Croatian tourism). Slovakia and Poland together have less than Italy.

      In Zagreb situation is even better, out of 1,1 million tourists last year:

      1. 90.787 Korea
      2. 63.779 Germany
      3. 53.457 USA
      4. 47.588 Italy
      5. 33.441 Spain
      6. 32.375 Austria
      7. 32.244 United Kingdom
      8. 29.944 China
      9. 28.853 Bulgaria
      10. 28.123 Japan

    13. Anonymous12:47

      Out of the 8.6 million tourists you mentioned there, 40% are paradajz turisti. So the final number is around 60%.

      Also when looking at these numbers we have to see what kind of tourists are visiting the country. The only region that gets high yield tourists in DBV.

    14. Anonymous13:10

      Dok njemu objasnjis da su mu iz USA uglavnom zemljaci i backpackeri i dok mu nacrtas da su iz Njemacke 100000 Baznian koji su uzeli pasose prodje leto. Visokoplatezni cesi, poljaci i italijani razbise se od trosenja. Opet Grcka uzme pare i od takvih. Tezak je posao turizam. Popije tri piva i pojede picu sve zajedno samo 30 jura.

    15. Anonymous13:31

      Ma sta govoris gluposti? koji Bosanci? Jel ti zivis od turizma kao mnogi u Istri? Ne, prema tome sjedi, jedan. Njemci koji dolaze u Istru su Njemci i tocka. Bosanci su samo u tvojoj glavi.

    16. Purger13:39

      No, again not true. Of course there are some minority in tourists who comes from Germany that are "paradajz" but in same time you have tourists from Czech R, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia to come to expensive hotels, yachts, villas etc. Basically your don't care if tourist if originally from Bosnia and have German passports if they pay for hotel. And you should know that tourists are not visitors to families or friends but those who are register in hotels, yachts, camps, hostels...

      Your math is very good. Number mentioned up are 9,7 million, not 8,6. In that number it is 6,3 million tourist from west (and that is if you don't calculate Slovenians as west). For your information that is 65%. In total number more than 70% of Croatian tourist are from Western countries.

      No, the final number are not 60% as in "rest" are just Bosnians and Serbians who are some 0,4 million tourists together and other 4 millions are from Japan, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweeden, Belgium, Finland, Denmark...

    17. Anonymous13:43

      Isuse, koja jadna diskusija. Daj ponašajte se ko normalni odrasli ljudi. Sram vas bilo.

    18. Anonymous13:53

      Američki backpackeri. Sa kruzera. 2 mil godišnje iz Njemačke, i milja iz Austrije i Italije, to sve dijaspora. I dijaspora iz Japana i Južne Koreje, kao i UK, Nizozemske. Rusija također dijaspora jaka, sve Bosanci

    19. Anonymous14:01

      Hehe koji paradajz luđaci ovde sve pišu

    20. Anonymous17:00

      Zagreb in July 2016:


    21. Ahhahaha those jealousy guy made my day, what a clown

    22. Anonymous08:07

      Yes, we hate facts!

    23. Anonymous08:36

      @Anon 11h21: only ground floor in SPU?? The only ground level gates are domestic ones, I think 2 or 4 small domestic gates, all other gates are located upstairs where it'll be only very beneficial to have jetway bridges.

    24. Why are any of you giving this bitter little prick any time of the day? Let him boil in his own bitterness.

  14. Anonymous11:41

    The planned terminal looks good in my opinion.

  15. Anonymous11:41

    Ma nista od nadogradnje, puste price vec duzi niz godina.

  16. Purger11:52

    Admin, it is not 3rd major airport investment in Croatia but 4th, because after Homeland war and total devastation of Zadar Airport, it was build almost from zero to modern terminal. Terminal made several expansion since than, last expand in 2007 cost 10,2 million EUR, and in 2008 they build VIP terminal. At the and we have there modern terminal for some 1,5 million passengers.

    1. Anonymous12:06

      Is there really a need to write 'homeland' war on this day? Have some respect.

    2. Purger12:12

      Sorry, to offend your feelings, was not my intention, but that is name of that tragic event of our history in our Country. Really don't know how to call it differently.

      And we should not go to that discussion, that is not topic here, it is about terminal, isn't it.

    3. Anonymous12:13

      Then don't bring in local terminology and history especially on this day of national mourning. You could simple write: after the war.

    4. Anonymous12:17

      I think the admin was referring to the 3rd major investment currently taking place - not in total over a long period of time.

    5. JU520 BEGLAX12:25

      Hi Purger
      Do u already know the opening date of ZAG new terminal next March?

    6. Purger12:46

      Anon 12:17
      Well, 8 years is not "long period of time" in air traffic, but OK, not a big deal.

      No, date was not publish jet.

    7. Anonymous17:06

      @JU520 BEGLAXAugust 4, 2016 at 12:25 PM

      Official date was given as end of March, however it is quite likely new terminal will be ready before that, so it might officially open on 1st of Marsh.

      Exterior of the building is almost all done, 98% done. Small water lakes and fountains still be be built over coming weeks and months and internally few bits added here and there, Terminal will than be tested from September to December to make sure everything works like a clockwork, Also few decorative touches will be added later in November and December.

      By Marsh 1st Terminal should really be ready for opening.

    8. JU520 BEGLAX19:37

      Tx Purger and Anonym 1225 pm

      I m planning to fly in on the opening day, so just wanted to see if i can start my bookings
      I hope it will be with SUTT 2017 on 26mar, so weather will be lit bit warmer that beg of march

    9. Anonymous19:40


      A date has been set but unfortunately only the management knows and they don't want to make it public yet. A NOTAM will be issued at midnight at ZAG airport before the opening so everyone can move and the first plane to land at the new terminal should be around 6AM or so but still don't know the date.

    10. Anonymous19:55

      New pics, looking fantastic!


    11. Anonymous19:59

      Looks nice. One downside I see are those terrible cheap metal seats. The majority of people would prefer padded seating, especially if you are striving to become a transfer hub. Recently BEG added massage chairs, while chairs with extensions for legs and chairs with USB ports and electricity sockets have been there for some time. They could have given a few extra euros for seating since they built a brand new terminal which looks very modern and nice.

    12. Anonymous20:14

      Split in July 2016:

      433,927 / 543,952

    13. JU520 BEGLAX20:25

      Thx anonym 0740 pm. Still some time to go till next spring. Will try to ne patient ;-)

  17. JU520 BEGLAX12:24

    3.5 mio capacity? Why not build for 5 mio immediately. This year will be at 2.3 mio. By 2019 probl at 3 mio. In no time they ll be at the limit again

    1. Anonymous12:35

      My thoughts too.

    2. Anonymous17:09

      New terminal will have around 5.5 million capacity, 3.5m million is just indication of potential. Old terminal has about 1.5 million capacity as well.

      Also there are plans to add four jetways as part of phase 2.

    3. Anonymous17:33

      Old terminal will be cargo, in 2nd phase there would be 8 more air bridges

    4. Anonymous18:48

      He's talking about Split Airport, Not Zagreb airport....

    5. Anonymous08:41

      There will be different stages of development and extention of terminal and airport infrastructure. As far as I know this development in stages has not been cancelled although sadly the article isn't mentioning it. Hence with increasing pax numbers the airport can go further which is smart not waste investment money at this point.

  18. a cool OT

    Croatia Ice Cream on Korean Air.


    1. Anonymous12:35

      That is cool.

    2. Thanks for the link

    3. Anonymous15:23

      Ima kupit taj sladoled u bio dućanima. Meni se uopće ne sviđa. Ne znam šta bi mislio

  19. Better late then never

  20. Anonymous14:13

    Ovo su odlicne vesti za SPU samo mislim da se trebalo jos odluciti za jos veci kapacitet Terminala nego sada sto je planirano.

  21. Anonymous15:59

    What's with the poor quality of the renderings ?? Same as Tivat a few days ago - very amateurish

  22. Anonymous18:33

    What is the plan regarding new taxiways at SPU, more/bigger approne areas(e.g. for wiebodies)?

    1. Anonymous22:37

      The current upgrade of the new terminal is combined with added parking positions. However, at this point no new parallel taxiway is being planned. Besides basically 5-6 weeks during the summer the normal traffic pattern is 5-6 movements per hour, you have to put that into a cost/benefit analysis justifying a new taxiway to handle 5-6 weeks of heavy traffic.

    2. Anonymous23:20

      I thought these positions are already build? Let's say max aircraft of A319..?

      Regarding the taxiway it is a safety issue, actual situation is miles away of international standards.
      The tower controllers make for sure a good job there. But the on time performance would be much better with taxiways - and heavies should have less problems dealing with the U-turns at the end of the runway.

    3. Anonymous07:34

      Well, the bottleneck at the moment is the terminal building which for some weeks of the year is a madhouse.
      When they sort out the new terminal the can tak the next step in their expansion and look at the new bottleneck, which now has been moved to the apron/parking/runway which now is an issue since the airport can handle more passengers ....is an never ending race and is covering their masterplan (yes, they do have a person responsible for their masterplan and expansion).
      Timeline would be 8-10 year (I guess), just intake for a re-construction of the runway, and there's a lot of technical aides they can install that will help out in the meantime.

      The taxiway is way within ICAO rules and any international standards. The airport is just a CAT I airport.

    4. Anonymous07:38

      Holy shit! Autocorrect really screwed up my text....sorry!

      Well, the bottleneck at the moment is the terminal building which for some weeks of the year is a madhouse.
      When they sort out the new terminal they can take the next step in their expansion and look at the new bottleneck, which now has been moved to the apron/parking/runway which now is an issue since the airport can handle more passengers ....is an never ending race and it's covering their masterplan (yes, they do have a person responsible for their masterplan and expansion).
      Timeline would be 8-10 year (I guess), just in time for a re-construction of the runway, and there's a lot of technical aides they can install that will help out in the meantime.

      The taxiway is way within ICAO rules and any international standards. The airport is just a CAT I airport.

  23. Anonymous19:12

    OT: Aviolet jumps to help ADR tonight

    1. Anonymous19:18

      Adria is experiencing constant delays, cancellations and technical issues this summer. Today in Copenhagen


    2. Anonymous19:25

      Avioletov YU-ANK danas i sutra leti za Adriju cartere prema Rodosu.

    3. Anonymous01:57

      Flew out from LJU today and almost every JP flight was delayed (Rhodos for 7 hours or so)
      What's up with JP?

  24. Anonymous19:29

    Amin: I think there's something wrong with the renderings. They are showing the 2nd phase of the development, i.e the 2nd terminal to be built across the road in front of the current terminal. The terminal in question right now will be built in the space between the current terminal and the parking position (facing the terminal from the road in front of the airport) to the left of the current terminal.

    1. Anonymous19:35

      This is the correct rendering for this phase: http://www.total-croatia-news.com/media/k2/items/cache/872ede1c1b32b96ba8500685aaa6a3f8_L.jpg

    2. Anonymous20:18

      But the correct rendering looks ugly

  25. Anonymous20:29

    OT This evening YU-ANK went to Ljubljana as JP4300, returning flight STA to BEG 03:30 AM. Any information about the purpose of this operation ?

    1. Anonymous20:49

      Read comments two above yours.

  26. Nicky Namey22:19

    If they would ever lengthen the runway at Brac airport and build a real airport on Hvar. That would ease the congestion in Split. Plus build one on Korcula the most populated island. If the government can't afford it give a 40 year concession to anyone who will build it and run it.

    The amount of tourists in Dubrovnik is now becoming a turn off from going there and after seeing the congestion at Split airport that is also becoming out of the question.

    I am afraid that Croatian tourism will become a victim of its own success. They have to raise prices and get away from mass tourism to save the charm.

  27. Anonymous23:12

    SPU Srpanj 2015/2016

    433 927 / 543 952
    +110 025 (25.35%)

  28. Does anyone know why YU-ANI (733) went to Brest, Belarus, and back today?

    1. Anonymous02:04

      FK Vojvodina match against Dinamo

    2. Thanks. Too many clubs called Dinamo.

  29. Anonymous08:56

    You gotta love the approaches into LDSP SPU over all the islands and the light blue, often turquoise sea. Also approach to Rwy 23 is very pretty but even more difficult with a tight left hand curve between the apt and the city of Split just in front of the mountain range while already being during final. I am glad more and more travellers will be able to experience this in the future. It is high time for the expansion.

  30. Anonymous14:00

    And who is going to be the main contractor to build the new terminal?


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