Bosnian airspace sees record operations


The Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) has recorded its busiest day to date with 1.442 aircraft operations in its airspace registered on August 13. The figure is up on its previous record of 1.411 operations on August 1, 2015. BHANSA took control of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s airspace up to 32.500 feet in November 2014. Aircraft overflying its area of control rose sharply in 2014 after Kosovo’s upper airspace was reopened for commercial jets. In a statement, BHANSA said, “The increase in traffic is expected to continue, which will require the intake and training of new air traffic controllers”. The air services agency hopes to take control of its entire airspace in the near future. Aircraft flying over Bosnia and Herzegovina at an altitude of over 32.500 feet are currently navigated by the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency, as well as Croatia Control.