Ohrid Airport anticipates France charters in 2017


Ohrid Airport expects to welcome charter flights from France next year after hosting a group of tour operators from the country over the weekend. “Organising a visit to Macedonia for France’s largest tour operators this weekend is part of TAV Airports continued efforts in attracting new airlines to the country”, the company said. Ohrid Airport has seen significant growth this year with Arkia Israeli Airlines and Air Serbia launching seasonal services to the lakeside town. The airport welcomed 104.998 passengers during the January – August period, an increase of 44.4% on last year.


  1. Anonymous16:45

    Does anyone know what airports are served all year round at Ohrid? I can only think of Luton by Wizz (and I may be mistaken!).

  2. Anonymous16:50

    Basel and Luton are year-round (both W6)

  3. Basel: utorak, cetvrtak i subota WIZZ
    London Luton: sreda i nedelja WIZZ
    Zurich: nedelja HELVETIC

    1. Anonymous19:52

      Sure about Zurich? I cannot book it online...

  4. Zurich in sundays with Helvetic, although not so strong as before, when W6 wasn't in.
    They used to send their A319 often, now mostrly E190/F100.
    There were also rumours it will go seasonal or even terminated, but it is active at the moment.

  5. Anonymous10:02

    Thanks everyone!


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